Question about PseudoMind Control via TK

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Question about PseudoMind Control via TK

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Actual mind reading and kind control is impossible in my setting, at least for humans, because thoughts aren't localized objects or data but complex states of the brain (that's the explanation in game). You can send and receive images, words and sounds but not thoughts per se. I also allow cinematic brainwashing and charisma.

There is one character who has the closest thing to mind control. He controls a field of plasma, translucent and shimmering purple, which is usually inside his body (it's not anywhere specific, it's so thin and high energy it is basically phasing). He can use it to fly, do TK, blasts and strength/speed enhancement, do bursts of speed that almost look like teleportation (it has to be somewhere nearby he actually could have walked out flown to) and his last ditch is brute force possession.

His consciousness is actually in the plasma, and he can leave his own body entirely (leaving it Defenseless) and physically control someone's nervous system. They should be able to perform any purely mental actions, but he controls their movements, speech and any powers that are just part of their body. He doesn't know anything about their own internal experience and thoughts, so he can't really use their other advantages, powers or mental abilities.

Now I can just write up the limitations more or less as I just have, he's not a player so his points don't matter. But what's the best way to actually Stat possession style puppeting for the dice rolling side? Just Mind Control, Resisted by Fortitude, which leaves him helpless, etc. seems right, and it's a Mental Sense for our villain but it's super visually and behaviorally obvious when he puppets people, he's not a subtle man.

I have Power Profiles, but it's not Mind Swap or Possession, it has elements of both. The villain controls the target's body, the target controls his own mind, neither one can use any of their powers except super strength and constant effects, or purely mental powers that don't require anything but the brain, etc. The villain's body is basically catatonic.
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