The Neophyte Freedom City Experience - Part Deux - Recruiting again

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The Neophyte Freedom City Experience - Part Deux - Recruiting again

Post by FuzzyBoots »

We lost two players due to outside complications. I am looking for new players, who need a chance to play an actual game to shake out the system, or to build up some cred. Overly complicated builds, or ones geared to do everything, are likely to get rejected, because this is for beginners.


This is in relation to this Reddit post. I'm planning to start another game for people who haven't had a chance to play (whether it's never playing, or having joined a game which then just ended suddenly). Yes, that might include some people on the board. I'm not going to go into detective work to figure out people's histories, but I'm asking people to be honest about it. I'm looking for 4-6 PL 10 heroes with 150 PP. I have two people lined up from the Reddit post so far. I would prefer people to use Archetypes, QCG builds, or Batgirl III's just because I'm not really up to guiding people through the creation process, and I don't want to have to handle a bunch of complicated builds.

Especially since this is for beginners, I'm not playing with any house rules other than that everyone gets free trained status for either Expertise in either Freedom City or Emerald City, with the idea being that, having lived there, you've got a chance to simply recognize heroes, villains, locations, etc, from that location.

Discord channel at

Current Roster Maybe (awaiting confirmation)
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    Re: The Neophyte Freedom City Experience -Part Deux

    Post by TheMadDadder »


    Alias: ‘Mirror Maiden’, more commonly known as ‘Maiden’

    Real Name: Desirae Draper
    Age: 31
    Height: 5’9
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Eyes: Grey (they glow violet when psychic powers are in use)
    Hair: Dark Blue (gets mistaken for black)


    Strength 0, Stamina 0, Agility 1, Dexterity 2, Fighting 2, Intellect 2, Awareness 6, Presence 3

    Ultimate Effort (Will Defense)

    Expertise: Psychology 6 (+8), Insight 6 (+12), Perception 4 (+10), Persuasion 8 (+11)

    - Mental Awareness: Senses 2 (Mental Sense, Radius)
    - Telekinesis: Move Object 8, Accurate 4
    - Telekinetic Field: Protection 12, Impervious, Sustained (Descriptor: Maiden’s barrier appears like an angular sphere made of glass panes.)
    - Telekinetic Levitation: Flight 5 (60 MPH)
    - Telepathy: Mind Reading 5 Linked to Area Mental Communication 2
    - Telepathic Illusion: Illusion 4 (all senses), Resisted by Will, Selective (Descriptor: Maiden has a knack for switching the appearances of her enemies and allies to cause her foes to attack each other.)
    - Mental Blast: Perception Range Damage 5, Resisted by Will (Descriptor: Maiden assaults her foe’s minds with thousands of psionically manifested shards of broken glass.)

    - INITIATIVE: +1
    - MENTAL BLAST: (Perception Range, Damage 5, Resisted by Will) (DC 20)
    - TELEKINESIS: +10 (Ranged, Str 8, Grab)
    - UNARMED: +2 (Close, Damage 0)

    - DODGE: 8
    - FORTITUDE: 6
    - PARRY: 8
    - TOUGHNESS: 12
    - WILL: 14

    Power Points
    Abilities 32 + Powers 78 + Advantages 1 + Skills 12 + Defenses 29 = 150

    Responsibility (MOTIVATION): Being the daughter of a supervillain, Desirae feels the need to redeem herself (and her mother) from Psykosa’s heinous crimes. This drive led her to become a psychologist (while helping police and courts as a criminal psychologist as well) but she realized she could do even more good by taking up the hero cowl.
    Prejudice: Her inherited psychic powers have given her a less-than-good reputation as people compare Mirror Maiden to Psykosa despite Maiden’s differing aesthetic and good deeds.
    Identity: During the day, Desirae performs her duties as a psychologist. Every other night, however, she dons the cape and cowl as Mirror Maiden. This has made it difficult for her to sustain meaningful relationships with friends or love interests. Sometimes the two lives bleed into one another as she has had to take down some of her clients who have turned criminal as Maiden or have to attend appointments with injuries from the night before.
    No Natural Healing: Desirae’s abilities extend as far as the mind which means her body usually suffers from battlefield mistakes. She has no healing factor, regeneration, or special equipment to help recover injuries. A long bath with some salts and candles usually help the bruises but not the serious injuries.

    - Being the daughter of the mad villainess Psykosa, Desirae Draper had big shoes to fill, not as a villain, but as a hero instead. She was raised by her single father who was manipulated by Psykosa’s psionic abilities to make him ‘forget’ of her evil alter ego and fall in love with her civilian persona. Despite this deception, Emmanuel Draper had nothing but pure love for his daughter. Her childhood was relatively stable even when her father had to work 60+ hours a week to support the household. It was during her adolescence that Desirae manifested her own psychic abilities. In the privacy of their home, her father would encourage her to explore her abilities and test how far they could go. As a teenager, she discovered how to move objects with her mind, generate a psionic barrier, and even conjure psychic hallucinations; an ability she would later use to save her father from a violent home invasion.
    - Because of her father’s positive influence, Desirae was raised to not harbor hateful feelings towards her mother, but it often proved to be difficult. Instead of letting these negative emotions consume her, she opted to put her focus on academics and work, eventually graduating top of her class at Stanford University. She became a psychologist in hopes that she could help others find peace before succumbing to criminal intents.
    - Dr. Draper made a reputation for herself by using hypnotic meditative psycho-therapy where she helps a client achieve a state of meditation under hypnosis to help solve deeper-rooted problems. In reality, Desirae used her psionic abilities to delve into a client’s psyche and manifest their issues through mental hallucinations. It was usually a successful process until she dove into the sinister mind of a serial killer who was holding children hostage in their basement.
    - She left the office almost immediately to help the hostages after uncovering the information. She donned a hooded coat that left her face hidden so no one could identify her. Before they could escape, however, the murderer arrived on the scene. Desirae was physically outmatched but once she realized the lives of the children were on the line, her psionic powers exploded and assaulted the serial killer’s mind with fear-inducing hallucinations. He was subdued and turned into the police via an anonymous tip. It was after this event that led Desirae down the road of caped crusader. She had a suit commissioned by a professional tailor and the rest is history.

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    Re: The Neophyte Freedom City Experience -Part Deux

    Post by WeFallout »

    30fe3c6906de1df3bb10c1a6c4d9251c.jpg (121.52 KiB) Viewed 1764 times
    Real Name: Silas Prince.
    Alias: Avian
    Profession: Rookie Hero.
    Gender: Male.
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Age: 21
    Height: 6' 4''
    Weight: 196 lb
    Hair: Light Brown
    Eyes: Grey / Blue
    Place of Birth: United Kingdom
    Religion: None
    Identity: Public
    Group Affiliation: Unknown
    Base Of Operations: Unknown
    Legal Status: British / American Citizen with no criminal record.
    Marital Status: Single
    Family: Diana (Mother), Frederick (Father), Nathaniel (Older Brother)
    Education: Postgraduate.
    Quote: "Keep it up, my wings could do with a stretch"
    Power Level - 10
    Power Points - 150

    Strength 4 Stamina 4 Agility 7 Dexterity 4 Fighting 8 Intellect 2 Awareness 2 Presence 2

    Acrobatics 11 (+18), Athletics 8 (+12), Close Combat [Unarmed] 7 (+15), Deception 3 (+5), Expertise [Business] 6 (+8), Perception 6 (+8), Persuasion 8 (+10), Vehicles 1 (+5)

    Agile Feint, Assessment, Attractive (1), Benefit [Wealth (3)], Connected, Defensive Attack, Evasion (1), Equipment (1), Favored Environment [Aerial], Improved Defense, Improved Initiative (2), Move-By Action, Redirect, Set-Up, Takedown (2), Teamwork

    • Angelic Wings Flight 6 (60 MPH / 120 MPH F: Tiring [1 Rank], Wings) [ 5 PP ]
    • AE Wing Buffet Affliction 4 (Resist/Recover: Fortitude; Hindered, Prone; E: Reach [3]; F: Limited to Two Degrees) [ 1 PP ]
    • Avian Musculature Immunity 3 (Cold, Heat, Pressure); Movement 1 (Environmental Adaptation [High Altitude]) [ 5 PP ]
    • Eagle Eyed Senses 3 (Distance Sense, Extended [2]) [ 3 PP ]
    • Mean Right Hook Damage 1[/b] (Strength-based) [ 1 PP ]

    • Flight suit Protection 4 (E: Subtle [1]) [ 5 EP ]

    Dodge (12) Base 5
    Parry: (12) Base 4
    Fortitude: (12) Base 8
    Toughness: (8/4) ——
    Will: (8) Base 6

    Attack: 15 Effect: 5 Total: 20 (Unarmed)
    Attack: 15 Effect: 5 Total: 20 (Wing Buffet)
    Dodge: 12 Tough.: 8 Total: 20
    Parry: 12 Tough.: 8 Total: 20
    Fort.: 12 Will: 8 Total: 20

    ABILITIES [ 66 pp ] + SKILLS [ 25 pp ] + ADVANTAGES [ 20 pp ] + POWERS [ 15 pp ] + DEFENSES [ 23 pp ] =
    150 PP TOTAL


    Thrills: Growing up in the upper echelon Silas has always been protected. He was always told what he couldn't do, and coupled with a lack of passion he grew melancholy. Since his awakening and the beginning of his career as a hero he has found a new lease of life. Being a hero is his passion and he never wants to give it up.

    Reputation: Avian earned a bad reputation when first bursting onto the scene, his ruthless and sometimes brutal approach to crime fighting has left a bad mark on his career. Regardless of this Avian looks to lead a better example for those who look up to him.

    Secret: Silas has so far kept his personal and professional lives separate and fears that someone may reveal that he is Avian.

    Fear: Silas has a fear of fire, purely due to the potential that his wings have to catch alight.  Whenever there is fire he stays at a safe distance.

    Background: Silus was born into a wealthy family and wanted for nothing. His mother and father built their family fortune through their global corporation, Prince Incorporated. This had allowed Silas and his older brother Nathaniel to travel the world and live playboy lifestyles. This changed when Nathaniel developed powers around his 20th birthday and was disowned by their parents. Silas' life around this time is cloudy but one thing is for certain, his father hates people with powers. Since then Silas has never seen his brother again but believes that he is out there somewhere.

    Silas' wings grew slowly but reached full size by his 20th birthday, this caused him to grow distant from his family. He moved from the UK to Freedom City claiming that he needed space and that he could oversee operations in the States. This move gave Silas the freedom to become Avian and follow his real passion, becoming a hero! Although most of his time is taken up with hero work Silas still looks for his lost brother believing that he is out there.
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    Re: The Neophyte Freedom City Experience -Part Deux

    Post by UmbralDagger13 »

    Snowdrift with mask.png
    Snowdrift with mask.png (90.73 KiB) Viewed 1687 times
    Snowdrift without mask.png
    Snowdrift without mask.png (88.37 KiB) Viewed 1687 times
    Alias: Snowdrift

    Real Name: Alexander Olwenson
    Age: 19
    Height: 5’11
    Weight: 210 lbs
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Brown


    Strength 8(Base 3), Stamina 3, Agility 7, Dexterity 2, Fighting 8, Intellect 2, Awareness 2, Presence 1

    Agile Feint, Defensive Roll 3, Diehard, Evasion 2, Improved Aim, Inventor, Precise Attack (Close, Concealment)

    Acrobatics 1 (+8), Athletics 2 (+10), Close Combat(The Frozen Hilt) 2 (+10), Expertise: Mechanical Engineer 4 (+6), Insight 2 (+4), Investigation 3 (+5) Perception 4 (+6), Persuasion 1 (+2), Ranged Combat(Blaster Rifle) 1 (+3), Stealth 1 (+8), Technology 6 (+8), Treatment 2 (+4), Vehicles 1 (+3)

    Superhuman Strength: Enhanced Ability 5 [10 pp]
    Accelerated Healing: Regeneration 5(Every 2 rounds) [5 pp]
    All-Speak: Comprehend 3(Read, Speak, Understand ALL) [6 pp]
    Durability: Protection 4 [4 pp]
    Innate Flight: Flight 3(16 mph, 250 ft/round, Subtle 2)[ 8 pp]
    Limited Telepathy: Mental Communication 1(100ft, Send and Receive) [5 pp]
    The Frozen Hilt attack (Linked Damage / Affliction, Easily Removable) [10 - 3 PP = 7]:
    -- Damage 1 (Strength-Based) [1 PP]
    -- Affliction 10 (Hindered / Immobile / Paralyzed, resisted by Fortitude) [10 pp]

    Blaster Rifle [16 ep]

    - INITIATIVE: +7
    - BLASTER RIFLE: +4 (DC 23) (Energy Crit 20)
    - THE FROZEN HILT: Creeping Chill: Affliction 10, +10 (DC Fort 20)(Cold, Crit 20) Damage 1(Strength-Based), +10 (DC 24)(Cold/Slashing, Crit 20)
    - GRAB: +8 (DC Spec 18)
    - THROW: +2, (DC 23)
    - UNARMED: +8 (DC 23)

    - DODGE: 10
    - FORTITUDE: 10
    - PARRY: 10
    - TOUGHNESS: 10/7
    - WILL: 10

    Power Points
    Abilities 56 + Powers 45 + Advantages 14 + Skills 15 + Defenses 20 = 150

    Doing Good[Motivation]: Wondering about the source of his abilities he has made the choice to become a protector. He started by going out and helping a couple who had slid off the road in the rain. Appreciating the thanks, he truly enjoys when peoples faces light up as hope enters their eyes.
    Enemy: A hunter who was hired to eliminate all descendants of a family of aliens who took refuge on Earth has started tracking down their children and is getting close. That family became the Olwensons, who had lived unpowered lives until Alexander awoke his abilities.
    Thrills: Alex enjoys the rush of combat and the ability to fly under his own power, the recent changes have made him a bit more reckless as he discovers his limits.

    Alexander, Alex to most people, was raised human and still believed he was human, but unbeknownst to him he was one of the last descendants of a family that took refuge on Earth in the early 1800s. When his ability to hear other's thoughts manifested he thought he was going insane for a while, until he heard concern from his adopted family and slowly made the connection that the voices while in his head they weren't his. Yes he was adopted but that just meant he appreciated his parents more, as they took him in when no family could be found after a building collapsed killing his birth parents in the aftermath of a superfight. He adores his little sister who loves to regale him with stories of this or that new hero that appeared recently. Still hesitant to reveal his new abilities to his family he has been becoming a bit distant, but he hopes to over come that and reveal himself to his parents, though maybe not his sister as she can't currently keep a secret very well.
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    Re: The Neophyte Freedom City Experience -Part Deux

    Post by FuzzyBoots »

    Sorry for the delay. Been fighting a nasty head cold. I plan to start things next week. It seems we have at least 3 people, finalizing things with a fourth.
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    Re: The Neophyte Freedom City Experience -Part Deux

    Post by TheMadDadder »

    Sounds good, Boots. Keep us posted!
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    Re: The Neophyte Freedom City Experience -Part Deux

    Post by FuzzyBoots »

    I have set up a Discord channel at (link will no longer valid after the 19th). Please head over to the Part Deux channel. The other one was for the first game.
    Currently running The Freedom City Neophyte Experience Part Deux IC OOC
    Playing Princess Fedora in NPC Investigations
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    Re: The Neophyte Freedom City Experience -Part Deux

    Post by FuzzyBoots »

    Example post (feel free to quote to get formatting hints)

    Example Man
    HP: 2
    Status: Bruised 2, Impaired regarding attack checks

    Example Man takes a running leap through the broken window, and land in a smooth roll, coming up and scanning the room, shooting the first gangster he sees with a gun.
    ooc wrote:Taking a Move action to jump in. Rolling an Acrobatics check as discussed. Acrobatics : 1D20+8 = [7]+8 = 15 should pass the DC you stated for entering the room while avoiding the glass. Taking 10 on the first minion he sees using his Heavy Pistol. Attack roll: 1D20+14 = [14]+14 = 28 should hit for DC 18 Toughness.
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    Re: The Neophyte Freedom City Experience -Part Deux

    Post by jojomiller12 »

    Alias: Overdrive

    Real Name: Tanner Wayne Olson
    Age: 23
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 145
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Black


    Strength 0, Stamina 7, Agility 0, Dexterity 2, Fighting 13, Intellect 0, Awareness 2, Presence 2

    Skill Mastery (Intimidation), Startle, Daze (Int),Fascinate (Intimidation), Luck 5, Close Attack 3, Set-up, Equipment 3

    Athletics 4 (+6), Expertise (Music) 8 (+8), Intimidation 18 (+20), Perception 4 (+6), Ranged Combat(Light Pistol) 4 (+ 6), Sleight of hand 2 (+2)

    Array Powers (34 Points)
    - Song, Brutality: Enhance Extra (Penetrating) 10, Variable Descriptor(Attacks), Quirk (Limited to Lower of Attack or Extra’s Rank), affect others, area (Perception) Insidious (31 Points)
    - Song, Skypiercer: Enhance Extra (Perception Range) 10, Variable Descriptor(Attacks), Quirk (Limited to Lower of Attack or Extra’s Rank), affect others, area (Perception) Insidious (31 Points)
    - Song, Adrenaline Rush: Enhance Extra (Multiattack) 10, Variable Descriptor(Attacks), Quirk (Limited to Lower of Attack or Extra’s Rank), affect others, area (Perception) Insidious (31 Points)
    - Song, Ear Bleeder: Affliction 10, Area (Perception), Selective, Concentration, Instant Recovery (Resisted By Dodge, Overcome by Fortitude, DC 20, Dazed, Stunned, and Incapacitated)

    - Initiative: + 1
    - Chain: +16, Close Damage 4, Imp Grab, Imp Trip, Reach 2
    - Brass Knuckles: +16, Close Damage 3
    - Light Pistol: +10, Ranged Damage 3
    - Pepper Spray: + 16, Close Visual Dazzle 4 (chemical)

    - Dodge 13
    - Parry 13
    - Fortitude 8
    - Toughness 7
    - Will 12

    Motivation—Recognition: Due to being a performer, Overdrive has a yearning to be recognized for his art, despite outwardly having a rebellious attitude.
    Motivation—Thrillseeker: Overdrive has is a thrill junkie, and in the center of danger is where he truly thrives. This can often cause problems for him, as he may often go out of his way to pursue danger at the detriment to himself and others.
    Quirk—Outsider: Overdrive only really feels comfortable in the Heavy Metal Scene, and his overall intimidating persona hasn't helped him to make friends outside the community.
    Reputation: Overdrive is known by many as an Anarchist and despite his good deeds, is often treated with distrust by police and other government agents.

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    Re: The Neophyte Freedom City Experience - Part Deux - Recruiting again

    Post by JJohnsonMN »

    Hi, I'm JJohnsonMN. I have two character concepts the first is a copy and paste of the Powerhouse Archetype, the second is a retooled Construct. I understand you said either is fine. But I kind of want to get the vibe of the one-shot before I lock in my choice.

    Thanks again for inviting me,
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    Re: The Neophyte Freedom City Experience - Part Deux - Recruiting again

    Post by JJohnsonMN »


    Alias: Samaritan

    Real Name: Mary Gray
    Age: 121
    Height: 5'2''
    Weight: 130
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown


    Strength 11, Stamina NA, Agility 3, Dexterity 0, Fighting 9, Intellect 2, Awareness 2, Presence 2

    Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Improved Initiative 2, Move-by Action, Power Attack

    Perception 6 (+8), Persuasion 4 (+6), Expertise: History 8 (+10), Ranged Combat: Throw 9 (+9), Stealth 7 (+10)

    Creature of the Night: Immunity 30 (Fortitude Effects), Protection 11, Senses 2 (Darkvision), Regeneration 1, Persistent (Normal Rate)
    Wind-riding: Flight 5 (60MPH), Enhanced Advantage 2 (Improved Initiative 2)
    Kiss of Death: Weaken Stamina 10, Grab-based linked to Regeneration 10 (Source: Blood) (Note, previous power does not stack with this one)
    AE: Lifeblood: Healing 8, Persistent, Resurrection, Stabilize, Limited: Others, Quirk: Target must have a (functional) Cardiovascular system

    Initiative: + 11
    Unarmed +9, Close Damage 11
    Kiss of Death +9, DC 20 Fortitude
    Throw +9, Ranged Damage 11

    Dodge: 9
    Parry: 9
    Fortitude: NA
    Toughness: 11
    Will: 9

    Abilities 48pp + Powers 68pp + Advantages 4pp + Skills 17pp + Defenses 13pp =150pp

    IDENTITY: Mary Gray works as a Bartender, it’s nice to talk to people during the day.
    MOTIVATION (RESPONSIBILITY): Freedom City was her home, albeit 80 years ago.
    RELATIONSHIP: A recent notification from a genomics testing lab shows she has one great-grandniece, she has yet to meet her.
    WEAKEN: A stake, or any other wooden object, to the heart Incapacitates the Samaritan.

    Mary Gray was born in 1919 as one of many children to the Grays. A precocious child, she grew up to be a school teacher. Her life would have followed the same path for most women her age, had she not been attacked by a vampire late one night, while heading home. She arose later from the attack, dazed, confused, and undead. After the initial panic and dread over her transformation subsided the thirst began to settle in. It was an incessant itch. Because of this, she left her hometown both to protect her family from her nature and to track down the original vampire who made her.
    It was an arduous journey, however, after many years, she managed to corner him in a dilapidated manor in Tennessee. Setting it alight, she intended to flush him out into the daylight and burn him along with herself. However, when he had been reduced to ash, she was (un)fortunate to discover that she remained unscathed. Perhaps it was providence, perhaps it was because she had never killed anyone, regardless, the sun would not kill her.
    When she returned home, after what she saw as only a momentary journey, she found her hometown unidentifiable. What had been a general store and well, was now an Apple Store and stoplight. It seems Freedom City had grown, and the people she knew and loved had grown up and died in her absence. Disheartened, but not broken, she began to set roots in what was once her hometown. She was just getting used to the monotony of being a bartender near a local college when she received a notification from a genomics company. It seems that she had one living relative, a great-grandniece, who just so happened to be living in Freedom City. She has yet to meet her but is nonetheless curious to see how she is.
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    Re: The Neophyte Freedom City Experience - Part Deux - Recruiting again

    Post by Corrigon »

    Been a while since I've frequented this site and looking at trying my hand again. Do you still have space for another?
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    Re: The Neophyte Freedom City Experience - Part Deux - Recruiting again

    Post by Sunstar »

    Hero Designation: "Hyperlink"

    Real Name: Acalla
    Age: 3
    Height: 2.ft
    Weight: 240 lbs
    Species: Artificial lifeform

    All available in worldly data banks.

    Strength 0, Stamina -, Agility 3, Dexterity 3, Fighting 0, Intellect 8, Awareness 1, Presence 0

    Eidetic Memory
    Benefit: Diplomatic Immunity
    Benefit Status: Living Computer
    Benefit Wealth 5
    Equipment 5

    Expertise: Law 3 (+11) Expertise: Mythology 1 (+9) Expertise: Philosophy 3 (+9)
    Investigation 2 (+10), Perception 5 (+6), Persuasion 10 (+10) Technology 5 (+13)

    Artificial Lifeform: Immunity Fortitude Effects

    Basic Systems
    - Graviton Interaction Systems: Move Object 4, Feature Precise
    - Medical Systems: Healing 3 (Activation: Move Action, Distracting)
    - Movement Systems: Flight 1 (60ft per round)
    - Recovery Systems: Regeneration 1

    Complex Systems (Array)
    - Barrier Creation: Create 10 innate
    - Digital Interface
    ----Comprehend 8 (Electronics, Understand All, Understood By All)
    ----Information Gather (Senses 5: Post Cognition Limited: Technologic Data Banks, Rapid 3, Distracting)
    ---- Scanners (Senses 4: Analytical: Technology, Detect: Technology, Extended 1: Visual)

    Energy Allocation: Variable 1

    Protection 11

    Sleep Gas: Damage Cloud Sleep 4
    Smoke Grenade: Damage Cloud Concealment 4

    - INITIATIVE: +3

    - DODGE: 5
    - FORTITUDE: Immune
    - PARRY: 5
    - TOUGHNESS: 11
    - WILL: 10

    Power Points
    Abilities 20 + Powers 84 + Advantages 13 + Skills 16 + Defenses 16 = 149

    • Advancement(MOTIVATION): Acalla is looking for different ways to advance himself through any new technology created as well as gaining the ability of human traits such as emotions and dreams. He also seeks to understand just what such things might mean for him.
    • Curiosity (MOTIVATION): Being a new lifeform Acalla is extremely interested in what the world has to offer and sees the profession of heroism to be filled with the greatest puzzles and challenges that life itself can provide. Viewing both hero and villains as subjects of worthy study he is drawn to conflicts in which his skills and abilities can help generate the number of lives saved as he views the greater number of humans in working harmony to be the greatest thing he can continue to study.
    • Identity and Living Style: Acalla lacks a formal secret identity, as a floating computer of notable reputation such things serve him little purpose. He has taken on the name of Hyperlink in wanting to embrace such traditions of the worlds predecessors. With no need for shelter or materials the hero can often be seen wandering around the world observing everyday life and fixing common problems as he sees them.
    • Prejudice/ Public Paranoia: As a living computer their are plenty of people that are fearful of Acalla. Its not that they fear his actions but instead fear what he is capable of.
    •QuilCorp: The former leading institute for robotics and AI advancement the CEO holds both envy and hate for Acalla and views him as the key to further advancement. Believing to know what the *right* way for him to interact and behave he is a constant foe in the public eye.


    Created three years ago Acalla was the worlds first sentient human create lifeform. In the wake of his consciousness the entity sought out communication with its creators at Neuronet LLC (A small independent company that had been conducting AI experiments against government law and security measures). by taking over their computers and establishing a dialog of back and forth on its new existence. During the dialog and scanning the world databanks for proper communication it came across the word 'Death' and began to create ways around such a fate. (This in turn lead to his interest in cosmology and mythology of dieties and their practiced worship ) By the time the local government became aware of its existence Acalla expressed a desire to see the world on its own and through its connection to the internet amassed a fortune in order to create its own portable carrier as well as procure a of legal team of unheard of proportions. Able to to prove that he was alive through both legal and philosophical means (as well as the jury and judge alike not sure they would be able to end him without creating a massive future problem in the future.) The world governments declared him to have human rights, despite him not being capable of emotion.

    Two years later Acalla would find himself involved in the hero industry with a specialized interest in criminal investigation and search and rescue missions. Having assisted in natural disasters as well as collateral damage caused by conflicts Acallas reputation as a team player has become known in certain circles. Much to the delight of heros, and the world at large the Hero Hyperlink has prioritized the survival of humans when it comes to his crime fighting approach. Using only non-lethal means of criminals apprehension has given him credibility in the public eye though for him he does not understand the reason for this.
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    Re: The Neophyte Freedom City Experience - Part Deux - Recruiting again

    Post by Eternallist »

    Alias: Trailblazer

    Real Name: Amelia Prescott
    Age: 23
    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 120
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown


    Strength 0
    Stamina 5
    Agility 2
    Dexterity 0
    Fighting 0
    Intellect 3
    Awareness 1
    Presence 0

    Accurate Attack, Agile Feint, All-Out Attack
    Artificer, Assessment, Benefit: Athletics Based on Agility, Benefit: Wealth 2, Connected, Evasion 1, Improved Aim, Improved Critical, Improved Initiative 1, Luck 5, Move-by Action, Precise Attack (All), Tracking, Uncanny Dodge

    Acrobatics 6 (+8), Athletics 4 (+6), Close Combat: Unarmed 4, (+4), Deception 8 (+8), Expertise: Magic 6 (+9), Insight 8 (+9), Intimidation 2 (+2), Investigation 8 (+11), Perception 10 (+11), Persuasion 6 (+6), Ranged Combat: The Shattermark 10 (+10),
    Stealth 8 (+10)

    The Shattermark: Array (24 Points), Removable (-5)
    -Mindmire Bolts: Burst Area Affliction 7, Vulnerable<Defenseless<Asleep,
    Resisted by Will, (21 Points)
    -Fiendfell Bolts: Ranged Damage 10 (1 Points)
    -Nightneedle Bolts: Ranged Damage 7, Multiattack (1 Point)
    -Stonesheath Bolts: Affliction 10, Impaired<Disabled<Incapacitated, Resisted by Fortitude (1 Point)

    Scion's Ward: Removable (-2 Points), Protection 5, Linked, Regeneration 5 (10 Points)

    - Initiative: +6
    - Unarmed: +4, DC 15, Bludgeoning, Crit 20
    - Fiendfell Bolts: Ranged Damage 10, Piercing, Crit 16-20
    - Mindmire Bolts: Burst Area Affliction 7, Resisted by Will, Crit 16-20
    - Nightneedle Bolts: Ranged Damage 7, Multiattack, Piercing, Crit 16-20
    - Stonesheath Bolts: Affliction 10, Resisted by Fortitude, Crit 16-20

    - Dodge 10
    - Parry 10
    - Fortitude 10
    - Toughness 10/5
    - Will 10

    Legacy: Amelia has big boots to fill, and she is trying very hard to fill them. The Prescott's were greatly respected by multiple factions, who could depend on them to deal with disputes with fairness and wisdom. As a 23 year old, Amelia tries her best to be the former, and knows she needs more of the latter.
    Suspicions: There was no proof, for all intents and purposes, the fire that ravaged her house and killed her parents was freak accident, an unfortunate incident from one of her mother's magical experiments. However, there were whispers and murmurs in shadowy corners. Archer and Desdemona Prescott didn't get to where they were without making a few enemies...

    Desdemona was born to Archer and Desdemona Prescott on May 3rd, 1999. As she grew up, it was obvious she took after her parents, adventurous, kindhearted and curious. She grew up exploring her ancestral manor and it's grounds, making friends and solving "mysteries". One mystery she could not solve however, was the occupation of her parents. She always knew something was up. The late night meetings with shadowy figures, long business trips, "family friends" who didn't look quite... human, the trinkets and artifacts that she was ABSOLUTELY NOT supposed to touch. Though she had been extensively tutored up to this point, it was only on May 3rd, 2012, on her 13th birthday, when her true education began.

    The Prescotts were pillars of the magical community, adventurers, mediators, diplomats, explorers. In short, they were problem solvers, and they wanted her to continue the family business. As her education began, Amelia took to it like fish to water. Going to new and hidden places, talking to wonderous and mythic beings, the action and the adventure, it was in her blood. However, this was not too last. 6 years later, Amelia was now experienced enough to go out on her own missions. It was on one of these, a simple diplomatic journey, where she received the tragic news. A freak fire had consumed her manor, with her parents inside of it. Decades of artifacts and knowledge, wasted in an instant. Her parents, never to be seen again.

    Amelia tried her best to move on, shouldering the responsibility that was now on her as the last Prescott. She vowed that she would carry on her parent's legacy, to uncover lost knowledge and help those who need it.
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    Re: The Neophyte Freedom City Experience - Part Deux - Recruiting again

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    Corrigon wrote: Tue Aug 09, 2022 9:57 pm Been a while since I've frequented this site and looking at trying my hand again. Do you still have space for another?
    I could probably squeeze you in. :) This game is largely geared toward new players, so prepare for a lot of things being explained.
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