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Master Speed List

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Master Speed List (as of The Icons [Inactive Reserves])

Note: I'll figure out what to do with Swimming eventually. the list of characters that use it is very short. Don't ask about Leaping, please God.

Key: Speed xx (xx mph, xx per round)
Name (Land/Air)

Functionally Limitless
Nick Phoenix

Speed 20 (25,000,000 mph, 220,000,000 feet [41,666.67 miles] per round)
Nobody yet

Speed 15 (500,000 mph, 4,400,000 feet [833.33 miles] per round)
Ma're Iryen (Air) (Anti-Grav Harness)
Aeon (Land) (w/ Personal Chronal Acceleration)
Human Rocket IV (Air) (w/ Turbine Flight Boost)

Speed 14 (250,000 mph, 2,200,000 feet [416.67 miles] per round)
Zuki, The Thunderer (Land)
Queenie (Air)

Speed 12 (50,000 mph, 440,000 feet [83.33 miles] per round)
Serine (Air) (Classic Elementalist)

Speed 10 (10,000 mph, 88,000 feet [16.67 miles] per round)
Baroness Valia (Air)
Aidan Killian (Land)
Methion (Air) (Classic Elementalist)
Primrose (Air) (w/ Foxfire Jets)
Nimbus (Air)
Thespian (Air)

Speed 9 (5000 mph, 44,000 [8.33 miles] feet per round)
Princess Audrielle Eliska (Air)

Speed 8 (2500 mph, 22,000 feet [4.17 miles] per round)
Myrcelle (Air) (full Life Force Butterfly Wings)
Magi (Air)
Hummingbird (Air)
Frostee (Air)
Pyrewing (Air)
Rina, The Iceheart (Air)

Speed 6 (500 mph, 4400 feet per round)
Windstorm (Air)
Morphin (Air) (Wings of Justice)
Edwin Christian (Air)
Yasmine Sakaguchi (Air) (mounted on Raheed, The Dragon King)
Raheed, The Dragon King (Air)
Claire Gainsborough (Land)
Kiske, Of The Thousand (Land)
Shazza Ferreira (Land)
Ma're Iryen (Air) (normally)
Francesca Zanetti (Land)
Aeon (Land) (just Accelerated Movement)
Tsurugi (Air) (Tsurugi-no-Okami)
Arielle Cadieux (Land)
Kaede Kobayashi (Land)

Speed 5 (250 mph, 2200 feet per round)
Stormy (Air)
Clon (Air)
Barry Holden (Air)
Stoker (Air)
Android (Air)
Sonya Harmon (Air)
Rebecca Heskett (Air) (Anti Grav Pod/Rocket Pack active)
Samorn (Air)
Madeline Blackwood (Air)
Almira Quincy (Land w Speedy Hellshock; Air w/ Frozen Hellrime and Winged Hellfire)
Yumiko Amano (Air)
Neith (Air)
The Exile (Air)
The Paragon (Air)
The Genie (Air)
Adept (Land)
Shanyuan Baoli (Air)
Holter (Aerin Grosvenor) (Land)
Drone Prime (The Prince) (Air) (Ultra Mode)
Miriam Mizrahi (Air) (mounted on Nightmare Dragon)
Nightmare Dragon (Air)
Candy (Air)
Starguy (Land)
Tex Austin (Land)

Speed 4 (100 mph, 880 feet per round)
Wingz (Air)
Sofia Harmon (Air)
Rebecca Heskett (Land)
Emiko Fujiwara (Air) (in Huge Mecha)
Linnéa Sjöberg (Air)
Drone Prime (The Prince) (Air) (Super Mode)
Nika, the Heartfire (Land)

Speed 3 (50 mph, 440 feet per round)
Tigress (Land)
Morphin (Land) (Flippy Kid)
Electric Lady (Land)
Sailor Scout (Land)
Tenshi (Air)
Tressa (Land)
Pern (Air) (mounted on Kaida)
Kaida (Air)
Ferrous (Land)
Karone (Air)
Rambo (Land)
Kazuma Nihara (Land)
Portia Rousseau (Air)
Coyote (Land)
Skye Walker (Air)
Fiona McTavish (Air)
Palila Nui (Air)
Dallas Austin (Air)
Raven (Air)
Prodigy (Land)
Zuberi Wafula (Land)
Reyna Oleastro (Land)
Nagesh Malik (Land)
Santiago Valdés (Land & Air)
Raquel Fernandes (Land)
Jedrick Jagoda (Air)
Drone Prime (The Prince) (Air) (untransformed)
Sorellanza (Land)
Dusk Widow (Land)
Hayate Ishikawa (Land)
Ichika Ishikawa (Air)
Samaritan (Land)

Speed 2 (25 mph, 220 feet per round)
Flutter (Air)
Elena Laskaris (Land)
Cinnamon (Emma Adams) (Land)
Jing Zhang (Land)
Ruslan Turgenev (Land)
Tatsuya Gushiken (Land)
Primrose (Air) (just Air Running)
Sprite (Land)
Razzle (Air)

Speed 1 (10 mph, 88 feet per round)
Astra (Air)
Priestess (Land)
Miss Fist (Land)
Penny Nihara (Land)
Tobias (Land)
Oliana Kameāloha (Land)
Zero Angel (Hinako Fujimori) (Land)
Judo Demon (Atsuko Matsuda) (Land)
The Darkchilde (Air)
Charlie Teriong (Land)
Spartan (Land)
Paradigm (Land)
Daisuke Uehara (Land)
Katrea (Land)
Medic (Air)
Magna (Land)

Speed 0 (5 mph, 44 feet. per round) (all exclusively Land)
Radical Dreamer
Morphin (Man of Steel)
Pern (dismounted)
Carla Perkins
Harmony Perez
Willa Hawke
James Scott
Rumiko Nihara
Ricardo Alvarez
Tessa Macleod
Elinah Monroe
Eiko Takanouchi
Yasmine Sakaguchi (dismounted)
Lucy Hasegawa
Willie Teriong
Laki Sigrah, Herman Heskett, & Sione Sigrah
Nathaniel Truman
Eri Akatsuki
Toryū Hirayama
Yukinari Yuhara
Lana Shimizu
The Envoy
The Vessel
Vincent Mortelini
Talia Mortelini
Zack Mortelini
Lakis Hasapis
Layla Khan
Bellona Accardo
Reina Wong
Cecilia Bridges
Methion (normally)
Serine (normally)
Jacob Cross
Clive Wesker
Dream Girl
Digital Shadow
Tsurugi (untransformed)
Rudy Evander
Calamity Jane
Walter Mackey
Rose "Zulu" Ross
Patricia "Shadow" Garza
Simon Vyntra
Sergio “Tectonic” Marquez
Casey "Casino" Duff
Victor "Shotsy" Leroy
Jack “Android” Martin
Shigeru “Dice” Miyamoto
Mahmoud "Combo" Isra
Cecile “Prophet” Fournier
Raul "Bonus" Torres
Jedda "Fast Lane" Briggs
Valentina Alvarez
Miriam Mizrahi (dismounted)
Marian Soaring Eagle
Sir Randall Knight

Speed 0+Small (3.75 mph, 33 feet per round) (all exclusively Land)
Kazeka Kurogane
Lucia Sakaguchi
Ting Heskett
Lucien Rousseau


Key: Teleport Rank (Max Short Range Distance, Max Long Range Distance)
Name (Standard or Portal)

Teleport 15 (1500 feet, Anywhere in the same solar system)
Blackrose (Portal)
Flare (Standard)

Teleport 10 (1000 feet, 200,000 miles [Earth to Moon])
The Pacific Stranger (Standard)
Yori Newgate (Standard)

Teleport 9 (900 feet, 20,000 miles)
Malocchio (Standard or Portal)
Kiske, Of The Thousand (Portal, Long Range only)
Kino, of the Stars (Standard)

Teleport 8 (800 feet, 2000 miles)
Yori Newgate (Portal, Long Range only)
Nayan (Standard)
Tidal (Portal)

Teleport 7 (700 feet, 200 miles)
Madeline Blackwood (Portal, Long Range only)
Tana, of the Waves (Standard)

Teleport 6 (600 feet, 20 miles)
Claire Gainsborough (Standard)

Teleport 5 (500 feet, 5 miles)
Raymi Humala Sumire (Standard)

Teleport 4 (400 feet, 1 mile)
Opera (Standard)
Octavia Fiammetta (Standard; Short Range only)
Hana Choi (Standard)
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The Phoenixverse (A 2e OC 'verse!)
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Icons progress update 10

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Icons progress update 10 let's go (100% finished from prior removed)

Active List
(100% finished)

Inactive Reserves (inactive for various reasons)
(100% finished)

Hall of Honor (assumed to be permanently inactive by US hero community; this may be incorrect in some cases)
Gunsmith I (Connor Morris) (100% finished)
Megagirl (Megan Price) (100% finished)
Arriba (Jose Vega) (Build finished, Background finished, Powers & Tactics in progress, Personality to do)
Nega I (Hal Scott) (Build finished, Notes ready)
Alsea (Build finished, Notes ready)
Countess (Build finished, Notes ready)
Starman II (Jesse Thompkins) (Build finished, Background in progress, rest to do)
Stargirl II (Jacqueline “Jackie” Thompkins) (Build finished, Notes ready)

I think I'm back on track now. I've never been that mentally exhausted before. It was even expressing physically. How weird. I had to lock down all my creative endeavors outside of simple HeroLab building. Shut down for weeks recovering. What a hassle. But I'm back, if taking it a little slow and gingerly. Three weeks of posts I have, and Arriba will make it an even four. There's still time.
The Phoenixverse (A 2e OC 'verse!)
The Archetype Blendarama!
You, Dear Reader, may comment on any build at any time. I will be happy regardless.
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Re: The Phoenixverse (A 2e OC 'verse; Newest: The Icons! Starguy! Samaritan! Human Rocket IV! Dust! Tidal! Tex Austin!)

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Glad to see you back :)
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Caviezel (Ronald Joseph Caviezel)

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Caviezel (Ronald Joseph Caviezel)

Power Level: 13; Power Points Spent: 255/255

STR: +5 (20), DEX: +3 (16), CON: +5 (20), INT: +5 (20), WIS: +7 (24), CHA: +3 (16)

Tough: +8, Fort: +9, Ref: +12/+18, Will: +15

Skills: Acrobatics 7 (+10), Diplomacy 7 (+10), Drive 12 (+15), Gather Information 17 (+20), Intimidate 17 (+20), Investigate 15 (+20), Knowledge (civics) 5 (+10), Knowledge (physical sciences) 5 (+10), Knowledge (streetwise) 15 (+20), Knowledge (tactics) 10 (+15), Language 3 (+3), Notice 8 (+15/+25), Search 5 (+10/+20), Sense Motive 8 (+15/+25), Stealth 12 (+15), Survival 2 (+9/+15)

Feats: Accurate Attack, All-Out Attack, Assessment, Attack Focus (melee) 10, Attack Specialization 2 (Grapple), Challenge - Improved Demoralize, Challenge - Improved Startle, Contacts, Defensive Attack, Dodge Focus 7, Elusive Target, Equipment 3, Evasion, Improved Block, Improved Critical 2 (Boxer-Slugger (Strike 3)), Improved Disarm, Improved Grab, Improved Initiative, Improved Pin, Improved Throw, Improved Trip, Power Attack, Skill Mastery 2 (Gather Info, Intimidate, Investigate, KN (streetwise), Notice, Search, Sense Motive, Stealth), Startle, Stunning Attack, Takedown Attack 2, Track, Uncanny Dodge 2 (Visual & Auditory), Well-Informed

Eyes of Truth (Container, Passive 10)
. . Absolute Truth of Self (Stun 13) (DC 23; Alternate Save (Will), Range 2 (perception); Limited (Doesn't work on targets previously rendered unconscious by power), Sense-Dependent (Visual), Side-Effect (sometimes - Affects Caviezel))
. . Enhanced Attack & Defense (Enhanced Trait 18) (Traits: Attack Focus (melee) 10 +6 (+10), Dodge Focus 7 +6 (+7), Reflex +6 (+18))
. . Enhanced Skills (Enhanced Trait 9) (Traits: Notice +10 (+25), Search +10 (+20), Sense Motive +10 (+25), Survival +6 (+15))
. . True Sight (Super-Senses 10) (awareness: Hidden (visual), counters concealment: Visual, counters illusion: Visual, counters obscure (all): Visual)

Martial Arts Techniques (Array 5) (default power: strike)
. . Boxer-Slugger (Strike 3) (Default; DC 23, Feats: Improved Critical 2 (Boxer-Slugger (Strike 3)); Penetrating [1 extra rank]; Mighty)
. . Boxer-Swarmer (Strike 3) (Array; DC 23; Autofire (interval 2, max +5) [3 extra ranks]; Mighty)
. . Judo Chokehold (Strike 8) (Array; DC 23; Alternate Save (Fortitude); Requires Grapple)
. . Judo Throw (Linked)
. . . . Throwing (Strike 8) (Linked; DC 23; Limited (Trip must succeed))
. . . . Tripping (Trip 8) (Linked; Range (touch))

Toughened (Protection 3) (+3 Toughness)

Equipment: Flashlight, Vehicle: Full-size Car

Attack Bonus: +8 (Ranged: +8, Melee: +12/+18, Grapple: +21/+27)

Attacks: Absolute Truth of Self (Stun 13) (DC Staged/Will 23), Boxer-Slugger (Strike 3), +18 (DC 23), Boxer-Swarmer (Strike 3), +18 (DC 23), Judo Chokehold (Strike 8), +18 (DC Fort 23), Throwing (Strike 8), +18 (DC 23), Tripping (Trip 8), +18 (DC 18), Unarmed Attack, +18 (DC 20)

Defense: +18 (Flat-footed: +6), Knockback: -4

Initiative: +7

Languages: Arabic, English Native, German, Spanish

Totals: Abilities 56 + Skills 37 (148 ranks) + Feats 37 + Powers 66 + Combat 38 + Saves 21 + Drawbacks 0 = 255


Vehicle: Full-size Car

Power Level: 15; Equipment Points Spent: 14

STR: +15 (40)

Toughness: +10

Features: Alarm 1, Hidden Compartments 1, Navigation System 1, Oil Slick

Speed 5 (Speed: 250 mph, 2200 ft./rnd)

Defense: -2, Size: Huge

Totals: Abilities 2 + Skills 0 (0 ranks) + Feats 0 + Features 4 + Powers 5 + Combat 2 + Saves 1 + Drawbacks 0 + Equipment 0 (0 ep) + Weapons & Armor 0 (0 ep) = 14

Age (as of Jan 2019): 57
Height: 6’ 5”
Weight: 250 lbs
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown and Gray Mix
Eyes: Blue (Eyes of Truth), Brown (without)
Base of Operations: Detroit, Michigan

Theme Song: Not Dead Yet, by Zach B featuring Vinny Noose

Background: Ronald Joseph Caviezel was arguably born in the wrong decade. A wronged cop turned private detective with a cool car who likes to solve problems with boxing? There was hundreds of these guys in the Golden Age, or it seemed like it. Though it could just as easy be said that it’s better he wasn’t born back then, as he’s very unique in the Heroic Age. He was born in Detroit in 1962, the same year as the second Starman. He’s never forgotten this. Every birthday reminds of his…well, not a friend (Starman II would disagree), but more than an acquaintance. Detroit isn’t that far from Chicago, after all. Jesse Thompkins could swing by whenever he liked. 280 miles was nothing to someone who was casually hypersonic. Caviezel, having grown up in Detroit as the city slowly fell apart, has what could be called strong opinions on segregation and redlining. He’s not especially left leaning, but stupid is stupid. The stubborn, hateful insistence on never allowing the mostly black Detroit and the mostly white suburbs to mix damn near killed the city. He knows. He was there. He lived it. That’s why he says hate makes people stupid.

. . By the time he joined the Detroit Police Department, the slide was obvious to anyone with functioning eyes. But back up a sec. Little Ronnie Caviezel was a dickhead kid. You think, growing up, that his black neighbors didn’t know what was happening to the city? And who was responsible? You think their kids weren’t listening? Little Ronnie didn’t live in the suburbs. He lived in Detroit proper, one of the only white kids in a sea of blackness. Somebody with better conflict mediation and/or avoidance skill would have had a better time. But Caviezel has never been afraid of a fight. Not even when there was 10 of ‘em. Fuck ‘em. And he had good fist fighting instincts from a very young age. So yeah, sometimes he got his ass kicked. But you should see the other guys. This was…not a good way to grow up. His single mother was working herself to the bone, and there was her kid, getting in trouble for fighting all the time. Leaving multiple other kids as beat up and bloody as he was. At her wit’s end, she sent him to a local boxing gym. Well. THE local boxing gym, then and arguably now. The Kronk Gym.

. . Detroit has a long history of producing boxing champions. Joe Louis, to name one. But a few big names were about to emerge from the city while Little Ronnie became big Caviezel. Alvin “Blue” Lewis. Mickey Goodwin. Hilmer Kenty. Hedgemon Lewis. And, of course, the legendary Thomas “Hitman” Hearns. Little Ronnie Caviezel thrived in that environment. He took to the sweet science as if he was born to do it. It looked like Detroit had another budding star on their hands. He started training at age 10 in 1972, to keep him out of street fights. He debuted as a junior boxer at age 15 in 1977, because he’d become a fighter with a ridiculous level of promise. His fights weren’t even close. In 1979, after his 17th birthday, he became a youth boxer. Still nobody could handle him. In 1980, he needed a day job. He’d graduated high school. So he joined Detroit PD. Police officer by day, boxer by night. He waited three years to go pro. 1983 saw the debut of 21 year old Ronnie “Blue Eyes/Iron Joe” Caviezel. Never could stick to one nickname. He was busy as a bee in the 80s. Police work. Boxing training. Night school. Actual boxing matches. Even finding the time to date a pretty young thing. Busy, busy, busy. Because he was apparently also a naturally gifted detective, and he made that rank in 1986. He was 24 years old. He was married to his pretty young thing, named Josie. He was an undefeated professional boxer. He was the new detective assigned to Vice, but Homicide was angling to get him. He was also not an idiot. He had one last fight, and retired from boxing in 1987 at 25 years old.

. . The reason he was so good at boxing was that he had his powers virtually from birth. They’d strengthened as he’d gotten older, and as a grown man it was no longer fair. That last fight was to confirm his hypothesis. Of course, Detroit PD wasn’t pleased to lose one of their most valuable PR tools, but it was what it was. It wasn’t like he stopped training, and he was happy to take exhibition bouts for PR purposes. ’89 was where things went shitty. Homicide detectives often worked long hours. He’d made Sergeant by now. Was respected for his police work and not his pugilism. He trusted his wife Josie. They talked about everything. They were thinking about kids. He shouldn’t have trusted her for five seconds, let alone over five years. She was a honeypot for the Detroit Partnership. Organized crime. The Italian-American Mafia, to be precise. Her lover was a hitman. He found this out when said hitman tried to kill him, laughing about what a huge idiot he was. Aka the last day Ronnie Caviezel ceased existing and the hero Caviezel first appeared. Aka the day he stopped giving a fuck. They framed him as a dirty cop, with years of info from his own lips to condemn him with. And then the hitman came or him. Big fucking mistake. Caviezel broke his face, ducked the friends trying to arrest him, tracked down the subfaction Josie and her lover belonged to, and stormed it with nothing but his bare hands and a bad attitude. They had guns and higher numbers. This turned out to be totally irrelevant. He left them all with broken jaws, concussions, cracked ribs and/or bruised livers. Josie herself he left spitting up blood after a stiff punch to just about the belly button. He was sucking on a lollypop, seated on the hood of his car, when the police showed up in response to calls about gunfire. He was the only person who’d been in that house in the last hour who wasn’t arrested and imprisoned for a long, long time. So much evidence in that house. He still quit the police force and got his private detective’s license. The divorce was final before her trial was over.

. . From there, Caviezel started establishing his reputation. See, in 1989 Detroit had 624 murders. 5 years later, in 1994, it had 541. 5 years after that, in 1999, it had 415. And in the year of our Lord 2018, there was only 261. Yes, the city made changes that lowered crime overall. Yes, the police put in serious work. However, at least in the Phoenixverse, Caviezel has been the difference maker. A virtually peerless detective and boxer with zero tolerance for bullshit. Of course Starman II noticed him.. they met when Jesse asked for his help in identifying someone. This was 1992. He wasn’t even a Five Year Vet yet, for Christ’s sake. Starman flew his car with him in it down to St. Louis, where Caviezel was able to identify the battered corpse of local millionaire Connor Morris. And then reconstruct his final night, and why it was his final night. Making Starman II and Caviezel the only two people on the planet at the time who knew Connor Morris had been Gunsmith, of the Champions of Justice. They collaborated several more times over the next 9 years. If Starman II could have been said to have his own Gunsmith…his own mercurial detective best friend…then it was Caviezel.

. . So when Armageddon was bulldozing its way up from the Gulf of Mexico, Caviezel had already hopped in his car and was driving to Chicago. He didn’t beat Starman there, but he did arrive in time to give him a break. Yes. You read that correctly, Dear Reader. Flesh and blood boxer Ronald Joseph Caviezel engaged in a fistfight with a monster strong enough to break a Starman’s bones. It helped that it couldn’t lay a hand on him. This time it was perfectly fair. Because if that damn thing actually hit him, it’d be a closed casket funeral at best. And it was going…fine? It couldn’t hit him, he really couldn’t hurt it but he could keep it occupied. Until he broke his damn hand. It was to be expected, honestly. Armageddon could absorb Starpowered blows. Caviezel was only a man. He was tough, but his bones were quite breakable by comparison with the monster’s flesh. Fortunately, Starman II was ready to make his last stand. How that went has already been told elsewhere. However, there is a famous photograph of Starqueen I holding her husband’s body and wailing. Her son weeps silently beside her. On the outer edge of that photograph is part of a trenchcoat. Caviezel’s trademark trenchcoat.

. . So, hell yes he helped found the Icons. Where the hell were you assholes? Well. That was unfair. The Shining Guardian and Tex Austin were still recovering from the injuries inflicted by the monster. They had tried. Fletcher was coming out of a comfortable retirement, and he wasn’t any more powerful than Caviezel anyway. And Tidal and Shadowspirit had simply been too far away. So the group was founded. Like with Starman, he was their detective. Though he can’t claim total credit. Vincent Mortelini had his Phantom Network passing both him and Shadowspirit information. This was the beginning of that duo’s long friendship. He swung past St. Louis in 2009 and gave recently discharged Marine Duncan Morris the battered and broken rifle of Gunsmith. For Jesse, who never got the chance to do it himself. There weren’t any particularly flashy or dramatic adventures, however. until Lei Zi invaded Seattle in 2011. Tidal was a god. Yay. He didn’t care because once again, he was a flesh and blood boxer going up against superhuman adversaries. It was time to train in something else. A different martial art. He chose judo.

. . He was there after Fletcher (accidently) made a murderous/genocidal AI, punching robots, calming down a suddenly panicking Scarlett, and easing Candy’s case of imposter syndrome. Literally just a boxing judoka here, ladies. If I can punch robots, so can you. And much better with your violent superpowers. He took the Shining Guardian’s side in the Icons civil war.He was disappointed to see Shadowspirit on the other side. He did not get the chance to try punching Kuros in the Eternity War. The big battle just didn’t go his way for that. He wasn’t among the Dusted. He tried to help keep order in Detroit, but it wasn’t needed, really? The city was in mourning, not chaos. And when the time came to reform the Crystals of Power, he went with Shadowspirit (who had come to get him in the first place) to that high mountain in the Rockies, guided by Marian Soaring Eagle.

. . What happened there, on that mountain, is unclear. It is known that he came back alone and bruised as if from a fight, Soul Crystal in hand. It is also known that reforming the Soul Crystal requires, well, a soul. Meaning someone has to die. It cannot be done with murder, despite Terrifica’s jokes. It requires a willing sacrifice. Whether it’s of life, love, or something else important is also unclear. Magic is a fuzzy, undefined thing at times. With that said, Caviezel was at the final battle of the Endgame, though he’d lost his taste for punching Kuros. Ironically, he was the one who ended up with all seven Crystals of Power initially. So he was stuck running from the intergalactic tyrant and those…well, they looked like wolves if wolves were redesigned by cannibalistic psychopaths. All of the NOPE, sayeth Caviezel. But once again, he was only a man. So he passed them off to Samaritan, who was nearby and much more mobile. He spent the rest of the battle punching out brainwashed clone soldiers.

. . So, why is he trying to retire? He’s fifty-seven, you assholes. He’s been doing this shit for thirty goddamn years. Man’s got a right to quit when he starts getting old. He’s been training and, more importantly, eating like a boxer for all thirty and then some. He’s got high blood pressure and his heart ain’t what it used to be. He got winded in the middle of the Endgame. Him, who runs miles almost daily, got winded. And his knees don’t appreciate all that running anymore. He’s getting old and tired. That’d be excuse enough, but you know…it’s the weight of thirty years. He’s lost friends, you know. People he respected. Two of them just the other month. Shadowspirit and Fletcher. His hands ain’t perfectly clean, either. He worked the whole Iron Age. He carried a gun throughout it. It saw use. More use than he likes to think about. So yeah, he’d like to get out. Whether he can actually manage it is a whole other matter.

. . He’s got enemies. He’s spent thirty years being a huge spike in the ribcage (like a thorn in the side, but worse) of the Detroit Partnership. They only let their enemies leave the game in a box. Whenever Lestari shows up in the United States they end up having a violent fistfight. Scarlett’s disappearance isn’t sitting well with him, either. She was there for the Eternity War. They were fighting side by side for half of it. But she disappeared after the Endgame, and nobody has been able to reach her. Her apartment HQ was deserted. There’s a dozen threads to follow there, as clearly something happened. And then there’s the kid. All Caviezel’s life he thought his power was unique. The Shining Guardian said so. Sage said so. Marian said so. His own research said so. Only one person could have the Eyes of Truth at a given time. So uh…why does his own personal teenage fangirl have them too? And he can’t leave her to the nonexistent mercies of the Detroit Partnership, dammit. They’d hurt her just to get at him, when he has no connection to her. She’s not his kid. They’re not related at all, at least not anymore than any two random white people from the Detroit metro area. He ruled that out first. Goddamn it. He may not able to retire after all…

Powers & Tactics: Caviezel is a expert boxer and judoka with one magical power. As a boxer, he’s skilled in two out of three of the common styles. Brawler/Slugger and Swarmer/In-fighter. Brawler/Sluggers aren’t known for their finesse, accuracy, or dodging ability. Their general style is to throw single powerful punches that are pretty well telegraphed in advance. One would think this wouldn’t work, but they’re also willing and able to absorb ridiculous punishment to get that one strong punch in and weaken their opponent for the next one if not outright knock them out. Boxers like George Foreman, Rocky Marciano, and in modern times Manny Pacquiao have fought like this. Not necessarily exclusively, as boxers can be capable of more than one style. Swarmer/In-fighter is the total opposite, offensively speaking. An barrage of weaker punches that are more likely to end a fight via attrition instead of one big punch. To that end, boxers in this style may be excessively tough like Brawler/Sluggers, or freakishly good at dodging blows. At least one of those is required, as since they stay close to their opponent during the whole fight thus having to deal with the opponent’s attacks constantly. Boxers like Joe Frazier and Mike Tyson were known for using this style, as well as Rocky Marciano and Manny Pacquiao from before. His training in judo allows him to throw opponents to the ground hard, or choke them out after grappling them. It’s not as exciting. Just a secondary skill set.

. . Caviezel’s magical power is the main event, however. The Eyes of Truth. Supposedly, only one person in the entire world has it at a given time. That person is born with it, and when they die another person is born with it. Absolutely, positively nothing can hide from his eyes. All deception, falsehood, concealment, obscurement, you name it, unravels. Whatever the source of it, his eyes see all that is hidden and concealed. So yes, he can see in the dark without a problem. The list of people who can successfully lie to him is uh, extremely short. But it’s not just his eyes. All of his senses are superhumanly sharp, even if only his vision has the additional benefits. It functions as a form of body reading, meaning he knows what the opponent is going to do before they do it. This makes his attacks more accurate and improves his dodging abilities by a large degree. This is why he retired from boxing. It wasn’t fair at all. The last bit is the reason he wears sunglasses all the time. Anyone who looks him in the eyes seems a reflection of themselves as he sees them, with all self justifications and deceptions stripped away. The shock of this can daze, stun, or even send the target into catatonia depending on the strength of their will. If this happens, it can never affect them again once they wake up. This isn’t normally a problem, however, as such a thing is life changing. They don’t often cross Caviezel’s path as enemies again.

. . Tactically, Caviezel has a lot of options. Against rank and file thuggery, he sticks with Boxer-Swarming and Accurate Attack +4, using Takedown Attack 2 to mow through them. Tends to be a massacre. It’s with actual supervillains he starts to layer in more complicated tactics. Boxer Slugger for tough guys. Judo Throw for really tough guys, as they’re not normally known for being able to get up quickly. Judo Choke is primarily for enemies that have superior mobility to him. Grab ‘em with a readied action, choke ‘em out. Fuck your Move By Action. Go to sleep. Improved Startle can help hit. Improved Demoralize can drop resistances. As mentioned, he has Accurate Attack. There’s also All Out, Defensive, and Power Attack available. Improved Disarm takes weapons away. Improved Throw and Trip make Judo Throw better. He can Improved Grab after one of the Boxer settings hits and grapple away. Stunning Attack can turn any of his Martial Arts Techniques from doing damage to…not doing damage. More polite violence. Absolute Truth of Self works the same way. The Eyes of Truth have no power stunts available. And honestly, he’s satisfied with his current Martial Arts Techniques. The only thing he could stunt would be Joint Locks (Stun 8, Requires Grapple) and Stunning Attack already covers that effect.

Personality: Behold the machine where Caviezel’s fucks were once lovingly crafted. Behold that it is broken, and covered in thick dust. But this isn’t a peaceful acceptance of events. Oh, no. It’s actually the flip side of that coin. It’s a peaceful acceptance of the fact that people are gonna be people. The poor, stupid, blind bastards. All falsehoods fall away before his eyes. He knows the true motivations that drive people even when they don’t. Unresolved trauma. Basic selfishness. Unthinking hatred. Yeah, there’s more positive ones too, but they’re rarer. We’re all just glorified apes in the end. We want to avoid pain and feeling bad. We want to be happy and feel good. We all want to leave something behind us when we’re gone. It isn’t always or only children, but yeah. It ain’t rocket science. People are people. They’re gonna do what they’re gonna do. Ain’t no help for it.

. . What Caviezel can control, however, is what he does. His own choices. He can look himself in the mirror and at least attempt to understand what drives him. He knows he’s kind of a cantankerous asshole. He can be grumpy and monosyllabic. He also knows that his heart’s in the right place. Somehow. Despite how he may act, he does want to help. He’s just normally irritated, as he can literally see how much everyone in his sightline is lying to themselves and others. That’d annoy anybody, and he has to see it all the goddamn time. Even in his allies and friends. It makes him sad, sometimes. Friendship is hard with most people because of his eyes. Despite all that, his early training in boxing drilled into him that you fight until the bell. Perseverance and determination are the most important qualities in the ring. Which is yet another reason he’s having a hard time retiring. Dammit.
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Re: Caviezel (Ronald Joseph Caviezel)

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EternalPhoenix wrote: Tue Oct 11, 2022 5:13 pm Personality: Behold the machine where Caviezel’s fucks were once lovingly crafted. Behold that it is broken, and covered in thick dust.
:lol: It's always so much fun to read your stuff.
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Sage (Sagacious Winifred Burke)

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Sage (Sagacious Winifred Burke)

Power Level: 12; Power Points Spent: 255/255

STR: +2 (14), DEX: +3 (16), CON: +3 (16), INT: +5 (20), WIS: +3 (16), CHA: +5 (20)

Tough: +3/+15, Fort: +8, Ref: +8, Will: +17

Skills: Acrobatics 2 (+5), Climb 3 (+5), Concentration 17 (+20), Disable Device 5 (+10), Drive 2 (+5), Gather Information 10 (+15), Intimidate 10 (+15), Investigate 10 (+15), Knowledge (arcane Lore) 10 (+15), Knowledge (streetwise) 5 (+10), Knowledge (theology & philosophy) 10 (+15), Language 3 (+3), Medicine 2 (+5), Notice 7 (+10), Perform (stringed instruments) 5 (+10), Search 10 (+15), Sense Motive 7 (+10), Stealth 7 (+10), Swim 3 (+5)

Feats: Accurate Attack, All-Out Attack, Artificer, Challenge - Improved Demoralize, Challenge - Improved Startle, Equipment 2, Force of WIll (can spend hero point to substitute Will save in place of Fortitude save), Improved Critical 2 (Agonyshock Tempest (Blast 15)), Improved Critical 2 (Hatefrost Aurora (Blast 15)), Improved Critical 2 (Ragefire Blast (Blast 15)), Improved Initiative, Improvised Tools, Power Attack, Ritualist, Second Chance (Concentration checks to maintain powers), Skill Mastery (Intimidate, Investigate, Knowledge (arcane lore), Search), Startle, Uncanny Dodge (Auditory)

Emotion Magic Tattoos (Array 16) (default power: blast)
. . Agonyshock Tempest (Blast 15) (Array; DC 30, Feats: Improved Critical 2 (Agonyshock Tempest (Blast 15)))
. . Compassionate Regeneration (Healing 9) (Array; DC 19; Restoration, Total; Limited to Others; Persistent, Regrowth)
. . Defiance Field (Create Object 15) (Array; Max Size: 15x 100' cubes, DC 25; Impervious [12 ranks only]; Range (touch); Progression, Object Size 4, Selective)
. . Empathic Telepathy (Mind Reading 12) (Array; DC 22; Duration (sustained))
. . Hatefrost Aurora (Blast 15) (Array; DC 30, Feats: Improved Critical 2 (Hatefrost Aurora (Blast 15)))
. . Ragefire Blast (Blast 15) (Default; DC 30, Feats: Improved Critical 2 (Ragefire Blast (Blast 15)))

Mystic Force Field (Force Field 12) (+12 Toughness; Impervious)

See Magical Effects (Super-Senses 1) (awareness: Magic (visual))

Titanium Will (Immunity 30) (will saves; Limited - Half Effect; Innate)

Wizardry (Array 10) (default power: environmental control)
. . Air Control (Move Object 6) (Array; Strength: 30, Carry: 532 / 1.1k / 1.6k / 3.2k; Range (perception))
. . Counterspell (Nullify 15) (Array; counters: all powers of (type) - magic, DC 25; Action (full))
. . Hex Technology (Nullify 10) (Array; counters: all powers of (type) - technological, DC 20; Burst Area (50 ft. radius - General); Range (touch))
. . Scrying (ESP 6) (Array; affects: 2 types - normal visual & auditory; No Conduit; Custom 2 (Rapid 2 (x100)))
. . Shadow Magic (Obscure 6) (Array; affects: visual senses, Radius: 250-1250 ft.; Selective Attack; Progression, Increase Area 2 (area x5))
. . Summon Light (Environmental Control 5) (Default; light (bright), Radius: 100 ft.; Selective Attack)
. . Veiling (Concealment 10) (Array; all senses)
. . Worldwalking (Super-Movement 3) (Array; dimensional 3 (any dimension); Custom 2 (Portal); Progression, Dimensional Move (carry 250 lbs))

Equipment: Vehicle: Compact Car

Attack Bonus: +9 (Ranged: +9, Melee: +9, Grapple: +11)

Attacks: Agonyshock Tempest (Blast 15), +9 (DC 30), Counterspell (Nullify 15), +9 (DC Will 25), Empathic Telepathy (Mind Reading 12) (DC Will 22), Hatefrost Aurora (Blast 15), +9 (DC 30), Hex Technology (Nullify 10) (DC Will 20), Ragefire Blast (Blast 15), +9 (DC 30), Unarmed Attack, +9 (DC 17)

Defense: +9 (Flat-footed: +5), Knockback: -13

Initiative: +7

Languages: Chinese (Mandarin), English Native, Korean, Latin

Totals: Abilities 42 + Skills 32 (128 ranks) + Feats 16 + Powers 105 + Combat 36 + Saves 24 + Drawbacks 0 = 255


Vehicle: Compact Car

Power Level: 12; Equipment Points Spent: 9

STR: +10 (30)

Toughness: +8

Speed 5 (Speed: 250 mph, 2200 ft./rnd)

Defense: -1, Size: Large

Totals: Abilities 2 + Skills 0 (0 ranks) + Feats 0 + Features 0 + Powers 5 + Combat 1 + Saves 1 + Drawbacks 0 + Equipment 0 (0 ep) + Weapons & Armor 0 (0 ep) = 9

Age (as of Jan 2019): 43 (chronological), late 20s (appearance)
Height: 6’
Weight: 160 lbs
Ethnicity: ¾ Caucasian, ¼ Korean
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Base of Operations: San Francisco, California

Theme Songs: All The Dark Places, by Jo Blankenburg & Kat Leon and friends don’t cry alone, by McGwire featuring ASTRSK*

Background: Sage (she hasn’t used her full name ever) is a fucking mess. Her life has been virtually nothing but a nonstop barrage of trauma and misery. To some, she would be well within her rights to fuckin’ snap and become the villainous monster the Wizards of the White Court think she is. But that’s the hell of it. She’s just too damn strong to go crazy. Her mind just won’t break. And she just can’t seem to get herself killed. Not that she wants to die, you understand. But at least that way it’d finally be fuckin’ over. The only reward for work well done is more work. Goddamn it. She just wants to be left in peace and not have any murder cases, news of fresh monsters on the loose, or bad magical omens popping up. But San Francisco can’t go a goddamn week without someone who needs her particular brand of help desperately beating down her door. She’d really, genuinely appreciate it if the problems of the city, Faerie, and the supernatural world in general would, for once, stay solved. And that fuckin’ assholes would stop creating new problems. But no. It’s just one damn thing after another. In fact, it’s worse than that. The damn things overlap. She does not know how Megagirl did this with a smile.

. . It started when her mother Haewon (who was deeply weird about herbs and thus named all three of her daughters after them) divorced her father. To be fair, her father was never around anyway. Always out there doing god knows what. His work always called him away. It would take until Sage was an adult before she learned he was a rogue wizard with a deeply complicated past and sense of morality. Also, he died shortly after she was born. When she can stand to think about her mother, she wonders if Haewon was simply determined to destroy herself out of sheer contrariness. She certainly never did what anyone wanted her to. She was in a permanent state of extreme rebellion against, apparently, everything society found good and right. Or even basic common sense. So she was kind of a shit mother. Who had three kids with a shit father who was never around, and then had a series of shit boyfriends who abused her until they tried to control her. Then they were gone, and she went and got a new boyfriend. Juniper (the oldest), Rosemary (middle child), and Sage (the youngest) basically raised themselves, getting the hell out of whichever apartment they were in as soon as legally possible. So, literally their eighteenth birthdays. Happy birthday, Juni. Bye, Juni. Happy birthday, Rose. Bye, Rose. Yeah. Like that. Just like that. Of course, they left for an additional reason. Haewon managed to get married again. He was 100% pure bastard. Sage knows what he was now. Mind mage. Psychemancy. Psychic magic. Haewon was all too happy to be his brainwashed servant. Her sisters bailed in time. And Sage, goddamn it, was too much like her mother to force the issue. So the bastard used a subtler enchantment. He stole her ability to love anyone but him. The huge dumbass forgot she could still hate him. And she did. Fervently. She reserved the bulk of her hatred, however, for her mother. For Haewon. And that was the situation for a little while. But everyone snaps eventually. Sage snapped in epic fashion. She had the elemental tattoos by then. She walked into the master bedroom, froze her mother solid with her first Hatefrost Aurora, and incinerated the bastard with her first Ragefire Blast. Then she left the now burning house.

. . Her sisters found her. The Burke sisters, each with a third of the Emotion Tattoos, part of the Seven Sorceries. Three wounded, traumatized sisters, each mourning both the mother they wished they’d had and the father they never did. They spent three years battling supernatural menaces around San Francisco. Juniper, Rosemary, and Sage, in a pretty mansion in a lovely neighborhood. They were quite the charmed trio. However, it was not to last. It was the Iron Age, and as is known, most heroes don’t get past year five. To make a long story quite short, they’d made enemies in those three years. Said enemies assaulted that pretty mansion and kicked the fuck out of them in a spectacular battle. Juniper died. Rosemary and Sage had a nasty argument afterward, and parted ways. They may have reconciled in time, but the White Court’s enforcers swooped down on the injured and exhausted Sage almost immediately afterward. She had, after all, committed cold blooded murder three years prior, and her location had finally been revealed by the chaos of the battle. Mundane authorities did and do not have the resources and knowledge to deal with magical criminals, so for a bunch of centuries now the White Court has taken up the duty. Their current Merlin (Sayid) draws a hard line when it comes to magical murder and mind control. Death penalty. No exceptions. Sword to the neck. Off with their head. Sage was in just about the worst emotional state of her life, so she was cool with dying, and in fact provided some vigorous encouragement (in typical Sage fashion) for them to just get it over with already. And yet. For reasons Sage did not know at the time, Henry Kim intervened.

. . She spent about five years at Henry’s house in Denver. It did not always go well. She wasn’t allowed to leave, and had to do what he said. If you, Dear Reader, understand anything about Sage at this point, you will understand how poorly she would react to both of those things. And neither of them was any good at being warm, feeling humans instead of a prickly asshole (in Sage’s case) and a stubborn hardass (in Henry’s). He was the wizarding teacher, and she was the apprentice. It was not easy, but they bonded quite well and she learned a lot. At the end of the five years, in June 2001, the White Court tested her. The tests were grueling and unpleasant. They were not only designed to test her magical prowess, but her mental stability and psychological makeup. She passed and was accorded a full Wizard of the White Court. She could move out and have her own life. So she did. She moved to San Francisco and hung out her shingle as a private detective. Three months later she was surprised to see Henry help found the Icons after that terrible day and September. She’d recognize those spells anywhere after five years. Huh. Well, whatever.
And three months after that, her life started descending into its current infinitely aggravating and exhausting state. Let’s run down the list.

. . Harrassment from her White Court monitor, Keith Copeland.

. . 2002. A wizard wannabe dealing mystical drugs and using a combo and erotic and lethal blood magic to commit homicides to weaken local crime kingpin Vivian Wu.

. . 2003. DEA agents deciding that magic belts that transformed them into werewolves were the best way to get rid of Vivian Wu, instead of like, legal methods.

. . 2004. That time she, uh, started an underground global war with the Vaughn family of vampires. Amon breed, as if it matters. If was to save her idiot reporter boyfriend, Bobby Liu, and it didn’t even work. She had to cobble together a spell that would hold his vampirism off, and like hell it would last forever. Especially since he split town shortly afterward.

. . 2005. Then all of Faerie went to war over a couple of murders, and it was this whole thing. Technically she saved the world by solving that one, but it would have been a long form apocalypse, spread out over a few generations.

. . 2006. Then there was the one where Fallen members of the Earthbound Host tried to steal some important divine artifacts and bring a plague apocalypse to San Francisco. Almost didn’t fail, that was closer than she liked. Also the last time she saw Bobby Liu for quite some time. The magic preventing him from fully transforming into a vampire was holding. Somehow. This one got her into the Icons. Thanks, Henry. More work to do. Nice.

. . 2007. Next up, the cursed gay porn studio, where Vanessa Fordham (succubus and Asmodeus vampire at once, somehow) took over the Violet Court of…you know, what do they call those? Cubi? Cubuses? Well, whatever. She got her wolf Sombra out of it. Yes, she is a real wolf.

. . 2008. The following case was half a dozen members of the Black Court of Necromancers blew into town and almost murdered everyone in it for a chance at divinity. No, Sage did not ride an undead T-Rex through the Embarcadero. It was a trio of triceratops through the Tenderloin. Also the case where she got roped into being an enforcer for the White Court.

. . 2009. This caused problems, as her ally Rue’s son Basil turned out to have one of the two thirds of the Emotion Tattoos that Sage did not. And he was getting in trouble with them. And and dealing with Halloween horror movies summoning…fetches? Is that what they’re called? Fuck, she neither knows nor really cares. Look, they feed on fear, there was a lot going around that week. Ended up with Sage stepping in for Basil the way Henry had stepped in for her, and for the same reason. Not that she knew it at the time. Basil was, somehow, Rosemary’s son. With Rue. Who was a purified demon with a human soul. Oh, boy. This kid’s gonna have it rough.

. . 2010. Welcome to year 9, where Sage had to help Vanessa Fordham secure her power in the Violet Court against a pair of conspiring usurpers who had been quietly murdering the weakest sorcerers, metahumans, and other potential hero types. And of course, the last one standing had to call something from fucking Outside. Like, yeah the Emotion Tattoos were designed to deal with threats like that. Did not mean it wasn’t an insanely dangerous thing to do, you fucking idiot of an incubus. And the cherry on the fucking cake was giving Vivian Fucking Wu the authorization to open her own Court.

. . 2011. So…remember those Fallen members of the Earthbound Host? They’re baaaaack. Guess who else is back? The Faerie Courts. The problem? Despite her extensive prepations for such an event, Vivan Wu had been kidnapped. Yes, by Fallen fucking angels. And this was Sage’s problem because the Summer and Winter Queens were in accord. Kidnapping a Court’s monarch was a big no-no, and needed to be dealt with. By Sage. Now would be good. And this is the one where Rue got badly hurt and mostly retired from the field. Dammit. So hell no, Sage could not make it to Lei Zi’s invasion in Seattle. She was fucking busy.

. . 2012. To make a long story short, Keith Copeland (professional pain in her ass) showed up at her doorstep badly injured and on the run from the White Court. Uh. What. You’re accused of murder & treason. What. Of course it’s not you, Sage is not an idiot. Aw, here it goes. Another fucking disaster. Exposing a mole in the White Court. Some ugly fights, and in the end it barely goddamn mattered, because matters between the Courts are like matters between jungle predators. Show weakness, get eaten. Admitting to being vulnerable to infiltration would just encourage further infiltration and bigger moves. So when Keith Copeland died saving Sage’s ass, he got the blame for all the stuff he was running from in the first place. Fucking bullshit. Met Marian Soaring Eagle, though, when she showed up to kick the fuck out of…whatever the hell that was, during the climax on Alcatraz.

. . 2013. A quick summary. Her office exploded. Her home burned down. She broke her back. Basically the war against the Vaughn family of Amon vampires spilled into town. Because they’d found Sage’s daughter, Rika. Yeah. She’d not mentioned that one to anyone. Bobby Liu’s kid. Yeah. She’d disappeared for a bit before the gay porn studio director called. Said it was a month’s vacation. She’d earned it, right? She lied. So. A lot happened. She made a few deals she really shouldn’t have, because she’s crazy when it comes to family. But the day was saved. The Vaughn family, all several dozen thousands of them worldwide, were destroyed. And all she had to do was break the spell holding Bobby’s vampirism back, and stake with that special stake. Easy peasy. And then to get out of those deals, she had herself killed. Specifically, she had herself assassinated and magically wiped her memory of ordering it in the first place. So, she died. Well. Mostly. Was supposed to be totally, but damn those Faerie Queens.

. . 2014. Being mostly dead and running around San Francisco as a ghost, she totally missed the whole…Fletcher making an AI…thing. She doesn’t actually remember this very well. Apparently one of the two Black Court members who survived that whole last episode came back in ghost form, too? There was a lot going on, but it mostly didn’t have much to do with her.

. . 2015. Fully alive again. Yay. Not what she wanted. Not at all. Again, damn those Faerie Queens. Sage doesn’t give a fuck how desperately she’s needed. She’s genuinely tired of this bullshit. Leave her the fuck alone. But of course, that’s now how it works, how is it? No. Evil’s afoot, and literally the only person in the entire universe who can deal with it in time is Sage. San Francisco, Oakland, and the greater metro area are going to be destroyed when Alcatraz explodes. The Faerie Queens muster for war again, as their children are misbehaving. It never fucking ends, does it? So naturally, in this mood Sage told both Henry (aka the Shining Guardian) and Fletcher to fuck off, staying the hell out of the Icons civil war.

. . 2016. Still got deals to honor, Sage. Now go rob Odin with a fallen angel and backstab him after. Wait, what? The Fallen members of the Earthbound Host were back, and working schemes. Of course, nothing went entirely as they or Sage planned. Tch. Well, at least it wasn’t an emotionally draining as the last few-oh, fuck is that literally dammed angel coming for Rika? Fuck. And now her daughter knows what she looks like, and…fuck, man…how can she not be a better mother to the munchkin than she was to her own. Or than her missing and presumed dead sister Rosemary was to Basil.

. . 2017. The Eternity War. Sage made it in time to Baltimore when Henry called. They still lost. The Dusting happened. Sage had to hold together San Francisco without some of her most stalwart allies. It sucked. It sucked a lot. But Rika wasn’t Dusted, and neither was Rue.

. . 2018. The Endgame. Aka the last time Sage ever turns her phone off for an afternoon with her daughter. Fortunately, Radical Dreamer knew what she was up to, and thus she put in an appearance at the final battle. Whooped plenty of ass, too.

. . As 2019 dawns, the Faerie Queens are calling a peace summit. Every single Court is invited. The wars between the supernatural forces of the world have gone on too long and cost too much. It is time for peace and stability. Of course, not every Court agrees with this, and there are those outside of the Courts who agree with them. Including a certain ancient being with a deep hatred for humanity. The stage is set. But will San Francisco host historic peace talks, or become nothing more than a battle ground?

. . Sage has been through more than most heroes with twice her years on the job. So both her allies and enemies lists are second in length only to the spectacular Samaritan. Different from him, however, is that some straddle both categories. For example, in no universe are San Francisco crime queenpin Vivian Wu (and Tiger Court Queen) or power behind the Violet Court throne Vanessa Fordham anything but villains. Except they do have a vested interest in keeping the city and by extension the entire world intact and as functional as possible. The Queens of the Summer and Winter Courts of Faerie are operating on an entirely separate code of morality that has precious little to do with any human ideas on the subject. And their direct servants obey orders or are punished. Yet they are only performing their role in the grand scheme of things, and are in no way wholly good or evil. The Wizards of the White Court would never be confused with villains or evildoers, but they can certainly be overzealous to the point of fanaticism and/or overcautious to the point of cowardice. Though in fairness, most of them aren’t particularly capable or interested in combat and so their leadership has to account for that, both to keep their weaker members safe and successfully navigate the treacherous waters of global spellslinger politics. Even former unambiguous allies like Pepper (the reincarnation of Juniper, it’s a long story) and Basil (Rue & Rosemary’s son and Sage’s apprentice) have changed greatly over time and are no longer as directly heroic has they were. So it’s complicated.

. . The two beings Sage can absolutely count on are Matthew Chen (former SFPD now, and still semi-recovering from a nasty knee injury) and Rue (a powerful purified demon with one of the Seven Sorceries at his disposal, yes, but also old and half crippled from an injury helping Sage years ago). She’s got vampires, demons, rogue Fae, and fallen angels on her enemies list. It’s not a fun time.

Powers & Tactics: Sage bears the Emotion Tattoos, one of the Seven Sorceries. She is also a highly skilled wizard. The Seven Sorceries are incredibly potent enchantments created near the dawn of civilization to protect humankind from the monsters and demons of the day. Every erg of magic and life in seven of the mightiest magicians to ever walk the earth is in one of the Sorceries. Together, a full 49 are represented. The Emotion Tattoos are, perhaps, slightly misnamed by modern standards. The seven of them channel a certain feeling into mana and that mana into a spell. Sage has had access to Ragefire, Hatefrost, and Agonyshock from a very young age. Perhaps a bit dramatically named, but correctly so. Ragefire channels anger and rage into fire and heat. Hatefrost channels hatred and loathing into ice and cold. Agonyshock channels agony and pain into electricity and lightning. Somebody who’d had a life full of sunshine, rainbows, and puppies probably couldn’t use them very well, but Sage is extremely powerful when she does. One of the deals she made back in 2013 unlocked the Tattoos sealed away when Juniper died. Defiance Field channels sheer stubborn refusal into shapes of pure force. Compassionate Regeneration channels compassion and care for others into healing magic. Juniper was good with these, which should tell people a lot about the type of person she was. And in 2015 the other two were foisted on her when Basil’s humanity was removed. Empathic Telepathy channels empathy and understanding for the feelings of others into psychic magic. Reading their minds, specificially. The last one doesn’t yet have a name that Sage knows. Both Rosemary and Basil told her to figure it out for herself. This makes sense, since magic is what you specifically make of it. Not what someone else tells you it is. It is also not a helpful statement, as apparently whatever it is channels happiness and joy, which are not emotions Sage has any real experience with. Superb. And, to put a cherry on the top of everything, multiple magic users (like Marian, Pepper [who was once Juniper, remember], and Basil) has told Sage she’s using the Tattoos kind of badly. She’s all power, with no finesse or technique, and horribly inefficient in the bargain. Sage cordially invites them to either tell her directly what she’s doing wrong or go fuck themselves. She does, however, concede the point that she doesn’t know what the fuck she’s doing and nobody will give her so much as a goddamn hint. This is, of course, because learning the full capabilities of the Emotion Tattoos is a journey of (appropriately enough) emotional self-discovery that is completely different for everyone. Fuck one hundred percent of that, sayeth Sage.

. . The Emotion Tattoos, for the record, look like tattoos. Lines of crimson/orange flame, ivory/blue ice shards, and black/violet lightning bolts run in straight up her arms, ultimately connecting over her shoulder blades. (Ragefire, Hatefrost, and Agonyshock) A golden heart is on her sternum, right over her heart. (Compassionate Regeneration) A silver chain link circlet, well, circles her head at about mid-forehead. (Defiance Field) Her ears are bracketed by an interesting wavy design that resembles an EKG in green. (Empathic Mind Reading) Whatever the seventh is has not yet appeared. And they glow when she’s using the power in question.

. . As a wizard, Sage specializes in Photomancy. This is also known as Light Magic. Please note that this is a specialization, not a limiter. She is also trained in Aeromancy, Spatial Magic, and basics like counterspelling and disabling technology among others. She uses Photomancy to see magical effects, create both light and shadow to hide herself, disguise her presence, block sight in an area, see areas far away (this also includes Aeromancy for the sounds), and the basic spell of summoning light. Her main use of Aeromancy is to blow things around. The weight limit is in the thousands of pounds, so she can knock over cars or even carry lighter ones this way. Her first main Spatial Magic is a basic one. Creating a portal to another dimension. This is normally used to travel to Faerie or some other mystical realm. Her other main Spatial Magic spell is the force field that shunts damage away from her. It allows her to ignore even artillery and rocket fire.

. . Tactically, Sage typically acts like a particularly brawny thug. Just throwing power at the enemy and praying for the best. Usually because she’s 1) already hurt, and 2) said enemy is something that can kill her quick and easy. Her Notice isn’t great for a hero of her stature and power level, and she lacks Skill Mastery. So she gets ambushed a lot without her Mystic Force Field on. Her Sense Motive is in the same boat, so she’s short her dodge bonus often enough, too. But her Blasts hit like a freight train, and supernatural opposition ain’t human, so they’re always Acceptable Targets. Meaning she doesn’t have to care whether or not she kills them outright. Also meaning she can use Improved Demoralize or Startle and All Out or All Out Power Attack them into oblivion. Accurate Attack is there just in case her opposition is human supervillains. With mundane thuggery she’d just use Air Control to throw something at them, if she didn’t just use Veiling and slide around them in stealth mode. With Artificier and Ritualist, she can be quite the crafty opponent given time to prepare. Unfortunately, that’s a known quality of all wizards, and so their enemies normally refuse to give them that time. If she wanted to, she could power stunt a lot off her Wizardry array. Photomancy, Aeromancy, and Spatial Magic are pretty flexible traditions. So it’s not strange to see her pull off some unexpected one off effects like a visual Dazzle, visual Illusion, Flight, or Teleport. And yes, she could pull out a damaging light or wind blast too. There’s 20 PP to play with, go have fun.

Personality: Sage is a fucking mess. No, seriously. Her damaging powers explicitly work by channeling her rage, hatred, and pain into magical energy. Hatefrost may not get as much use as the other two, but Ragefire is virtually her trademark and Agonyshock ain’t that far behind it. Years and years have gone by, and she’s still as much of a big ball of rage and pain as anything else. She’s got unresolved guilt and grief. The kind of psychological trauma a person gets when they’re thrown into desperate, impossible situations over and over again. She murdered her mother. She got her older sister killed, and god only knows what happened to Rosemary. She abandoned her own child immediately after she was born. She killed said child’s father with her own two hands. Over and over again, everyone she cares for gets hurt or fucking DIES because she can’t god damn mother fucking leave well enough alone. She just can’t leave the damn cat in the damn tree.

. . That’s a metaphor. When people are in trouble and they need her help, she is completely and utterly incapable of standing aside and doing nothing. Simply cannot turn her back on them. She is an implacable foe of anyone or anything that would harm people. And oh my god, she doesn’t want to be. It’s gotten her in so much goddamn trouble. Then the people who, for some idiotic reason actually like her, come running along behind her. And they pay for it in blood and pain. It should go without saying that Sage doesn’t have a very good opinion of herself. She can’t see the hero. She can’t see San Francisco’s mightiest and most stalwart protector since Megagirl. She can’t see how strong she is. How much light and good she’s brought into other people’s lives. She also can’t see that not everything is her fault. That she isn’t responsible for the choices other people make.

. . But that’s all internal. Sage has the reputation of being a perpetually angry, rebellious hellbitch, but that’s over a decade out of date. She’s still a professional contrarian, is easily irritated, often surly, and enjoys being deliberately annoying as a coping mechanism. Basically she has Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and was never anywhere close to properly treated for it as a child. So instead she’s learning to be less angry, argumentative, and rebellious as an adult, which would be hard enough without the full cargo ship loads of stress and trauma she’s had to endure in her regular life. But she’s Sage. Enduring is what she does. Aside from flinging fire at monsters about to eat people or whatever. And telling bossy assholes (like certain puffed up authority figures) to eat shit, fuck off, and die.
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Power Level: 9; Power Points Spent: 225/225

STR: +4 (18), DEX: +4 (18), CON: +4 (18), INT: +2 (14), WIS: +3 (16), CHA: +3 (16)

Tough: +4/+6, Fort: +9, Ref: +12, Will: +12

Skills: Acrobatics 11 (+15), Bluff 12 (+15), Craft (chemical) 3 (+5), Disable Device 8 (+10), Disguise 12 (+15), Drive 6 (+10), Escape Artist 6 (+10), Gather Information 7 (+10), Intimidate 12 (+15), Investigate 8 (+10), Knowledge (arcane Lore) 3 (+5), Knowledge (behavioral science) 3 (+5), Knowledge (civics) 3 (+5), Knowledge (streetwise) 13 (+15), Language 2 (+2), Medicine 2 (+5), Notice 12 (+15), Search 8 (+10), Sense Motive 12 (+15), Sleight of Hand 6 (+10), Stealth 11 (+15), Survival 12 (+15)

Feats: Acrobatic Bluff, Attack Focus (melee) 6, Attack Specialization 3 (Knife Throw (Blast 2)), Benefit (Wealth (Well Off)), Challenge - Improved Acrobatic Bluff, Challenge - Improved Demoralize, Challenge - Improved Feint, Challenge - Improved Startle, Challenge - Improved Taunt, Defensive Roll, Dodge Focus 5, Elusive Target, Equipment 3, Evasion, Improved Critical 2 (Crimson Blast (Blast 12)), Improved Critical 2 (Knife Throw (Blast 2)), Improved Critical 2 (Pressure Strike (Strike 2)), Improved Critical 2 (Rapid Strikes (Strike 2)), Improved Initiative, Improved Trick, Precise Shot, Quick Change, Quick Draw, Skill Mastery 2 (Acro, Bluf, Disg, Intim, Notice, Sen Mot, Steal, Surv), Startle, Takedown Attack 2, Taunt, Track, Uncanny Dodge (Auditory)

Blood Magic (Array 13) (default power: illusion; Unreliable (5 Uses); Custom (Take 1 Injured Condition per use))
. . Crimson Blast (Blast 12) (Array; DC 27, Feats: Improved Critical 2 (Crimson Blast (Blast 12)))
. . Crimson Deceiver (Illusion 6) (Default; affects: all sense types, DC 16; Progression, Area 2 (25 ft. radius))
. . Crimson Portal (Teleport 8) (Array; 800 ft. as move action, 2000 miles as full action; Accurate; Change Direction, Change Velocity)
. . Crimson Regeneration (Healing 8) (Array; DC 18; Restoration, Total; Limited to Others; Persistent, Regrowth)

Magic Blood (Regeneration 28) (recovery bonus 5 (+5 to recover), recovery rate (bruised) 3 (recover 1 / round without rest), recovery rate (disabled) 8 (recover 1 / round without rest), recovery rate (injured) 6 (recover 1 / round without rest), recovery rate (staggered) 6 (recover 1 / round without rest); Persistent, Regrowth)

Scarlett's Knives (Device 3) (Easy to lose)
. . Knife Fighting Techniques (Array 6) (default power: strike; Subtle (subtle); Custom (Array 5.5))
. . . . Knife Throw (Blast 2) (Array; DC 21, Feats: Improved Critical 2 (Knife Throw (Blast 2)); Mighty 4 (+4 to damage), Precise)
. . . . Pin Down (Snare 6) (Array; DC 16; Power Loss (vs. targets not wearing any clothing))
. . . . Pressure Strike (Strike 2) (Array; DC 21, Feats: Improved Critical 2 (Pressure Strike (Strike 2)); Alternate Save (Fortitude) [4 extra ranks]; Mighty)
. . . . Rapid Strikes (Strike 2) (Default; DC 21, Feats: Improved Critical 2 (Rapid Strikes (Strike 2)); Autofire (interval 2, max +5) [4 extra ranks]; Mighty)

Equipment: Scarlett's Sedan, Scarlett's Townhouse

Attack Bonus: +6 (Ranged: +6, Melee: +12, Grapple: +16)

Attacks: Crimson Blast (Blast 12), +6 (DC 27), Knife Throw (Blast 2), +12 (DC 21), Pin Down (Snare 6), +6 (DC Ref/Staged 16), Pressure Strike (Strike 2), +12 (DC Fort 21), Rapid Strikes (Strike 2), +12 (DC 21), Unarmed Attack, +12 (DC 19)

Defense: +12 (Flat-footed: +4), Knockback: -2

Initiative: +8

Languages: English Native, Polish, Spanish

Totals: Abilities 40 + Skills 43 (172 ranks) + Feats 40 + Powers 54 + Combat 26 + Saves 22 + Drawbacks 0 = 225


Scarlett's Sedan

Power Level: 9; Equipment Points Spent: 7

STR: +10 (30)

Toughness: +9

Speed 5 (Speed: 250 mph, 2200 ft./rnd)

Defense: -2, Size: Huge

Totals: Abilities 0 + Skills 0 (0 ranks) + Feats 0 + Features 0 + Powers 5 + Combat 2 + Saves 0 + Drawbacks 0 + Equipment 0 (0 ep) + Weapons & Armor 0 (0 ep) = 7


Scarlett's Townhouse

Power Level: 9; Equipment Points Spent: 8

Toughness: +10

Features: Concealed 1, Garage, Gym, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Security System 1, Workshop

Size: Tiny

Totals: Abilities 0 + Skills 0 (0 ranks) + Feats 0 + Features 8 + Powers 0 - Combat 1 + Saves 1 + Drawbacks 0 + Equipment 0 (0 ep) + Weapons & Armor 0 (0 ep) = 8

Age (as of Jan 2019): Unclear, at least 100 years (chronological), late 20s to early 30 (appearance)
Height: 5’ 8”
Weight: 140 lbs
Ethnicity: Hispanic (exact country unclear)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Base of Operations: Chicago, Illinois

Theme Songs: you. by Divide Music featuring Golden Emp and i don’t wanna be alone, by DizzyEight featuring Mix Williams

Background: Scarlett is a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma. Her first documented appearance was over a hundred years ago. Nobody is sure if she’s even human. Theories run between demigod city spirit to faerie trickster to immortal space alien. Between that and her alleged penchant for straight up murdering criminals and supervillains, she’s been a very controversial addition to the Icons. Caviezel is her number one supporter, and the Shining Guardian wasn’t and isn’t too far behind. Because Chicago isn’t just Star territory. It had spawned heroes for decades before the original Starman even moved to town. Scarlett is arguably one of them, though people outside of the Icons disagree on whether the Scarlett of the 2010s is the same as the Scarlett of the 1920s. And whether someone who allegedly kills people counts as a hero in the first place, and not a supervillain with good publicity. The truth is…complicated.

. . Have you ever made a mistake? One you couldn’t take back? Scarlett has. More than once. Her last name is Rodriguez. It wasn’t, then. She wasn’t Hispanic, either. She was probably Italian? She doesn’t know. She had a brother. His name was Carmine. She doesn’t really remember whether they were abandoned or orphaned. She remembers that Carmine took care of her. They were just kids, but he was older and a boy. He could get work where she couldn’t. Especially because she was sick a lot. Poor food, bad sanitation in the slums, so many people and so much noise. But he was dedicated and determined, and she got old enough and well enough to help. They may not have had parents, or relatives, but they had each other. They grew with the city. Carmine was making good money with his shop. He has employees and everything. But crime in the city was bad. The violence was holding people back, or so he said. Scarlett doesn’t remember very well. She’d started getting sick again. She does remember the year. 1920. Carmine put on a mask and a fancy red suit and long coat. He got a gun and went out to do battle with the gangsters. He called himself The Scarlet Guardian. He was a hero, but you know the numbers. 90% don’t get through a year. 99% don’t get through five. He beat the odds on that first one. But not the second.

. . Scarlett was the one who went and found him, then brought him home. Poor Carmine. He’d only ever tried to help, and they killed him for it. Cornered and tommy gunned until he stayed down. His powers weren’t as strong as Scarlett’s, so he died. Scarlett remembers very well what she did next, and it’s well documented in the newspapers of the period. Carmine wanted her to go out with him, so he’d had a suit, coat, and mask made for her, too. She should have gone with him. That was her first mistake. What she did next…well…some people say it was, too. She put on the suit, the coat, and the mask. They weren’t quite the same as his. There was this special gas that deadened her senses a little, turned the suit and coat red, and made the mask stick to her. Carmine had understood. He’d always understood. Sometimes the city was bright, loud, or smelly, and it made her sick. But with the suit and mask, it wasn’t a problem anymore. She took Carmine’s spare gun and her own first set of knives out into the city. And did what she did next. Even Scarlett will admit that it was really more like serial killing than superheroing. Even in that era. Carmine would have probably thought it was excessive. But he was dead. And she was very angry.

. . Of course, a person can’t be angry forever. She sure tried, though. A second mistake for the list. They really thought she was a psycho. No, there were just rules, and you broke them. That’s what she said, back then. What happened to Carmine eventually happened to her, too. Well, it happened a lot, actually. She was running her brother’s shop, now, so she could afford replacement suits and coats. And she learned to the specific chemical stuff to them that made the gas work, and learned how to make the gas, too. The occasion she’s talking about specifically happened after the gangster era was brought to an end. Like previously stated, a person can’t stay angry forever. And with Torrio gone and Capone in prison there was nobody left to be angry at. She wasn’t a bad detective, really, so she started helping out here and there instead of just killing people or whatever. A shift in methodology that did not go unnoticed by the Bureau of Investigation (not yet the FBI). She was Melvin Purvis’s “lady in red”, Anna Sage, whose tip led to the demise of John Dillinger. Or rather, she was the one wearing the orange dress that day. The real Anna Sage (aka Ana Cumpanas) was not there that day. This was the plan between Anna and Scarlett, who wasn’t half as scary as she’d been five years prior. When “Anna” quietly disappeared after shots were fired and Dillinger was downed, the real Anna was questioned and spilled the truth to the Bureau, who were annoyed at a glorified serial killer intervening in a federal matter.

. . To tell the truth, it had been ten years since Carmine was killed. After the death of Babyface Nelson, the Chicago division focused on Scarlett. She was the last renegade of the era running free and doing as she pleased despite a shocking amount of violence and death left in her wake. So she was ducking the Bureau (including after they became the FBI in 1935), the Chicago Outfit, and even a supervillain or two. The Outfit she could dodge, intimidate, or fight off. The supervillains she could sic one of the other two on for a while if she couldn’t kill them outright. But the FBI never stopped. She knew from the examples of Dillinger and Nelson that killing a few would just make the rest mad, and that was wrong anyway. They couldn’t be intimidated, not really. Only left dodging, except he FBI was and still is pretty good at what they do. Her final stand in ’38 was a violent affair. She’s ashamed to admit the old anger came roaring back. Accidently burned down that building. They knew her name, so there wasn’t any going back to the shop. The Depression had all but killed it anyway. Surrounded by flames, almost unconscious from blood loss and smoke inhalation, Scarlett worked her first blood magic spell. And died. But not forever.

. . Scarlett came back. Reborn, really. Surprised that worked. New face. New eyes. New ethnicity. Same brain. Same powers. New understanding of them. A full adult. Neat. Okay, back to work. Well. Kind of. This body had family, apparently. Oh, dear. Body jacking wasn’t the plan. Though…she was pretty sure this person had died, by that big bloodstain she woke up in. So maybe it was okay? She hoped so. She liked these people. They clearly loved the person this body had belonged to. She liked them, too. They weren’t Carmine, but they were good. Yes. Good. 25 years had gone by. 1963. Chicago in the Silver Age got pretty violent. There was a lot for superheroes to do. She never ran into any of the Stars. But you know, she didn’t kill anybody. No guns, either. Just the knives. The rest was the same. Seemed to be the thing to do, so why not go with the flow? Mistake three. A nice shop. Suit, coat, and mask. Yes. This time the law was too busy to worry about her comeback. Well. It’s not like it was that long. A decade and a half. Sixteen years, really. Then one of Starman’s regular sparring partners figured out who she was, or who her body had originally belonged to anyway. The third Neutron was one smart fella. Also a lot more powerful than her. He beat her to death in her own shop. Well, what would have been death for anyone else, probably. Then he locked the doors and set it on fire. With her kidnapped family in it. She loved them, by then. Quite a bit, really. She saved them. She saved them all. Of course, she wore her powers down to a nub doing it. No strength left. Aw. She didn’t want to be dead again. But her shop was on fire. And Neutron would just come after her family again, probably. She used the spell again. Better, this time.

. . 1994. Her current life. Scarlett Rodriguez. Not a full adult. Just a kid, really. Nice parents. Cute little sister. That was okay. World had changed again. It was okay to be violent and murderous now. Which was good, because she was angry about having to leave her family again. Very angry. But you know what they say; insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. So she joined the police department instead of having a shop. The thing that changed her into a proper superhero again was meeting Caviezel. He came investigating some of her killings. Homicide detectives get better info and enough forensic raining to avoid leaving evidence behind. Know this guy’s literally evil, but got nothing on him. That’s okay, she could just costume up and go deal with him. No more bad guy. Normally this would have been like, a fight. Caviezel vs. Scarlett, let’s she and him fight. Except no. He saw her and wanted to talk instead. Oh. Okay. People don’t normally try to talk to her. A very long conversation. He’s a good friend, and a good man. He was also right. And she wasn’t. The Iron Age was over, you know? Killing was out again. That’s the flippant response. The serious one was that, well…he was right. She wasn’t Being Good, like Carmine always did. She wasn’t living up to his example like she wanted to and he’d approve of. (Caviezel, for his part, understood that imprisoning a being that can open one vein and reincarnate 25 years from now in a new body whenever she wants is a stupid idea that would never work unless she allowed it to, so rehabilitation is a superior solution. Especially when you can see through her layers of self deception and reveal them to her.)

. . Plus, you know, life wasn’t so bad. Mom and dad (these third ones) had died a little early, so she got to be Carmine for her kid sister for a little while. And there was this nice guy she was dating. He had two cute kids. Her first two lives hadn’t ended all that well, and she missed those guys a lot. Carmine was dead, and second life’s family wouldn’t recognize her plus it had been over thirty years now since she’d seen them last. This third life was good. She wanted to keep it as long as possible. So she put the guns away again. She was brought into the Icons in 2010, after the Seven Soldiers incident. Caviezel’s opinion counted for a lot, sure, but Fletcher, his former partner Armsman, the Desert Stranger (whom Tex Austin knew well) and Crusader (Sir Randall Knight) She was not there for Lei Zi’s invasion because she was on a case for her day job of homicide detective and could not get away without losing her job. C’mon, Captain. It’s an emergency. Nope, this is Priority One. All hands on deck. Your other stuff will have to take care of itself, Rodriguez. Darn. She was, however, there for everything else. Fletcher making that AI in 2014. She took the Shining Guardian’s side in the Icons civil war. So she was there in Baltimore for the Eternity War. And that is where her story takes a turn. See, between Lei Zi’s invasion in 2011 and battling that AI in 2014, she married that nice guy. His name was Ethan Slater. She lived in his house while keeping her apartment for her own stuff. Like Carmine, Ethan understood. He was also happy to have a woman who didn’t abuse him or his kids verbally or physically. When the civil war happened, she was already a few weeks pregnant and hasn’t noticed yet. Since her identity was still secret, she could still be at home without the mask, suit, and coat on.

. . It was not that Ethan or any of their three children were Dusted. It was that she was. Homicide detectives make enemies, just like superheroes. And with the initial chaos of the Dusting, one took advantage of the opportunity to get some revenge on Detective Scarlett Rodriguez. Unfortunately, she was not home. Her husband and children were. Scarlett was gone until the final battle of the Endgame. She did fine enough there, but was obviously distracted. Afterwards, she returned home to an empty house that had apparently not been lived in for some time. Sure, okay. Maybe Ethan and the children were among the Dusted too. So she went to the station, her workplace. Her little sister Mia was there, having both been a detective in Vice, Scarlett’s replacement in Homicide, and thus not Dusted. Mia had her children. But Ethan was dead. She took a trip to the graveyard. Scarlett displayed grief and rage at the headstone of her husband. And that night, she went to find the son of a bitch who’d murdered her Ethan and made her children watch. She was, for the first time since Carmine, very angry.

. . Scarlett knew where her husband’s killer was. He was not alone. This did not matter. They were laughing at his description of his work. Chicago PD got the call a while later. A room full of gangsters, massacred with knives. One in particular the killer of these men seemed to have taken a long time with. Neither Scarlett nor Detective Scarlett Rodriguez have been seen since. She does not appear to be anywhere. If she had cast the spell and reincarnated, her body would have been found. Detective Rodriguez is not a suspect in the killings, as she isn’t known to have any knife skills nor any connection to the superheroine Scarlett. The Icons don’t know her secret identity, aside from Caviezel. And he’s got more than enough on his plate at the moment to think of investigating one mass killing in Chicago. The truth? Scarlett is hiding. She’s made a horrible mistake, is terribly ashamed, and doesn’t know what to do about it.

Powers & Tactics: Scarlett is an expert knife fighter who has magic blood. No, seriously. She’s a very rare and unusual type of sorcerer. Normally, sorcerers generate mana from their souls and store it in their bodies. And Scarlett is arguably still doing that, but instead of infusing into her entire body, it’s just in her blood and bone marrow. And by in, what is actually meant is fully integrated and inseparable from. This, understandably, makes spellcasting difficult. Not only does she need to bleed to cast any spells, but a portion of her blood is used up in the process. So if she uses it more than five times in a short period, she’ll start getting light headed from blood loss. Actually injuring herself to get the magic blood out is less of a problem, as her magic blood effortlessly regenerates all injuries in extremely rapid fashion. This too, can technically wear out after too much blood loss due to injury or spellcasting, but it lasts far longer. The third Neutron was physically strong enough to injure the original Starman, and it took him several blows to get her regeneration to even begin to fade. However, her bone marrow replaces her blood at a far superior rate so even if her powers are fading due to blood loss they will quickly return with food and rest. This can take anywhere from an hour (if she’s just run out of her normal spellcasting allotment) to several hours (if she’s taken and recovered from extreme punishment) to a full day (if her powers were ever totally worn out and she wasn’t dead from her injuries somehow).

. . Her knife fighting skills aren’t from any specific school, really. It superficially resembles Eskrima, as she uses a knife in each hand. However, there are movements from the Sicilian school of stiletto fighting, Andalucian navaja fighting, and the teachings of William E. Fairbairn as well. So it’s arguably her own style. She can, of course, simply rapidly stab people, but she can also throw one to damage or several to pin down if the target is dressed today. The only more exotic technique is a “pressure strike” which inflicts internal damage. She carries a genuinely ridiculous amount of knives to fight with. She owns more knives than shirts.

. . Tactically, Scarlett really is mostly a knife fighter. Her nonlethal attacks are all bludgeoning damage, for the record, while if she ever went lethal it’d be piercing as expected for knives. Knife Throw and Pin Down are ranged, with the latter being great to hold down opponents for a follow up attack or just in general. Rapid Strikes and Pressure Strike are melee, and each has their strengths. That’s all she needs for common thuggery. Throw in Improved Acrobatic Bluff, Demoralize, Feint, Startle, and Taunt plus a +2 Power Attack if necessary for any ordinary supervillains. With her regeneration, it’s not a big issue to deal with them this way. It’s against those situations a step up from the ordinary where the magic comes out. Sometimes she needs +12 damage instead of +8. It’s just how it is. Illusions can make fighting so much easier, as well as aiding civilian escape or just being a big flashy distraction for someone else. We all know how useful one teleport can be. And sometimes people are hurt and they need healing. Extra Effort can overcome the Unreliable Flaw for another use, but now she’s Fatigued so it makes sense she doesn’t do that a lot. One would think Blood Magic was ripe for any number of power stunts, but they’d be effects she hasn’t practiced well. They take more blood than she’d like, in basically the same way as the aforementioned Extra Effort. So she doesn’t really bother in the heat of the moment. But if you, Dear Reader, can think of other mundane Knife Fighting Techniques, you are welcome to have her stunt them.

Personality: Scarlett is a very unusual personality. It’s what makes people think she isn’t human. She’s very, very strange to most people. I am not a psychologist, Dear Reader, but she fits quite well many of the symptoms used to diagnose autism. She has sensory sensitivity to bright light, certain sounds (including some people’s voices), and certain smells (like sulfur, or ammonia). She displays repetitive, ritualistic behaviors like wearing the same outfit every single day from her closet full of identical outfits and eating from a relatively limited menu of food items. And, of course, a strong resistance to change. She’s been dressing and acting the same way through three lifetimes and nearly a century of time. She even has issues with social interaction, lacking anything resembling the intuitive understanding of other people that most have. She has had to make do with a cobbled together intellectual understanding that, until Caviezel, was rather flawed. This is the part that’s caused her to be able to casually kill if they’ve met the qualifications in her mind. It makes logical sense to remove someone who is causing more harm than good to society, yes? Especially if they show no signs of being willing to change that, yes? They wouldn’t be acting that way if they hadn’t accepted that this could happen to them, yes? Of course, it’s not nearly that simple, even in strictly logical terms. Putting the legal arguments, psychology, and discussion of systemic poverty aside, Caviezel correctly identified why she was behaving the way she was. Because Scarlett herself didn’t know, either. Not really. She was angry. Oh. Is that what that feels like? But they deserved it, right? It’s not about what they deserve, Scarlett. It’s about the kind of person you want to be. What kind of person do you want to be, Scarlett?

. . The other reason is that like many autistic persons, she has a high level of alexithymia, which is the inability to identify and describe one’s own emotions. And if she has difficulty understanding her own emotions, imagine how difficult it is to understand anyone else’s. Naturally this makes interpersonal relations rather…difficult. So the common description of her in the old days as a psycho killer makes sense. She seemed basically sociopathic, and capable of shocking violence because she didn’t understand. And because they were the bad guys, it didn’t seem to matter. Some people would say that she’s a lost cause, and to give up on her. These people have not seen her through the eyes of Carmine, Ethan, and especially Caviezel. They have not seen her put her life on the line in and out of costume to protect people. The answer to that question. The type of person she wants to be. She doesn’t want to be an enraged psycho killer. Those are the bad guys. Villains. She wants to be a hero, like Carmine. To rescue people in trouble and defeat the bad people who would harm them. Until recently, she’d been doing an admirable job. But her standards for dealing with said bad guys were formed in a very different era, where killing them was accepted practice. It took Caviezel to explain to her why she was wrong in the first place. There aren’t words for the guilt, the shame, and the strength of her desire to make up for all that killing. She tried to change. She tried to atone. She tried to be different. Until one asshole kicked her right in her most sensitive psychological spot (losing people she loves), and all her work to be a better hero and live up to Carmine’s example was undone. So, now what? She doesn’t know, really. Maybe she hasn’t really changed at all…
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Crusader (Sir Randall Knight)

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Crusader (Sir Randall Knight)

Power Level: 12; Power Points Spent: 255/255

STR: +10 (16/30), DEX: +3 (16), CON: +3 (16), INT: +3 (16), WIS: +3 (16), CHA: +3 (16)

Tough: +3/+12, Fort: +6/+9, Ref: +9/+12, Will: +12

Skills: Acrobatics 12 (+15), Bluff 12 (+15), Concentration 2 (+5), Diplomacy 12 (+15), Gather Information 7 (+10), Knowledge (arcane Lore) 12 (+15), Knowledge (civics) 7 (+10), Knowledge (history) 7 (+10), Knowledge (life sciences) 2 (+5), Knowledge (physical sciences) 2 (+5), Knowledge (tactics) 17 (+20), Knowledge (theology & philosophy) 12 (+15), Language 6 (+6), Medicine 2 (+5), Notice 12 (+15), Search 2 (+5), Sense Motive 12 (+15), Survival 2 (+5)

Feats: Accurate Attack, Acrobatic Bluff, All-Out Attack, Assessment, Attack Focus (melee) 3, Benefit (KNT CMDR, Order of St. Michael & St. George, Royal Victorian Order, & Order of The British Empire), Benefit (Recipient of the George Cross), Challenge - Improved Feint, Challenge - Improved Taunt, Defensive Attack, Evasion 2, Improved Block, Improved Critical 2 (Crusader Sword (Device 3)), Improved Defense, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative, Interpose, Lionheart, Luck 4, Master Plan, Master Plan 2 (tactics), Power Attack, Quick Draw, Skill Mastery (Acrobatics, KN (tactics), Notice, Sense Motive), Stunning Attack, Takedown Attack 2, Taunt, Teamwork, Ultimate Effort 2 (Toughness & Will saves), Uncanny Dodge (Auditory), Weapon Bind

Crusader Armor (Device 12) (Hard to lose, Only you can use; Indestructible, Subtle (subtle))
. . Armor Senses (Super-Senses 8) (awareness: Magic (visual), awareness: Demonic/Hellfire/Infernal (visual), counters concealment: Visual, counters illusion: Visual, darkvision)
. . Armored Might (Super-Strength 8) (+40 STR carry capacity, heavy load: 204.8 tons; +8 STR to some checks)
. . Armored Strength (Enhanced Strength 14) (+14 STR)
. . Heavy Plate (Protection 9) (+9 Toughness; Impervious)
. . Translation Enchantments (Comprehend 2) (languages - speak all, languages - understand all)

Crusader Shield (Device 6) (Easy to lose, Only you can use; Indestructible, Subtle (subtle))
. . Hellproof (Immunity 5) (custom: Demonic/Hellfire/Infernal 5)
. . Magic Resistant (Immunity 20) (very common descriptor: Magic; Limited - Half Effect)
. . Shield Blocking (Impervious Toughness 3) (Duration (continuous); Duration (sustained))
. . Shield Deflection (Enhanced Trait 12) (Traits: Defense Bonus +3 (+12), Reflex +3 (+12), Feats: Evasion 2, Improved Defense)

Crusader Sword (Device 3) (Easy to lose, Only you can use; Indestructible, Subtle (subtle))
. . Sword Strike (Strike 2) (DC 27, Feats: Improved Critical 2 (Crusader Sword (Device 3)); Penetrating [7 extra ranks]; Mighty, Variable Descriptor (Narrow group - Bludgeoning/Piercing/Slashing))

Enhanced Biochemistry (Linked)
. . Enhanced Trait 3 (Linked; Traits: Fortitude +3 (+9))
. . Immunity 9 (Linked; life support; Limited - Half Effect)

Attack Bonus: +9 (Ranged: +9, Melee: +12, Grapple: +22/+30)

Attacks: Sword Strike (Strike 2), +12 (DC 27), Unarmed Attack, +12 (DC 25)

Defense: +9/+12 (Flat-footed: +6), Knockback: -12

Initiative: +7

Languages: Arabic, English Native, French, German, Latin, Russian, Spanish

Totals: Abilities 36 + Skills 35 (140 ranks) + Feats 35 + Powers 95 + Combat 36 + Saves 18 + Drawbacks 0 = 255

Age (as of Jan 2019): 56 (chronological), 35 (biological)
Height: 6’ 1”
Weight: 185 lbs
Ethnicity: Anglo-Saxon
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Gray
Base of Operations: London, England

Theme Songs: This Is War, by 30 Seconds To Mars, Vox Populi, by 30 Seconds To Mars, and Justice, by Rev Theory

Background: Sir Randall Knight is a living legend in the United Kingdom. The patriarch of The Knight Family. Fourth generation superhero. An untouchable legacy that started 42 years ago when he was 14 years old. And probably the British government and monarchy’s single greatest pain in the ass. Big Ben may be Britain’s mightiest hero, but Randall is their unquestioned leader. His influence in the British hero community is immense. If he wasn’t a very good man, this would be a problem, actually. Most countries don’t have someone like him, who can rally the virtually the entire hero community to his banner and cause. That is how much influence and respect he has. And by God, it was earned in blood, sweat, and tears.

. . The tale actually starts at the fuzzily defined dawn of the Mystery Men Era, with Emerson Knight. He was an explorer, as many young men were in those days. In 1900 at age 21, he found the armor, shield, and sword of The Knight and the chainmail and short sword of The Squire in a forgotten cave in Somerset County, England. As the tale goes, he took up the former and became the first of a new generation of British superheroes. He was characterized as a good man and a noble hero, but it was the Mystery Men Era. Emerson was a man more interested in using his sword than his shield. He aided the Celtic Princess Keaira in her exploits during the First World War, and was knighted by King George V for his courage and heroism. His son Cedric took up the gear of The Squire in 1921, and began to fight by his side. But alas, Sir Emerson was the wrong kind of man to be The Knight, and in 1928 the armor abandoned him when he needed it most in favor of Cedric. Thus passed Sir Emerson Knight, first of a bloodline of heroes. He was mourned by many and his funeral was well attended.

. . Cedric took up the mantle and became The Knight II. The 21 year old, much like his father, was characterized as a good man and a noble hero. But also much like his father, he was a man more interested in using his sword than his shield. He fought injustice and evildoers through Scotland, England, and Wales, and was much respected. He became a leader in Britain’s Golden Age heroic community. He fought the Nazis and Italians throughout World War 2, serving proudly alongside Britain’s other super operatives and the American Project Blue Liberty. For his exploits, he was knighted by King George VI. After the war, in 1949, his son Sheldon took up the gear of The Squire, and began to fight by his side. They even aided the Allied Forces in the Korean War. But alas, Sir Cedric was the wrong kind of man to be The Knight, and in 1956 the armor abandoned him when he needed it most in favor of Sheldon. Thus passed Sir Cedric Knight, second of a bloodline of heroes. He was mourned by many and his funeral was well attended.

. . Sheldon took up the mantle and became The Knight III. The 21 year old, unlike his father, was characterized as a bloodthirsty asshole, with neither honor nor nobility to be found in him. He was indeed a man far more interested in using his sword than his shield. It should surprise no one that not only did he fight crime and evildoers through England, Scotland, and Wales, but also in Northern Ireland and Ireland proper. Anywhere he could find a fight in the entire British Isles. Though it must be said that the Sheldon who returned from the Korean War resembled the one who left in appearance only. He was never the same again. Still, he did protect people, especially in the invasion of ’71. So Queen Elizabeth II knighted him like his forebears were. His son Randall took up the gear of The Squire in 1977, and began to fight by his side. They even fought side by side in the invasion of ’82. But alas, Sir Sheldon was the wrong kind of man to be The Knight, and in 1984 the armor abandoned him when he needed it most in favor of Randall. Thus passed Sir Sheldon Knight, third of a bloodline of heroes. He was mourned by very few and his funeral was sparsely attended.

. . Sir Randall (as he was knighted after his heroics in ’82) up the mantle and became The Knight IV. The 21 year old was nothing like any of his three predecessors. In the fourth generation a man had finally appeared who valued his shield over his sword. He married a brilliant woman who took his name. Morgan Knight. The World’s Finest Chemist and the superheroine Lady Alchemist. Their first child, Emily, was born in ’91. In ’92, he distinguished himself further in the brief struggle against Kuros’s revenge invasion alongside Fletcher and Starman II before Nick Phoenix put an end to the whole thing by himself. After that, he fought injustice and evildoers through Scotland, England, and Wales, as well as having many scientific and mystical adventures alongside his wife. His second child, Sophie, was born in 1998. This was also the year Emily began to accompany them under the name Miss Page, and was clearly looking forward to becoming The Squire when she was old enough. He was understandably unwilling to appoint a new Squire. Regardless, the family’s adventures continued until 2005, when The Squire’s equipment made the decision for him. Specifically, by selecting a new user itself and teleporting to him. One Daniel Page, age 14. Whether Randall liked it or not, his sidekick and successor in seven years I the pattern held had arrived. This damaged Randall’s relationship with Emily (also age 14 at this time), who changed her codename to Lady Knight and starting using actual medieval weapons instead of a wooden spear. Sophie, for her part, took up chemistry and her mother’s original codename of Alchemist Girl, making her the second of that name. The Knight Family was an established thing, having many interesting adventures. But Randall and well, everyone else, knew that his time was coming to an end. It was fully expected that in 2012 the armor of The Knight would abandon him in favor of Daniel when he needed it most, and he would die. This did not cause him to limit his activities in any way. In fact, he fought all the harder, exactly like a man who knows he’s running out of time. He had to leave the world better than he found it when he died. This did not happen. Precisely because, unlike his forebears, he was worthy.

. . In 2012, The Knight Family went to Glastonbury Tor, and through a hidden door in St. Michael’s Tower that had not been there before and has not been seen since. They had received a mysterious summons, like many calls to mystical adventure before them. This, however, was different. There was battle to be had, problems to be solved, and innocents to be saved to be sure. But it was all a great big test from the magical kingdom of Avalon. And Sir Randall, Daniel, and surprisingly Sophie all passed. So indeed the armor, sword, and shield of The Knight abandoned Randall, but not when he needed it most, and not for Daniel. It abandoned him for Sophie, and two more powerful armors were revealed. Crusader, which was given to Sir Randall, and Templar, which was given to Daniel. The damaged relationship between Randall and Emily was even repaired at last. The gear of The Squire was returned to storage in the family’s estate. Sophie, or as she now called herself, The Alchemist Knight, would select one when she was ready or it was time. As of the start of 2019, this has not yet occurred.

. . Sir Randall Knight isn’t an Icon, technically. But he was arguably Fletcher’s best friend until the archer’s death at the end of the Endgame. The entire Knight Family was present at his funeral. When called on with enough time to get across the Atlantic in time, he would absolutely show up to help. This means that he missed Lei Zi’s invasion, Fletcher making an AI, and the Eternity War. They simply happened too fast for him to even get on a plane, let alone finish crossing the Atlantic. He did, however, appear for several other lesser situations and thus is as well known to the American public as any actual Icon. He missed the Icons civil war because he was not allowed into the country until after the Endgame. It was thought (quite correctly) that he would have talked sense into Fletcher and turned the whole of the Icons against the Superpower Registration Act. So his visa was denied, delayed, and a dozen other bureaucratic stalling tactics. Alas, his pain in the ass-ness became a pain in his own ass. Because he is a pain in the ass. He has been leftist/liberal/progressive/whatever, a prominent public figure in British circles, and a literal aristocrat with a seat in the House of Lords for literal decades now. He’s been a Life Peer since ’92 (when he was also given that George Cross), and carries the hereditary Baronetcy Sir Emerson was granted in his day. So he’s technically Lord Randall Knight. That, however, makes him uncomfortable. While he is a professional pain in the ass to anyone who puts pride, tradition, profits, or power over the well being of the people, he is also fiercely loyal to Britain and especially its people. The Crown and government he is loyal to when they deserve it, in his eyes. They continue to put up with him and let him retain his various honors because well…he earned them through valorous action and it is an absolute certainty that he would do it again in a heartbeat. Whether he likes someone or approves of their actions has no bearing on his safeguarding of their lives even should it be at the cost of his own. Now if only he’d kindly shut up about certain matters, they’d get along swimmingly. At any rate, should the current Icons need him and he isn’t occupied with his own affairs, he will fly over to lend his assistance without hesitation.

. . Sir Randall can call on any hero in Britain for an ally if he is ever in need. The other members of the Knight Family (his wife Lady Alchemist, children Lady Knight and The Alchemist Knight, and partner Templar) are regularly at his side. The mighty Big Ben is a stalwart friend. He is arguably the mightiest and most durable hero in the world besides America’s Tex Austin, but still has the maturity and psychology of a child. Sir Randall has arguably been the best influence on the veteran young lad. The legendary Celtic Princess Keaira returned some years ago. She has the strength and resilience of the stone statue she once was, expert combat skills, and a very large sword. The costumed detective Paragon has firmly made his name these days. And the trio of Umbrella Queen (a melee fighter who makes umbrellas harder and more indestructible than even adamantine), Nisse (a user of Fae magics), and Tattoo (can use the memories, knowledge and skills of friends who have died) are street level veterans that can be relied upon.

. . On the enemies side, his own current personal enemy is the virtually immortal Blackguard. However, the thief Lyla Fox has plagued poor Morgan for years and years. The mad scientist Doctor Brennan Rao, his “lovely assistant” (they’re really partners, but he’s again insane) Hermoine St. Germain, and his “procurer” (really mercenary muscle) Fiona Watson are quite dangerous threats, being enemies of the mighty Big Ben himself. The Doctor’s genetic monstrosities have threatened the safety of the British populace many times. The current living genetic monstrosities are, in order of threat level, Talil (basically a humanoid housecat and less dangerous than even that sounds), Scales (a clawed lizard man dangerous to mundane police, but even rookie heroes should defeat him handily), Braineater (a parasite that hijacks living people’s bodies and slowly eats their brains; even heroes should be wary), Arachnofiend (a spider monster who eats anything it can; rookie heroes should run), Tuskenfiend (four legged, sharp teeth, sharp claws, and those tusks; it again eats anything it can; non-Five Year Vets should run), Carnifiend (Tuskenfiend without the tusks and on steroids; if you’re not on the level of a new Phoenix Mutate, run if you can and get eaten if you can’t), and Destructofiend (a giant cyborg with powerful eye lasers; leave this one to Big Ben and Keira, please). The wizardess Morgana The Black Queen (yes that Morgana, or so she says, and Keaira [who would know] believes her) and Karnak (an undead man who can match Big Ben in every category) round out the perils facing Britain.

Powers & Tactics: Sir Randall Knight had no superhuman powers before meeting his wife Morgan. He was just an expert swordsman in enchanted armor with an equally enchanted shield and sword. A while ago she gave him a serum that chopped a bunch of years of his age, so that’s nice. And a while before that she had another one that enhanced his biochemistry, making him more resistant to uh…everything. But especially environmental concerns, disease, poison, and suffocation. So that’s rather useful. Thanks, love. He doesn’t use any particular sword style. Or rather, he uses the Knight Family style, where they train to hit the enemy with their sword without any special techniques, like they did in medieval times.

. . The Crusader armor, shield, and sword are indestructible by any known means, they can disguise themselves as ordinary clothes and accessories, and they only function for Randall. Even the sword will not cut in another person’s hands. It’d be just a glorified club. But in his hands it can cut through even the toughest armor like butter. Or pierce through. Or smash through. It’s flexible like that. The shield, on the other hand, is a little more complex. It grants the user significant resistance to magic and outright immunity to demonic/infernal powers and Hellfire. It’s also, yanno, a shield. Helps block damage from getting to the user. The armor, is well, armor. Capable of shrugging off all man portable mundane weaponry and even lesser artillery on its own, combined with the shield he’s ignored rocket fire. But it also makes him quite strong, able to crack steel with a punch and lift hundreds of tons. There is also the translation enchantments (which work on spoken language only, unfortunately) and a significant sensor suite. Concealment, Illusions, and darkness are no impediment to his vision, and he can see both magical and demonic/Hellfire/infernal effects.

. . Tactically, Randall is really just a swordsman. Always has been. He does always try to talk it out first, if that seems possible. Using Improved Block or Improved Defense to protect himself. If not, than he will fight. Though, truthfully common thuggery cannot penetrate his armor, to there’s no reason to do anything but Improved Disarm them and Accurate Attack +5 punch them unconscious. It is for ordinary supervillains that he’ll bring out the sword and shield for. That much Accurate Attack is still the order of the day, however, reducing it if necessary. He doesn’t want to unintentionally inflict lethal damage, after all. With stronger foes, he doesn’t bother holding back like this. Indeed, he’ll use both Improved Feint and Taunt. He’s got All Out, Defense, and Power Attack to cycle through at need. Accurate+Defensive can be used to turtle up, All Out+Power is a savage attack, etc. Don’t forget his rank of Teamwork and his Master Plan feats for working with others. +3 to attack rolls and skill checks for 3 rounds is nothing to sneeze at. The +2 and +1 for one round each following isn’t, either. He does not power stunt.

Personality: Sir Randall Knight believes in nothing. Nothing, but the truth of who we are. We are warmth in the cold We are light in the darkness. We are love amidst an uncaring universe. We exist. Right here. Right now. None any better than the rest. We all blood. We all suffer. We all die. We are all, in the end, forgotten. We are all dust in the wind. Less than an eyeblink in the span of a far greater universe. None of it matters. And that’s the point. The universe is cold, dark, and uncaring. But we have no need to be. No one can choose when they are born. Very few get to choose when they die. Circumstances not of our own making constrain many of our choices throughout our lives. And yet, the answer to a simple question is always ours to decide. What kind of person do you want to be?

. . Indeed, Sir Randall Knight believes in nothing. But that is irrelevant. He decided the type of person he wanted to be a very long time ago, and nothing has swayed his resolve. He did not decide to be a hero, though he is one. He did not decide to be a killer, though he is one of those as well. He decided to simply be a good man. The best man he was able to be. Because one day he will die. Everything he is will disappear into oblivion. But until then, he can be warm and loving. A light in the dark or those who are lost in it. Many are eager to deal out death and judgement. He is not among them. He does not consider himself nearly wise enough for that, and considers anyone who does to be fooling themselves. He is a man of kindness and forgiveness. Of empathy and compassion. Of courage and valor. And of honor and respect. He is a helping hand, a protective shield and wise counsel in one’s ear. He is an ever stalwart defender of life, free will, and the right to pursue one’s own happiness.

. . Because Sir Randall Knight believes in nothing. He seeks no meaning out of his existence. He serves no higher purpose or calling. He is simply here, now. He has decided the kind of man he wants to be. He has a family that loves him, friends across the sea, and the respect of his peers. That is enough.
The Phoenixverse (A 2e OC 'verse!)
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Re: The Phoenixverse (A 2e OC 'verse; Newest: The Icons! Tidal! Tex Austin! Caviezel! Sage! Scarlett! Sir Randall Knight

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First off, I am very much enjoying the universe you have created. The write-ups have been so immersive that I only realized something when reading the Z entry. It was mentioned he wore Ravens' gear. Likewise, Samaritan had his t-shirt. Does anyone wear a costume in this world? With the Runaways vibe of the Exiles leading the write-ups, it seemed natural to not have costumes, but the more traditional Icons have brought the question to mind. I know we have power armor, sugar armor, and mystic armor, as well as Scarlett's red mask and suit but could you do a once over of any one who wears a costume (Starguy?) or at least what types of clothes the other characters wear?
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Re: The Phoenixverse (A 2e OC 'verse; Newest: The Icons! Tidal! Tex Austin! Caviezel! Sage! Scarlett! Sir Randall Knight

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BrakeforTurtles wrote: Thu Oct 20, 2022 12:09 am Hello,
First off, I am very much enjoying the universe you have created. The write-ups have been so immersive that I only realized something when reading the Z entry. It was mentioned he wore Ravens' gear. Likewise, Samaritan had his t-shirt. Does anyone wear a costume in this world? With the Runaways vibe of the Exiles leading the write-ups, it seemed natural to not have costumes, but the more traditional Icons have brought the question to mind. I know we have power armor, sugar armor, and mystic armor, as well as Scarlett's red mask and suit but could you do a once over of any one who wears a costume (Starguy?) or at least what types of clothes the other characters wear?
First, welcome to the posting side of Echoes. Very important, needed to be said.

Second, does anyone wear a costume? You better believe it! Even some of the Exiles do! Though I also roll with the idea of the trademark outfit that isn't quite a costume because they do get caught wearing other stuff sometimes. Let's take it from the top, I guess.

The Exiles
Blackrose (trademark outfit): Black dress. Sleeve length and material varies because weather.
Radical Dreamer (just clothes): Prefers dark colors, though. Likes a polo shirt with slacks, will die before he wears denim on anything but laundry day.
Myrcelle (trademark outfit): Workout gear. Shorts and a tank top in warmer weather, pants and shirt in colder. Pink with yellow trim.
Astra (Anything): Whatever she wants. Reality is playing the role of her dreams, after all.
Flare (just clothes): Prefers light colors. Likes khakis, but otherwise not picky.
Stormy (Storm Gear): Seriously, she wears it almost all the time. Otherwise she wouldn't have feet, so it makes sense. Steel grey.
Cory (just clothes): Prefers the combo of bright reds and blues.
Windstorm (trademark outfit): Gypsy skirts and loose fitting blouses. They catch the wind. She likes that. She prefers light colors, too.

Tigress (costume): Leopard print tights and mask. there's a black belt, boots, and gloves.
Magi (just clothes): Honestly he and Dreamer have a very similar sense of style.
Morphin (Naked!): Any visible clothes are actually a part of their body they've shapeshifted, and can be of any type. Though they're usually tights because he likes superheroes and superheroes were tights. Or so he thinks.
Clon (Naked!): He's a cool looking obvious robot. A blue robot, with very light blue trim where necessary.
Priestess (costume & trademark outfit): She's a jeans and white t shirt kind of girl, but she does have a white onesie that's all Catholically decorated with gold trim and crosses and stuff. Doesn't get to wear it as often as she'd like, due to the Exiles' awful luck.

Cavatina (just clothes): She likes pastel colors, though, and clothes that give her freedom of movement to dance in.
Stoker (tradmark outfit): Black pants with a red flame design on the lower legs/cuffs. Apparently allergic to shirts, unless it's cold. But he's usually in LA, so.
Electric Lady (Magneto-Suit): Black spandex undershell, purple overshell on torso. There are black lightning bolts outlined in yellow on the chest. The Electro-Gauntlets are also purple, with little yellow lightning bolts on them.
Opera (Ghostmail): It's light grey chainmail with pale green and yellow accents.
Miss Fist (costume): Out of sheer necessity. It's expensive to clothe someone this large on Earth. Yellow short shorts, belly shirt, and boots. Red sun & stars design on shirt.

Hummingbird (Naked!): Technically she wears regular clothes when normal sized, but shrinks out of them. Her cyber armoring preserves her modesty entirely when she's tiny. It's dark grey.
Redpin (trademark outfit): Out of necessity, as he was homeless until the other month. Black leather jacket, red shirt, black jeans.
Sailor Scout (costume): Untransformed she's in just clothes. Transformed she's dressed in a one of the sailor suit schoolgirl costumes, only instead of blue it's pink.
Brutus (costume): Uh, technically. A hockey mask and black sweats count, right?
Pathfinder (trademark outfit): Denim short shorts, random shirt, and brown leather vest.
Android (Naked!): His cyber armoring preserves his modesty,too. He does wear basketball shorts off the clock, but they get shredded pretty easily.

".5" Gen (just clothes): Yeah I'm not doing all 15 of them when it's basically this.

NPC Investigations (just clothes): Yeah, same, but a little bit of specifics let's go-vvv
Penny Nihara: Simple outfits with plenty of freedom of movement. No dresses, skirts, or shorts. Only pants allowed. And dear god, no denim.
Carla Perkins: A relaxed personal style, like a plainclothes detective from a TV show. She can dress up, but mostly jeans and a regular shirt with a jacket/coat if it's colder.
Edwin Christian: Dresses as rich as he is. Mr. Fashion Plate. Barring casework necessities, of course.
Sonya Harmon: Likes red, flame designs, and showing skin. She doesn't feel the cold, so this is year round.
Harmony Perez: Likes overalls and clothes a size or wo too big or her.
Willa Hawke & James Scott: Classy yet professional. Always.
Kazuma & Rumiko Nihara: See Penny
Ricardo Alvarez: See Carla
Tessa Macleod: Between Carla and Edwin, style wise.
Elinah Monroe: See Edwin
Sofia Harmon: A pretty, if modern, princess in earth tones. Browns, greens, etc. Classy beyond all reason. Because she's better than you and she knows it.
Immortia & Eiko Takanouchi: No real preferences noted, as Tia wears whatever's cheap and easy and Eiko is adjusting to the fashions of a different decade.

Seawings Adventurer Guild: Trademark outfits abound.
Yasmine Sakaguchi (trademark outfit): Denim booty shorts, fancy white tank top, knee high boots.
Rebecca Heskett (trademark outfit): Yellow bikini and faded green miniskirt. No, we don't know where she keeps all her Gadgets. That tan fanny pack isn't big enough. White top and faded green bottomed sneakers with orange laces.
Portia Rousseau (trademark outfit): Black leather pants, bustier, boots, and long gloves.
Raheed (Naked!): He's a dragon c'mon. :mrgreen:
Tobias (trademark outfit): Overalls over yellow t-shirt. They don't quite reach his ankles, but otherwise the fit is good.
The Pacific Stranger (costume): The Man With No Name, with a bandana covering nose and mouth.
Coyote (trademark outfit): Battered denim shorts and a vest he says is buckskin. It could be cow leather, though. He lies sometimes.
Lucy Hasegawa (trademark outfit): The Strapless Gothic Lolita Dress. It's a lot of leather straps covered with linen and fur. It looks very hard to get in and out of. It isn't, but y'know.
Willie Teriong (just clothes): He's a busy man and doesn't always have time to change so his trademark outfit of waterproofed leather vest and chaps over jeans really isn't one anymore.
Kaikoa (just clothes): Jeans and a t-shirt. It's a classic. But there's also his tribal outfit and a few others, so.
Laki, Herman, & Sione (just clothes): Don't over think it.

Nathaniel Truman: Yanno I'll have to get back to you on that. Gotta file off the copyrighted/trademarked look.
Samorn: Described in her entry!
Emiko Fujiwara (just clothes): She doesn't really give a shit. Does it fit? It is not hideous or embarrassing? Cool.
Skye Walker (just clothes): Specifically, comfy pajamas!
Oliana Kameāloha (trademark outfit): Martial arts gi. The colors vary. The style does not.
Raymi Humala Sumire (trademark outfit): Pale green spandex shorts and sleeveless belly shirt. The Portal Belt is black, except for the portal aperture which is emerald green. The Portal Glove is also emerald green.
Madeline Blackwood (costume): I think this is in her entry, but! Her battlesuit is black iron, like how cast iron looks. Hellfire is an appropriately fiery orange, for the record. For what she wears underneath or when she's not in it, see Emiko. Very similar.
Almira Quincy (just clothes): She likes dresses, especially fancy ones. They meld into her transformations, so why bother with anything special?
Fiona McTavish (costume): Emerald green spandex shorts, short sleeve belly shirt, and boots. They have black and pale orange accents.
Yumiko Amano (costume): Her Paintproof Outfit, aside from the Choker and Hairpin, is a dress about a size and a half too big on her.
Palil Nui (just clothes): She likes flowing outfits that catch the wind a bit, and the colors of the sky. Sky blue, cloud white, sunset red, etc.
Octavia Fiammeta (just clothes): See Emiko, though it's more she hasn't really learned to have an opinion yet. So friends can pick out her clothes and she'll shrug and wear them. Especially if they're pretty.
Claire Gainsborough (costume): See Cloud Strife, FF7 Remake. Unfloof the pant legs. Done.
Neith (trademark outfit): Grey robes. Short ones, so most of her legs show.
Elena Laskaris (just clothes): Though admittedly no pants or shorts for obvious reasons.
Phylia (Naked!): She's made of goo c'mon. :mrgreen:

Hinako Fujimori (trademark outfit): Booty shorts. Knee high boots. MMA style gloves. And basically a sports bra. All are red with black trim. "Zero Angel" is written in white in the trim on the sports bra and shorts. It's her pro wrestling outfit.
Dallas Austin (trademark outfit): Brown leather chaps with denim booty shorts underneath. Brown leather bustier. Black leather motorcycle gloves. Classic shitkicker boots.
Atsuko Mitsuda (trademark outfit): White judo gi shirt & dark blue athletic shorts. Athletic tape around wrists and ankles. Sandals. "Judo Demon" is written on the trim of the gi shirt.
Khulan (trademark outfit): Goat leather shorts. Red, white, and blue design tube top and arm warmers. Black boots.
Emma Adams (trademark outfit): Catholic schoolgirl outfit. Hey, she was one until very recently. She does wear bike shorts underneath. So no free looks, chump. :mrgreen:
Eri Akatsuki (trademark outfit): See Erza Scarlet. It's similar.
Toryū Hirayama (trademark outfit): See Natsu Dragneel. It's similar.
Yukinari Yuhara (just clothes): And he's apparently allergic to them. No, not his underwear. Just the rest. A subdued sense of style, especially among this crew.
Lana Shimizu (just clothes): Good lord, so many tight miniskirts and flowing belly shirts. She favors blues, whites, and yellow accents.
Kazeka Kurogane (trademark outfit): Ruffled skirts and button down shirts. Always.
Heroic Spirits: Oh god no. Figure it out yourself it's not hard.

Lucia Sakaguchi (costume): It's a wetsuit. It's black. It's armored. 'Nuff said.
Ting Heskett (trademark outfit): This slate grey full body leotard.
Lucien Rousseau (just clothes): And we're back to Emiko. He just doesn't care.
Charlie Teriong (trademark outfit): See Tobias. He's practically his mini-me.
Raven (just clothes): Because her former trademark outfit doesn't friggin' fit an eight year old. Obviously.
Jing Zhang (trademark outfit): The green and red accented robes of the temple she was trained at. They're very comfy. Lots of freedom of movement.
Hana Choi (just clothes): Basic colors and basic patterns. Pants and dresses are banned. Shorts and skirts rule.

That's good for a start, but it's about 2 AM. So I'll pick up tomorrow sometime.
The Phoenixverse (A 2e OC 'verse!)
The Archetype Blendarama!
You, Dear Reader, may comment on any build at any time. I will be happy regardless.
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Nick Phoenix

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Nick Phoenix

Power Level: 16; Power Points Spent: 500/500

STR: +20 (18/50), DEX: +4 (18), CON: +20 (18/50), INT: +4 (18), WIS: +4 (18), CHA: +4 (18)

Tough: +20, Fort: +20, Ref: +12, Will: +16

Skills: Acrobatics 4 (+8), Bluff 16 (+20), Computers 16 (+20), Concentration 8 (+12), Diplomacy 16 (+20), Disable Device 16 (+20), Gather Information 16 (+20), Intimidate 16 (+20), Medicine 4 (+8), Notice 16 (+20), Search 16 (+20), Sense Motive 16 (+20), Stealth 4 (+8)

Feats: Accurate Attack, All-Out Attack, Beginner's Luck, Eidetic Memory, Equipment 4, Evasion, Improved Initiative 5, Interpose, Inventor, Jack-of-All-Trades, Luck 4, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Precise Shot, Skill Mastery 5 (KN skills), Takedown Attack 2, Ultimate Effort (Strength checks), Ultimate Effort 3 (Fort, Toughness, & Will saves), Uncanny Dodge (Auditory)

Eternal Flame of Destruction & Rebirth (Array 36) (default power: - linked powers -)
. . Burning Destruction (Linked)
. . . . Burning (Blast 12) (Linked; DC 27; Accurate 4 (+8), Incurable, Precise)
. . . . Destruction (Drain 12) (Linked; drains: single trait - toughness, DC 22; Affects Objects, Range (ranged); Accurate 4 (+8), Incurable, Precise)
. . Destruction & Rebirth (Transform 12) (Array; affects: anything, Transforms: 5000 lbs., DC 22; Duration (continuous); Action (full))
. . Flames of Rebirth (Healing 11) (Array; DC 21; Action (standard), Affects Objects, Range (ranged), Restoration, Total; Limited to Others; Persistent, Regrowth)
. . Phoenix Fire Blast (Blast 20) (Array; DC 35; Autofire (interval 2, max +5) [10 ranks only], Secondary Effect; Incurable, Precise)
. . Phoenix Fire Burst (Blast 16) (Array; DC 31; Burst Area (60-2000 ft. radius - General), Selective Attack; Progression, Decrease Area 4 (-4 ranks), Progression, Increase Area 4 (area x25))
. . Phoenix Might (Linked)
. . . . Enhanced Strength 32 (Linked; +32 STR)
. . . . Super-Strength 20 (Linked; +100 STR carry capacity, heavy load: 439.8bn tons; +20 STR to some checks)
. . Spatial Warping (Teleport 20) (Array; 2000 ft. as move action, Anywhere in the universe as full action; Accurate; Change Direction, Easy)
. . Telekinetic Toolkit (Move Object 16) (Array; Strength: 80, Carry: 272.4 tons / 544.8 tons / 819.2 tons / 1.6k tons; Perception Area (Targeted), Range (perception); Indirect 3 (any point, any direction), Precise, Subtle 2 (unnoticable))

Infinite Rebirth (Container, Passive 18) (Innate)
. . Healing 5 (Action 4 (reaction), Restoration, Total; Personal; Persistent)
. . Immunity 11 (aging, life support, starvation & thirst)
. . Regeneration 41 (ability damage 8 (recover 1 / round without rest), recovery rate (bruised) 3 (recover 1 / round without rest), recovery rate (disabled) 8 (recover 1 / round without rest), recovery rate (injured) 6 (recover 1 / round without rest), recovery rate (staggered) 6 (recover 1 / round without rest), resurrection 10 (instantly); Persistent, Regrowth)

Memory Reconfiguring (Variable 10) (acquire: all of (type) - skills, Feats: Eidetic Memory; Action (full), Limited (to Craft, Knowledge & Language skills))

Movement (Array 30) (default power: flight)
. . Quickness 20 (Alternate; [0 active, 60/60 PP, 1/r], Perform routine tasks at 5000000x speed)
. . Speed 20 (Alternate; [0 active, 60/60 PP, 1/r], Speed: 25000000 mph, 2.2e+08 ft./rnd)
. . Flight 20 (Default; [15 active, 60/60 PP, 2/r], Speed: 500000 mph, 4400000 ft./rnd)
. . Super-Strength 20 (Array; [15 active, 60/60 PP, 2/r], +75 STR carry capacity, heavy load: 439.8bn tons; +15 STR to some checks)

Phoenix Stamina (Enhanced Constitution 32) (+32 CON)

Equipment: Time and Space Ship (TISS)

Attack Bonus: +12 (Ranged: +12, Melee: +12, Grapple: +32/+67)

Attacks: Burning (Blast 12), +20 (DC 27), Destruction & Rebirth (Transform 12), +12 (DC Fort 22), Destruction (Drain 12), +20 (DC Fort/Staged 22), Phoenix Fire Blast (Blast 20), +12 (DC 35), Phoenix Fire Burst (Blast 16) (DC 31), Unarmed Attack, +12 (DC 35)

Defense: +12 (Flat-footed: +6), Knockback: -10

Initiative: +24

Languages: English Native

Totals: Abilities 48 + Skills 41 (164 ranks) + Feats 35 + Powers 308 + Combat 48 + Saves 20 + Drawbacks 0 = 500


Time and Space Ship (TISS)

Power Level: 16; Equipment Points Spent: 20

Toughness: +20

Features: Communications, Computer, Dual Size (Fine), Fire Prevention System, Gym, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Pool, Power System, Workshop

Deflector Shielding (Impervious Toughness 15)
Holo Disguise (Morph 8) (morph: broad group, +40 Disguise; Duration (continuous))
Ion Drive (Flight 15) (Speed: 500000 mph, 4400000 ft./rnd; Subtle 2 (unnoticable))
Time and Space Travel (Super-Movement 6) (extra ranks 3, temporal move 3 (any time); Subtle 2 (unnoticable))

Size: Large

Totals: Abilities 0 + Skills 0 (0 ranks) + Feats 0 + Features 11 + Powers 4 + Combat 2 + Saves 3 + Drawbacks 0 + Equipment 0 (0 ep) + Weapons & Armor 0 (0 ep) = 20

Age (as of Jan 2019): It’s incredibly complicated (chronological), Varies between early 20s and mid 50s (appearance)
Height: Varies within human norms
Weight: Varies within human norms
Ethnicity: Varies within human norms
Hair: Varies within human norms
Eyes: Varies within human norms
Base of Operations: Mobile throughout time and space

Theme Song: I Am The Doctor Restructure

Background: Nick Phoenix is the G. O. A. T. There is no discussion, debate, dissention, disputation, or argument on this topic. Nick Phoenix is the greatest superhero of all time and space. Except, interestingly enough, on his home planet of Earth. He is both legendary and mythical. Literally. If there is a tale anywhere (including Earth, this time) of a legendary hero from the past who saved a whole lot of people from a terrible danger, but that person is unnamed? It was probably Nick. One of the most interesting thing about him is that nobody’s encountered him in chronological order. The Nick who appeared today and the Nick who will appear next week can have a few days or untold eons of difference in their ages. And this can be flipped, so he may not actually remember meeting the people he met yesterday. Because for him, that yesterday is tomorrow. One gets used to it. Due to his tendency to resurrect relatively frequently (as compared with the eon of eons he’s been alive) he may not even look like the same person. Hell, occasionally he’s female presenting. But nobody dresses like him. Black bodysuit. Bright orange bird on the chest. Bright orange boots, belt, and bracers. You see someone like that, it’s Nick. Or Nicki, as the case may be.

. . But let’s rewind to the beginning, shall we? It started in a cornfield in central Maryland. Sometimes the cornfield is in central Kansas, or central California. Regardless. There was a boy, standing in it. Sometimes the boy is 9. Sometimes he is 14. Sometimes he’s even 5. He’s done a fair bit of manipulating time to obscure his own origins. Suddenly, the sky was bleeding fire. The infinitely powerful semi sentient energy being known as the Phoenix had chosen this boy out of everyone else throughout the entirety of the multiverse to bear its power. Out of a number of beings so close to infinity that it makes no difference and it chose one ordinary, boring human boy in the middle of nowhere. What the heck, right? The after of that is even more confusing. Did he go to the Javier Academy, graduate and work for it until he no longer could? Did he grow up on that farm in Kansas before moving to the big city as an adult? Or was that time in the cornfield just a vacation and he grew up in suburban Cali just outside Sacramento? Bluntly, yes. It was all three and more.

. . The common thread is that he became something more. A powerful superhero. One who, in the end, could not stay on Earth. His power attracted too much attention from the rest of the universe to his home. Also he was becoming the one guy everyone depended on. So he beat feet. Split the scene. Didn’t let the door hit him where the good Lord split him. He began traveling throughout all of time and space, having adventures. Quite literally all kinds of adventures. He has seen the birth of all creation. He has fought in the first seven Time Wars, and walked away from the eighth in disgust. He was there watching when time ran out until there was nothing left in all creation. No time. No space. No matter. Just. Him. He has seen pocket universes where the laws of physics were devised by a madman. He has seen things no one would ever believe. He has lost things no one could ever understand. And he knows things. Secrets that must never be told. Knowledge that must never be spoken. He has performed the greatest and most heroic of deeds and the most terrible and horrifying of atrocities. His mind and heart have shattered from the strain and he has spent millions of years sobbing into the void until he inevitably recovered. Repeatedly. He has made impossible choices in impossible situations for longer than the mortal mind can conceive. Because no matter how powerful one is, they can still make mistakes. They can still be too late. Or simply not good enough.

. . Nick Phoenix is the greatest superhero of all time and space. He has saved and protected a number of sentient beings so close to infinity that it makes no difference. He has thwarted threats so dire all other heroes could do nothing but soil themselves in terror. And yet. He is a murderer. A mass murderer. A committer of genocides. Then again, what choice does one have, really? When a species warps time and space so that it was and forever will be homicidal scorched earth style conquerors, xenocidal cyborgs filled with nothing but hate, or omnicidal religious fanatics devoted to ending everything for their blind idiot god? He tries to save them. He always does. He tries very hard. But when the choice is between one person, one group of people, or even a whole species, and all creation…it’s not a very hard decision, logically speaking. It doesn’t make him feel any better. The wars he couldn’t stop. The battles he’s had to fight. The times he was simply too late. He has heard more screams than anyone could ever count. Grief. Terror. Pain. Oh, yes. He is the greatest superhero of all time and space. He’s also the only one available who can cover that beat. There is no one else. It’s just him. And what does one do with all that pain? Where do they put it? If they’re anything like Nick, they hold it. Tight. And they swear that no one else will feel this pain. Not as long as they can prevent it. Not on their watch. No.

. . But of course, his life is more than a long parade of misery and suffering. That’s the trouble. Because he is that great superhero. Things go well quite a lot. There are friends and traveling companions and lovers. People listen when he speaks or his clever schemes work out like a charm. He doesn’t have to fight, let alone kill anyone. He’s stopped intergalactic wars with his words alone. His life can be and is very good for very long stretches of time. But it’s like he tells them all. Everyone dies, and everything ends. Even him. This is not inherently a bad thing. It is just the nature of reality. So there are indeed good times, and they outnumber the bad. But the bad always comes around again. And he has to do make more impossible choices in impossible situations. Do terrible and horrifying things that are the least terrible and horrifying option available. The universe isn’t fair. All creation is a fairness free zone. It’s his job, his responsibility, his literal life’s work, to change that where he can. And sometimes that means not being there when he could have easily saved the day.

. . Starman II was his friend. Jesse Thompkins was his friend. But Nick knew from the day he first met him back in 1986, that he had to die in 2001 for the Icons to form. He knew that he had to stay away from all the crises that have so far happened in the 21st Century so that they’d grow even stronger. Because for all his power, Nick cannot be everywhere and everywhen at once. Every world, including the one he was born on, needs to learn to do for themselves what they can do for themselves. This is the reason for the existence of Phoenix Mutates, though the execution has been fumbled because he left the most important parts to circumstance and free will like a good man ought to. Dammit. It was also the reason for the Phoenix Corps, and did that ever crash and burn in spectacular fashion, double dammit. The burden is heavy. Crushing. But the universe’s mightiest hero shoulders it. Because he’s both a good man, and he’s seen the universes where he doesn’t. However, he is susceptible to misinformation and simply not knowing what’s happening. If he’d known what Kuros was up to, the Eternity War and the Endgame would have simply not happened. But he didn’t because he was at the other end of the universe. He didn’t know what the Dusting was. He’d heard of it on his legion of trips to the future, but it’s got as many names as there are languages in the universe, and they don’t all mean the same thing. So how was he to know it was one big event? And after it happened, the universe was in chaos and he still didn’t know what had happened, exactly. And then it unhappened a year later, causing yet more chaos. Seriously, the hell is going on? Wait wait wait. This is when Kuros and his whole outfit disappeared? Oh, shit. Oh, fuck. He’s got to get everybody ready. What’s next is even less fun. If he remembers this right, there’s some really overbearing space overgods, and then the First Great Time Crash. Yes, that means there’s other ones. Please keep up. He’s got a lot of work to do and as usual not nearly enough time to do it.

Powers & Tactics: The Nick part of Nick Phoenix actually has a power, but it’s quite minor and he hasn’t used it since…wow it’s been a long time. He could (and still can, probably) make his hands very, very hot. The Phoenix part is what takes center stage. The Phoenix itself is a cosmic being of nigh infinite or actually infinite power. It’s difficult to tell which, and the point is largely moot anyway. It is bonded to Nick’s very soul, allowing him to use its two powers. The Flames of Destruction, and the Flames of Rebirth. The former can destroy absolutely anything. There is no immunity to Phoenix fire, no matter how powerful the being. And those killed with it stay dead, unless wherever they got their resurrection from has power on the scale of the Phoenix itself.The latter can recreate and/or resurrect absolutely anything, even if absolutely nothing is left of the destroyed target. The amount of time it was destroyed is irrelevant. The key to understand Nick’s powers is that he can control what the Flames of Rebirth recreate and/or resurrect something as. A rock shattered to pieces, vaporized or even completely disintegrated, can be reformed as basically whatever the hell Nick wants. This applies to things that are not rocks. Like liquids. Gasses. And living things. Like himself.

. . The Flames of Rebirth are not just an active use power, either. They make him about as ageless and immortal as it’s possible to be. Any and all injuries, from nova bombs and neutron torpedoes to the wear and tear of being alive in the universe, simply regenerates in startlingly rapid fashion. He cannot permanently die while bonded to the Phoenix. Even if he took enough damage (from said nova bombs) to utterly annihilate his physical form, he would recover from even that in under a minute. More likely under 30 seconds. Usually. He has some conscious control over when he fully resurrects. This is good, because killing him tends to significantly to completely alter his physical appearance and elements of his personality. It is, in a way, like that version of him truly dies. So he doesn’t actually like to use his ability to resurrect if he can possibly avoid it, and doesn’t like to finish doing it if he has to. He’s still Nick. Or Nicki, occasionally. His memories are not altered. The deep seated, core elements of his personality are the same. He still wants to help. To protect. To save. It’s just the other parts that can change.

. . Now, because of his ability to destroy and recreate his body at a whim he could, technically, have any power he wants. This is, after all, the more refined and directed but otherwise identical method of how he has Phoenix Mutates basically create themselves. But really, if it isn’t broken, why fix it? So mostly he uses the Flames of Destruction to, well, destroy things, and he has genuinely incredible speed, durability, and strength. With the ability to fly on the side, as a treat. This isn’t casual level of strength, durability, and speed, either. He’s towed entire planets on a chain. Tanked supernovas without major damage. Treated the speed of light like a low fence instead of an impassable barrier. He can also warp space and teleport, or use an incredibly refined version of telekinesis. He’s also adapted to untold years of memories by storing them in the collective unconscious and pulling them out at need. Knowledge, crafting skills, and more languages than anyone can shake a stick at.

. . Tactically, well…honestly? If you’re using Nick Phoenix in your game, it (in most cases) should be as the ultimate heroic deus ex machina. That is his usual narrative role. The fecal matter hits the oscillating device, nobody who isn’t PLX can handle it, and the heroic side only has the one of those. Him. In those, the majority of cases, the existence of the build above is largely irrelevant. You can have him do whatever you want him to do. Most likely handling the PLX stuff so your PCs can still do PC things and shine in their own way.

. . This changes, however, if you’re running a game where the PCs are his traveling companions. There, this build is actually crucial. Flashing up to PL X tier power warps the fabric of reality. It’s fine temporarily, but he doesn’t walk around as a PLX all the time. The more problems he can solve without doing that, the better. Naturally, this is where PCs come in. He’s extremely capable, yes, but even he has trouble being in two or more places at once. Well. Normally. PL Xs can break that rule. But again, he wants to do that as little as possible. So having an extra set of hands or three is lovely. Plus, new friends are always good. So, he’ll do what he can to look after them while remaining the type who likes to talk before resorting to nonlethal tactics to defeat enemies. He’ll probably get more use out of Memory Reconfiguring and Interpose than his array. Like a certain “man of steel” from that cartoon where he teamed up with six like minded individuals for a couple of seasons. Nick’s got no problem looking like a worthless jobber if it means his allies come out of things okay. Which may surprise the PCs when he actually shows his power for once and they realize that “Nick” is that Nick.

Personality: It would surprise some people to learn that Nick Phoenix is a pretty dedicated pacifist. He vastly prefers to solve problems with talking or some clever trick. He lives in a universe on fire and tries to be the soothing rain that cools the heat. It’s not about justice. It was never about justice. Revenge? Hah! Irrelevant and unimportant. He cares. He cares so much. He can’t stand aside and let bad things happen. Let people suffer and die. Him, who can bring them back with a gesture, saves them before there’s any need of it. God, he doesn’t want to hurt anybody. He’s never wanted to hurt anybody. But you know how the saying goes. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. He will never do nothing. Never.

. . There’s a saying attributed to Abraham Lincoln. If you want to test a man, give him power. Nick Phoenix has more power than any mortal man. He has more power than any god. And yet, he wanders time and space as nothing more than a man. He doesn’t want it. He never wanted it. There are times when he hates it. Loathes it. Commands the Phoenix to leave him be and let him finally die. But in the end, that part that makes him Nick Phoenix has nothing to do with his powers. It’s that warm, soft, and tender heart of his. And so the Phoenix always returns in his time of greatest need. The Phoenix did not choose him so that he could be a superhero and save all the people he has. That was entirely his idea. The Phoenix only chose him because he would never abuse it. Because he’s a fundamentally good person who strives to operate from a place of love and respect for all living things, and to be better at it than he was yesterday. This can be hard to remember when one sees his eyes burning with wrath and Phoenix fire as xenocidal cyborgs fall burning from the sky.

. . Because he is not perfect. He has bad days. He makes mistakes. Sometimes terrible ones. He has a nasty temper if his buttons are continually and deliberately pressed. There are beings (those xenocidal cyborgs, for example) he hates with every fiber of his being. Villains and evildoers have found out the hard way that his reputation is not bullshit. He will try a thousand thousand times to resolve things without violence. He will try a thousand thousand more times to resolve things without lethal violence. But if they’re determined to take things a billion light years past the Moral Event Horizon, he’ll remove them from the universe without hesitation. But not without regret. Because he’ll forever think he could have done better. Done more. Made it so that killing them wasn’t necessary.

. . It would be so easy to turn cold. To be a tyrant. A god. To simply force the universe to be the way he wants it to be. Who the hell could stop the bearer of the Phoenix from doing whatever the hell he wanted? And that’s exactly why he doesn’t do it. It would be a betrayal of the highest order. A betrayal of everything he believes in. Light. Love. Freedom. Hope. A betrayal of his very self. He doesn’t hate the beings he does because they’re evil or because of the wicked things they’ve done. He hates them because they’re a reminder of how he’s failed them. And God, that hurts. He can’t stand it. But he refuses to turn cold. To stop caring. To let his warm, soft, and tender heart wither. He will never do nothing and let evil triumph. The battle, after all, is never ending. Isn’t it?
The Phoenixverse (A 2e OC 'verse!)
The Archetype Blendarama!
You, Dear Reader, may comment on any build at any time. I will be happy regardless.
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Re: The Phoenixverse (A 2e OC 'verse; Newest: The Icons! Tidal! Tex Austin! Caviezel! Sage! Scarlett! Sir Randall Knight

Post by EternalPhoenix »

BrakeforTurtles wrote: Thu Oct 20, 2022 12:09 am Hello,
First off, I am very much enjoying the universe you have created. The write-ups have been so immersive that I only realized something when reading the Z entry. It was mentioned he wore Ravens' gear. Likewise, Samaritan had his t-shirt. Does anyone wear a costume in this world? With the Runaways vibe of the Exiles leading the write-ups, it seemed natural to not have costumes, but the more traditional Icons have brought the question to mind. I know we have power armor, sugar armor, and mystic armor, as well as Scarlett's red mask and suit but could you do a once over of any one who wears a costume (Starguy?) or at least what types of clothes the other characters wear?
Round 2, Fight!

VIncent Mortelini (trademark outfit & just clothes): The Jacket itself is a very recognizable black leather jacket, but the rest is just dark clothes.
Adept (trademark outfit): Like he just stepped out of a time long, long ago or a galaxy far, far away. Because nobody wears a linen tunic and breeches anymore outside of cosplaying. Though this is only for straight fightin' missions. For more subtle endeavors he wears regular clothes.
Spartan (just clothes): Admittedly, this is riding the line between this and trademark outfit. But I don't think generic fatigues and tactical gear qualifies as a trademark when every military on the planet wears something similar.
Pyrewing (trademark outfit): Spaghetti strap top, pants, boots, and fighting gloves. All in red. The gloves have black trim. The boots have black laces.
Prodigy (trademark outfit): See Adept
Paradigm (just clothes): See Spartan
Relena (trademark outfit): Actual Japanese schoolgirl uniforms. She's got a closet full of 'em. Several, actually. Short, ruffled skirts. She loves 'em.
Talia Mortelini (trademark outfit): Red leather vest with nothing underneath. Hi, cleavage. So lovely to see you again. Lowrider red leather pants. Nice and tight. Matching wristbands. The throwing spikes are under those.
Zack Mortelini (just clothes): Seriously, whatever. He's semiundead appearance is unique enough.

League of Seven

Blackgate Pirates
Yori Newgate (just clothes): Kind of sloppy, actually. But that's part of his attention avoiding. He could dress better, but then he'd start to stand out. Can't have that.
Nayan (trademark outfit): Orange jumpsuit and navy blue sandals.
Zuberi Wafula (costume): His Heavy Coat and Goggles, obviously. Dark green coat. Otherwise he wears just clothes.
Layla Khan (just clothes): She rocks generic fatigues pants and tank tops. It's hot in the tropics, you know.

Devil Hunter Society (costume): Prior to Kiske's takeover they dressed like old style samurai. Hakama pants, sandals, the works. Today, however, they wear modern uniforms similar to gakuran, a uniform for boys used by some Japanese middle and high schools. Black pants and over jacket. They both have white trim and brass buttons. There's a white button button up shirt under the jacket. Customization is via a mantle signifying both Clan allegiance and magic tradition.
Kiske, of The Thousand: Has moon symbols on his pure white mantle, signifying his Moon Magic tradition. Legend has it that he's used the same one for decades if not centuries without getting it dirty or stained.
Zuki, The Thunderer: Yellow mantle. Black lightning bolt outlines on it. Usually ragged at the edges, as it flaps behind him when he moves as Speed 14.
Rina, The Iceheart: Light blue mantle. White snowflakes on it. No two are alike. It's a work of art, honestly.
Kino, of the Stars: Red mantle. Yellow five pointed stars on it. Usually scorched around the edges. Stellar Magic can be very hot.

Turgenev Mercenary Group
Ruslan Turgenev (just clothes): Tank top, slacks, trenchcoat. Transforming shreds his tank top, however, and his pants go from very loose fitting to very tight. He doesn't fight in the trenchcoat.
Tatsuya Gushiken (trademark outfit): White T shirt. Black slacks and boots. Light green haramaki around his waist. The three sword sheaths are dark red, white, and black.
Bellona Accardo (just clothes): Her weapons make her stand out enough. Though sometimes she dresses like a Roman centurion just to screw wtih people.
Reyna Oleastro (just clothes): Professional mercenary chic, though all of her old clothes still fit.

OWN (Operatives Without Names) (just clothes): They don't want to stand out, you know?
Daisuke Uehara: Ninja are trained not to stand out, so he wears whatever is appropriate.
Nagesh Malik: He likes robes and long tunics.
Aidan Killian: Shorts only. He has never voluntarily worn pants in his life. Or a kilt, dammit. That's bloody Scotland.
Shanyuan Baoli: Absolutely does not care, as long as they're dark colors.

The Cult of The Light
Lakis Hasapis (just clothes): A suit doesn't count, Lakis. Death before denim anything.
Lestari (just clothes): No dresses or skirts. Her sense of style is right out of martial arts movies.
Reina Wong (trademark outfit): Black tank top. Cutoff denim booty shorts. Classic shitkicker boots.
Holter (Aerin Grosvenor) (trademark outfit): Costumes are too recognizable now. Brown mask that covers face and sides of head but not top. Jim Lee Cyclops or Booster Gold style. Brown leather jacket. Faded green cargo pants. Black boots.

Ninguem (trademark outfits): See Wild Arms 4
Shazza Ferreira (just clothes): Odd one out. Completely doesn't give a shit what she wears. Dresses and skirts are impractical for running as fast as she does, though, so off the list. Otherwise if it fits, she'll kick ass in it.
Cecilia Bridges: See Yulie Ahtreide
Santiago Valdés: See Arnaud Vasquez
Raquel Fernandes: See Raquel Applegate

Knights of Karelia
Baroness Valia (Battlesuit Valiant): The OG Battlesuit. Steel grey these days. The nationalist (in our world) flag of Karelia is on the shoulders. Outside of the suit she dresses like the literal billionaire she is. Because she's better than you, and she wants you to know it.
Ma're Iryen (costume): See KOS-MOS. Any version. These are just costumes, mind you.
Franchesca Zanetti (costume): White bodysuit. High collar.
Linnéa Sjöberg (trademark outfit): Striped blue and white bikini top and lowrider bell bottom jeans. Apparently allergic to shirts in warm weather.
Jedrick Jagoda (costume): The Fireproof Coat is a fireman's coat. Nice and big. Black. Neon yellow stripes. You know. Black shorts underneath. No shoes; he'd only incinerate them. Maybe a pair of cheap flip flops.
Princess Audrielle Eliska (just clothes): Walking fashion plate.

Strength Revolution and posted Icons tomorrow. Bleh.
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Re: The Phoenixverse (A 2e OC 'verse; Newest: The Icons! Caviezel! Sage! Scarlett! Sir Randall Knight! Nick Phoenix!)

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Wow. Ask and you shall receive. Thanks for the speedy information. Looking forward to the rest of the Icon write-ups (and especially their design notes).
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Re: The Phoenixverse (A 2e OC 'verse; Newest: The Icons! Caviezel! Sage! Scarlett! Sir Randall Knight! Nick Phoenix!)

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BrakeforTurtles wrote: Fri Oct 21, 2022 2:04 am Wow. Ask and you shall receive. Thanks for the speedy information. Looking forward to the rest of the Icon write-ups (and especially their design notes).
I have a strong visual imagination, absolutely zero aptitude for making visual art, and not nearly enough money to commission those who have said aptitude. It is occasionally torturous. Basically I can't create a character without a good idea of what they look like aside from exact facial features since I'm pretty faceblind. Also, between me, you and all this thread's readers? Comments are sweet, but questions? Questions get me all excited.

Anyway, round three. Fight!

The Strength Revolution

Methion (it's complicated): He has two distinct costumes and an outfit for every occasion and necessity. The costumes are a set of really nice wizard robes and and masked outfit that makes him look appropriately supervillainous. Navy blue pants and peacoat with gold buttons and trim. The mask is actually a full coverage helmet.
Serine (it's complicated): See Methion above. Only her second costume, her masked outfit is red leather. In the form of thigh high boots, tiny shorts, a bikini top, and long (wrist to mid-bicep) arm warmers. The mask is basically the Question's mask. No face for The Faceless Queen.
Valine (Paladin's Armor): Gleaming steel full plate. Underneath is basically regular clothes, but nobody heroic is ever gonna see that most likely.
Katrea (Warrior's Armor): Black and purple bodysuit. The tech parts are always black, but otherwise it kind of looks like a wetsuit, though it isn't one.
Jacob Cross (just clothes): FBI agent chic. You can take the agent out of the FBI, but...
Clive Wesker (just clothes): Businessman style. Because he is one.

Drone Prime (The Prince): He's Wuxia Vegeta. TSo, wuxia robes that resemble "Geta's traditional look. :mrgreen:

Primrose (costume): See Taomon Shorter sleeves and no shoulder pads, but yeah like that.
Aeon (costume): Literally a link in her entry.
Photophobia (trademark outfit): 90s Jubilee inspired, with a shiny yellow coat, pink T shirt, blue shorts, and sunglasses. Modernized, of course, bu still.
Nimbus (Nimbus Costume): It's basically a motorcycle rider's jumpsuit and helmet. Jumpsuit is black with red accents, helmet is the reverse.

The Sin-sations (It's complicated): They're not like, public sueprvillains. Getting photographed, video recorded, or whatever. They do break out the disguising costumes/outfits for missions, but they've each got their own spin on the idea. Outside of missions they wear just clothes.
Dream Girl (trademark outfit): Basically a sports bra on top, and either tight lowrider pants or a dangerously short skirt, thigh high stockings and knee high boots. Distraction is the purpose here, whether the targets are attracted to women or not. An extremely attractive and half naked woman with blue hair, blue mask, and mostly blue clothes tends to do that.
Gobstopper (trademark outfit): Full coverage. Nobody gets to see any of that candy skin. Long pants, hoodie, a ski mask, high top footwear, and gloves.
Sprite (costume): Basically a dark blue body stocking. The msk covers the lower half of her face, leaving her eyes free. Though she covers that base with a domino mask.
Razzle (trademark outfit): Green overalls of the shorts variety. Generic white T shirt under that with a jacket over it if it's colder. One of those masks that mysteriously covers the whole head but lets the hair be free. In burgundy.
Sorellanza (trademark outfit/costume): Riding the line between them. It's formal attire. Buttonup shirt. Suit jacket. Dress skirt. Dress shoes (that actually are good running shoes). A ribbon serving as bowtie. Classic black domino mask. Just a cute, harmless little girl and her violin case. That's full of weapons and explosives.

Digital Shadow (trademark outfit): Grey trenchcoat. Baseball cap. Sunglasses. Bandanna around lower face.
Dusk Widow (costume): See GI Joe's Baroness. Swap Cobra symbol for a spider symbol, same red color. Finish zipping bodysuit up. Holster Blasters on thighs.
Eclipse (Saboteur Suit): It's a slightly bulky black bodysuit.
Wisecracker (Wisecracker Costume): It's a classic jester's motley. For examples, See DC's Harley Quinn (especially original Batman TAS version) and Harle from Chrono Cross.
Tsurugi (just clothes/costume): See Neptunia, of Hyperdimension Neptunia.

Tana, of the Waves & Nika, the Heartfire: See Devil Hunter Society for basic outfit. Tana's base color is a dark blue now, not black. His mantle is now basically a print of The Great Wave Off Kanagawa. It's a painting he likes. Nika's base color is still black, however. Her mantle Like fire burning on the coals of her uniform.
Rudolphus "Rudy" Evander, Calamity Jane, Thespian: See Wilde Arms: Alter Code F. Rudy Roughknight, Jane Maxwell, and Emma Hetfield

Military Action Group (just clothes): Generic fatigues and tactical gear, again, don't count. Their armors come with markings for Rank and Division.

Psi-Division: The trademark outfits listed are for combat fieldwork only. Normally they're in something resembling FBI agent chic. Professional wear.
Hayate Ishikawa (trademark outfit): Lots of black, and a black longcoat. With the collar popped.
Arielle Cadieux (trademark outfit): White buttonup shirt, red bolero jacket, red ruffled skirt with white accents/trim, white thigh high stockings with red trim. All have rose design in opposite color. Red for white, white for red.
Valentina Alvarez (trademark outfit): Red jacket, yellow trim. Red full length skirt. White button up shirt.
Miriam Mizrahi (trademark outfit): Dark purple vest, white button up shirt, black ruffled skirt with gold accents trim, dark purple longcoat
Ichika Ishikawa (trademark outfit): Green bolero jacket. White dress with brown trim. Brown leather belt.
Kaede Kobayashi (trademark outfit): Faded green jacket with white tank top underneath. Black short shorts. Faded green knee high boots. Black laces.

That'll be The Strength Revolution. Icons another time. It's late again and this took a little more work.
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Re: The Phoenixverse (A 2e OC 'verse; Newest: The Icons! Caviezel! Sage! Scarlett! Sir Randall Knight! Nick Phoenix!)

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BrakeforTurtles wrote: Fri Oct 21, 2022 2:04 am Wow. Ask and you shall receive. Thanks for the speedy information. Looking forward to the rest of the Icon write-ups (and especially their design notes).
Final Round (for now, remind me when the Hall of Honor is complete. I'll probably forget)

The Icons
Queenie (just clothes): A sense of style decades out of date. I say she dresses like Ellen DeGeneres, prior to her talk show. This is fine, as Aura is unmistakable silvery energy.
Terrifica (Nano-Fiber Battlesuit): Looks like a dark lue bodysuit. There's a neon orange T on her forehead. Her utility belt is also orange, but not neon. She wears a regular longcoat over this, for the cape look without an actual cape. it makes her feel very cool.
Medic (costume): Mentioned his Medic onesie. Full bodysuit. Body stocking? Whatever. White. Red cross on chest. Like he's a field medic or whatever.
Spike (just clothes): And generally low quality hand me downs at that. He's homeless, remember?
Candy (costume): No, not the Sugar Armor. That goes on top of the tights, sports bra, and arm warmers. All are pink with white trim. Her sneakers are the reverse.
Z (costume): Head to toe Baltimore Ravens merchandise. Had is either baseball or knit depending on the weather. Mask is either a bandana or a scarf for identical reasons. His Ray Lewis jersey can be covered by a coat for again, identical reasons.
Marian Soaring Eagle (just clothes): Western chic, more or less. Jeans, boots, and shirts.
Magna (costume): Black gymnastics leotard and bolero jacket. Jacket has white trim. Classic domino mask. In colder weather she puts on the warmer sweats gymnasts wear between performances. Colors like bolero jacket.
Orca: Literally a whale man. Like, a Street Shark except a whale. Board shorts. No shirt. Flip flops, when he wears shoes.
Starguy (costume): The Star shirt is yellow, with a black outline white five pointed star in the middle of the chest. For the legs it can vary. Sometimes it's matching yellow tights, and sometimes it's just regular pants or jeans. He completes the ensemble with an unzipped jacket, 90s Superboy style.
Samaritan (trademark outfit/costume): Rides the line.. His Samaritan shirt is just a T shirt with a black cross on it. His mask is basically a black bandana over his eyes with holes cut out so he can see. Unless it's very hot he's probably wearing a jacket or zip up hoodie over the shirt, unzipped. His pants are whatever pants he's wearing today. Same with the shoes.
The Human Rocket IV (Flight Suit): It's a stiff fabric bodysuit somewhere between tan and bronze. Silly brain, unable to decide properly. The Flight Belt, helmet, and Wrist Turbines are gleaming steel.
Dust (trademark outfit): The top is between a bikini top and a sports bra. The bottoms are just pants. Close fitting, but plenty of freedom of movement. They're always the same color as the other, but this oscillates between several dark colors. Dark red. Dark tan. Dark grey. Etc.

Tidal (costume): See The Batman. The animated series from back in the day. See The Riddler. Exchange green for blue and the big question mark for a wave design. Lose the lip paint (lipstick?). Done.
Tex Austin (just clothes/trademark outfit): They're just his regular clothes, but very distinctive. Western shirts, jeans, classic shitkicker boots, and his cowboy hat.
Caviezel (Ronald Joseph Caviezel) (trademark outfit): I mentioned this in his entry. Suit, hat, overcoat. Like a private detective in noir fiction.
Sage (just clothes): None of her shirts have sleeves. They'd just get destroyed by fire and lightning anyway. She hasn't worn a dress or skirt since she was a kid. It's not an aversion to them, it's an aversion to shaving her legs. Who has the time for that shit?
Scarlett (costume): See DC's The Question (Renee Montoya) circa 52 for basic design. Hat, coat, tie, and pants are red. Belt and hatband are black. Shirt is white. A variant puts a red vest between the coat and shirt. Mask is the same.
Crusader (Crusader Armor): Gleaming steel full plate. The design is completely different from Valine's, however.
Nick Phoenix: Mentioned in the post!
The Phoenixverse (A 2e OC 'verse!)
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You, Dear Reader, may comment on any build at any time. I will be happy regardless.
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