[OOC] [3E] The Neophyte Freedom City Experience

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[OOC] [3E] The Neophyte Freedom City Experience

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We often get new players looking for games on the Mutants and Masterminds Subreddit. It can be difficult to jump that gap between being familiar with the system, and having enough credit to be able to get into open games. Thus, I am planning to run a oneshot Freedom City campaign in January to accommodate them. Just to be clear, I am not currently recruiting for these games, as I think I have enough people to cover my 4-6 players for the adventure module.

Builds will be PL 10/150 PP, no house rules, set in Freedom City. No specific knowledge of the city is needed, although players are free to tie their characters into the setting. Otherwise, the assumption is that you are taking the place of the Freedom League in terms of being the premiere superhero team in the setting.

The link to the Discord is https://discord.gg/mKfxyUMjYC

Character sheets Formerly on
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Also The Freedom City Neophyte Experience Part Deux IC OOC
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Re: [OOC] [3E] The Neophyte Freedom City Experience

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Good luck.

And welcome to the forums, newcomers!
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Re: [OOC] [3E] The Neophyte Freedom City Experience

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Re: [OOC] [3E] The Neophyte Freedom City Experience

Post by FuzzyBoots »

When you guys get a chance, can you write them up as a post? You should be able to edit your post and add in desired markup.
Currently running The Freedom City Neophyte Experience IC OOC
Also The Freedom City Neophyte Experience Part Deux IC OOC
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Re: [OOC] [3E] The Neophyte Freedom City Experience

Post by Ioncrad »

When you say “write them up” Do you mean our character’s backstory?
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Re: [OOC] [3E] The Neophyte Freedom City Experience

Post by FuzzyBoots »

Ioncrad wrote: Sun Dec 26, 2021 8:47 am When you say “write them up” Do you mean our character’s backstory?
Ah, that too, but I was also suggesting getting them in a format where they can be read without having to click out to a PDF. It will make them more editable too.
Currently running The Freedom City Neophyte Experience IC OOC
Also The Freedom City Neophyte Experience Part Deux IC OOC
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Re: [OOC] [3E] The Neophyte Freedom City Experience

Post by Shadowmask »


Real Name: Lloyd Edward Price.
Alias: LP.
Profession: Former handyman turned full time superhero.
Gender: Male.
Ethnicity: African American.
Age: 32.
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Hair: Black (almost always shaved bald).
Eyes: Black.
Place Of Birth: Freedom City, USA.
Religion: Baptist.
Identity: Public.
Group Affiliation: Independent.
Base Of Operations: Freedom City.
Legal Status: American citizen with no criminal record.
Marital Status: Divorced.
Family: Walter (father, deceased), Glenda (mother, deceased), Devin (son), Tanya (ex-wife).
Education: High School Graduate.
Quote: "It's time to be a hero!"
Power Level - 10
Power Points - 150
Hero Point - 1
Concept - Energy Controller.
Bodycast - Israel Idonije.
Celebrity Voiceover - Michael Dorn.
Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlwIBftrvIA

Abilities -

Strength - 3
Stamina - 3
Agility - 3
Dexterity - 0
Fighting - 3
Intellect - 0
Awareness - 2
Presence - 3

Advantages - All-out Attack, Benefit 1 (Status - As a publicly known superhero), Defensive Attack, Evasion 2, Favored Environment (Airborne), Instant Up, Interpose, Precise Attack 1 (Ranged, Cover), Teamwork.

Skills - Ranged Combat: Energy Control (Plasma) 5 (+0), Expertise - Current Events 6 (+0), Intimidation 7 (+10), Acrobatics 4 (+7), Athletics 4 (+7), Insight 4 (+6), Persuasion 4 (+7).

Powers - Note - All powers have the Plasma Descriptor.

Energy Control (Plasma) Array (25 points) with 3 Alternate Effects. =

Base power - Pinpoint Blast - Ranged Damage (Plasma) 12, Extra - Precise. (25 pp)

Alternate Effect - Energy Manipulation - Deflect 12, Extras - Reflect, Redirect. Flaw - Limited to energy attacks. (1 pp)

Alternate Effect - Neutrino Energy Burst - Burst Area Damage (Plasma) 10, Extra - Penetrating 4. (1 pp)

Alternate Effect - Dazzle - Ranged Affliction 12, (Resisted by Dodge, Overcome by Fortitude; Impaired, Disabled, Unaware), Extra - Cumulative, Flaw - Limited to one sense (vision). (1 pp)

Energy Immunity - Immunity 5 (Plasma damage). (5 pp)

Plasma Force Field - Protection 10, Extra - Sustained. (10 pp)

Energy Sense - Senses (Mental) 1 (Energy Type Awareness). (1 pp)

Plasma Energy Form - Insubstantial 3 (Plasma), Flaw - Activation (Move Action). (14 pp)

Flight 7 (250 mph, 2640 ft/Rd.). (14 pp)

Offense - Initiative +3, Energy Control +5, Unarmed +3, Grab +3, Ranged Damage 12, Burst Area Damage 10, Dazzle 12 (Resistance Check = Fort. vs 22), Close Damage 3.

Defense - Dodge +4/7, Parry +2/5, Fortitude +5/8, Toughness +3/*13, Will +6/8

* - Only when Plasma Force Field is activated.

Complications -

Motivation (Responsibility) = Neutron is quite aware of the potential collateral damage his powers can cause and so must control himself during combats. He also tries to be as heroic as possible, hoping to set a good example for the people of America.

Motivation (Acceptance) = Despite his fame and good deeds, Neutron is regarded as a "sell out" by many if not most of the people in the West End area in Freedom City, his hometown. Thus he seeks to gain their respect.

Fame = Neutron's "secret" identity as Lloyd E. Price is well known across the country and thus must deal with the pressures and problems that fame often brings.

Relationships = Several people define Lloyd's life for better or worse -

Tanya Cooper (ex-wife), Devin (8 year old son). Though divorced and rarely sees his son, Neutron still looks after their best interests.

Corrina Cadeau ( His agent. See history below.).

Reverend Darren Morris ( His pastor in the Holy Divinity Church back home in The West End. Neutron counts him as a close friend and adviser although he does not go to the church as often as he would have liked, not wanting to bring trouble to the church such as supervillains seeking vengeance or pesky paparazzi.)

Enemy = Blackstar (from the Cosmic Handbook pages 101-104). He and Neutron had clashed several times and are bitter foes. Blackstar had made the enmity between them even worse by publicly threatening to kill Neutron's son.

Powers -

Neutron can create, shape and manipulate plasma, a state of matter consisting of highly ionized and super heated white gaseous-like energy of low density. He uses the plasma for various effects such as creating an energy blast similar to heat lasers or to release the blast over a wider area, a glowing plasma force field around his body and intensely bright bursts of light.

Neutron can also transform his entire body into pure plasma energy and can even manipulate other forms of energy by channeling and altering its direction. This type of energy manipulation also allows him to fly.

Neutron can resist plasma energy damage including his own and has a kind of "sixth sense" for detecting types of energy nearby.

Neutron in his plasma energy form:


History -

Lloyd Price never seemed to have all the lucky breaks after high school especially living in The West End neighborhood of Freedom City despite a promising career in football. But the talent scouts who sometimes attended the high school football games never bothered with Lloyd. Not affording a college education was one strike against him while holding down menial jobs to barely make ends meet was another. Facing a bitter (and costly) divorce and child custody battle, Lloyd swallowed his pride and took a shady job with no questions asked for a equally shady company called PureTek.

Lloyd was supposed to transport some containers of toxic waste to an illegal dump site. He was led to believe by his employers that it was somewhere at sea, far off the coast of Freedom City. But when he found out the site was actually located at Hawkins Lawn, a public park right near the Trinity Hospital in West End, he outright refused to continue and go along with the whole damn thing and threatened to go to the police...

...And almost got his body riddled with bullets for his noble though rash defiance as he quickly jumped out of the way. There was an sudden explosion, some glowing goo from the ruptured steel drum canisters, intense white-hot energy...then screams as Lloyd suddenly hovered in mid air and then flew straight at the gunmen in rage, his body glowing with the same intense white energies.

To this day, no one not even Lloyd knew how he gained superpowers (was it because of the radiation of the toxic waste, latent mutant genes or something else entirely?) but he knew after talking to his pastor he was given them for a reason. He helped the FBI and the city's district attorney turned states evidence against PureTek and shut down their illegal operations.

Shortly afterwards Lloyd made his first public appearance as Neutron (He had chosen the name at the last minute, based on his misunderstanding on how energy physics actually worked.) when he saved several people from the deadly Blackstar who nearly caused an downtown office building to collapse on them while attempting to steal a prototype portable energy cell. They fought each other to a standstill before Blackstar fled the area when AEGIS agents showed up in force.

One of the civilians he had saved was an aspiring fashion designer/advertising consultant named Corrina Cadeau who in gratitude created a new black and white costume for Neutron to replace the drab hooded leather duster and khakis ensemble he was wearing during the fight with Blackstar.

She also made him her first client for her new PR company, CC Promotions, promoting and licensing his name and image for endorsements such as his own comic book series in Castle Comics and the Neutronix Wheat Pops™ breakfast cereal and Neutron Energy Drink™ from the Fordham Foods company.


Of course most of the money he makes goes to various charities throughout the country and to his family while saving just enough to support himself.

While Lloyd was not entirely comfortable with all of this somewhat shameless media exposure and knows that other superheroes would (perhaps rightly) accuse him of being a corporate shill, he reluctantly realized that given the present day and age of constant web blogs, one needed all the good press one can get.


Personality -

Even though he has fame and fortune, Neutron remains at heart a stoic and level headed hero and so far resisted the lure of materialism which killed the minds and souls of other commercially endorsed superheroes a dollar at a time. Neutron can come across as an old fashioned stick in the mud, a throwback to the days where having superpowers meant responsibility not entitlement but that's how Neutron rolls. He doesn't agree with everything he is made to do for the sake of publicity but he has enough dignity to turn down offers if they even remotely had a hint of illegality.

Behind closed doors however, he lives a life of lonely solitude. Neutron knows that any woman interested in him just wants his money (most of which he gives away to charity.) and hoping that fame would rub off them so he keeps his distance. He doesn't know what to make of all this. From out of abject poverty, he has become one of the most recognized superhumans in the country, a role model for thousands of kids. People who wouldn't given him the spare change from their pockets now envy him. He can go anywhere, do anything. For once he can look down on the world and everyone else is looking up.

But he found that fame was a unbearable prison and because he is often hounded by adoring fans, sleazy managers wanting him to sign on the dotted lines of numerous contracts and supervillains looking to make their mark on history by fighting or killing Neutron, he sometimes wishes he was a nobody.

But as long as the world needs him, then he'll be ready as ever even if it means posing for autographed selfies.

Abilities - 34, Powers - 72, Advantages - 10, Skills - 17, Defenses - 17, = 150 total.

Notes: For those who wonder what Neutron's glowing symbol on his chest looks like:

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Re: [OOC] [3E] The Neophyte Freedom City Experience

Post by Niffy »

Still on Vacation, I'll post my character in a couple days.
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Re: [OOC] [3E] The Neophyte Freedom City Experience

Post by Ioncrad »

a17ae6b8b07aed3a98a86a7b0e2652b7.jpg (52.19 KiB) Viewed 1968 times
Real Name: Jacey Davy Jail II.
Alias: JJ,DJ,Dragon Knight.
Profession: First Year at Freedom City University, Part time Super Hero.
Gender: Male.
Ethnicity: African American.
Age: 19
Height: 5' 8'' (Human Form) 30 ft tall (Dragon Form)
Weight: 175 lb (Human Form) 100 tons (Dragon Form)
Hair: Dark Brown/Black (Human Form) None (Dragon Form)
Eyes: Dark Brown
Place of Birth: Freedom City, USA
Religion: None
Identity: Public
Group Affiliation: Freedom League
Base Of Operations: Freedom City.
Legal Status: American Citizen with no criminal record.
Marital Status: In a relationship not married.
Family: Diana (Mother), Jacey Sr (Father), Ken (Younger Brother)
Education: High School Graduate Currently attending college.
Quote: "My armor is like tenfold shields, my teeth are swords, my claws spears, the shock of my tail a thunderbolt, my wings a hurricane, and my breath death!"
Power Level - 10
Power Points - 150
Hero Point - 1
Concept - Mystic/Paragon
Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJb_y-z ... eismyspoon

Abilities - Human Form, Dragon Form
Strength - 0 Strength - 10
Stamina - 5 Stamina - 10
Agility - 2 Agility - 0
Dexterity - 0 Dexterity - 0
Fighting - 0 Fighting - 0
Intellect - 0 Intellect - 0
Awareness - 10 Awareness - 10
Presence - 0 Presence - 0

Advantages - (Human Form) Assessment, Attractive, Fearless, Improved Defense, Ritualist, Uncanny Dodge, Untapped Potential. (Dragon Form) All-out Attack, Diehard, Fast Grab, Favored Environment: Aerial, Fearless, Improved Critical 1: Claw/Claw/Bite, Improved Hold, Move-by Action, Ritualist, Startle, Improved Grab, Takedown 2, Interpose.

Skills - (Human Form) Expertise Magic 18 (+18), Insight 4 (+14), Perception 6 (+16), Persuasion 10 (+10), Stealth 0 (+2). (Dragon Form) Expertise Magic 18 (+18) Insight 0 (+10), Intimidation 8 (+13), Perception 6 (+16), Stealth 0 (-10), Athletics 0 (+10)


(Human Form)
Dragon Form: Morph 1 (8 PP)
+20 Deception checks to disguise; Single form; Increased Duration: continuous, Innate, Metamorph
(Free - Personal - Continuous)

Phantasmal Dragon Wings: Flight 3 (3 PP)
Speed: 16 miles/hour, 250 feet/round; Wings (Free - Personal - Sustained)

Prismatic Draconic Physiology (33 PP)
Draconic Healing Factor: Regeneration 5 (5 PP)
Every 2 rounds (Personal - Permanent)
Draconic Senses: Senses 7 (7 PP)
Accurate: Olfactory, Acute: Olfactory, Extended: Visual 1: x10, Extended: Hearing 1: x10,
Infravision, Tracking: Olfactory 1: -1 speed rank (Personal - Permanent)
Draconic Traits: Immunity 11 (11 PP)
Aging, Life Support (Personal - Permanent)
Prismatic Aura: Protection 10 (10 PP)
+10 Toughness (Personal - Permanent)

Prismatic Dragon Magic Array (33 PP)
Dispel Magic: Nullify 10 (1 PP)
Counters: Magic, DC 20; Broad, Precise, Simultaneous; Unreliable (5 uses) (Standard - Ranged,
250/500/1000 ft. - Instant)

Hypnotic Pattern: Cumulative Perception Area Affliction 10 (27 PP)
1st degree: Entranced, 2nd degree: Compelled, Resisted by: Will, DC 20; Perception Area: DC 20
- Visual, Cumulative, Selective; Check Required 3: DC 12 - Magic, Limited Degree (Standard -
Close - Instant)

Prismatic Blast: Damage 10 (1 PP)
DC 25; Accurate 5: +10, Increased Range: ranged, Variable Descriptor 2: broad group - Elemental
Spectrum (Standard - Ranged, 250/500/1000 ft. - Instant)

Prismatic Laser Blade: Strength-based Damage 10 (1 PP)
DC 25; Accurate 4: +8, Multiattack, Penetrating 3 (Standard - Close - Instant)

Prismatic Light Constructs: Create 8 (1 PP)
Volume: 250 cft., DC 18; Innate, Movable, Stationary (Standard - Ranged, 200/400/800 ft. -

Prismatic Light Wall: Shapeable Area Deflect 5 (1 PP)
Shapeable Area 2: 60 cft., DC 15, Secondary Effect (Standard - Ranged, 125/250/500 ft. - Instant)

Prismatic Sphere: Burst Area Damage 10 (1 PP)
DC 25; Burst Area: 30 feet radius sphere, DC 20, Increased Range: ranged, Variable Descriptor
2: broad group - Elemental Spectrum; Check Required 5: DC 14 - Magic (Standard - Ranged,
250/500/1000 ft. - Instant)

(Dragon Form)
Prismatic Dragon Abilties Array (19 PP)
Breath Weapon: Bifrost Cannon: Cone Area Damage 10 (15 PP)
DC 25; Cone Area 2: 120 feet cone, DC 20, Feature 3: Three Free Uses, Variable Descriptor 2:
broad group - Elemental Spectrum; Distracting, Unreliable (5 uses) (Standard - Close - Instant)

Claw/Claw/Bite: Strength-based Damage 2 (1 PP)
DC 27; Accurate 4: +8, Multiattack, Penetrating, Reach (melee) 2: 10 ft., Variable Descriptor:
close group - Pierce/Slash (Standard - Close, 10ft. - Instant)

Dragon Roar: Perception Area Affliction 10 (1 PP)
1st degree: Dazed, 2nd degree: Stunned, 3rd degree: Incapacitated, Resisted by: Will, DC 20;
Perception Area: DC 20 - Auditory, Feature 3: Three Free Uses; Unreliable (5 uses) (Standard -
Close - Instant)

Dragon Strength: Enhanced Strength 15 (1 PP)
+15 STR; Limited to Lifting (Free - Personal - Sustained)

Wing Shield (1 PP)
Deflect: Shapeable Area Deflect 2 (linked)
Shapeable Area: 30 cft., DC 12, Reflect, Secondary Effect, Selective; Reduced Range: close
(Standard - Close - Instant)
Enhanced Trait: Enhanced Trait 1 (linked)
Advantages: Interpose (Free - Personal - Sustained)

Prismatic Dragon Physiology (71 PP)
Draconic Size: Growth 10 (21 PP)
Biological, Magical, +10 STR, +10 STA, +5 Intimidate, -10 Stealth, -5 active defenses, +2 size
ranks, +10 mass ranks, +1 ; Innate; Permanent (Free - Personal - Permanent)
Dragon Healing Factor: Regeneration 5 (5 PP)
Biological, Magical, Every 2 rounds (Personal - Permanent)
Dragon Scales: Protection 8 (16 PP)
Armor, Biological, Magical, +8 Toughness; Impervious (Personal - Permanent)
Dragon Senses: Senses 7 (7 PP)
Biological, Magical, Accurate: Olfactory, Acute: Olfactory, Extended: Visual 1: x10, Extended:
Auditory 1: x10, Infravision, Tracking: Olfactory 1: -1 speed rank (Personal - Permanent)
Dragon Tail: Extra Limbs 1 (1 PP)
Biological, Magical, 1 extra limb, Advantages: Improved Grab (Personal - Permanent)
Dragon Traits: Immunity 11 (11 PP)
Biological, Magical, Aging, Life Support (Personal - Permanent)

Human Form: Morph 1 (10 PP)
+20 Deception checks to disguise; Single form; Increased Duration: continuous, Innate, Metamorph
(Free - Personal - Continuous)

Leathery Wings: Flight 8 (alternate)
Speed: 500 miles/hour, 1 mile/round; Wings (Free - Personal - Sustained)

Complications -

Enemy = Red Teeth Sven has been trying to defeat Gunmir on the only
precedent that he is a dragon and shows up randomly to challenge
Gunmir into chaotic battles.

Fame = The Serpent People revere Gunmir as a god and often follow and
pester him for favors wherever he goes.

Motivation: (Responsibility) Gunmir believes it is his job to protect the
innocent from the wrath of the mighty and powerful.

Obsession = Gunmir is obsessed with superhero's & Villain's alike.

Relationship = Gunmir is in a complex love triangle with his ex girlfriend
Alison Middleton (Currently the Super Villian Princess Silverwing) and his
current girlfriend Sophia Moon. He also has a younger brother that is the
force dragon.

Rivalry = His younger brother Odonathon is a force dragon who constantly
tries to challenge him to bouts of strength, intellect and skill to prove
who is better.

Powers -
Gunmir is living breathing elemental magic at it's purest as dragons are living conduits of ambient bottomless wells of magic. This fact is enhanced further due to his unique nature as the prismatic dragon, a subspecies of dragon know for their astonishing growth in power over time as they age. While Gunmir is in his human form he can utilize a wide array of magical spells and effects through sheer force of will rather than anything born of study and practice. In his dragon form he is a titan of carnage and destruction who can bring about incredible feats of strength and amazing shows of raw power via his unique breathe weapon know as the Bifrost Cannon. It is speculated that his breathe weapon simply opens a portal from a universe composed of super natural energies and fires it outwards but nothing is know for certain.

Gunmir in his Dragon Form:
IMG_2352.JPG (52.24 KiB) Viewed 1968 times
History -

Gunmir (Human Name: Jacey Davy Jail.) Wasn't born normally from any parents but rather conceived via a ritual by the serpent people attempting to create a serpent god that they could control. Instead their summoning ritual went awry, and they conjured forth a human baby. With the amount of resources spent just to complete this ritual the serpent people put their faith in the child and decided to raise it while keeping its own origin secret from it and keeping their true identity as serpent people secret from it as well.

Overtime as Gunmir started to grow he began noticing changes to his everyday senses and abilities. His desire to eat vastly decreased, hot and cold temps don't faze him any more. And he can see in infrared vision. Most importantly he could feel an energy surging within. This power came to the forefront when his ex girlfriend Alison was in danger of a car accident, he was able to conjure a Prismatic dome of light around her protecting her from the car.

After this Gunmir discovered that he had magical powers and went on many adventures honing his powers and discovering that the root cause of his powers are his nature as a Prismatic Dragon. With this knowledge he uses his great power to do what he believes is right, and be the guardian dragon of Freedom City.

Personality -

Despite being a dragon, Gunmir goes to great lengths to not show off his power to much as to not draw too much attention to himself when he's helping people. However when he's facing down evildoers he loves to mock and make fun of them as much as possible, in part to goad them into mistakes and because he finds it absolutely hilarious. When things get serious though, very few live to tell the tale of a dragons fury.

When he's not doing hero stuff he just tries to be a normal young adult more or less. working on his future by getting a degree in biology, thinking about how to best handle his rather complicated love life and figuring out how to pay off the inevitable student loan debt. People who know and have met Jacey personally are always surprised at how kind he is, almost to a fault. Allowing himself to look foolish and weak to others if it means preserving an air of lighthearted nature around him as many people avoid on the principal that he is a dragon.

Despite even that the guardian of Freedom City will fight to defend it even if it would be the end of him.

Abilities - 34 + Powers 77 + Advantages 7 + Skills 19 (38 ranks) + Defenses 13 (Human Form)
Abilities - 20 + Powers 90 + Advantages 10 + Skills 16 (32 ranks) + Defenses 14 (Dragon Form)
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Re: [OOC] [3E] The Neophyte Freedom City Experience

Post by Blazichaos »

Superhero name: AEON
Normal name: Mark Enson
Age: 29
Height: 5’9
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Charlie brown


Power descriptions:

PL: [10]
Totals: Abilities [30] + Skills [14] + Advantages [15] + Equipment [] + Powers [64] + Defenses [27] = [150] / 150


Strength: -1
Stamina: 0
Agility: 0
Dexterity: 2
Fighting: 1
Intellect: 4
Awareness: 8
Presence: 1

Expertise (Magic): 10 [14]
Expertise (Astronomy): 4 [8]
Insight: 8 [16]
Perception: 6 [14]

Ranged attack 10
Luck 2



Aeonic Sight (Magic): Remote sensing 10 (visual, auditory, mental), physical body is defenseless, subtle 2; 32 points

Wards of Aether (Magic, Energy): Protection 12, Impervious, sustained; and
Wings of Bythos (Magic, Gravity): Fight 4; 1 point

Mystic awareness (Magic, Order): Senses 2 (Magical awareness(Visual), Radius); 2 points

Aeonic Spellcasting (All have magic)(Array, 24 points, 5 Alternate effects, 29 points in total):

Solar Lance (Solar, Fire): Ranged damage 10; 24 points
Winds of Aether (Solar, WInd): Affliction 10 (resisted by Fortitude; Dazed, Prone), Area 3 (Line 0/1, 30 feet in width and 60 feet in length), Instant recovery (Dazed and prone last only one round), Limited degree;
Constructs of Aether (Solar, Energy): Create 8, Impervious
Hand of Bythos (Gravity): Move object 7, Perception, Precise; 1 point
Horizon gate (Gravity): Teleport 6 (60 miles), Extended (extended only), portal; 1 point
Wrath of Bythos (gravity): Burst area 2 Damaging Move Object 6, limited to Pulling towards the center of the area; 1 point


Aeonic Spellcasting +10 | Ranged damage 10 And Bindings of the Aether
Unarmed +1 | Close, Damage -1


Dodge: 8 (8 points spent)
Parry: 8 (7 points spent)
Will: 12 (4 points spent)
Fortitude: 8 (8 points spent)
Toughness: 12

Power loss: Aeon must be able to make hand gestures and chant in order to cast any effect from his Aeonic spells array

Motivation; Responsibility: Mark Enson believes that Aether and Bythos saved and taught him in order to do good and bring order into the world.

Enemy; Arcanix: The dual celestial entities of Aether and Bythos have rarely ever shown themselves, let alone taught and guided a human being. So Aeon effectively has a one-of-a-kind knowledge of the beings, and that has brought him into the sights of Arcanix, the thief of arcane knowledge on multiple occasions.

Blinded by stars: Aeon Occasionally gets extremely vague visions from Aether and Bythos, commonly debilitating him until the vision is over, what the visions entail, or even if they have any relevance to what Aeon is doing at that moment, is rarely ever immediately obvious.

Obsession: Mark enson has become obsessed with magic, and will even go after magical knowledge that is completely different from his own Aeonic magic.
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Re: [OOC] [3E] The Neophyte Freedom City Experience

Post by Niffy »

The Cursed Conjurer
Real Name: Mateo Maldonado
Alias: The Cursed Conjurer
Profession: Exorcist, Fortune Teller, Magician
Gender: Male.
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Age: 67
Height: 6' 1''
Weight: 180 lbs.
Hair: Curly Black Hair
Eyes: Yellow
Place Of Birth: Cancún, Mexico
Religion: Mexican Catholic
Identity: Public
Group Affiliation: Independent.
Base Of Operations: Freedom City Outskirts
Legal Status: American citizen with no recorded Criminal Record
Marital Status: It's Complicated
Family: Mama Maldonado (Deceased), Papa Maldonado (Deceased), Abuela Maldonado (Deceased), Abuelo Maldonado (Hella Deceased), Maria Maldonado (Alive probably)
Education: Bachelor's
Quote: "Dios Mio, You're one ugly m-" (Seconds before getting pummeled by a large demon.)
Power Level - 10
Power Points - 150
Hero Point - 1
Concept - Mystic?
Theme Song: https://youtu.be/VUxwb3UbqME

Backstory - Mateo belongs to a family with a long, cursed heritage. It was only when he was 16 that Mateo discovered the truth: There is demon blood in his veins. This lineage had stretched from ancient ancestors that had made deals with demons in long times past. For some reason this trait had manifested intensely in Mateo. His wounds healed faster than an average person, and he stopped aging at the age of 25. After he first discovered his tainted biology, he began dabbling in the occult, spirits and demons uncover secrets magic and knowledge. He uses his power for what deems to be good in spite of the obvious general evil roots of his powers.

Strength 1
Fighting 4
Dexterity 4
Agility 2
Stamina 2
Intellect 3
Awareness 4
Presence 5

Acrobatics 2 (0)
Athletics 1 (0)
Close Combat 4 (0)
Deception 12 (7)
Expertise (Magic) 15 (15)
Expertise (Occult) 5 (5)
Insight 6 (2)
Intimidation 5 (0)
Investigation 10 (7)
Perception 10 (6)
Persuasion 10 (5)
Ranged Combat 4 (0)
Sleight of Hand 4 (0)
Stealth 5 (3)
Technology 3 (0)
Treatment 3 (0)
Vehicles 4 (0)

Artificer, Connected, Contacts, Daze 2 (Deception, Persuasion), Defensive Roll, Eidetic Memory,, Equipment 3, Extraordinary Effort, Jack-of-All-Trades, Languages 2 (Spanish, English, Latin), Luck (Improve Roll), Ritualist, SetUp, Skill-Mastery 2 (Deception, Persuasion), Taunt, Ultimate Effort 2 (Expertise: Magic, Will Check), Well Informed

Prestidigitation (1pp)
-Feature 1 (Can create minor magical illusions with little actual application outside of Deceiving, or Manipulating. Ex: changing the suit and number on a group of playing cards, smoking an illusionary cigar that has no benefit or detriment aside from placebo.)

Demon Heritage (14pp)
-Immunity 1 (Aging) Extra: Innate
-Regeneration 1 (1/9 Rounds) Extra: Innate, Persistent
-Comprehend 2 (Spirits) Extra: Innate
-Senses 2 (Spiritual/Magical Awareness) Extra: Innate

Occult Spellcasting (14pp)
-Variable 2 (Mystical Descriptor) (10pp) Extra: (Can) Affect Others Flaw: Slow

-Demon Lineage: Demons, Spirits and all other manner of Occult beings are drawn to Mateo.
-Destiny's Pawn: Mateo seems to be drawn to big supernatural events whether he wants to or not.
-Pain in the Ass: Despite his charm, Mateo can make all manner of creatures want to pummel him to paste, or worse.
-Relationship: Most of his family has perished from the family curse, though there's rumors that his sister may yet live, her whereabouts are unknown, but Mateo would likely kill for such information.
-Reputation: Supernatural charlatan, liar and kiss of death to those close to him.
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Re: [OOC] [3E] The Neophyte Freedom City Experience

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Blazichaos wrote: Sat Feb 05, 2022 5:09 am Name: Aeon
HP: 2
Condition: Defenseless, Imobilized

My my, what a brilliant little show you have here, but I can't help but think some things... missing.
OOC wrote: Aeon will try and distract Abracadaver for a second (taking his eyes off of Gunmir for a moment) by poking at his desire for a great show, I imagine this would be a roll of presence?
It would normally be a Deception check if you're trying to trick him into something, but since you have no ranks, yes, that would be your Presence. Alternately, there are Advantages specifically to prevent someone from acting. Fascinate is a little too late, since you're in combat, but Daze would be possible, and can be attained with a Hero Point.

So what exactly are you trying for here?
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Re: [OOC] [3E] The Neophyte Freedom City Experience

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Identity: Lily Lee (Secret)
Age: 19
Height: 1,58 (5'2")
Hair: ash blonde (light sky blue as Libra)
Eyes: grey blue (whatever's happening in that pic as Libra)


PL: [10]
Totals: Abilities [0] + Skills [14] + Advantages [8] + Equipment [3] + Powers [104] + Defenses [21] = [150] / 150

Strength: 12/0
Stamina: 12/0
Agility: 1/-3
Dexterity: 0
Fighting: 0
Intellect: 1
Awareness: 2
Presence: 0

Athletics: 12 (0)
Close Combat (Unarmed): 8 (8)
Deception: 0 (0)
Insight: 6 (4)
Intimidation: 10 (enhanced)
Perception: 10 (8)
Persuasion: 10 (enhanced)
Ranged Combat (Thrown Object): 8 (8)
Stealth: 1 (0)

All-out Attack
Benefit 2: Wealthy
Benefit 1: Status (Only child of a famous business entrepreneur)
Equipment 3
Move-by Action
Take-down 2

Smart phone; 2 equipment points
Mansion (Headquarters: Large, toughness 10; Computer, Garage, Infirmary, Library, Living Space, Personnel, Security System 1); 12 equipment points
Electric Wheelchair (Land Vehicle: M, 0 Strength, 1 Speed, 0 Defence, 5 toughness); 1 equipment point

TRANSFORM! (Move Action to activate); -1 point
  • Celestial Body (Cosmic): Enhanced Stamina 12, Impervious Toughness 11, Immunity 7(Environments: cold, heat, high pressure, radiation and vacuum; Suffocation); 41 points
  • Starlight Flight (Cosmic, Telekinesis): Flight 9 (2400 kmh / 1000 mph), Enhanced Trait (Agility +4); 26 points
  • Supernova Strength (Cosmic, Telekinesis): Enhanced Trait (Strength +12); 24 points
  • Starry Eyes (Cosmic, Starlight): Sustained ultra-vision; 1 point
  • The Confidence That Comes With Invulnerability: Array (10)
    • Bravado (Confidence): Enhanced Traits (Persuasion +10, Intimidation +10); 10 points
    • Grand Entrance (Confidence, Fear): Affliction 10, resisted with will; Dazed, stunned; (E: Visual Perception Area, Selective; F: Limited to two degrees, Fades); 1 point
  • Whoever could she be?!? Feature 1; When transforming, Libra changes her costume, hair- and eye colour.
Unarmed +8 | Close Strength Rank 12 Damage
Thrown Object +8 | Ranged Strength Rank 12 Damage
Grand Entrance | Visual Perception Area Affliction 10

Dodge: 8 (7)
Parry: 8 (8)
Will: 8 (6)
Fortitude: 12 (0)
Toughness: 12 (0)

Motivation: Thrills
Lily has convinced everyone, including herself, that she became a hero for the greater good. The real reason is that Libra doesn't need a wheelchair.

Disability: Paralysed legs
Even as Libra, Lily can't move her legs from her knees. She uses her super-flight to move, always floating a few centimetres above the ground.

Weakness: Earth
The zodiac libra's element is air, the opposite of which is earth. Hero Libra can only use her super-strength in limited amounts if she touches the ground, losing more strength with more contact. If just her feet, the change in power is unnoticeable, but when fully dropped against the floor, she can't use her strength at all.

Power Loss: Saying TRANSFORM! Is Part Of The TRANSFORMation! It's Important!
Lily needs to be able to say "TRANSFORM!" to be able to TRANSFORM! Effects limiting her speech can lock her in human form.

Origin Story:
Lily was born in England as only daughter of Laurence Lee, owner of the fast food chain Leetle Bites. When her father's business went global, she moved with her family to Freedom City, America. Having a multi-millionaire as a parent meant Lily had her every need catered to; she didn't know a life where she wouldn't always get what she wanted. That quickly changed, however.
At the age of 16, Lily lost both her mother and her legs to a car accident. The impact had shattered her knees, and while a fast response time from the hospital meant they didn't have to be amputated, the damage to the nerves was permanent. Lily could only move her lower legs limply, not strong enough to support her body's weight.
Her father became overly protective of her after that, but for Lily that meant losing the little freedom she had left. She could no longer move without a wheelchair, and no longer leave the house without her father's permission. Over the years she has been able to make her father make compromises, regaining her autonomy by baby steps, but the feeling of being a bird in a gilded cage never faded.
At her 19th birthday, Lily saw a shooting star from the window of her room, and made a wish upon it in desperation. "I wish I could fly like you, away from all this." Almost as if the star had heard her, it promptly changed direction mid-air, right towards her! Lily lost her consciousness, only vaguely remembering the comet crashing into her room, but when she checked there was no sight of the asteroid anywhere, nor the damage it should've caused. She also noticed something else; she wasn't sitting in her wheelchair anymore, but flying above it.
Once she realised what had happened to her, it was clear to Lily what she would do. Living in a city full of super-heroes, it was only natural she would take place among them; it certainly sounded a lot more interesting than staying cooped up at home!
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Re: [OOC] [3E] The Neophyte Freedom City Experience

Post by Phicksur »

Dee Cee (Matthew Hampton) PL: 10, PP: 150

Abilities {40 points}
Strength: 0, Stamina: 10, Agility: 0, Dexterity: 0, Fighting: 0, Intellect: 0, Awareness: 10, Presence: 0

Powers {91 points}
Protective Outfit (Protection 5, Sustained, Noticeable (bright yellow contruction outfit) – {4 pts}

Shape Bending (84 points + 3 alternate effects)
– Variable 14 [Focus: Physical Form-based powers] (Distracting) {6R: 84 points}
------ Commonly set to Immortality 20, Regeneration 5, Immunity (30) to Fortitude Resistance checks

AE1 – Reality Shift (84 points)
------ Transform 20 (Continuous, All Matter, Distracting, Precise, Resistible (Fortitude DC 30). Increased Mass 3 {4R+4}

AE2 – Transforming Touch (82 points + 2 alternate effects)
------ Affliction 16 [Dazed & Entranced / Stunned & Compelled / Transformed & Controlled] (Touch, Continuous, Extra Condition, Accurate 2, Resisted by Will) {5R + 2: 82 points}
AE2 – AE1 – Doppleganger Attack - Affliction 10 [Vulnerable / Defenseless / Incapacitated ] (Perception Range, Burst Area (60 foot radius), Selective, Progressive, Subtle 2, Resisted by Parry) {8R + 2 each: 82 points}
AE2 – AE2 – Disruptive Transformation – Perception Damage 10 (Continuous, Penetrating 10) linked with Senses 12 (Penetrates & Counters Visual Concealment, Vision Extended 3) {6R+22: 82 points}

AE3 – Alter Reality (84 points)
------ Create 20 (Permanent, Precise, Subtle, Innate, Moveable, Stationary, Increased Mass 4) {3R + 7: 67 points}
------ Enhanced Traits (Intellect 10 [Limited: useful only for Created Objects], Jack-of-all-Trades, Inventor) {1R+3: 13 points}
------ Quickness 8 [Limited to mental tasks] {½ R: 4 points}

Other {19 points}
Advantages: {1 point}
Luck (1)

Skills: {8 points}
Expertise – Cooking +4 (Matthew is a trained chef)
Sleight of Hand +12 (Matthew is exceptionally adept with his hands, and makes Hibachi chefs look like amateurs.)

Initiative: +0
Unarmed: +0, Damage: 0
Transforming Touch: Unarmed: +4, Affliction 16 (Will 26 Resist)
Disruptive Transformation: Perception Damage 10 (Continuous, Penetrating 10)
Doppelganger Attack: Affliction 10 (Resist Parry DC 20)

Defense: {10 points}
Dodge: 5 {5 points}
Parry: 5 {5 points}
Toughness: 15
Fortitude: 10 (or Immune)
Will: 10

Motivation: Doing Good
Motivation: Responsibility
Identity: Matthew does not make it publicly known he has super powers, but isn’t very secretive about it either as he can make people ‘forget’ he used powers when needed.
Responsibility: Works for an insurance company doing repair work as DeeCee (not Matthew).

Matthew Hampton was a chef in a small restaurant in Boston. One day a strange man walked in and asked Matthew to design for him a feast fit for the gods, as if money was no object. Matthew put a great deal of thought into it and designed an elegant and luxurious dinner, served on serving dishes that were themselves edible, and spread out in such a way as to maximize the diner’s pleasure and comfort. The man returned and Matthew showed him his design and pleased the man such that he was given a strange orb in return for his efforts, after which the man left and never returned.

Matthew took the orb home, not knowing what to do with it, and slept on it, dreaming of confections and pastries only to awaken and discover his home had been changed into those same desserts and the orb was glowing quite brightly. Taking the orb in his hands, he absorbed the orb, becoming more resilient and aware as a result, and immediately willed everything back the way it was.

Life went normally for Matthew after that, when he used his powers in small ways to make his restaurant into a luxurious eating establishment known around the region. Normal, that is, until the day that a super-powered villain was thrown into his restaurant and destroyed it by some reckless super-powered hero.

Matthew, angry at the villain for destroying his restaurant, instinctively transformed the villain into a normal citizen and compelled him to behave as a law-abiding citizen for the rest of his days. When the hero came into the restaurant to take the villain into custody, and found two ‘normal’ citizens there with no villain in sight, Matthew had to explain to him that he had de-powered the villain. Realizing that Matthew would be a valuable ally, the hero recruited him into his super-powered team.

Adopting the name DeeCee and taking the ‘costume’ of a construction worker, Matthew continues to hone his powers and work to protect the citizens from all super-powered persons: not just villains, but also reckless heroes.

Buildings weigh roughly 50lbs per square foot of living space (presuming 8-10 foot ceilings). Transform rank 20 is 16,000 square feet of space or roughly a small building.

Prepared Forms:
Super Car: (Growth 12 (Reduced Strength 6), Strength: 6, Features: Headlights, Radio, Interior Compartment (5 occupants), Speed 10, Leaping 10, Swimming 10, Deflection 10 (Close Range, Reflect) Immunity 5 (Environmental Effects for Self & Occupants), Piloting 10 {84 points}

Battlemech: Growth 12, Strength 12, Features: Headlights, Radio, Interior Compartment (2 occupants), Speed 5, Immunity 10 [Life Support for Self and Occupants], Weapons (53 points) {31 points}

Resurrection Booth: Healing 84 (Resurrection, Distracting, Limited – Doesn’t work on people with powers) {84 points}

Weapons for Shapes:
Long-Range Lasers (Ranged Damage 10, Accuracy 5, Affects Insubstantial Full {27 points}
Homing Missiles (Ranged Damage 10, Accuracy 5, Homing 1) {26 points}
Warp Bomb (Perception Damage 8, Burst Area, Selective, Indirect 2) {26 points}
Healing Blast (Healing 10 Area Burst (60’ radius), Distracting) {50 points}
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