The Rules - Conduct and Behavior Guidelines

What's expected of everyone that hangs out here.
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The Rules - Conduct and Behavior Guidelines

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Hello and welcome to Echoes of the Multiverse, a hang out spot for geeks of all stripes to chat and have fun. While it's got a focus on tabletop role-playing games, this board encourages everyone to have a good time and talk about whatever bit of fandom strikes your fancy.

However, before we can enjoy ourselves, we need to get the rules out of the way, just so that there is no confusion.

1) Respect each other. That is the simplest way to put it. Remember that you're a human being and so are the people you're interacting with on here. Everyone deserves the same respect you yourself desire. The best moderation is self-moderation, so please try to keep things civil. That means:
No aggressive or passive-aggressive attacks on members here, no matter how indirect or veiled.
No revealing non-public info on other people, regardless of whether they're a part of this community or not.
No harassment or trolling of members here.
If you respect each other, everything else will largely take care of itself.

2) Try to keep this place roughly PG-13. No posting pictures that contain nudity, no pornography, no overly gory imagery, no fan works that contain descriptions of such imagery, etc. When it comes to swearing, either self-censor or keep it to a minimum of single word of profanity per page.

3) Acknowledge other people are going to have different views than yourself, and do your best to respect said views. It's likely someone will say something about a topic that offends you. The moderation staff is not here to protect you from that. What someone finds offensive, no one can control. The decision to be offensive towards an individual person on here is something you can and must control.

4) The thread starter made said thread with a particular goal in mind. Please respect that it is, for all intent purposes, their playground. If the main topic gets derailed sufficiently, the topic starter is within their rights to ask people to get back on topic, or to take things to the appropriate forum, such as the Debate forum.

This forum is a work in progress, so I appreciate everyone's patience while we set things up, finalize the rules, and eventually get this place looking how we want it. Please check back here for updates as progress hopefully continues.
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