Decadence: A Tale Of The Sunstorm.

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Decadence: A Tale Of The Sunstorm.

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"Debo admitir que esta es una experiencia nueva para mí en mi... línea de trabajo, señorita." The male prostitute named Manuel murmured in awe.

“Oh, new experience, huh?” I opened my eyes and answered in a dreamy tone. “In what way exactly? Is it because i happen to be the first sunstormer you ever had in your long and rather illustrious career or is it the fact that said sunstormer is using her power on you?”

Manuel laughed. “Only a fool would even try to answer such questions, señorita.” He said, switching to English.

“Good, now shut the hell up and keep pouring that beer on me.”

"Sí, Señora Helen."

He was hovering about a foot or so above me on the beach chair, trying his best to slowly and carefully drip the bottle of Mexican beer onto my belly and lowering his head, sipping the liquid that pooled at my navel. I shuddered and sighed with intense pleasure at the feeling of both the cold beer on my bare skin and his tongue as he licked my stomach.

Ahhh..... Things definitely could not get any better than this. Kinky sex with a handsome stud on a white sandy beach by the Gulf of Mexico in roughly 98 degree weather. What more could a sex starved vacationing police officer with superpowers ask for? I, of course, was very much aware of the 8 hour time limit imposed on me and the rich bastard I was babysitting by the local chief of police, an officious prick named Torres but I didn't care.

I still have plenty of time and with Prettyboy shacked up in his hotel room with a blonde windsurfing vacationer from Alabama called Shelly (who happened to be in her mid twenties. I know since I've already checked beforehand. Any younger and Richie Rich would have to be in timeout. Yes, I had him pretty much wrapped around my fingers), the need for rushing to leave the seaside resort town of Costa De Azul was nonexistent to say the very least.

There were some beach goers who occasionally stopped by to briefly gawk at the spectacle of me lifting this manwhore without any physical effort save a touch of my pinky on his muscular thighs and then they moved quickly on their own business.

Having the sunstormer ability to alter gravity of objects both living and otherwise can do that, nullifying Manuel's mass to almost near weightlessness so he floated above me.

As this was a “private” beach, the rich norteamericanos knew better than to take selfies of yours truly. Torres and the drug cartels backing him ensured that paparazzis are an extinct species around Costa De Azul and the wealthy snobs certainly didn't want their own dirty laundry to be revealed to the general public.

Don't Ask. Don't Tell. Don't Care. Don't Take Pictures.

The fact that the drug rings had such a strong presence here was hardly surprising. After all this where they sometimes get their profits from with some of them even outright owning the hotels and such. Unlike in the States, the sunstormers here in Mexico didn't have an option to leave the country instead most of them simply joined the cartels.

And if the rumors can be believed, quite a few sunstormers were actually in charge of some of the Latin gangs.

I was about to ask Manuel to take off my bikini top when a large shadow suddenly loomed over us.

It wasn't a cloud unfortunately. It was Lloyd Price, Chicago FBI SAC which was another type of cloud about to rain on my parade. He was wearing the standard FBI business suit that somehow protected him from the scorching heat. The Fed wasn't even sweating.

And people thought sunstormers were freaks.

“Is that monkey suit of yours magic or something?” I said huskily between kisses as I made Manuel float up and down to embrace and tongue me. “Grab a speedo and relax. Get a hooker or three. But leave this sexy guy, Manuel alone. He's all mine.”

Price looked at me with disgust and I just looked back with indifference as I used my power to place the manwhore gently down next to me and then grabbed another beer from the cooler.

“Paladino, we have to talk…alone.”

“Oh joy.” I muttered as I reluctantly sent Manuel away. I stood up and guzzled down the contents of the bottle before tossing it aside.

"Goddamned killjoy..."

Price merely motioned his head in grim silence to follow him and we began to walk down the beach.

To be continued:
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Re: Decadence: A Tale Of The Sunstorm.

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We walked along the stretch of beach in silence for a few minutes. Price trying to avoid the water's edge while I went closer to the sea and waded nearly at ankle depth wearing my sandals. I bent over to pick up a pinkish blue seashell and idly fingered it.

“You wanted to talk, so talk.”

“How is the…package?” Price said in a conspiring tone.

Idiot had been reading too many espionage novels again.

“If you mean the spoiled little rich boy I've stuck with for the past four days, then yeah…the creep is fine.”

“Good, good. While his father is technically not on the board of directors of GeneSync, he is the principal shareholder with 31 percent of the voting stocks within the company so his input carries a lot of weight…”

I interrupted, the seashell suddenly floating over the palm of my hand. “I'm really getting pretty bored here, Price. Get to the point already. You didn't personally come all the way from Chicago to just check up on me or Fitzgerald.”

“Does the name Ignacio Sepúlveda mean anything to you, Helen?”

I sighed and searched my beer soaked brain.

“Yeah. I've heard of him. He made the news a few years back. Some kind of big time DEA agent who apparently quit and defected to work with the Colombians.”

Price's face twisted into a grimace. “Yes, that's the one. After working as a mid level lackey, Sepúlveda decided to go into business for himself. Went back to the States, took over Los Toros, a two bit local street gang in El Paso, Texas and within a few months turned them into a major player in the drug trade on both sides of the border.

Of course this puts Sepúlveda on the sh#t list with La EME* as well as us. He still has ties with the South American cartels despite his leaving them. As long as they share a big chunk of his profits, they pretty much leave him alone.

But that wasn't enough. With the Federal Government on his sorry ass, it became uncomfortable for him to remain in Texas for long periods of time, he moved south and 'took control’ of the old Reynosa cartel and set himself up as a drug czar. He spends almost all of his time in his estate in Sonora but still runs his Texan gang through proxies.”

“Interesting history lesson. But what does any of this have to do with me?”

“You ought to know, Paladino. You have already met one of his lap dogs, Chief Torres. Yes, Helen. All the liquor you have drunk and the guy you're fu@king right now is coming from Sepúlveda himself.”

I pantomimed a heart attack and staggered overdramaticaly in the water with a look of faked expression of shock on my face.

“Oh my heart! Old ticker gave me quite a scare there. For a tiny second i almost gave a sh!t. I don't have to remind you that the money I've been using to finance my fun in the sun activities comes from the Fitzgeralds…and Uncle Sam. I don't have to spend a single dime. You also didn't come here to give me a lecture. So what are you really doing here?”

“The DEA in cooperation with the Mexican government is conducting a sting operation on Sepúlveda even as we speak.”

“How is the FBI involved in this?”

“The Bureau has been tasked to take down the gang in El Paso, preferably at the same time as the raid on Sepúlveda's Sonora estate but things don't always work out. Still we are confident of at least several arrests. I'm here only as an official observer.”

I made the seashell that was floating around me drop into my hand.

“I'll take Fitzgerald and leave town. I know that's not the whole story but i will not get anymore straight answers except bullsh*t you want to keep feeding me. Happy?

“Not quite but I guess it would have to do. Be careful, Paladino.”

“Yeah, yeah.” I muttered as I went back to the hotel. I tossed the seashell I had been holding as hard as I could into the ocean hoping it might skip on the surface.

No such luck. It merely sank. Oh joy…

I spotted Manuel lounging by the jacuzzi area and signaled him to come forward.

We embraced roughly and as his hands fondled my buttocks, I whispered in his ear.

“I have to leave here, I'm afraid. But I still have some time left. To my room then…and don't be gentle with me.”

“Sí señorita. Haré mi mejor esfuerzo.”

“Good. Don't disappoint me or I'll turn you into a eunuch and feed your balls to the fishes.”

To be continued:

Notes: *La EME: Mexican Mafia.
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Re: Decadence: A Tale Of The Sunstorm.

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Two hours later:

We were in bed, naked and lying next to each other with my head resting on Manuel's warm chest and listening to his heartbeat. I really didn't want to leave but of course I didn't have a choice in the matter.

“Do you have to go, Helen?” Manuel asked abruptly. “I know Chief Torres. Es un cerdo sucio pero puedo razonar con él…”

“No.” I answered firmly as I reluctantly got off the bed to shower and dress.

"Look, I like you, Manny. I really do in fact if I had the money, I'd smuggle your sexy hot Latin ass across the border and you can live with me as my own personal cabana boy. But let's be real. There is no such thing as Love At First Fu&k.”

He grew pensive at that. As I stepped into the shower and turned on the water, he followed me into the bathroom. He scrubbed my back with a loofah sponge while I shampooed my hair.

“Senorita, do you ever think about what could have been? If we were not as we are. Yo, un prostituto in this town and you a cop and…” he hesitated.

“And what? A ballbusting alcoholic slut or a Sunstormer? I suppose it does not matter either way.

And in answer to your nosy question, I really don't think much about my future. I have it all planned out: I get very drunk, trip, hit my head and die bleeding out from a skull fracture. The End.”

Manuel sighed. “I often think about the future, Helen. Eventually I will become old; my looks will fade and my body will be all flabby and then what? I could perhaps go back into being a stuntman.”

“You?” l laughed. “A stuntman? You're putting me on."

“It is true. I had worked for several of the telenovela stations in Mexico City.”

“What happened?" I asked, finally done with the shower and stepped out with a wraparound towel while he took his turn bathing. I didn't care about his life story of course. In my line of work, you hear all sorts of sob stories. But pillow talk was still pillow talk even if the sex had ended.

“The unions kept demanding higher and higher dues to the point I had to surrender half of my wages to keep working. So I left and wound up here.”

“Working for drug dealing scum like Sepúlveda. Don't bother to deny it.”

“Sí. Most of Costa De Azul work for him. Before that it was the Reynosas. That's how it is. It doesn't matter who pays for what we must do in order to survive whenever it's the foreign tourists or native vacationers, whoever is in charge will make certain we will never get paid much anyway. Sepúlveda is an evil man but he is not the first or the last. There will always be men and women like him and we will always be poor and hungry at their fu@king nonexistent mercy.”

We finished drying up and dressing. Fully packed, I took up my luggage and walked out of the hotel room with Manuel in tow.

Prettyboy Fitzgerald was waiting in the passenger side of our rented car. He did not look all too happy about leaving. Apparently both Price and Torres had gotten to him.


I kissed Manuel deeply and passionately. For a split second I really did not want to go then the brief lapse of sentimentality had passed and I made my heart harden again.

“Bye, Manny.”

“Adiós Señorita Paladino.....Helen.”

I stowed my bags in the trunk and turned on the car radio.

Wouldn't you know it? They were playing Wall of Voodoo's Mexican Radio.

Funny World.

From the corner of my eye as we drove off, I spotted Torres talking to a sharply dressed man near the entrance of the hotel lobby.

Fitzgerald tensed. “It's him. That bastard, Sepúlveda.” he whispered harshly.

Shit, time's up.

To be continued:
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Re: Decadence: A Tale Of The Sunstorm.

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We had managed to drive up a couple of miles on the Gulfside road from Costa De Azul when i pulled over and stopped the car.

Fitzgerald's eyes widened. “Are you goddamn crazy? Why are we taking a pit stop now? You should have went before we left the hotel.”

“Very funny.” I said caustically. “Tell me about Sepúlveda.”

“Don't know what you're talki…”

“Cut the horsecrap. You recognized him at the hotel and Torres and the Fed, Price you had had conversations with aren't exactly the types to tell your dumb ass anything. Old friend?”

Prettyboy just looked at me in sullen petulant silence

“Look, jerkwad. I don't have to like you but I do have to protect you even if it means risking my own life in the process. So either tell me or get out of the car and start walking your way back home. North is that way.”

“Oh right, oh right! Sepúlveda used to hang out with my old man…and no not in a homo kind of way. Business partners of sorts.”

“Go on.” I replied, taking quick glances on the road now and then through the rearview mirrors. No signs of pursuit so far.

“You know GeneSync Bio isn't quite a paragon of the medical world right?”

“I know all about GSB and their dirty secrets!” I snapped in sudden anger. “Don't try and bother to f$cking sugar coat the whole thing. They work closely with the FBI in performing illegal medical experiments on sunstormers!”

Upon seeing his quick gaze of contempt, my voice was now raising higher but all the long pent up anger that had been boiling inside me escaped. “SO SPARE ME YOUR JUDGMENT, YOU DAMNED PEDOPHILE!!!” I stopped and turned away, hands shaking.

The burst of rage took both of us by surprise. Me especially as i happened to be involved in the capture of some of those sunstormers that were eventually sent to GSB's laboratories to be used as guinea pigs.

Did it bother me at all that i was sending my own kind to scientific torture and eventual death?…

At one time, the answer would be a no as i did not share any sense of kinship or sympathy toward the sunstormers. At least that is what i try to keep telling myself when the alcohol didn't quite deaden the nagging feelings of doubt that sometimes crawled unexpectedly.

But now…

I honestly don't know how to react…or even feel about anything or anyone anymore.

My current therapist back home, Dr. Altman would say that expressing such public outbursts of anger was beneficially healthy in the long run.

Smug A-hole with his psychological mumble jumble. What the hell does he really know?

After a few moments, Fitzgerald continued on with his story about his association with Sepúlveda.

To be continued:
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Re: Decadence: A Tale Of The Sunstorm.

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“My father's company, GeneSync Biopharmaceutical Incorporated or commonly known as GeneSync Bio or GSB if you prefer, was at the time in financial trouble. They were being investigated by the FDA as well as the DEA.”


“GSB had made a lucrative deal with an African country, Sierra Leone i believe, to deliver a large shipment of antibiotics and medicines to the government there to supply some of their hospitals. But my dad, greedy bloodsucker that he was, wanted to save some cash and research time and cut corners in the production.”

“In fu@$ing English…”

“The drugs given to the Africans were flawed, okay?!! Pretty bad side effects which killed over 20 maybe even 30 patients in the major hospital of Freetown, the capital. The Sierra Leoneans were pissed off, so was the American government but GSB got away scot free because the investigation conducted by the DEA failed to turn up anything incriminating.”

“ ‘Aha, I see, said the blind man.’ Sepúlveda was the DEA agent in charge of the investigation, wasn't he? Did he also helped you beat that statutory rape charge with that 15 year old girl in Acapulco?”

“Fu$k you, Paladino! By then he wasn't a government agent anymore.”

A light bulb inside my head just went on.

“The DEA caught on with him taking bribes from GSB and he went to work with the Colombians. But he still worked with your father's company. Why? Of course, why didn't i guess this sooner? Designer drugs.

Daddy Warbucks got tired of dealing with the Colombians so GSB made a new deal with the FBI for them to use their medical knowhow and facilities in their black ops against sunstormers. I take it that Sepúlveda and his Colombian friends took the news of being cut off very badly.”

I stopped talking and started the convertible. It was becoming noon and the heat unbearable but that wasn't the issue that had gotten me under my skin.

The issue was that an experienced former government agent like Sepúlveda is too smart and paranoid to leave his heavily guarded Sonoran estate…

…unless he was drawn into a trap by a certain FBI bastard who leaked information about Fitzgerald and his temporary sunstormer bodyguard. Killing the son was a surefire (ha ha. see what i did there?) way to get revenge on the father.

In short, we were meant to be the bait.

Oh, joy.

Price and me will have some choice words if i ever live through this.

In the meantime, we drove the hell out of there before the Mexican and American governments came down on Costa De Azul like a ton of bricks.

To be continued:
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Re: Decadence: A Tale Of The Sunstorm.

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It was after five miles, that we had encountered signs of increased presence of La Guardia Nacional, the uniformed paramilitary force akin to our own country's national guard and the Policía Federal Ministerial, the federales with motorized patrols and occasional roadblocks. I think i saw a couple of helicopters in the distance toward the direction of Costa De Azul, but whether or not they belonged to one of theirs or the DEA, i really can't say.

The guards at the blockades merely glanced at my identification papers and passport without a care, fair enough as my own Chicago PD badge wasn't worth spit south of the border, some of them even casting a sneer at a trembling Fitzgerald who meekly lowered his head in an attempt to try and make himself smaller in order to avoid notice.

Yeah, the federales knew about the pervert and i took grim pleasure at his discomfort. He was already small and not just in physical stature, petty and pathetic even in my mind. Without his father's wealth, in the end he was a nobody. Just a spoiled white rich kid without anyone in this cold, cruel world giving two sh&ts about him, including his dad and especially me.

That is maybe the one and only thing me and the old greedy son of a bitch had in common. I did speak in full spanish to several of the police officers and found to my delight that Sepúlveda had been apprehended trying to escape Costa De Azul. About the takedown on his gang in El Paso, the federales of course knew nothing which makes sense. The DEA and the FBI rarely share anything including credit or jurisdiction to foreign agencies even to each other.

However, if the rumors told me were true, there were already quite a few contenders in the Mexican drug trade fighting over Sepúlveda's spot.

Manuel was right. It does not matter who is in charge, the rest of us will still struggle to make a living under the whims of said new jefe of the dung pile.

Manny was probably back in the hotel, “servicing” yet another client. I was nothing but a one afternoon stand to him… A brief sexual diversion: nothing more, nothing less…

…Nothing less…


My hands tightened on the steering wheel. What the hell is the matter with me?!! Why am i having feelings for a guy who for all intents and purposes was a whore, a piece of meat. I had many other lovers, much better ones before him…

‘Liar...’ Came the whispers in my head. 'You are developing a conscience, Helen. You are starting to care about people, if not yourself…’

Shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP!!!!!!

I snapped out of my brain fart as Fitzgerald suddenly grabbed the wheel and twisted as we almost drove off the cliff. The car skidded toward the edge then came to a stop as i quickly retook control and switched off the ignition.


“I am not crazy.” i said coldly as i mentally shoved my so called conscience back into the nether regions of my mind.

I am not crazy.

…Am not…

I am not crazy!!!

“What?...” Fitzgerald stammered wide eyed as he saw the look on my face.

I am not crazy. There is nothing wrong with me.

I am not crazy.

I am nothing like these f@ cking sunstormers like DuPont or even Harold…

Or any other sunstormer, i am nothing like them…


I changed the subject. “They nabbed that scumbag Sepúlveda.”

“I overheard. I think we ought to head on toward the nearest consulate office. No offense but i’ve enough of Mexico for a while.”

“Says you, i can't get enough.” i answered as i restarted the car and drove on North toward the nearest large town. I was tired of Fitzgerald and his BS. GSB and Price can go to hell if they don't approve. "Next place we stop, get out for good this time. Your money's no good no more. Not to me anyway.”

“My father will hear about this, Paladino. He will do everything in his power to make sure you are stuck here in greaseball land for the rest of your poor ass life.”

“F$ck you and your father.”

Twenty four hours later:

I returned to Costa De Azul after dumping the child molesting prick, Fitzgerald into Price's lap to escort him back home. Me and Price didn't speak to each other at all during the transfer but the Fed was privately pleased about the bureau's Texan takedown of Sepúlveda's Los Toros gang. The bust went all viral all over the news networks almost as much as the DEA's own televised operation in Sonora and Costa De Azul.

Of course, there was no mention or credit of the Mexican Federales who actually did the dirty work like risking their lives arresting Sepúlveda and his thugs.


Chief Torres was quite surprised to see me again. I ignored him as i entered the hotel. In the lobby, i was told by the clerk that Manuel had quit his job yesterday for unknown reasons. I quickly left without bothering to check in.

After walking aimlessly for a few hours in town, i soon found Manuel in a juice bar on a side street lined with curio shops. He sat alone, sipping a coconut-pineapple smoothie. He smiled as i took a seat in front of him and ordered a smoothie of my own, banana-blueberry. We drank in silence for a while before i spoke.

“Why did you quit your job?” i asked bluntly.

“I wanted to get away from this business for a very long time, Helen. I just received a lucrative job offer to train others to become stuntmen themselves for a film production company in Toronto, Canada. I leave tomorrow morning.”

“Oh…i see…” i said softly.

“Why did you come back, Helen?”

I looked away. “I-I don't know…” my voice trailed away.

“Si Helen, tu sabes por qué.” At that i angrily turned my head to look into his eyes. ….Something had passed between us.

Passion? Desire? Lust? It couldn't be Love that we are currently feeling toward one another. Or could it?

In the end, what does any of that matter? Not much.

"Am i also part of the reason for the career change?”

“You're not that great in bed, Helen.” Manuel laughed out loud with booming gusto and the anger i briefly felt just now had miraculously vanished and i found myself laughing uproariously as well, almost falling off the chair while doing so.

Strange. It felt good laughing. It seemed like it had been ages since i last laughed like that.

“I always wanted to see Niagara Falls.”

“We can leave right now if you wish.”

"Tomorrow, Manny, tomorrow. But first we check in and catch up.”

“Very well, señorita Helen. You will love Canada, i think. But promise me this: once we booked a room, por el amor de Dios, please be gentle and have mercy on me. You play too rough.”

We got up and i took his hand and leaned against his shoulder as we made our way to the hotel.

“Me? Have mercy, especially while having wild sex in bed? Never gonna happen."

The End.
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