What is the most "fluff" powerful player character you've had in a game

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What is the most "fluff" powerful player character you've had in a game

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Putting aside game probability mechanics, what supers RPG player character have you played as, or with, had the most ridiculous scale of abilities in real world terms? I once played a prismatic guy who could see anywhere in the universe and prevent the big crunch in an end of the universe supers scenario. He was so powerful he survived and influenced the creation of the next universe, when their mission to save the universe failed exceptionally. We were playing a mix of Marvel Superheroes and the Mythic RPG.

I played another Mythic Marvel game where the Mole Men invaded Atlantis, hit it with a gamma bomb, and the Hulk (a PC) happened to be there. He was supercharged by gamma rays and was very upset with the mole people for nuking fish man.
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Re: What is the most "fluff" powerful player character you've had in a game

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With the exception of obvious ones like Dr Arcane my eventual Sorcerer Supreme. ID say my most ridiculously powerful character is Rolling Thunder my first ever brick. Thunder would go on to be played in several game systems and universes and In each one he would face off with and WIN against every major brick in the setting. He would beat some of the most unbeatable for a single PC bricks out there. including Grond. the Hulk, Juggernaut, Thor Hercules, Superman, the Abomination, Caestus Pax. and so on, He would even in one campaign in back-to-back chapters of said campaign stop the unstoppable and move the immovable through a couple of perfectly timed crit rolls

Thunders so well established by this point that I refuse to play him in any game where hes less powerful then he is now
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