RIP Scott Hall

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RIP Scott Hall

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Scott Hall, also known as Razor Ramon, passed away on March 14, 2022 at age 63. He started wrestling back in 1984, and spent multiple stints in both WCW and WWF/E. Unfortunately, he struggled with substance abuse issues, which weren't helped by PTSD that he suffered, which negatively affected his health. However, with the help of Diamond Dallas Page, he was able to get sober, although he did have long term effects from it.

Earlier this month, he fell and broke his hip. During surgery to repair it, a blood clot was dislodged and traveled to his heart, resulting in three heart attacks. He was placed on life support until his family could pay their last respects, and then he was removed from support.
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Re: RIP Scott Hall

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I'm just glad he was able to deal with his demons before passing. It did him a lot of good.
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Re: RIP Scott Hall

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Tattooedman wrote: Wed Mar 16, 2022 2:06 am I'm just glad he was able to deal with his demons before passing. It did him a lot of good.
Hall had unfortunately relapsed during the pandemic and it was a major factor in his death. ... he_past_2/

It's important to bring this up because Hall started drinking after he became isolated in his home during the events of 2020. It is very important to make sure people who have addiction issues have access to support even years after they went clean. It is a constant battle that never really ends.

RIP Big Man, you were one of the best.
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