Tales of High Adventure

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Tales of High Adventure

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This is going to be where I post some stories of my character Spellbinder's adventures when he was young and living in his mother's world. Ysariel and I haven't decided on a name yet.

The world is typical sword and sorcery realm - or at least what Jason was exposed to was. His mother gave him a very limited view of the world and sent trusted people with him to make sure he didn't get into actual trouble. They failed a lot.

Jason went there when he was 10 and spent a decade there. The stories will not be in chronological order.

You can see Jason's build here.

Spellbinder is my new character for Season 3 in Adventurer's Assemble. This game started at the very tail end of Atomic Think Tank, went all the way through RoninArmy. We moved it to Echoes a few months before the boards completely crashed.
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