Coyote & Crow first impressions

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Coyote & Crow first impressions

Post by JDRook »

I got in on the Coyote & Crow kickstarter early on and they just dropped the PDF, so I've been poring over that for the last few days.

Briefly, for those who don't know, C&C is a TTRPG set in an alternate history, with the deviation point occurring around 1400 AD, when a purple streak in the sky causes or coincides with what is essentially a mini-Ice Age, making the weather harsh and the seas untraversable for several centuries. This means the Americas (the sole focus of the core book) are never colonized, and develop over 700 years without any international influence. Also, the purple streak in the sky begins to manifest in plants, animals and people about 200 years, and constant study over the centuries reveals that it improves and even sometimes gives special abilities to those under its influence. This discovery triggers a burst in scientific, technological, cultural and spiritual growth, to the point that bonding with the Adanadi (the purple symbiotic pseudo-bacteria) has become a rite of passage for 99% of the continent.

The setting places players at the dawn of 8th centure Post Awis (the turn of the 22nd century by our calendar) in a world of cybernetics and hover vehicles but also natural balance and spiritual enlightenment. There has never been extensive use of crude oil, alcohol culture or wheels; they just skipped them on the tech tree! There is still crime and drugs and growing corporate power and uneasy peace between nations and a dangerous unexplored land to the North under the receding glaciers, but it all seems to be far less dystopic than most future settings.

I'm really enjoying the possilities of the setting and wondering if I want to get into the D12 dice pool system or try to convert it over to M&M. Has anyone else checked it out yet?
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Re: Coyote & Crow first impressions

Post by Ken »

1) Purple streak not withstanding, not that big a deviation. AD 1350 is generally regarded as the end of the Medieval Warm Period. The Little Ice Age is said to have started circa 1500.
2) It must have been a bigger/nastier ice age than just the Little Ice Age, as the Little Ice Age didn't stop the transatlantic crossings that happened during it.
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