Playing with Gundams/Mechas

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Playing with Gundams/Mechas

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I have been away for a while and now I return with a question... If you read the subject then you know what it is.

I used to play Mekton Zeta many years ago.... 1995-ish... (geez I feel old!!) I have recently gotten the bug to run a game and the idea that popped into my head was to try a Mekton/Gundam-esque game, using the M&M system. I figured it could give a good cinematic feel while not bogging things down.

Has anybody tried this kind of game? Has anybody stat'ed out mechs?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Playing with Gundams/Mechas

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ive worked on some basics for a battletech style campaign using 3rd ed rules building the Mechs as the base character with the pilots as seperate characters its tricky but doable
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