Hex Game Mat Options

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Red Ryder
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Hex Game Mat Options

Post by Red Ryder »

Hi All,

My gaming group prefers M&M on a hex grid instead of a square grid.
We are playing on the standard light brown hex mat that allows wet erase markers and it works just fine.

However to liven it up, I have been looking for other hex based mats of different colors and such and have struggled to find anything that we feel we can use.
I have searched Amazon, general Google searches, etc...

Ideally, I would like to find something that could serve as an urban environment to give more of a street/urban feel.

When I find mats, they fall into the below problems:
1. They are too future/sci fi and not modern.
2. They are small, i.e. 2'x2'.
3. They don't have a hex grid, but are either blank or have square grid.
4. They do not allow wet erase.

I even looked for some kind of clear material overlay to place the hexes/wet erase over another type of mat so other gaming mats like ones for war games and such could be used, but no luck.

I wondered if anyone had a solution that I am not thinking of.

I appreciate the feedback.

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Re: Hex Game Mat Options

Post by Spectrum »

A couple of options to consider:

You mention the cover idea. Could something like this work?

Depending upon how much you're willing to pay/get lucky, the long out of production Heroscape tiles could work for your purposes. They came in both fantasy and Marvel.

If you're willing to go a bit outside your parameters and do real linear measurements rather than hexes, you could look at wargamming terrain and techniques.

Finally, have you looked through drivethrurpg and see what sorts of things you can find to print?

Good luck on your search!
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Red Ryder
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Re: Hex Game Mat Options

Post by Red Ryder »

Hi Spectrum,
Sorry I didn't get back to this post.
Thank you so much for all of these suggestions.
I will look into them.

I really appreciate you taking the time.
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Re: Hex Game Mat Options

Post by Shock »

This place has some larger hex mats that are good quality. I don't know how well they handle being written/erased on but if you ask questions, they usually get answered pretty quickly.

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