Mutants and Masterminds: Anti-Earth Plots

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Mutants and Masterminds: Anti-Earth Plots

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I have a few ideas for plots set on Anti-Earth and I would like some feedback on them.

1. A team of superpowered teen newbies going undercover in the Tyranny Syndicate's Academy to undermine it/destroy it/gather information/convert their fellow students. A Hero High combined with spy thriller type story.

2. A group of close friends empowered by the Chaos Storm to a greater degree than most joining the Viridian City chapter of the Courage Foundation to fight for justice. A more standard M&M story.

3. Since it is mentioned that some Courage Foundation lieutenants were imprisoned instead of outright killed freeing them and having them rejoin the cause of justice. A sort of reverse of the typical prison break story.

4. A group of Courage Foundation members being supplied a great amount of information about where and when to hit the Syndicate forces that seems dead-on. The informant would be revealed to be Anti-Chase Atom who claims to seek vengeance on the Syndicate for trying to exploit his connection to the Sunstone, the Anti-Moonstone. It turns out the Sunstone can heighten the powers of other superhumans indiscriminately, unlike the Moonstone which only heightens psychic powers, and Anti-Chase uses his connection to it to buff up the characters powers, and as a consequence their PLs. But Anti-Chase could take this boost away whenever he wishes, and can he really be trusted? A story to make the characters question a lot.
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