2020 US Election on 11/3

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Re: 2020 US Election on 11/3

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FuzzyBoots wrote: Fri Nov 13, 2020 4:51 am I'm actually expecting that to be the next sticking point. Out of the nine states with some degree of disputed result, only one of them is eligible for an automatic recount (Georgia has already announced they plan to do theirs) and the rest require the candidate (or at least the party) to pay for the recount. Given Trump's reputation for stiffing people on the bill, I don't think anyone is going to accept his promise to pay after the recount is done. The court cases seem to be falling apart pretty quickly too. A large number of the lawyers involved are folding as soon as they're required to swear to the truth of the cases to a judge (something that will get them heavily penalized, often disbarred, if it's shown they perjured themselves), so it seems they don't have much faith that it will hold up.

But yeah... orderly transition of power is supposed to be the rule of the day. It was in the case of Bush and Gore. Before that, the last time a lame duck president refused to start the transition was in the 19th century and that one got really ugly...
Bush and Gore delayed the transition for a while, but the vote counts in question were stuck in mandatory recounts if I recall with Florida being the state which would crown the winner. Now, Trump would need to flip a couple states with some he's down by sizable margins, not the tiny ones in the case of Bush and Gore. I expect Trump will pay for the recounts or get the RNC to do it, but if history is any guide he will lose those as well.
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