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Re: Crossovers that you'd love to see and/or would be cool

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Teela barely saw the attack coming in time. With a shout of “INCOMING!” the red-haired Captain of the Guard dove out of the pilot’s seat of the blue Battle Ram, even as the other nearby Masters of the Universe likewise took evasive action. Half a heartbeat after leaping clear of her vehicle, a column of purple energy a this as a tree trunk smashed into her Battle Ram, blowing it to bits.

Teela wasted no time on thoughts about her destroyed vehicle or the loss of firepower it meant to her side. Instead, she landed on the ground in a perfect roll that brought her to her feet in one smooth motion. She turned that forward momentum seamlessly into an all-out sprint towards her attacker, unsheathing her sword in one hand while shaking the wrist-mounted blaster on her other arm into activation mode.

A frown crept over her features as she closed the distance between her and her target. Charging at an opponent like this was nothing new to her; Teela had done it dozens of times over the course of her relatively young life. It was just the first time she’d ever done it against a 20 foot tall robot.

The robot looked down at the small human running towards him, apparently armed with nothing more than a sword. It’s metallic features broke into a smirk as it lifted one arm, the energy cannon attached to it starting to charge with power. “Have you lost your mind, human? Or merely your will to live. Either way, I – STARSCREAM – Future Leader of the Decpticons, will gladly put you out of your-“

Before Starscream could finish his boast, Teela sent an energy blast at the barrel of his arm blaster. The firing port instantly became clogged with a thick mass of ice, and Starscream only had a split second to register this before the energy within the blaster impacted the ice. The entire weapon exploded in purple lightning that nearly took Starscream’s arm off, leaving the Decepticon Air Commander screaming in fury.

“Why you miserable little meat bag! I’ll-“

Again, Teela didn’t let Starscream finish his boast. Switching her blaster to raw energy, Teela sent several full power shots at one of Starscream’s legs. The full, stone shattering power of those blasts tore into Starscream’s knee, right at the joint, and blew a steadily widening hole in the armored robot. As she finally reached the right spot, Teela leapt into the air and, with a flourish and a spin, sliced her sword through the damaged area her blaster had created. The Eternian blade sliced through Cybertronian metal without hardly slowing down. Teela flipped once to land catfooted on the ground, even as gravity and several tons of upper body weight finished the work she’d started. The knee joint practically exploded under the strain it was under, and the Decepticon dropped to the ground, barely catching himself with one arm.

Starscream lived up to his name, and it was a several seconds before his incoherent cries turned into something understandable. “This . . . this is impossible! You’re just a little-“

“Well, that’s always been your problem, Starscrap!”

The Decepticon turned from Teela to the sound of the new voice, just in time to catch a solid metal fist right in his face. Already injured and off balance, Starscream sailed several yards away, landing with a booming impact that took the last of the fight out of him.

“You always underestimate the little guys,” Bumblebee finished, smirking as he rubbed the knuckles of his fist. He gave his handiwork an admiring once over, glancing over the barely conscious and completely incoherent Starscream.

He then turned to glance at Teela, smiling at her as he offered her his clenched fist. “That was amazing! I’d never seen a human move like that before. If you aren’t careful, you’re going to win this whole battle by yourself.”

Teela grinned and lightly tapped her own knuckles against Bumblebee’s. “Couldn’t have done it without you Bumblebee. That’s the beauty of team work. I set him up, you knocked the smugness right off of his face.”

“I’ve been wanting to do that for years,” ‘Bee said. “Me and every other Auto-“

A stray energy blast hit a rock outcropping only a dozen feet away from the pair of heroes. Instantly Bumblebee moved to cover Teela, who had her sword out and had already deflected some of the flying debris with a few swipes before Bumblebee interposed himself between her and the rest of the shrapnel. After the pelting rain of stone had stopped, Bumblebee gave Teela an apologetic look.

“Sorry. I guess we shouldn’t be congratulating each other in the middle of an active battle.”

Teela sighed, mentally kicking herself. Both she and Bumblebee were still relatively young for their respective species, and they’d gotten too caught up in the comradery of victory. They’d won a fight, but not the war.

Readying her sword again, Teela nodded up at her new friend and said, “Let’s get back to it.”

Bumblebee drew out his blaster and returned the nod, a little smile lifting the corner of his mouth again. “After you.”

● ● ●

The battle for Greyskull was not going well. The recent alliance between Skeletor’s Evil Warriors and Megatron’s Decepticon army had proven to be a devastating combination. The two leaders had pledged to help the other conqueror their respective worlds, with Skeletor convincing Megatron to help him acquire the Secrets of Castle Greyskull, and thus the power within it. They could then use that power to conquer Cyberton, and then the universe itself.

Neither being truly trusted the other. Both Skeletor and Megatron planned to betray their partner in their grab for ultimate power, and both suspected the other would do likewise. It created a strange mutual respect and admiration for the other, and while they knew it would eventually end violently, both were enjoying the other’s company.

As soon as these two armies had begun their rampage across Eternia, the Autobots had arrived to help even the odds. Unfortunately, only a relatively small force had been able to arrive as quickly as they did, and by the time they did, the army of Eternia had been suffered heavy injuries, with several heroic Masters of the Universe taken out of the fight.

Even now, the two armies of evil were practically on Castle Greyskull’s doorstep, and they pressed their every advantage with ruthless glee. Yet despite the odds, the heroic forces held their ground, determined to fight to the end, no matter how bitter that end might be.

In the skies above the battlefield, Jetfire, Stratos and Buzz-Off kept Thundercracker, Skywarp and the rest of the Seekers occupied in a deadly dogfight. Up there, the trio of heroes managed to use their maneuverability and teamwork to frustrate the Decepticons to no end, but how long this aerial dance could continue was anyone’s guess.

On the ground, Mekka-Neck provided Prowl with intel as the Autobot worked to coordinate the heroes. Ironhide, Fisto and Clamp Champ dealt with Beast Man and the horde of Shadowbeasts he had summoned to the battle, the trio punching their way through the monsters to get to their master. Hound used his holograms to lead Trapjaw, Soundwave and the Decepticons cassette comrades into an ambush by Moss Man, the Eterniana’s plant powers summoning vines to immobilize the villains. Cliffjumper and Sy-Klone made an impressive team, with Sy-Klone’s wind powers funneling Cliffjumper’s Glass Gass directly into the incoming Insecticons, turning their armor brittle and rendered most of their advanced weapon systems useless. And Grimlock, Battlecat and Ram Man seemed to just be having a blast laying waste to anyone who got near them.

For a moment, despite the odds against them, it seemed like the heroes could hold out indefinitely.

Then Skeletor and Megatron sent in the rest of their forces.

Ram Man had just sent Blitzwing spinning away to smash into Astrotrain when the ground shook violently. “Hey Grimlock! Watch where you’re stompin, ya almost knocked me over.”

Grimlock, in the process of chewing what was left of a Landshark, turned towards the squat Eternian. After swallowing his mouthful of metal, Grimlock said, “ME GRIMLOCK NOT STOMPING! ME GRIMLOCK EATING! ME-“

The ground shook again, and Battlecat roared, “I don’t think that was Grimlock!” All three of the heroes turned to see what had actually caused the ground to shake.

The Combiners had entered the field. Devastator. Menasaur. Predaking. If the average Transformer was around 20 feet tall, these behemoths were all around 80, and each step of their massive feet was like a miniature earthquake.

Even as the Combiners approached, Evil-Lyn and Tri-Klops flew in on a pair of Rotons and started blasting at the heroes, disrupting their ranks.

“Hold the line,” Teela yelled as Bumblebee took up position behind her, readying his blaster. “These guys are big, but we can still-“

Then a shadow fell across the assembled heroes. Looking up, they saw a massive black and purple ship flying towards them. At first they feared that more enemy reinforcements had arrived. And then they realized they were correct, just not in the way they’d expected.

The large battlecraft itself began to transform, and by the time its massive feet touched down, it had become a giant metal bipedal lizard, somewhat resembling Grimlock’s dinosaur mode. Yet the sheer scale of thing was unbelievable, as the Combiners in front of it didn’t even reach the thing’s knees.

“Trypticon . . . “ was all Bumblebee could say, the horror plainly written on his metallic features.

And somehow, above all this noise, Skeletor’s laughter echoed across the battlefield loudly enough for all to hear.

“Father, Sorceress,” Teela whispered to herself, “I REALLY hope your plan works.

Inside Castle Greyskull, there was a constant rush of activity. Roboto, Wheeljack and Huffer attached cables and large devices to the castle’s interior, as well as made adjustments to various devices. On the Throne of Greyskull, the Sorceress sat in meditation with Orko floating next to her. Both of them had their eyes closed, with magical energies playing around their bodies.

In the center of the room, Man-At-Arms, Ratchet, Perceptor and Brainstorm worked on a pair of patients. He-Man had been forced to battle the brunt of the combined Evil Alliance alone, giving time for the other Heroic Masters of the Universe time to rescue civilians. The timely arrival of Optimus Prime had helped turn the tide, but both heroes had suffered near fatal wounds early on. To save their lives, the pair had been brought to Castle Greyskull, where Man-At-Arms, the Sorceress and Wheeljack had come up with a desperate plan. One on which the entire universe might depend.

“Increase the micro-emitter levels by 0.04%,” Man-At-Arms said as he applied a laser welder to a section of machinery. Brainstorm did as the Eternian said without comment. The Cybertronian was not accustomed to taking direction from anyone, as he usually considered himself the smartest person in the room. Yet early on, Man-At-Arms had demonstrated a level of scientific skill that impressed even Brainstorm, and the Transformer now quietly recalibrated the equipment as instructed.

The ground shook again, and it took all of Man-At-Arms’ concertation to keep his hand steady. One misplaced heat ray could mean the slavery and death for the entire universe. This plan demanded all of his time and attention, yet in his heart, Duncan worried for his daughter Teela and the rest of his friends. But that worry only galvanized him to work with more speed and precision, even as he silently prayed for their safety.

“Alright, I think that’s the last of it,” Ratchet said as he closed the panel he and Man-At-Arms had been working on. Looking down at one half of the group’s project, Ratchet asked, “How do you feel?”

One of the figures on the operating table sat up. It looked like a small Cybertronian, only a foot taller than Man-At-Arms. It was colored red and grey, but instead of the usual Autobot logo, it had a red cross on its chest.

Sliding off the table and standing to his full height, Powermaster He-Man said, “My mother used to tell me about food from her homeworld. They had these things called ‘canned sardines’, and I think I know what they felt like now.”

While his voice was full of his normal good humor, He-Man couldn’t quite hide the wince from his features as he stood up. It was clear he was still in a great deal of pain from his injuries, but was trying to bear them without complaint. Ratchet knew precisely how much He-Man was hurting, and it touched the medic deep in his spark. It was the kind of heroic resolve Ratchet had seen in many brave sentients, organic and mechanical alike. But the extent that He-Man was displaying right now, Ratchet had seen in only one other being.

Ratchet turned to the other figure on the table and asked, “How about you, Prime? Are you-?”

Optimus Prime was already standing as the medic posed his question. Optimus had been reconfigured as well, standing a good ten feet taller than he normally did. His trailer had been combined with the rest of his body, greatly increasing his size. “I’m fine old friend. As always, all of you have done remarkable work.” Prime turned to look at Man-At-Arms, “And thank you, Man-At-Arms of Eternia. Thanks to your work, we may have a fighting chance.”

“If this works,” Huffer said, a pessimistic edge to his voice.

“It’ll work,” Wheeljack said defensively. Then more quietly, low enough that only he could hear, “Primus, please let this work.”

He-Man turned to look at the Throne of Greyskull. “Sorceress? Orko? Are you both prepared?”

The Sorceress opened her eyes and smiled gently. “We are prepared, He-Man. Orko and I are completely attuned to the energies of the castle. We shall be able to do our part.”

“We will?” Orko asked, his eyes still closed. He opened them slowly and looked at the Sorceress, his voice trembled slightly. All of the normal, childish glee was gone, and Orko sounded very young, and very scared. “I . . . I don’t want to let you all down. If I mess up this time, you could all get hurt, maybe even die, and it would be all my fault.”

The Sorceress reached out to lightly hold Orko’s hand, and the smile she gave him reminded Orko of his own mother back on Trolla. “Orko, I cannot do this without you. Only together can we channel the Power of Greyskull in the manner our friends need. But despite what you may thin, you have never truly let us down. Not when we really needed you. I have faith in you.”

Orko suddenly felt a hand on his should. Looking up, he saw Man-At-Arms standing there. Man-At-Arms, that Orko frequently frustrated with his magical mistakes and childish behavior. Man-At-Arms, who was now smiling gently down at him, and saying, “We all have faith in you Orko. You just need to have faith in yourself. I’ll be right here with you the entire time.”

Orko’s vision became a bit blurry, and before he could stop himself, he turned and gave Man-At-Arms a hug. Knowing what kind of man Duncan was, Orko wasn’t surprised when Man-At-Arms hugged him back. “I won’t let any of you down. I promise.”

The ground shook again, this time violently enough that small rocks were shaken loose from the castle’s ceiling.

“We’re out of time,” Optimus Prime said. Looking down at He-Man, he asked, “Are you read?”

“As I’ll ever be,” He-Man responded. Then, as Ratchet had instructed him to do, He-Man leapt at Optimus Prime, and transformed. By the time He-Man reached Prime’s chest, he had become a Cybertronian power supply that fitted perfectly into Optimus’ chest. And it wasn’t just a physical connection either. Optimus and He-Man were now connected on a mental, even spiritual level. Everything they were was now open to the other. Deep within the cores of who they were, their minds met. Not as He-Man and Optimus Prime, but Prince Adam of Eternia and Orion Pax.

“Well, this is . . . interesting,” Adam thought to Pax.

“Indeed,” Pax returned, a smiling gently. “Unfortunately, we do not have time to dwell on this further. But if we survive this, I suspect we will have much to discuss. But until then . . .”

The mental form of Orion Pax offered Prince Adam a hand. “Good luck, Adam.”

Adam took it without hesitation, and shook it firmly. “And to you, Orion.”

In the physical realm, sections of Optimus Prime’s chest opened up, revealing the Matrix of Leadership glowing brightly within him. At the same time, a plate on He-Man’s transformed armor opened to reveal the Sword of Power.

Together, in one voice, both of them shouted:

“By the Power of Greyskull and the Honor of Cybertron, WE HAVE THE POWER!”

“Everyone, fall back!” Prowl was dragging Ironhide away from the battle when he noticed that not everyone was following his instructions. “Trailbreaker, FALL BACK!”

Trailbreaker ignored Prowl’s order. Instead, the Autobot continued to pump more energy into his force field generator, creating a glowing wall between the retreating heroes and Combiners. The three robots giants were hammering the force field over and over, but Trailbreaker refused to give ground. The drain on his energy reserves would kill him if he kept this up, but he would be damned to the Inferno before he let these monsters hurt any more of his friends.

Then Trypticon swung it’s tail at the force field. Predaking and Devastator barely got out of the way in time as the massive length of metal smashed into Trailbreaker’s shield, shattering it into a thousand sparks of energy. Trailbreaker felt something explode inside of him, and he fell backwards from the sheer force of the impact.

“I’m sorry guys . . “ Trailbreaker managed weakly, energon leaking out of one corner of his mouth. “I . . . I tried . . “

Before he could finish, Grimlock, Battlecat and Ram Man had placed themselves the fallen Autobot as Bumblebee and Teela rushed to pull him to safety.

“Aw, you did great pal,” Ram Man said. “Don’t worry, we’ll pick up where you left off.”

Battlecat simply roared defiantly at the assembled forces of evil, fierce enough to make the earth tremble, daring them to approach.

“YOU DECEPTICONS HURT FRIENDS!” Grimlock roared, somehow even louder than usual. “ME GRIMLOCK MAKE YOU PAY!”

This got a laugh from every Evil Warrior and Decepticon present. It was all over. The knew it, and they knew the heroes knew it as well. The heroes were just too stubborn to admit it. Which was fine with the villains, that would just make the hero’s destruction that much more entertaining.

Then the lightning struck.

It wasn’t really lightning. It was colored wrong, a kind of pinkish, purplish mass of energy with a core of whiteness so pure it looked almost divine in nature. Then there was the fact that the lightning shot up out of the ground instead of from the sky, rising up in a column that engulfed all of Castle Greyskull, almost hiding the castle from view.

Almost, but not entirely. Which let everyone see what happened next.

Castle Greyskull . . . transformed.

The towers along the castle walls shifted, becoming arms and legs. Blue metal plates of distinctly Cybertronian make sprouted from sections of the castle, covering those areas as the castle continued to shift. The giant skull face of the castle was now the torso of massive humanoid form, the faded dark green brickwork forming the ‘skin’ along the arms, legs and hands while the gleaming blue armor formed armor over its lower legs, crotch, shoulders and forearms. On one shoulder guard was a bright red Autobot symbol. On the other was a familiar red cross.

Finally, a large head rose up from the top of the castle. It wore a blue helmet identical to Optimus Prime, but the face beneath the helmet was that of He-Man, composed of the same green brickwork as the rest of the castle. And as the energy discharge surrounding the castle finally faded away, the eyes of the face opened, glowing with a redish orange light.

The jawbridge on the castle’s torso opened, and crimson energy flowed outwards, splitting into two spiraling arcs of energy that flowed into the castle’s open hands. That energy smacked into each open palm and began to reform themselves, shaping into weapons appropriate for the task at hand. In one hand, the energy became a perfect, if massive, energy replica of Optimus Prime’s Ion Blaster Rifle. In the other hand, it formed an equally gigantic energy copy of He-Man’s Power Sword.

It’s transformation complete, Fortress Greyskull took a single step to place itself between the heroes and the villains. It straightened to its full height and even Trypticon was forced to tilt it’s head up to gaze at the Fortress’ face. A face that was now smirking confidently at the entire assembled forces.

“So . . .,” Fortress Greyskull said in a voice that was equal parts Optimus Prime and He-Man, “. . . who’s first?”
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Re: Crossovers that you'd love to see and/or would be cool

Post by Sidious »

One crossover that I'm happy is happening in my current game is Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica.

I'm using the Original BSG with a healthy mix from the new one.
Just things that should have been and things left to my imagination.
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