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"True Seeing" and how it deals with people doing Stealth

Posted: Sun Dec 20, 2020 6:17 am
by FuzzyBoots
So, in the process of a discussion of True Seeing as regards Order of the Stick, which operates via 3E D&D rules, I found myself reconsidering an earlier post (on Ronin Army, I think) about how X-Ray vision deals with various methods of concealment, including Stealth.

Previously, I'd considered a character with Penetrates Concealment as getting an automatic pass against someone trying to use Stealth to hide behind visible objects. But, looking back on it, technically this should result in an Investigate check (modified by area checked in a given Free action) as an extended search of an area, probably with the same role, maybe modified by Quickness/Rapid for the area searched. Someone with X-Ray Vision probably is not going to notice every hidden person because they have a lot of layers to peel back just looking.

A Detect or Awareness check might have fewer penalties, since canonically, they are specifically looking for that needle in the haystack versus sorting through all of the straws of hay (assuming it's that specific).