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Red Ryder
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Hex Game Mat Options

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Hi All,

My gaming group prefers M&M on a hex grid instead of a square grid.
We are playing on the standard light brown hex mat that allows wet erase markers and it works just fine.

However to liven it up, I have been looking for other hex based mats of different colors and such and have struggled to find anything that we feel we can use.
I have searched Amazon, general Google searches, etc...

Ideally, I would like to find something that could serve as an urban environment to give more of a street/urban feel.

When I find mats, they fall into the below problems:
1. They are too future/sci fi and not modern.
2. They are small, i.e. 2'x2'.
3. They don't have a hex grid, but are either blank or have square grid.
4. They do not allow wet erase.

I even looked for some kind of clear material overlay to place the hexes/wet erase over another type of mat so other gaming mats like ones for war games and such could be used, but no luck.

I wondered if anyone had a solution that I am not thinking of.

I appreciate the feedback.

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