Stories of the Betterverse: SHADOW of the Past

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Re: Stories of the Betterverse: Out on the Town

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SHADOW of the Past, Part 2

The Legacy could smell and see smoke billowing into the distant sky. Arriving on the scene, it’s clear the firefighters have their hands full battling the blaze: Trucks are arrayed near the building, with fire crews hosing it down, just trying to contain the fire so it doesn’t spread to the neighboring structures before they can put it out. "Start pulling back!" the chief yells. "Radio says it’s an ASTRO Labs warehouse with volatile chemicals inside! It could blow any minute!"

After the chief says that, a heavy stack of crates fell, blocking the entrance.

Midnight saw the unconscious night watchman at his post and dragged him away from the entrance.

Freedom Eagle smashed an empty crate open to get to the firefighters. One of them went "Thanks! There are some chemical tanks there that look flammable, see if you can get them out of there!"
Roll Initiative! Midnight gets 22, Freedom Eagle gets 15, Scarab gets 14 and Lightbearer gets 14.

The Legacy have six rounds before the fire gets out of control.

Midnight gets 15 on his Perception check, finding and saving the watchman, who's currently incapacitated.

Freedom Eagle smashes a Toughness 6 crate, getting 28. Since it's an inanimate object, a crit is scored. He raises the DC by +5 The crate gets 14 and is smashed. Freedom Eagle now has to resist Fire Damage 6. He gets 22 and is unburnt. Freedom Eagle gets a HP for freeing the firefighters.

Scarab gets 22 on her Perception check to see the chemical containers. the uses her telekinesis to get a container away from the fire.

Lightbearer uses his Healing Touch on the watchman, getting 25. The watchman is fully healed.
Scarab moved another container out of the way as Freedom Eagle grabbed one and moved it out of the way.

When the building finally collapsed, the chief went "Fire's out! Get the investigation unit in here! The watchman said he saw someone leave the warehouse before the fire started."

Lightbearer said "It was Hutchinsons where Luna Moth said that factory was, wasn't it?"

Freedom Eagle said "Yeah. You know where that is?"

"I did some negotiations there. Didn't know about the SHADOW base, though. Let's go."


This condemned factory was dusty and in poor repair, and it had even been declared condemned and was scheduled for demolition. Lightbearer said "Hang on, let me shed some light on the place." He then started to shine so brightly, it was like broad daylight.

Freedom Eagle spotted the fake wall panel. After revealing the keypad, he asked "Does anyone have a multi-tool I could borrow?"

Scarab passed hers over, saying "Next time, bring your own."

Freedom Eagle nodded. He said "This is late 80s tech. External alarm's fitted, most likely to the base. There's an emergency switch for this sort of thing in case they're locked in. A cut here to disable the alarm and a push here to open the door." As the floor panel slid down, the alarm went off.
It's a DC 20 Perception check to find either the keypad or the concealed trapdoor. Freedom Eagle gets 26 on his check and finds the wall panel. He uses Scarab's multi-tool for a DC 20 Technology check with a -2 penalty for using a multi-tool and not a dedicated toolkit. He gets 16 and spends a HP to reroll, getting 18. They get in, but the alarm is triggered.
As the Legacy entered the metal door, they saw a stark, industrial chamber of concrete supported by heavy, rusting steel arches, lined with coffin-like chambers connected to retro-looking technology. There was a bank of antiquated computers humming with large reel-to-reel tapes. One end of the room has a raised dais, with steps leading up to another coffin-like chamber. The opposite end had a low raised platform with a control podium beside it.

Inside the chamber is busy with eight figures in SHADOW uniforms, two of them working beside the chamber atop the dais. Just as they entered the room, a pneumatic hiss announced the chamber’s opening to reveal a tall figure clad in black and silver armor, red cloak, and a full helm reminiscent of a hooded serpent. He steps out of the chamber, one hand pointing towards them. An electronically amplified voice booms from behind his helm. "Who dares enter the presence of the Overshadow unbidden?! Guards! Destroy them!"

Scarab went "Drop them all!"

Lightbearer just fired a cone of really hard light, vaporising most of the guards, while Freedom Eagle struck down the survivor. Overshadow fired a beam of light back at Lightbearer, just missing a headshot. Midnight fires his Midnight Mist at Overshadow, who's somehow still standing. He used Scarab's mindlink to go "He's got filtered systems in there, my Mist won't work!"

Scarab went "Let's how he handles this!" as she hit him with a mental blast. She went "That's some good shielding!"
Roll Initiative! Two SHADOW Agent Minions get 17 and 15, Lightbearer gets 14, Overshadow gets 14, three SHADOW Agents get 13, 11 and 11, Freedom Eagle gets 8, Midnight gets 7, one SHADOW Agent gets 5, Scarab gets 6 and two SHADOW Agents get 5 and 3.

Overshadow's stats are in page 280, Freedom City 3E. Everyone is using lethal force. These SHADOW Agents don't have the We Are Legion power. The Legacy each get a HP for going up against the Leader of SHADOW.

Two Agents fire their Blaster Pistols at Scarab, getting 24 and Natural 20. Scarab gets 28 and Natural 20 to resist. Lightbearer spends a HP to stunt his Light Blast into Flash Light: Cone Area Damage 10 The SHADOW Agents get 9, 9, 17, 20, Natural 1, 16, 8 and 11. Only one of them made their DC 20 Dodge save. He gets 15 on his toughness and is killed. The rest get Natural 1, 13, 21, Natural 20, 19, 9 and 10, getting most of themselves killed. Overshadow fires a Power Blast at Lightbearer, getting 26. Lightbearer gets 24 and is hit and Dazed! Freedom Eagle attacks the last SHADOW Agent, getting 25. The Agent gets 20 and is killed. Midnight fires his mist at Overshadow, getting 25. Overshadow got 29 to resist the knockout gas and 30 to resist being blinded. Scarab fires a Mental Blast at Overshadow, who gets 30 to resist.

Lightbearer: 1 Injury, Dazed

When Lightbearer blasted Overshadow, he saw wires coming out of him. He went "He's a robot! No wonder he walked it all off!"

"Overshadow" said "So now you know my secret. I am a mere simulacrum of the great Overshadow, this world's sole rightful ruler. No matter. I have one clear order if any 'hero' discovers my secret: YOU DIE." It blasted Lightbearer while deftly dodging Midnight's punch.
Lightbearer fires a Light Blast, getting 25. Overshadow gets 23 and is hit. The damage reveals him to be a robot double, with wires coming from him which are too deep to just be a battlesuit. The Overshadow duplicate gets -2 to abilites, linked defences and powers, making him only PL 13. It also has Immunity to Fortitude and to Mental Effects, due to not having a living mind or body to affect. It fires a Power Blast at Lightbearer, getting 20. Lightbearer gets 20 and is hit and Dazed. Freedom Eagle attacks, getting 28, crit scored! He raises the DC by +5. "Overshadow" gets 18, and is hit and Dazed. Using Follow-up Strike, Freedom Eagle gets a second attack. He gets 22 and misses. Midnight tries to punch Overshadow, getting 19 and missing.

Lightbearer: 2 Injuries, Dazed.

Overshadow: 1 Injury, Dazed

A shimmer of light and an electronic hiss sounded from the platform opposite Overshadow’s dais and a group of eight more SHADOW agents appear out of nowhere. Standing in front of them are two men, one white with a blond crewcut, the other black and bald with a short goatee. They each wear black and red uniforms and a single high-tech bracer on one arm, the infamous super-mercenaries: the Battle Brothers! "Light ‘em up!" the black man yells as they and the agents charged into the room.

Scarab went "The Battle Brothers! Knock one of them out, the other goes out as well!"

Lightbearer used the hard light cone he used before to disintegrate the SHADOW Agents again. Overshadow fired a blast at Bryce, wounding him. Malcolm went "MOTHERF**KER! as he punched the false Overshadow’s head off! He didn't notice Midnight firing his Mist until it was too late. Bryce only had enough time to see his friend fall before he too fell unconscious. The two remaining agents were soon put down.
The Battle Brothers' stats are on page 17 of Threat Report. The SHADOW Agent Minions they brought with them do possess the We are Legion Power. They are all using lethal force.

Six SHADOW Agents get 20, 19, 18, 17, 17 and 16. Manning of the Battle Brothers gets 14. Another SHADOW Agent gets 14. Bryce of the Battle Brothers gets 11 and a SHADOW Agent gets 9.

Lightbearer does a Expertise: Streetwise check, getting 15 and recognising the Battle Brothers. Freedom Eagle gets 24 on his Expertise: Superhumans check. Midnight gets 20 on a Well-Informed check. Scarab gets a Natural 20 on her Well-Informed check. They know who the Brothers are.

Six Agents fire their Blaster Pistols at the Overshadow robot, getting 10, 23, 13, Natural 1, Natural 20 and 23. Overshadow gets 22, 19 and 15, getting hit.

Lightbearer spends a HP to stunt Flash Light. The Agents get 21, 20, 17, 16, 16, 8 and Natural 1 on a DC 20 Dodge save. The two who made it get 21 and 22, evading the blast altogether. The other six get 18, 17, 13, 12, 10 and Natural 1, getting themselves killed. Manning gets 13 and Bryce get 21 on their Dodge saves. Manning gets 28 to resist the blast while Bryce gets 17, getting hit and Dazed. Manning throws a Power Attack punch at Overshadow, getting a natural 20, crit scored! He raised the DC by +5. Overshadow gets 13 and is destroyed.

Bryce skips his turn to try and overcome the daze.

Freedom Eagle slashes at an Agent, getting 16. The Agent gets 21 and is killed. Midnight fires his Mist at Manning, who's in point-blank range. Manning gets 10 and fails to dodge. He gets a Natural 1 and is Incapacitated. Bryce's Connected Complication means that he's also incapacitated.

Scarab does a Psychic Blast at the remaining Agent. The Agent gets 8 and is killed. Fight's over!

THat was when a voice could be heard from the central console, saying "Self-Destruct in 60, 59…"

Freedom Eagle went "Midnight, help me with this!"

Midnight ran over. Within ten seconds of fiddling, a voice said "Self-destruct cancelled."
The team have six rounds before self-destruct. Freedom Eagle does a DC 20 Technology check with Midnight Aiding him. Midnight gets 22 while Freedom Eagle gets 22 for a result of 27! The self-destruct is switched off.

Scarab asked "How did you two do that?"

Midnight said "I've got a library at home, containing info on all sorts of pre-millennium tech. They have fail-safes for cases like accidental activation."

They could hear sirens outside, the FCPD were incoming. Scarab went "Time for us to go!" She then used the remote for her teleportal.

Scarab's Lair…

When they arrived, Scarab said "I really should have known that they would have a fake Overshadow!"

Midnight said "Overshadow leads a global terrorist organization. If he's got the resources for a clone army, he can get hold of a robot replica for telepresence. Also, the Battle Brothers are escaped convicts, so they're getting an extended stay in Blackstone for their trouble."

Freedom Eagle went "And all that SHADOW stuff is going to keep AEGIS nice and busy for a while. Even though it wasn't used during Operation Inundation, they ought to get something good out of it."

Lightbearer told them "As for why I vaporized the SHADOW clones like that, it's because they were designed to not last more than a few days outside of a manned SHADOW facility."

Scarab asked "Are you sure about that?"

Lightbearer said "Yeah. Not a single SHADOW clone has lasted more than a week in police custody. Autopsies and CCTV footage have proven that it was indeed a case of rapid cell degeneration. And they die when people try to read their minds. SHADOW clones simply can't be made to talk. That abandoned base we found will shed some light on what they've been doing before that."

Scarab went "Well, at least we did something that'll last. I'm off to bed, you can show yourselves out."

Freedom Eagle said "Before I go, here's your multitool back."
The Legacy each get 1 PP for a total of 2 PP. Freedom Eagle creates the Eagle's Helmet, a Removable Device with Eagle Eyes HUD: Senses 3 (Direction Sense, Distance Sense and Extended Vision 1). The Conceals Identity Feature of the Harness is moved to the Helmet.

Lightbearer obtains the Teamwork and Well-Informed advantages.

Midnight gets four ranks in the Technology skill, making it 6 (+8).

Scarab gets four ranks in the Technology skill, making it 4 (+7).
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