Catsiverse: The Anthology series

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Catsiverse: The Anthology series

Post by catsi563 » Mon Aug 06, 2018 10:20 pm

Hi Friends welcome to Catsiverse the Anthology series.

So what is an anthology series and what does it mean in the Catsiverse. An Anthology is basically a series of short stories and one shots that usually all take place roughly in the same universe or genre. For example the Dresden files books Side Jobs and Brief Cases, or the Books Red Slippers, or tales from the One Eyed Crow from Dennis L McKiernans Mithgar series.

The Catsiverse is vast and has many dimensions and Ive got a lot of plot bunnies and stories bouncing around in my noggin so every now and then Id like to share them with you.

So what does this entail game wise? Simple every now and then as the mood strikes me I will invite anywhere from 1-6 or more players to join me in a one shot or short series in various systems ranging from Aberrant, to M&M 3rd, to D&D and so on and so forth. This thread will act as the OOC and discussion and request thread for anyone whose curious. Characters will be posted in the Rolecall thread as needed, and all IC links will be posted here.

Does this connect to HU and GR? yes it does, as on occasion I might decide to tell a story for those games not involving the main cast or involving them but not directly related to the current story such as a flashback or story element. Ill make sure to state when this happens.

Are house rules in effect? yes they will be and will be expanded upon here as needed.

All In all this will hopefully be a fun place for the occasional story element, if you have a story or roleplay youd like to include let me know and we might see if it fits and post it here. This is intended as a RP thread hence why its in the gaming section but stories may be told so well see.

IC threads:

House Rules per System:

Appropirate Links:

Role Call Thread

HU Setting thread
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Re: Catsiverse: The Anthology series

Post by Camus » Mon Aug 06, 2018 10:29 pm

Uhm, very interesting idea, I like that you will miss and match different systems
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Re: Catsiverse: The Anthology series

Post by MacynSnow » Tue Aug 07, 2018 11:02 am

You know me Catsi,i'm always up for an Anthology series(especially if it involves Noir aspects).... just let me what PC's/system you need! :D

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