New Vindicators Academy of Europe #29: The Son of Man (M&M 2E - IC)

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Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #26 - The Persistence of Memory (M&M 2E - IC)

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Tamati "Taheka" Stevens
HP: 2
Condition: Normal
Ursa wrote: Otso crunched his face in thought. "Didn't he say something about the Drifter and the Aurelius showing up? We should ask her, assuming there isn't a headache-inducing timetravel reason why us finding that out wouldn't work."
"What she travels through time as well?" Tamati was starting to feel the same headache coming on that he seemed to get trying to do algebra "Yeah she did say she had no control over where it took her. But I still think there must be a redial or history button on it."
Ursa wrote: He made a face as he remembered Robyn, or Puck as she'd turned out to be named, had caused trouble when they hunted Three. "I guess you had better interactions with Robyn than I did. But yeah, I guess she had better moments at times. You know, except for the whole "drug half the school part"."
"Part of me can see why she thought that was funny but infecting everyone in the cafe, that was over the top."

Imago wrote: "Robyn is a trickster." Dennis said as he caught up to the others. "While she is benevolent and I think really did plan everything out to help us - well, starting trouble to solve trouble is a motif of theirs. I forgot that."
"So wants to help but needs to make the biggest scene possible, guess it makes it hard for people to pretend nothing ever happen ... I wondder what else she has got planned .."

The yell caught Tamati's attention stopping him in mid sentence
Imago wrote: "And now something else has gone wrong." Dennis summarized, before running.
"That wasn't Robyn was it .. " then Tamati realised it was a male's voice yelling out and started to run after Dennis already changing into his watery form.

OOC wrote: Wow things have moved quickly :D

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