[IC] Star Wars: Scavengers, Act I

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[IC] Star Wars: Scavengers, Act I

Post by Spectrum » Tue Mar 10, 2020 9:07 pm

Captains Log

We're rich! Really rich. Not just retire to an island for the rest of our lives rich. This is buying the island rich.

We just have to figure out how to get it off this nasty moon full of grit and wind. I'm going to have to convince the rest of the crew that its worth taking the risk to load up as much as we can, even if its abandoning a few nonessentials behind. That job shouldn't be hard. They just haven't realized how much of an opportunity there is here.

Ziliko VII is a bad joke of a moon. No life, not even a sign of it. Sand, nothing but sand. It gets everywhere, in the boots, in the lungs, in the ship. We might end up leaving with more of it than we leave here. Kriss and Grel are doing their best to keep the sand out, but they're having a hard time with it. They just don't realize the importance of it is all. Avim is starting to look into the cough that has been going around, says that its just sand and suggesting the rebreathers. So much complaining, don't they realize how rich we all are?

Nava is complaining too. Something about being watched all the time. Says that eyes are upon her. Probably just jitters in dealing with the Hutt pleasure yacht. Not like her being so superstitious. Don't they get just how rich we're going to be? At least Sseth is doing his job. Even he's complaining about losing one of the cargo lifts into the sand. Something about it getting it sucked down into the depths. More superstitions!

We need to move quicker. There's a sand storm setting it, lightning crackling in the skies, like shuffling feet against a carpet or in fur.

The yacht is still in decent condition. Records show that it was owned by a Gorram the Hutt. Never did like their names. Have to say this though, the slug had taste. Incredible interior, the stuff that fill the richest houses. Having some luck stripping it out too. Statues, antiques, priceless. Some of them are a tad on the weird side though. Especially those of that old Quarren. Some kind of fertility deity? Disguisting, but could be worthwhile to the right buyer.

Why don't they realize just how rich we are now?
Need to get a few rolls from people:
A fort roll to see how badly the sand and static electricity is getting to you.
A will check to see how the oddness of the situation is getting to you.
And an insight. Nava has already succeeded at this one.
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Re: [IC] Star Wars: Scavengers, Act I

Post by jmucchiello » Tue Mar 10, 2020 9:23 pm

Nava's Fort & Will rolls: 1D20+6 = [12]+6 = 18
1D20+6 = [13]+6 = 19

Nava sits at the ready in the pilot's seat. She looks relaxed but her Tchun is ready to punch the emergency thrusters, Tchin ready to punch the external door close button. Her eyes dart to the left. Something was standing there. In the bulkhead somehow. She knows it. She just hasn't seen it yet. But it's seen her. She sure of it.

She looks at the cargo bay monitor. Sand flies across the camera lens for a second before clearing, finally. 30% full. Can't they load that thing any faster.

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Re: [IC] Star Wars: Scavengers, Act I

Post by Flynnarrel » Tue Mar 10, 2020 10:04 pm

Grel was in Its Power Loader suit. It knew it would be cleaning grit from the suit's hydraulics for days, but it'd be worth it if the Captain's expectations for the value of the haul were correct.
Fort: 1d20+6+5 18
Wil: 1d20+6 18
Insight: 1d20+2 13
"Everyone doing good?" Grel asks into the group commlink.
"Something pithy this way comes."

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Re: [IC] Star Wars: Scavengers, Act I

Post by Shock » Wed Mar 11, 2020 1:32 am

HP: 3
Condition: Exhausted

"No." Kriss scowled back toward the ship. "I am not doing good." He slapped at his arm. He was starting to think the ants were targeting him specifically. 'Not good' was about as bad as it got with him. "I will be pleasssed when we are finished with thiss job."
Fort check: 1d20+5 9
Will check: 1d20+6 13
Insight check: 1d20+2 17

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Re: [IC] Star Wars: Scavengers, Act I

Post by CaptainChaos » Thu Mar 19, 2020 1:39 am


Avim busied herself preparing the small medical bay for the inevitable injured crewman. Every salvage operation resulted in injuries, often minor. Bruises, sprains, small cuts, and the occassional gash were frequent rewards. There were complaints of a persistant cough among some of the crew. Obviously too much sand. Stuff gets in everywhere. She recommended using rebreathers to those going outside. Maybe this time they'll listen to her.

Once satisfied it was as prepared as possible with the limited equipment and supplies available, Avim returned to the equally small kitchen. The crew were always hungry after a haul. All the hard work builds up an appetite. Looking around, she sighed, wishing for access to a large kitchen and proper cooking supplies. Perhaps one day she would be able to return to her former life. Rumors around the ship were that the current salvage operation was going to be very profitable. With a bit of luck, it will be enough to pay off the bounty on her head. One job goes wrong and suddenly you're wanted dead or alive.
Rolls for Avim in order of Will, Fort, Insight

1d20+5: 17 [1d20=12]
1d20+6: 19 [1d20=13]
1d20+5: 8 [1d20=3]


Avim has Great Endurance if helpful.

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