The Gloriant Fantasy Setting

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The Gloriant Fantasy Setting

Post by Thorpocalypse » Fri Oct 25, 2019 3:23 am

Same as my superhero build setting, I am going to move my fantasy setting info here from my Gloriant Character Sheet thread. Work in progess, of course... ;)



Gloriant History
Gloriant Information (Calendar, Domains, Races)
Gloriant Information II (Deities)
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As recorded by Elder Emberwell the Alduvian, 9th Lorekeeper of Szaride

Hear now, mortals, this story of time before time, of darkness before light and of torment before salvation. Heed this tale of gods and men, war and peace, love and sacrifice. This lore has been handed down from generation to generation of Alduvians and must now be shared with all creatures of the Gilthorian lands in order to preserve that which is known. I have taken it upon myself to tell this tale to all who will listen.


While there are many theories on the creation of this planet of Jaerth, each depending on what religion one follows, or which wizard, Lorekeeper or elder of a race that you choose to believe. What we Alduvians know is this:

In the beginning, there was the void. And into that void, The Creator was born. It was He who set the stars in motion and who crafted the furnace of our Sun so that the void would not be filled with darkness. He created an infinite number of stars, worlds and dimensions layered upon dimensions with their variety as unlimited as His limitless power. And He loved all His creations equally and boundlessly.

It was during this period of creation that our world was born. The Creator formed the great oceans, our two moons, the majestic mountains, the myriad of plants and trees and the great lands, with the most glorious being our land of Gloriant.

But the world was without any creature or life of any kind. It was with His infinite wisdom that The Creator realized that the life on our world, and all worlds and dimensions, should be as varied and wondrous as the worlds He created. He also believed that all creatures of the world should be given a free will, so that they could each define their own reality and experience His glorious creations in their own individual way.

He also knew that they would need guidance and that His joy in creation was a joy that he wished to share. So He decided not to breathe life into the world Himself. For that, he created his five children, four sons, and a daughter. They would be the first gods, and they would be charged with creating and guiding the creatures and races of the world.

The first son was Anvaelar, who was carefree and proud. He loved song and the glory of gold, and to him his father gave a scepter made of engraved gold and decorated with wondrous gems.

The second son was Azzagrath, who was wise and humble. He loved strength of stone and strength of spirit and to him his father gave a scepter made of marble and Askharil, the “steel of souls”.

The third son was Aer, who was strong and bold, but quick to temper. He enjoyed the flame of emotion and the heat of battle and to him his father gave a scepter made of brass and living flame.

The fourth son was Azkarael, who was the smartest of the children, but was also boastful, prideful and covetous. His father gave him a scepter made of sterling silver and decorated with black diamonds.

The only daughter of The Creator was Anilaya, who was beautiful, clever and curious. She loved sorcery and sunshine, and to her the Creator gave the most special scepter; one made from pure light and magic.

Before the Five Children of The Creator created life in the world, they each had a number of children, and those children: Elhonna, Chronus, Bor, Pelor, Anubis, Gruumsh, and others; and their children and children’s children, became the pantheon of deities that we know today; Each of them carried traits and powers of their parents, but each of them was unique and each had their own philosophy on how life should be created and guided. There was much arguing and many fights between the deities over how the creatures of the world could be created and how they should be governed. In order to be fair, The Five Children of The Creator charged them each with creating a number of creatures as they saw fit, but none in the image of The Five Children and The Creator, as they were not deemed worthy to perform such a feat.

So the deities created all manner of animal, from the smallest bug to the mighty Tarrasque, with all varities in between. And The Five Children were most pleased, as was The Creator, who loved all the creations equally and boundlessly.

Then it was time for The Five Children to create life in their image. And so the races of our world were born.

First, Anvaelar made the elves that were as proud and carefree as he. He granted them long life, love of song and freedom and transcendent grace.

Second, Azzagrath made the mountain folk, who loved the earth and its rich treasures. Short and strong, they too were gifted with long life, but their love was for stone, steel, gems and hard work.

Third, Aer made the humans, who were strong and warlike. He did not grant them long life, as he wanted them to live fully in a shorter time. They were granted with a great sense of adaptability to their world, and were made to be prosperous and fertile.

Lastly, Anilaya made the gnomes and the little folk, who shared her love for magic, beauty and the wilderness. They were gifted with long life, and to have a greater kinship with nature and animals.

Azkarael, however, was not allowed to create the race he desired. Azkarael loved to create division and discontent between his brothers and sister. And he was particularly jealous of Anilaya, who he felt The Creator favored over the brothers. After an especially cruel and divisive act, the details of which have been lost to time, The Creator stripped Azkarael of his scepter and forbade Azkarael to use his powers until he had redeemed himself.

This drove Azkarael mad. He stole Anilaya away and tried to use the power of her scepter to make a race of terrible fiends to walk the world. When Anilaya tried to stop him, he flew into a fit of rage and slew her. However, the power of the scepter would not bend to his evil will, and when he tried to complete his task, the scepter destroyed itself and the resulting explosion shook The Heavens.

The explosion also destroyed Azkarael, but it shattered his essence into several separate entities that were thrust into the world and across all dimensions. The entities became the seeds of several different vile races, ranging from the vile goblins and orcs, to the bloodthirsty hyena-people of the deep deserts. Other creatures, such a demons, devils and fiends also sprang from the larger, more powerful remains of Azkarael and were spread out across all the planes of existence.

When The Creator realized what had occurred, he was devastated by the loss of his daughter and the betrayal by his son. Fearing for all the creations of his children, The Creator himself created the Alduvian race, which are now known as dragons by the other races of this world. To my race he gave long life, great knowledge, and great power, but also the burden of a great responsibility. It was the first of our race that built the unreachable mountain city of Szaride as home and sanctuary and began our long vigil.

The Creator then took away the power of creation from His children and the other deities and gave it to the creatures of Gloriant. In memory of his daughter, he blessed the female of all species with ability to bear children, and greater inner strength than a man could imagine.
After he had done this, The Creator rested, and sleep he did for a long time.


After the creation, thousands of years passed. Humans, under the banner of Aer and the pantheon of deities that shared his vision, conquered much of the world. Great empires rose and fell. Across the world, humans and elves dabbled in sorcery and the magical power of creation. They brought about the creation of many more species of animal and humanoid creatures. Giants appeared across the land, with strength that could move mountains and varying from brutish louts to noble intellectuals who lived in castles in the sky.
The mountain folk dug hundreds of strongholds under the ground and fought bloody wars with the blind beast-men of the deeps, the giants and the elves, whose arrogance was growing beyond comprehension.

It is believed that during this time, one of the spawn of Azkarael, a demon whose name remains unknown (but is believed to be Demogorgon himself) gained audience with the high human god Aer and began planting seeds of deceit.

Whether that was actually the reason or not, Aer slowly became dissatisfied with his creation. After its initial conquests and wars, humanity had settled down and split into thousands of small cultures. This did not please him, for Aer wanted a unified humanity, strong and warring, unified under his banner. What he saw was an imperfect creation that had to be tempered like an imperfect blade; in fire…

And so, in what was later called the Year of the Weeping Gods, Aer opened the gates of Hell and set loose the demons therein. The sky became black and rained down tainted water. Great storms ravaged both land and sea. And hordes of fiends, led by three infernal generals, pored out upon the helpless world.

The elves escaped across the seas in their great, enchanted ships, riding on winds of magic. The mountain folk and the little folk burrowed deeper in hopes of avoiding the onslaught. The giants were split into different factions, each of which pursued its own means to survive. But there would be no sanctuary for the human race and they bore the full brunt of Aer’s fury.

When the nature of the impending disaster became apparent, the Alduvians of Szaride did not sit idle. We sent our king, Terzhaen, to look for the sleeping Creator from the furthest reaches of the universe, a journey that would take him over three hundred years. The rest of my kin traveled far and wide, to live up to our responsibility as protectors of Gloriant, desperate to save what little we could. I am ashamed to say it, but many of my kind were captured and corrupted by the demons. The bloated and greedy descendants of those once mighty Alduvians are what cause so many today to curse the name dragon. But I digress…

My kind and the human race fought bravely against the infernal horde, but in vain. The fiends raised the dead to fight on as undead abominations, and destroyed human strongholds with spells of destruction. After 50 years of what became futile battle, the war was over, and the torment truly began.

The fiends enslaved entire human empires, for use as servants, to fulfill their depraved pleasures and even food. And through all this, Aer watched and did nothing, hoping that the adversity would drive men to evolve into something greater. Anvaelar also did nothing. His people, who called him Velar, were safe and that was all that mattered to him. Azzagrath attempted to reason with Aer, but to no avail, and not wanting to risk Aer’s wrath, he too, did nothing. And Aer forbade any of the other deities to intervene; less they tempt battle with him. So the human race continued to suffer.

For over three hundred years, nothing changed. Then, precisely three hundred and thirty-three years after the Torment began, the Alduvian king Terzhaen returned from his great journey. Those of my kin who were there that day recall seeing the king stagger in, bone weary but triumphant as he descended to the great square of Szaride. He looked across the crowd and declared, “HE is coming!” and then fell to the ground, dead.
For two days, all was silent. Then on the third day, He did indeed come.

In human annuals, it would be known as The Night of Falling Stars, as it appeared that the stars themselves fell down upon the earth. It was a cloudless night, and one by one, pillars of searing white light came down from the heavens. There was a host of the Nine Celestials Legions, and at their lead, terrible beyond comprehension, was The Creator.

The battle lasted for two days and nights, although there clearly was no question as to what would be the end result. The Creator could have ended the battle in the blink of an eye, but He let the battle continue because He saw that finally, the human race, inspired by The Creator, began to fight back.

And then it was over. The forces of light had triumphed; driving the demons and fiends back into the darkness. Soon, humankind, though battered, recovered to continue their spread across the land. The giants, mountain folk, dwarves, elves and little folks returned to their native lands and all the races worked to rebuild what they had lost in the time of The Torment. Then the time came for a reckoning in the heavens.
For his shortsightedness and cruelty to his own creation, Aer was stripped of his scepter, which The Creator broke into pieces and cast out across the ends of the universe. Without his scepter and wracked with shame and anger, Aer exiled himself from the heavens to a place unknown.

However, it is said that he remains powerful even without his scepter and that he will one day return to wreak a terrible vengeance on his Father.
The Creator again left the governing of the world to the pantheon of deities, and forbade them all from such similar acts, less they incur a wrath a thousand times greater than what was visited upon the demons in The Night of Falling Stars. And to this day, none in the pantheon has dared challenge The Creator’s decree.


After the Time of Torment, there was a general sense of peace throughout the land for nearly two hundred and fifty years. This would eventually be known as the First Age of Gloriant. It was during this time that the initial borders of the Gloriant Domains as we know them now were set, although those borders have changed over time. However, there was a great orc king named Grudarc, who believed that the will of the orc god Gruumsh was for the orcs to have lordship over all the lands of Gloriant. As such, he made it his personal crusade to achieve this goal. He began by overrunning the domains of Fiora and Tarkir with his vicious Bloodfang tribe and creating a stronghold in the Fiora forest now known as Orcwood. Soon after, he began to rally hundreds of orc clans under his banner. Before long they became the dominant humanoid force in the land.

As they began to advance across Gloriant, they eventually came into conflict with my people. At first, we had little problem defending ourselves against the orc armies, repelling them time and again, winning each battle decisively. After several defeats, Grudarc knew he would need more than just large numbers to accomplish his goal. They began to focus on gathering more and better weaponry and magic skills that might give them a better chance at victory. And for good measure, Grudarc forged an alliance with the Mind Flayers, who saw the war as an opportunity to gain control of the lands themselves, once the orcs had done most of the work. With their improved skill and the help of the Mind Flayers, the orcs were finally able to overcome our forces and slaughter many of my kind.

After many years of orc rampages, the elven, dwarven and human races joined with my people to battle the orcs in what would later be known as the First Great War. The war raged for many years, and the unified forces led by the great King of Men Amaes Gloriant, Dwarven King Edrinli Thunderhold and the great elven king Valeridas Sunstar battled Grudarc’s forces tooth and nail but could not gain an advantage. Finally, the great wizard Willard created an army of living constructs called the Warforged who fought with the unified races. It was their help that turned the tide of the war, and after a monumental battle in the Valley of Dread, the unified races defeated the orcs and Mind Flayers, with King Gloriant dealing the final blow by beheading Grudarc on the field of battle.

After the loss of their leader, the orcs were all but defeated and the Mind Flayers fled to their secret cities under the earth, to the place now know as The Underdark. As in all wars, though, the victory came at a great cost. The spoils of the war caused the near elimination of many of the humanoid races and many animal species. Even my people seemed to be sensing the end of our species.

But, as it has long been said, “life finds a way”, and in time, the populations of the humanoid races became plentiful again. Many new and strange species of creatures began to emerge, to coincide with the return of the Alduvians, and also unfortunately, the orcs. It was during this Second Age of Gloriant that our continent was named for the first King Gloriant, who became the first recognized High King of the land.


For another two hundred years, there was a relative peace throughout the land, as each of the human domains developed their own varying styles of government, but kept a general sense of peace with the other domains. The dwarves, elves, and humans generally kept the orcs at bay, and kept a general sense of peace, however tenuous, with each other. There were many relatively small conflicts, as there has always been and will always be, as good battled evil on a daily basis. But in general, the lands were prosperous and there was a balance between good and evil. It was also known as the first Great Age of Adventure, where the spoils of the last Great War left many ruins to explore, many treasures to claim and drove the bold to seek out new lands to discover.

It was near the end of this civil period that twin brothers were born, Ironious and Teronious. It is said that they were the spawn of a human mother and a great silver Aludvian, Maranog, that often assumed human form, to allow him to seduce females as he pleased. It is believed that their half-dragon lineage gave them great gifts for magic, and they became the two greatest wizards the world had ever known. The two brothers were as different as day and night, though. Teronious was kind and caring man, who used his power for good and to help others. Ironious was a darker, more sullen individual, who delved in dark magic and rarely used his powers for the general good. Each of them was a great teacher, however, and they trained hundreds of wizards, of all races and all alignments, including Tenser, Rary and Mordenkainen. And it was one of their students who would bring an end to the civil period and bring about the next Great War.

Montarrio, a Drow elf who came from a family of wizards, was Ironious’ greatest student. Despite his arrogance and cruel nature, he became of favorite of Ironious nearly from the first day he arrived and he worked closely with him for years. In short time, it became glaringly obvious to Montarrio that Ironious was immensely jealous of Teronious. At every opportunity, he played on that jealousy to help stoke the flames of dissension between the two brothers. After many years of studying with Ironious, learning everything he could from him, even thing that Ironious taught no other students, Montarrio felt he had he become nearly the equal of the brothers; and he knew it was time for him to eliminate his competition. Accounts vary as to what he actually did, but Montarrio orchestrated an incident that brought Ironious’ jealousy to the boiling point. It made Ironious fly into a murderous rage and he engaged in a deadly wizard’s duel with his brother. The battle raged for hours, each of them unable to gain an advantage over the other. Finally, with both wizards exhausted and near collapse, Montarrio unleashed a fury of evil magic upon them and killed him them both. After finishing off several of the brothers’ other students, he became the supreme wizard of the land.

Now that he was the supreme wizard, Montarrio felt he should be the ruler of all of Gloriant. He spent many years creating an empire in Wolfenstrahd, building a great castle deep within the Morgath Mountains and gathering great wealth and many followers. Over time, he gathered a massive army of evil and then he began to wage war against all the domains of Gloriant. Nearly all the domains fell quickly, leaving only the combined forces of the domains of Kurikami and Gilthorian to fight Montarrio’s army. Eventually, Montarrio’s armies pushed the opposing force to within a few miles of the Gilthorian capital of Kormiant.

The turning point of the war came during the Battle of Ainar’Din, where the members of the greatest party of adventurers in the land known as the X-Emplars; Xander Daellion, the mighty warrior and leader of the party; Maradak the Mysterious, the powerful mage; Sian the Cleric; Pergathon, the halfing thief; and Kalen, the dwarven fighter, were able to join the battle after returning from imprisonment many lands away thanks to the trickery of Montarrio.

Their onslaught brought out Montarrio himself and his greatest warrior, the general of his armies, the legendary blackguard, Ethirios the Cruel. Ethirios and Xander Daellion began a monumental battle, that legend says made thousands of warriors stop life and death battle to watch. Eventually, Xander Daellion slew Ethirios. Then Montarrio joined the battle and he nearly defeated the entire Great Party by himself. Just as Montarrio was about to finish them off, two lightning bolts came out of the heavens to strike Montarrio. Most believe it came from the spirits of Teronious and Ironious, who sent them to exact their revenge on their treacherous former student. It did not kill the evil Montarrio but it stunned him long enough for Daellion summon enough strength to rise and cut off Montarrio’s head. Then quickly and wisely, Maradak and Sian captured Montarrio’s soul and imprisoned it in a soul stone to keep him from returning ever again. Without Montarrio’s power and Ethiros’ leadership, the allied forces were able to rout the remaining forces of Montarrio’s army and within a few days, the war was over.

It has been nearly 25 years since that day and the continent is still in a state of recovery. Once again, the lands were razed and many species were near extinction after the ravages of the war. But as mentioned before, life is resilient and the lands are slowly again becoming prosperous. Xander Daellion is now the High King of Gloriant and he and his wife, Queen Diiva Daellion, have given their resources to restore many of the communities that were destroyed during the war, not just in their own domain, but also across the continent. They have helped strengthen the union among the peoples of all domains and along with the other retired members of the X-Emplars, and the X Knights, King Xander Daellion’s special guard, they have kept the peace in the land and have given all the races hope for a bright future. King Daellion’s reign has signaled the dawn of the Third Age of Gilthorian.

And there you have the history of Gloriant so far. What happens next, nobody knows except The Creator himself. But this much I can tell you, reader: the Alduvians will be there, watching it and recording what transpires to enlighten the future generations of Gloriant. I bid you farewell, and may The Creator watch over you.
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Some key information about the land of Gloriant (constant work in progress...):

Days of the Week (in Common tongue):

Anilayasday (Monday)
Therinsday (Tuesday)
Koranosday (Wednesday)
Thjorsday (Thursday)
Olysday (Friday)
Azzarday (Saturday)
Neuday (Sunday)

The 13 Months of the Year (in Common tongue):

Xanuran (Winter)
Sabuary (Winter)
Smarch (Spring)
Tilerin (Spring)
Kathai (Spring)
Erijune (Summer)
Cadu (Summer)
Azeman (Summer)
Senaini (Summer)
Daenawn (Fall)
Saiex (Fall)
Nazadeh (Fall)
Jaie (Winter)

• As stated in the history of Gloriant, the land is a state of renewal and recovery. The population of all the humanoid races is increasing steadily and most animal (magical or otherwise) species are gaining in numbers also. The two races that seem to be increasing the most rapidly, though, are goblins (as would be expected) and strangely, Drow elves, which normally were rarely encountered outside of a few areas, but have been showing up in all the regions lately. The one species that seems to be struggling to gain its former strength are the dragons, which comes as a surprise, given their power and revered status.

• While the animal populations in general are showing signs of recovery, it should be noted that many creatures have been found wandering in areas that are not their natural habitat. Most Rangers and Druids believe this is an after effect of the war, caused by numerous forest fires and fallout from dark magic spells that either destroyed certain creatures’ natural habitats, or drove off the animals that were their food sources, forcing them to wander into uncommon territories.



The exact size of the continent of Gloriant is unknown, but the explored portion is approximately 6 million square miles in size. However, many Lorekeepers and scholars feel that the landmass is probably at least 3 times that size. The weather varies from region to region, with the northern regions of the land trending colder and the southern and western coastal regions being warmer.

There are 12 known domains of Gloriant:

Athanos: Is an island domain in the Galdratic Sea of the southeast coast of Gilthorian.
Gilthorian: The most well-known and largest domain, located on the southwest center of the continent. This is the domain where the majority of my adventures will occur.
Jatar: The land of dragons and warlords that which borders Wolfenstrahd to the north/northwest.
Konstantinopolis: The vast city-nation that borders Wolfestrahd to the northeast.
Kurikami: Located in the far east of the explored portion of the continent.
Rajadesh: Which borders Sekhumnkhet the northwest.
Sekhumnkhet: Land in the desert, located in the far southwest.
Teztaca: Which borders Gilthorian to the south/southeast.
Vandalay: The constantly shifting island of floating land and wild mana in the Noviant Sea.
Vellenza: Land of subterfuge and intrigue that borders Wolfenstein to the northeast.
Wolfenstrahd: The dark land that borders Gilthorian to the north.
Zaganda: The land to to the far south of Gloriant.

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Originally I was going to just open up the overall listing of deities from D&D, Pathfinder and all the mythologies, but I think I’m going to start my own list for my setting just to reign it in a little bit. Some will be completely original, some will be “borrowed” from other settings and if I actually run a game, I will be open to negotiation for additions. As always, it’s a work in progress.

The Old Gods:

Anvaelar – God of the Elves. Revelry, song and prosperity.
Azzagrath – God of the Dwarves.
Aer – War. God the Humans. Exiled.
Azkarael – God of Deceit, Avarice and Evil. Father of Demons,
Anilaya – Goddess of Light and Life. Deceased.

The New Gods:

Arvorea – Goddess of Nature
Athreos – God of Passage
Avandra – Goddess of Change, Luck, Trade, Travel
Bahamut – God of Justice, Protection, Nobiliy and Honor; God of Good Dragons
Bane – God of War and Conquest; God of Goblins
Boccob – God of Magic, Balance and Foresight
Bontu – Goddess of Ambition
Corellon Larethian – God of Magic, Music and arts; God of Elves
Cosi – God of Tricksters, God of Merfolk
Emeria – Goddess of the Sky and Wind; Goddess of Merfolk
Erathis – Goddess of Civilization and Invention
Ephara – Goddess of the Polis
Erebos – God of the Dead
Fujin – God of Wind
Garl Glittergold – God of Gnomes
Gruumsh – God of Orcs
Hazoret – Goddess of Zeal
Heliod – God of Sun
Ioun – Goddess of Knowledge, Skill and Prophecy
Iroas – God of Victory
Kanis – God of Ainoks, Jackalweres and Werewolves
Karametra – Goddess of Harvests
Kefnet – God of Knowledge
Keranos – God of Storms
Kord – God of Strength and Battle
Kruphix – God of Horizons
The Locust God – God of Famine
Lolth – Godess of Shadows, Lies and Spiders; Goddess of The Drow
Melora – Goddess of Nature
Mogis – God of Slaughter, God of Minotaurs
Moradin – God of Creation, Artisans and Family; God of Dwarves
Nylea – Goddess of the Hunt
Oketra – Goddess of Solidarity
Omnath – God of Elementals
Pelor – God of Sun, Agriculture and Time
Pharika – Goddess of Affliction
Phenax – God of Deception
Purphoros – God of the Forge
The Queen of Air and Darkness – Goddess of Magic, Death and Murder; Goddess of the Fae
Raijin – God of Thunder
The Raven Queen – Goddess of Death and Fate
Rhonas – God of Strength
The Scarab God – God of Leadership
The Scorpion God – God of Destruction
Sehanine – Goddess of Love, Trickery and Moon; Goddess of Elves
Thassa – Goddess of the Sea
Tiamat – Goddess of Greed, Wealth and Vengeance; Goddess of Evil Dragons
Therin - Goddess of Light
Thjor – God of Storms, War and Drink
Titania – Goddess of Friendship and Magic; Goddess of the Fae
Torog – God of Jailors and Torturers; God of the Underdark
Ula – God of the Sea, God of Merfolk
Vaprak – God of Destruction; God of Ogres and Trolls
Vecna – God of Necromancy, Secrets and Undead
Vext – God of Mishap and Misfortune
Yondalla – Goddess of Halflings
Ziracyna – Goddess of Avens
Zehir – God of Assassin, Darkness and Poisons
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Re: The Gloriant Fantasy Setting

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Re: The Gloriant Fantasy Setting

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Re: The Gloriant Fantasy Setting

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Re: The Gloriant Fantasy Setting

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Re: The Gloriant Fantasy Setting

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Re: The Gloriant Fantasy Setting

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