The societal bias test

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The societal bias test

Post by Poodle » Fri Sep 13, 2019 10:38 pm

This is easy to do. Take a sentence involving any group, man, woman, black, white, straight, queer etc and change the terms around. If one gets a bigger reaction then there is societal bias. Ask yourselves which would get a bigger reaction. For added complexity add multiple descriptors.

[insert group] are the most likely to commit suicide.
[insert group] are the most likely to die in a workplace accident.
[insert group] are the most likely to commit crimes against children.
[insert group] are most likely to be raped.
[insert group] are most likely to kill another person.
[insert group] deserves a pay rise.
[insert group] are discriminated against in colleges.
[descriptor] rights activist

Now do it with headlines.
Today 10 [insert group] were killed in a workplace accident.
300 [insert group] are going on strike to improve conditions.
A [insert individual] was convicted of sexual assault charges against a minor.
A [descriptor] baker refused to sell goods to a [insert individual].
[insert group] are being marginalised in the workplace.
A [insert individual] was left alone in a room with 8th graders for over an hour unsupervised.
[descriptor] culture
[descriptor] - ness

Now do it with slogans.
[descriptor] lives matter.
[descriptor] power.
[descriptor] supremacy.
[descriptor] can do anything.
[descriptor] pride.
[descriptor] is beautiful
[descriptor] priviledge.

See if you can see a pattern
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