[OOC] MnM 3e - The First Generation, one-shot

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[OOC] MnM 3e - The First Generation, one-shot

Post by Sakuro » Thu Sep 12, 2019 4:27 am

At the height of World War 2 the first superhuman emerged. There was nothing, no one, that could stop him. His name was Dr. Impossible, and he made history by forcing the Axis and Allies to agree to a peace treaty which he mediated.

On Friday 21 January 2000 the second superhuman emerged. Leading a fleet of never before seen aerial vehicles the individual calling themselves Imperator appeared over Hadron City in northern Kansas. That day an impenetrable barrier surrounded the city.

It remained a sore spot in the American psyche, an entire city and millions of citizens trapped. Until on Friday 13 April 2018, when the barrier was brought down. The United States accompanied by Dr. Impossible moved in to secure the city, finding it drastically changed.

A six month conflict ensued between the US military along with their super human ally against the forces of Imperator. The fighting spilled out into surrounding cities, scaring the larger part of Kansas. People questioned if the fighting would ever end. Eventually, Imperator was confronted by Dr. Impossible. The aerial battle spanned several states, but it's end was never seen. At some point there was an explosion over the Arizona desert and both combatants were gone. Neither have been seen since.

Without their leader Imperator's forces eventually fell, or went to ground. Martial law has been enacted in Hadron City and a private army, Stronghold International, has been contracted to get Hadron City under control.

You were privileged. You grew up in the shadow of Imperator, having been born in Hadron City during his time in control. You have seen and lived the Utopian Dream that was his vision for the world. You grew up in a socially and technologically advanced society where the need for money was gone. There was no hunger. No homelessness. Healthcare was universal. Crime had been reduced to such a degree that it might as well have been nonexistent. Education of the highest quality was freely available to anyone, for as long as they wished to pursue their education.

Imperator called you the First Generation of mankind's future. You were going to help him spread the Utopian Dream throughout the world. Then they killed him for trying to save humanity. Your home is in ruin. Stronghold is strangling Hadron City as they loot the technological wonders Imperator built. They're killing the Dream and stealing your future from you. In the weeks that followed you've felt paralyzed and victimized, struggling to find a new normal. That is going to change. Soon you won't have a choice but to fight.

The above sets the stage for a game I would like to run for three to four players that are able to post on a regular basis. One place is reserved for MrDent12, which leaves room for 3 more players. The PCs will be one of the young people (ages 13-18) that were born and grew up in Hadron City. The First Generation have been mentally and physically conditioned to be the best of humanity. They have been subjected to advanced, and accelerated, learning techniques and conditioning that pushes the limits of what is humanly possible. This means a teenager can justifiably have expert level training in a given field. That aside, the First Generation are still normal humans (Ability upper limits discussed below), albeit very skilled and talented. Combat training is also not just an option, it is mandatory. All characters should be competent combatants, even if they do not reach PL caps.

For character creation, PCs are PL 7 with 105 PP. They receive an additional 5 PP that may be used to buy Powers that reflect exceptional ability, skill, or talent. Only these 5 PP may be used to purchase Powers. Things such as Speed, or Leap, should not have more than 1 rank. You are pushing the limits of what a human can achieve, not entering the realm of superhuman. No Devices. No Inventor, Ritual, or Artificer Advantages. There is no magic in this setting. Super science is also an exceedingly rare thing that normal scientists, engineers, etc. can only maintain and maybe repair. Not recreate. Eidetic Memory (I will allow the +5 to memory checks only) and Jack of All Trades are off limits. You may purchase ranks in Luck, but no more than 2. Half of a character's attack value must be fully paid for (with Attributes or Advantage), both melee and range.

I encourage the use of Expertise Skills to reflect areas of knowledge. I rather see Expertise: Computers, for example, than someone grabbing the condensed Technology Skill package that consists of numerous unrelated fields. Using a specialized field like this will lower DCs for checks. As native born and raised in Hadron City all characters will receive 1 rank of Expertise: Hadron City for free. If you feel your character's background and experiences justify a greater knowledge of the city and things involving it you may purchase additional ranks.

Other than a build and 2 Complications, I would like a brief concept/background describing your character. Of note, I want to know what your character was up to before, during, and after the war.

Some warnings. This story is a tragedy, and is unlikely to end well for your character. There will be themes that include lose of innocence, lose of humanity, and possibly personal horror. The setting is on the darker side of grayscale. You will not be playing traditional heroes. You will be playing the brainwashed youth a villain was going to use to conquer the world. The world itself may get pretty grim. Further, do not get overly attached to who your character begins the game as and be prepared for change that you cannot completely control. I will also be using the lethal combat rules. This mainly impacts the significance of degrees of success on damage and counts recovery time by hours, not minutes.
Benchmarks wrote:I am considering the sum of the parts, as well as the individual concept. A character that is hitting "one of the best in the world" or better in more than a couple Abilities is going to give me pause but may not be a hard no. I also do not want to see more than one "peak of human achievement" on the entire team for a given Ability

Normal Human Benchmarks
Strength: 4, a key point of your character is their strength. Power-lifters beyond the limits of most people.
Stamina: 4 being the "one of the best in the world" area. It grants as much toughness as a kevlar vest and is just shy of steel plate armor. 5 might be pushing it as peak human. I am not sure.
Agility, Dexterity: 6, the best of Olympic Gymnasts fall into this area. World class illusionists, drivers, or trick shooters may touch on the manual Dexterity, but I often pair these two. 7 being peak human
Awareness: 6 would be someone like Sherlock Holmes, hyper aware, almost to the point it is a defect. 7 would probably be scary on an emotional or sensory level for the person themselves, and be peak human.
Fighting: This one I am the most flexible on. Fighting as an Ability is weird and I don't feel a need for a hard number here. 7 is a good stopping point for the spirit of the setting though.
Intelligence: 4 is genius level. 6 is one of the greatest minds in the world. 7 is just shy of super-genius, and is peak human
Presence: 6, you could have your own cult of personality if you put the effort in. Think of the greatest, charismatic leaders and speakers throughout history. At 7 you'd be on the verge of supernatural charisma.

Skill Benchmarks
4-5 is Competent
6-10 is Professional caliber
11-15 is an Expert or Specialist in that area
16-17 has you at one of the best, if not THE best, in the world with that Skill

In Character Thread

The Cast
Mel Sarah, a stealthy shock trooper.
Maryanne Fairweather, an ambitious and manipulative social engineer.
Jamie Kane a front line brawler that use to be part of the boy band "Utopian Dream".
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Re: [MnM 3e] - The First Generation, a one-shot (Recruiting 3)

Post by mrdent12 » Thu Sep 12, 2019 5:58 am

Mel Sarah
PL 7
PP 105(+5 for powers)

Age 17



Mel lived in paradise. She didn't hunger, thirst, or need to worry about going poor. No paradise is free. It needed people to defend and prepare for the coming inevitable war once paradise tried to spread its light upon the world. Her parents instilled in her a sense of duty to the dream of Hadron City, the dream of Imperator. To protect it and help it grow. To accomplish these aims, some of Mel's classmates went into proper soldier training, others science, and still some healing with a few even going into the arts to enrich the dream. Mel wanted to go into the arts, dancing to be more precise, out of passion. From a tender age, she had fallen in love with her dance classes.

Part of what made her so good at dancing was her natural abilities. She excelled at agility, ability to move precisely, and generally become quiet when needed for the dance she was doing. It also made her the perfect candidate for a special type of youth unit, called the Messengers by those in it, being put together for rapid insertion making use of what was around them instead of normal military equipment when she turned 13. Out of a sense of duty she signed on. It wasn't forced on her and her parents even told her she could say no without repercussions. There was other ways to serve. Still she felt an obligation to go for the training because of all the gifts she was given in her life and the dream of spreading the message of what could be under Imperator. Plus, they let her keep taking dancing lessons while she trained with the best instructors.

Generally an odd duck, Mel fit in perfectly with the other teens in the unit that was still part of the military, but not trained like it. Going into it, they knew the cost they might need to pay to pave the way for the proper military. Marcus signed on to be medic and also chemical weapons expert. Frank just loved tech and signed on to be the techie. Arnold loved fire and blowing things up as a kid, so he signed on for demolitions. Becky admired the soldier life and was always a bit stiff, but relented into becoming more of an urban soldier. Mel, with her skill set, was that shock attacker/scout. For the next three and a half years they grew up together like a family in a base in the Undercity made especially for them. Unlike other military units with advanced technology, theirs mirrored the more mundane.

For training, it started off easy with each getting educated in their respective areas. Mel learned tactical thinking, how to be stealthy, and fluid motion techniques incorporated into her dance classes. At one point, she tried rhythmic gymnastics, but dancing was more fun to her. Thinking she was clever, some nights she would sneak off while the trainers weren't looking to go see her parents for dinner or just to stay the night before returning in the very early morning feeling like she got one over on her trainers. In reality, it was part of the training and her parents told to encourage it. If she could avoid city surveillance, she could avoid being spotted in most places she would be sent.

Overtime, training grew into war games with her unit pitted against proper soldiers for mock missions. Her rag tag unit with mundane gear would be tasked with blowing up a weapons depot, stealing data from a lab, or some other disruptive type task. Those opposing them would only be told that war games were in effect with the parameters and the goal to protect the objective. They didn't always win. At first they lost every time. In the few months before the war started, they won nearly every time with exercises focussing on debilitating forward bases or causing chaos. It was all in good fun for the Messengers though as their trainers encouraged them to play pranks during these games when winning was assured to lighten the tension. Normal military units also got a kick out of it. Unlike the normal military stalwart and rigid structure, Messenger war games put a smile on the participants faces despite everyone taking them deadly serious.

Those in charge had the foresight to realize Messenger units could become dangerous and snap if not given time to vent and be teens. So, each was encouraged to pursue passions and fun stuff as well as the skills needed for their role. Mel liked to organize impromptu dance parties for her brothers and sisters. None of them could dance that well, but it didn't matter as it made them happy. Others played games as fit their interests such as video game nights, launching model rockets, and making gases that made everyone talk funny. Becky was the only one who tried to find confines to fit. The random bursts of chaos troubled her sometimes. When that happened, Mel would always find some way to cheer her up with a joke, a new stunt she picked up, or other trick.

When war broke out, Mel wanted to go. Her unit was held back in the city though in case they were needed to defend the home front. As her trainers put it, there was soldiers for the fighting in the trenches. If the enemy came to their door step, it was their job to give them hell. When the city finally fell, so did the rest of her unit as far as she knew at the time in an action designed to slow the progress through the city with a diversion behind enemy lines. It succeeded though diverting the attention from the pursuit of the main fleeing units allowing them to get into hiding.

Coming to in a field hospital setup by the Red Cross, she wasn't surprised to not be in a military prison. She fought in a dress and yielded a metal pipe in the last battle that must have got blown away when the grenades hit her unit. So, it made sense they took her as collateral damage instead of a battle suit wearing soldier with a hand held rail gun. Becky lay beside her mumbling incoherently with wounds all over her body from the shrapnel. Nurses gave Becky a sedative, but when it stopped working she went back to mumbling again. No joke, stunt, or trick would break this snap. Coming through the tent, Stronghold units took the names of the teens, their pictures, and gave them papers. Supposed to ask about the kids past briefly, the Stronghold soldiers were just too tired and put age 15 dancer for Mel and age 15 artist for Becky.

Under the cover of night, Mel drew on her old tricks and escaped the tent going back into the Undercity avoiding patrols along the way back to her old base. She tried to bring Becky, but it was just too dangerous. Everything at the base was toppled over and most equipment smashed, but the security system still worked decent enough and so did the power generator. Mel set to work cleaning up the place to make it livable at least as a place to hideout. Also, she collected what weapons and equipment she could from a small stash just before Stronghold found it. As needed, she started going top side for basic food and to check on Becky covertly as was possible. On the streets, the cameras being installed spotted her sometimes, but there was bigger issues than a runaway teen who probably lived in the sewers. "Dancer" didn't exactly trigger any alarm bells.

As the weeks passed, Mel longed for her war games, duty, and family. Despite not liking video games, she missed video game night and took to doing her own in memory of Frank. Becky was mostly healed up at the group home physically, but Mel upon reading her charts saw she rarely got out of bed and simply mumbled when she did get up to walk around or eat. Mel took to keeping her skills sharp by surprising people preying on the refugees fleeing into the Underground City or the Stronghold patrols foolish enough to venture into the area wearing a ski mask and black sweats. She didn't do it to be good or to help people so much as give her some purpose by protecting what could have been from Stronghold, even if it was small in comparison to her old duty.

Character Sheet

Abilities 40pp:
Strength 2 Stamina 2 Agility 6 Dexterity 1 Fighting 7 Intellect 0 Awareness 2 Presence 0

Skills 23pp:
Acrobatics 8(+14), Athletics 7(+9), Close Combat(Unarmed) 2(+9), Insight 3(+5), Perception 6(+8), Stealth 8(+14), Expertise(Hadron City) 11*(+11), Expertise Tactics 7(+7), Expertise(Dancing) 4(+4)
*1 free skill for hadron city expertise

Powers 5pp:
Speed 1 1pp
Perfect Balance: Movement 2(Wall Crawling 2 Limited to upright Movement) 2pp
Vaulting: Leaping 1(15 ft) 1pp
Senses: Low Light Vsion 1pp

Advantages 27pp:
Ranged Attack 6, Defensive Roll 3, Evasion 1, Uncanny Dodge, Power Attack, Acrobatic Feint, Hide In Plain Sight, Skill Mastery(Expertise Hadron City), Improvised Weapon 3, Move By Action, Equipment 5, Improved Initiative, Take Down 2

Initiative +10
Ranged +7, Close +7
Close(Unarmed/any improvised weapon) +9 w\ +2 to damage
Rebar +9 DC 20 toughness
Assault Rifle +7 DC 20 Autofire
Heavy Pistol +7 DC 19 Toughness
Improvised Melee +9 +2 Damage

Defense 15pp
Dodge 9, Fortitude 7, Parry 9, Toughness 5, Will 7

Abilities 42 + Skills 21 + Advantages 27 + Powers 5 + Defenses 15 coming to 110


Assault Rifle(Ranged Multi Attack Damage 5)
AE: Heavy Pistol(Damage 4)
AE: Metal Rebar(Strength Based Damage 1 blunt)
Night Vision Goggles
Gas Mask
Cell Phone
Hide Out(Small +0, Security System +1, Concealed 2 +2, Living Space +1, Power Source +1)

Motivation(Duty): With Imperators forces fallen, she is looking for a way to fulfill the duty she was trained to perform.
Quirk(Innocence): When fighting, she fights like the devil's inside her if you even see her. Outside of it or if she feels safe, she can be pliable.
Secret(Highly trained fighter): No one really knew the details of what Mel specialized in. To most people, she's a fairly naive girl who likes to dance. If her true specialty comes out, she will be on Strongholds radar like a Christmas tree in times square.
Relationship(Becky, other former team members): Becky was the urban warfare specialist in the group who became like a sister to Mel. Seeing the slaughter broke her. While her body is on the mend slowly, her mind will likely never recover and she currently resides in a group home run by a charity. The rest of her teammates, Mel thinks are dead, but has no confirmation. Part of her control mechanism was the group camaraderie, so Becky or others who might have survived can be used against her.


Mel is like the yin and yang. Outside of combat or combat planning, she still maintains her innocence liking to dance to music only she can hear in her head if anyone watched her. She even used to play practical jokes and her mannerisms border on whimsical at times. Anything combat related, she is laser focused. The mission is all. Like the Samurai of old, she is focused on the attack at any cost to secure her objective.


She was inspired by River Tam from Firefly. The general concept is a shock trooper who prepares the way for larger forces that relies on the element of surprise and speed vs heavy armour and weaponry. She's highly trained in combat related tactics because her life depends on it in a fight or an attack. In a proper fight, she might win, but is more likely to fall back on trying to fall back on her speed vs slugging it out.
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Re: MnM 3e - The First Generation, a one-shot (Recruiting 3)

Post by melonLord » Thu Sep 12, 2019 10:06 pm

Interesting. I'm considering submitting an investigator/face character, but I have one question:
Half of a character's attack value must be fully paid for (with Attributes or Advantage), both melee and range.
Does this mean that we have to buy both melee and range attack value, or does it just mean that this rule applies regardless of whether we buy melee or range?

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Re: MnM 3e - The First Generation, a one-shot (Recruiting 3)

Post by Sakuro » Thu Sep 12, 2019 10:32 pm

An Investigator will help with portions of this adventure, and Faces are generally good at giving you social options. While there is a plot to follow, with a defined beginning and planned end that will be altered based on PC actions, the journey and methods used to achieve your end goals are going to be character driven.

Assuming you aren't making any trade-offs and your Abilities were 0, you would need to buy 4 ranks of both the Range and Melee Combat Advantages. Then you may buy up just ranged or melee, or specialized into a specific field with Combat Skills. Does that make sense? The rule is in place to prevent people from being completely range or melee focused, or buying all their Attack value from Skills. There should be a base degree of competence.
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Re: MnM 3e - The First Generation, a one-shot (Recruiting 3)

Post by melonLord » Thu Sep 12, 2019 11:04 pm

Alright, that makes sense. Thank you.

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Re: MnM 3e - The First Generation, a one-shot (Recruiting 3)

Post by Flynnarrel » Fri Sep 13, 2019 12:51 am

I had been working on this character before melonLord posted, I don't think there'll be tons of overlap but here you go:

Every utopian regime needs an organization like the OSDP. And every OSDP needs someone like Russel.

The OSDP, The Office for Sedition Detection and Prevention is a division of the Department for Intelligence Analysis (DIA), colloquially known as the Watchmen. And before you ask, it is the Watchmen Internal Affairs who watch the Watchmen.

Russel Briggs has trained since a toddler to be able to spot lies, tell, and read both a suspect, a room, and a crime scene with uncanny precision. He possesses the latest in quick mnemonic techniques, both verbal inflection non-verbal 'tells', and psychosociological deductive reasoning responses. If the regime was allowed to continue in its glorious ways he would have been one of the bastions of righteousness sent to ferret out the disloyal and unpatriotic. Sometimes even before they could act on, or maybe even were aware of their anti-authoritarian proclivities. He wasn't the one who dealt with such individuals (though he had basic skills of self defense and a decent ranged abilities), Russel and others of the OSDP were only to find them. Though a consequence of his situational awareness was that he was a decently predictive combatant and took to soft martial arts and ranged weaponry readily.

Such intense training were not without their impact on a mind. Russel lost something in his ability to interact with people and even the world in general. The words High Functioning Sociopath are stamped on his file and he bears the label with as much pride as he can muster for.... anything really. He doesn't look down on others or resent them for not possessing his intellect, awareness, or skill. Nor does he resent the system and others for making him the way he is. He understood his role. He understood he was 'broken'. He likewise understand the usurpers who destroyed the glorious utopia that made him.

In the days of the war Russel and his fellow trainees from different division of the DIA were witness to the interrogation of many captured enemy combatants as well as strategic analysis session and intelligence briefings. While Russel could not follow all of the information on the war's progression he could see the faces of the officers of the Imperator's army; he knew when their spirit to fight died, even when the officers themselves wouldn't acknowledge it. He and his other Intelligence analyst trainees would talk sometimes, the young men and women, comfortable to Russel's shy proclivities and used to his odd mannerisms shared that they. too, could see the inevitable. They made a pact. They would each, to the best of their ability, blend in with the invaders, the destroyers of their homeland and dreams of their glorious leader. They would integrate in whatever way their captors dictate, make no overt moves or trouble, and watch, gather information and await the day of the Imperator's return. They included Russel in their pact but swore him to secrecy. They trusted him of all of them to only tell those that could be depended on, those that were loyal.

OCD - normally kept under control, the GM can activate this complication to delay or deter Russel by having there be something out of place that he HAS to adjust.
Socially inept - Russel has no idea how to relate to people. He's generally quiet in a way that's off-putting and watches people in an unnerving way.
Secret Pact - integrate to the best of their ability but never lose faith that the Imperator will reappear and need his loyal followers to flock to his banner once again with all the information they've gained. Other Pact members are out there and might contact Russel for aid or to pursue some rumor of the Imperator's forces gathering. Russel will also be on the look out for legitimate gatherings as well as traps set by the invaders [Stronghold] to get the Imperator's loyalists to reveal themselves. If absolutely needed, they identify themselves to each other by using all or part of the famous phrase: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
Paranoia - I almost didn't list this one because people ARE out to get him if the conspiracy is ever discovered and Russel's abilities make it easy to trust someone or not. Nevertheless he spends considerable amount of time making sure he's not followed. He insessantly listens to his radio to hear of news of the Imperator's return and other 'conspiracy theories' of what happened that day, etc.



PL7 105+5

PRE -1

Toughness 3+2D.roll+3kevlar = 8

Dodge: 2+4pp = 6
Parry: 4+2pp = 6
Fort: 3+2pp = 5
Will: 7+2pp = 9

Advantages [23pp]: Assessment, Eidetic Memory {Recalling only}, Well Informed, Grappling finesse, Ranged Attack 2, Equipment 3, Defensive roll 2, Defensive Attack, Prone Attack, Improved Critical(Pistols) 1, Luck 2, Improved Pin, Fast Grab, Uncanny Dodge, improved initiative, Tracking, Improved Aim, Precise (Ranged, Cover)

Equipment: Light pistol (Blast 3) 6ep, Kevlar Undersuit (Protection 3, Subtle) 4ep, Commlink(disguised as glasses, subtle) 2ep, Laptop/tablet 1ep, Radio 1ep, Binoculars 1ep

Skills: [24pp]
Perception 8(+15)
Insight 10(+17)
Investigation 6 (+11)
Ranged focus(pistol) 5(+11)
Treatment 1(+6)
Sleight of Hand 2(+6)
Vehicles 1(+5)
Expertise: Security 5(+10)
Expertise: Psychology and sociology 4(+9)
Close Unarmed 4(+8)
Expertise: Computers 2(+7)
(Free) Expertise: Hadron City 1(+6)

init +6
Grapple +8 (free after unarmed attack), -5 to escape
Unarmed +8, DC15 Toughness
Light Pistol +11, DC18Toughness, [19-20 / 17-20 crit w/+5 Aiming]

Advanced Training/'powers':

Improved Critical (Pistol) 2, Limited - Only after an Aim maneuver) [1pp]
Mind Reading, Limited to surface thoughts, Sense-Dependent (See expressions) pr 6[3PP+1AE]
AE: Scene Reading: Postcognition, Limited to Studying a scene or item.
{Neither of these are psychic abilities but a consequence of studying body language or the outlay of evidence.}

Attributes48+Saves10+Adv23+Skills24 = 105 + 5 Advanced Training

Inspirations: Sherlock, Dr. Lightman (Lie To Me), Rainman. Russel can easily be one of those nearly-dysfunctional conspiracy theorists listening to a radio in a darkened room.
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Re: MnM 3e - The First Generation, a one-shot (Recruiting 3)

Post by melonLord » Fri Sep 13, 2019 1:32 am

Ah, there is quite a bit of overlap there, unfortunately. (Right down to using Postcognition to model advanced detective work, hah.)

I didn't have much besides mechanical barebones yet, though, I think I'll just tweak and refocus her more on social skills, psychological manipulation and team support.

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Re: MnM 3e - The First Generation, a one-shot (Recruiting 3)

Post by Sakuro » Fri Sep 13, 2019 2:45 am

Flynnarrel, I like the OSDP concept. Though I worry a little about the docility being played up to the point that he has no motivation or initiative to act without someone telling him what to do. My storytelling style involves the characters taking action to progress the story, not the GM constantly pushing you from one event to another. Something to bear in mind. I'm aware that you are still working on the character. Though as it stands some changes are going to be needed and I have some comments.

- I should have listed Eidetic Memory and Jack-of-all-Trades as off limits. These Advantages never sit well for me in a group setting, where a person can take one of these and do anything without investing points in Skills. I will allow Russel to have Eidetic Memory, with the provision that he will only have the +5 to memory checks. Not the ability to roll for any Expertise Skill.
- Danger Sense is not an Advantage. It is a Power, and will need to be purchased with the 5 PP exclusively given to you for buying Powers.
- One rank of Improved Critical Pistols is acceptable. If you want the full three, you are going to have to buy the last two ranks as a Power.
- Post and Precognition can be spoilery Powers. I am not giving Russel's Postcognition a hard "no" but I am going to impose limitations and may straight up say "you don't get anything of note". The Distracting Flaw is not valid for the Power, as Postcognition is inherently all engrossing. Activation doesn't feel appropriate, and more like a way to shave off points, rather than really being a hinderance. As such I am not going to allow that either.
- Electrified Knuckles are a no. You may only have mundane equipment. "Brass Knuckles" would be fine.
- With a -2 in Presence Russel is effectively an eight year old child. That is not going to be acceptable. I'll allow -1 in Presence. That's what a bystander teenager would have. If you want to represent some special impairment, that can be expressed through a Complication.
- Russel's -1 Strength is inconsistent with his overall physicality, which is well above average and even very well developed in some areas. It needs to be brought in line with the rest of his physical traits.
- I would like a little information on what Russel was up to during the war, and the proceeding couple of weeks. Enough to give me an idea of his current situation, and if anything from the war will affect him on a personal level.

At his core, I like the concept present in Russel. It conjures the idea of a post-modern inquisitor. Which is very fitting of the setting and culture created by Imperator.
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Re: MnM 3e - The First Generation, a one-shot (Recruiting 3)

Post by mrdent12 » Fri Sep 13, 2019 5:09 am

I fleshed out Mel's background a bit and am reasonably happy with her now.

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Re: MnM 3e - The First Generation, a one-shot (Recruiting 3)

Post by Flynnarrel » Fri Sep 13, 2019 5:31 am

Is there a way to reflect that he has to study a scene at least a little before he has access to postcognition?

As an FYI, punching stun guns exist today.

What are your thoughts on a surface-thoughts only kind of mind-reading? I'm trying to emulate what we see from Dr. Lightman in the TV show 'Lie To Me', with some of Dustin Hoffman's Rain Man thrown in.
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Re: MnM 3e - The First Generation, a one-shot (Recruiting 3)

Post by Sakuro » Fri Sep 13, 2019 5:46 am

I'd allow something along the lines of: Limited "Requires Extended Study and Scrutiny of Subject or Area" (-1/r). It'd be a talent you generally employ when you have an extended period of time to work your investigative magic and aren't under duress.

The punching stung gun is neat. Didn't know about those. I'm still not going to allow custom Equipment.
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Re: MnM 3e - The First Generation, a one-shot (Recruiting 3)

Post by Sakuro » Fri Sep 13, 2019 5:56 am

I would allow Mind Reading limited to surface thoughts. You should have support Skill(s) to go along with it, however. Russel already has amazing Insight, Awareness, and Perception. Something along the lines of Expertise: "Psychology and Sociology" is the only thing missing.
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Re: MnM 3e - The First Generation, a one-shot (Recruiting 3)

Post by Flynnarrel » Fri Sep 13, 2019 7:22 am

Modified Russel as requested. Please review at your convenience. Build should be complete. Added some story elements to background which gives him more motivation and you more plothooks.
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Re: MnM 3e - The First Generation, a one-shot (Recruiting 3)

Post by Sakuro » Fri Sep 13, 2019 7:38 am

Thank you Flynnarrel. I am not going to do serious number crunching. The changes look good though. I like the extra background you added, and the Complication. It is just the sort of thing I was looking for.
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Re: MnM 3e - The First Generation, a one-shot (Recruiting 3)

Post by CaptainChaos » Fri Sep 13, 2019 6:06 pm

I might be interested in this. Now I know you said no devices and I presume that means things like a weapon that shoots cold or heat, that type of thing. Ate Batman level items allowed? Grappling hooks, smoke bombs, maybe s tricked out vehicle?

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