Adventures Assemble S2E3: Call to Arms!

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Re: Adventures Assemble S2E3: Call to Arms!

Post by Gilliam » Tue Aug 13, 2019 9:40 am

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Something about the man with the loudhailer seemed off, almost as though he was reading from a script that inexplicably resonated with the crowd gathered in the square. It looks like Cooper has decided to hire a higher level of flunkie than previously.

At the sight of the thugs approaching her Imogen smiled coldly as she spoke her voice carrying clearly to all within earshot.

"Really have you forgotten who I am. I have fought the Iron Maiden, Blackhawk, Lord Steel himself and others who are now dust beneath my boot. I am the Nutcracker, the Maiden of the Night ... I am Nightbird!!"

As she finished her speech Imogen's cape flared up behind her making her seem even larger than normal.

Nightbird Intimidation
Nightbird Intimidation: 1d20+11 28

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Re: Adventures Assemble S2E3: Call to Arms!

Post by stavaros_the_arcane » Wed Aug 14, 2019 8:46 pm

Ysariel wrote:
Sun Aug 04, 2019 2:03 pm
Armada Supercarrier

You enter the trophy room - a city-sized space with skyscraper-high piles of loot.

Nearly all are weapons. There are mighty swords and spears and there are massive cannons and guns. They float silently in stasis fields, they lie chained in power limiters. Sleek attack ships lie dormant next to bombs and missiles of unfathomable destructive power. As far as you can tell, all the equipment here has been disabled or rendered inert in some way, and many are broken or non-functional - serving only to mark the defeat of their dead wielders. Everything here smells, horribly, of blood and death.
Gelert is reminded of the Bad Future, Lord Steel had a similar hall of trophies and it was just as depressing and unpleasant as this one. Actually this one had the added bonus of the smell, which made the bad vibes radiate across all senses.

The fact that someone had gather such a collection that dwarfed what Lord Steel had horded implied nothing good about the being responsible.
Ysariel wrote:
Sun Aug 04, 2019 2:03 pm
Suddenly, you smell something oddly familiar. A moment later a glint of light catches your eye. It is a ring with a silver band, bearing a blue gem with an emblem inscribed in it:


It is a Ring of Hope. However, the gem is shattered and dark, the ring now useless.

You look around. About it are other similar rings, some bloodstained, others scarred by plasma or laser, all shattered. Hundreds, thousands of them.

Without warning, one of them starts pulsing with faint blue light. You see that this particular ring has been chipped at the edge, but remains largely intact.


You can approach the glowing ring or leave. You can also do anything else you consider reasonable.

A shiver goes up Gelert's spine the first time he spots one of the rings. The bad feelings don't stop as he finds more and more of them. To see rings just like the one he wore and know for them to had ended up in such a state the beings that wore them, that did what he did to protect and inspire others, must have met with a grisly and untimely end.

It was one of the most saddening things Gelert had ever seen. Had he tear ducts, they would undoubtedly have been overflowing. Were it not for the fact that he didn't want to draw attention to himself right now, he would have howled in mourning.

Seeing one ring light up, one among countless dead and broken ones, was like finding a single glimmer of hope in a field of endless despair. Gelert moves close to the ring and sniffs at it.

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Re: Adventures Assemble S2E3: Call to Arms!

Post by Psistrike » Fri Aug 16, 2019 6:31 am

Ysariel wrote:
Fri Aug 09, 2019 8:15 pm
Sacramento, California - Outside the State Capitol Building

You find yesterday's paper on a seat at a nearby bus stop, which tells you little of use. However, media crew surround the entrance of the Capitol building, and a quick glance at the screens of their camera crews and a little eavesdropping on what they are saying into their mics offers some insight on what is going on.

"With no more than a few hours' notice, the Governor of California has called an unprecedented midnight session of the State Assembly to discuss the implications of today's anti-alien riot in Phoenix Bay..."

"A source confirms that Mayor Cooper will address the Assembly to propose revoking Phoenix Bay's status as a Sanctuary City, removing many legal protections put in place to defend alien refugees..."

"...Truly a remarkable sign of Cooper's political strength while both major parties are mired in their troubles - analysts suggest he might contest the Presidential election as an independent candidate..."

Speaking of the devil, a massive, armored limousine drives up to the gates of the Capitol, which part for it. Through its bulletproof windows, you see the brooding, piggish countenance of Mayor Reginald P. Cooper, in noticeably bad mood. Security officers keep the crowds away as the metal gates swing open to let the vehicle pass, then begin to swing close. Such human contrivances are little obstacle to you should you choose to confront Cooper or the human politicians.

You can attempt to stop Mayor Cooper's limousine and confront him directly. (The Capitol security guards attack you if you obstruct the limousine's progreess, however, they are trained to deal with human criminals and not superheroes, so we can just say that you subdue them without lethal force, no rolls necessary.)

Alternately, you can attempt to fly into the Capitol grounds undetected, either to lie in wait for Cooper or confront the Governor directly. Make a DC 20 stealth check, with a +5 bonus for the ruckus raised by Nightbird at the entrance.

Alternately, you can join Nightbird's side of the confrontation. You can also do whatever else you consider reasonable.
HP: 4 LP: 1
Condition: Fine

Seeing Mayor Cooper once again put Aranel in a foul mood. Trying to get aliens ejected from the city, no protections on an alien world to them as they flee a threat. Why was Lady Lucienne trying to get rid of the aliens who aren't a threat through her pawn Cooper? Flying over to Mayor Cooper's limousine, she uses flames to destroy the lock as she opens the door and slides right in beside the obnoxious man. "So, trying to make more trouble for your own city we have to help clean up again, I see. You know none of these aliens are connected to the Armada which attacked Phoenix City, so why are you working so hard to see them thrown out? Better yet, why does Lady Lucienne want them removed? You can tell me, despite our first meeting not going well I'm not a threat. I simply wish to help protect the innocent and Earth from any threats."

OOC: Persuasion check to see if she can get Mayor Cooper to talk: Persuasion check: 1d20+10 24 26 if her Attractive counts for getting Cooper to talk.

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