Adventures Assemble S2E3: Call to Arms!

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Adventures Assemble S2E3: Call to Arms!

Post by Ysariel » Tue Jul 09, 2019 3:51 pm

Phoenix Bay has been a symbol of rebirth from the day the first pioneers reached the coast of the Pacific and settled down to build new lives. When Japanese super-powered forces firebombed it in World War II, the U.S. government rebuilt it grander and better than ever before in defiance. The result was one of the West Coast's greatest financial centers and an incubator of high-tech industry. While not quite the size of Freedom City or as awash in capes, the place has drawn its share of the criminal element. Throughout the ages there have been mystery men and masked crimefighters that opposed them and each generation has had its share of crusaders against crime.

But none of them were prepared for the day when an alien fleet appeared in the skies above the city. The invaders were as mysterious as they were silent, wielded science and sorcery alike, accepted no parley and took no prisoners. Most of the capes gave their lives to defend its people in the city's darkest hour. The few surviving heroes launched a desperate suicide attack on the alien mothership, destroying its power core and ending the Invasion. The aliens, who came to be known only as the Armada, were never seen again. Till this day the reasons for the invasion and why only Phoenix Bay was attacked remain a mystery.

One year later the wrecked Mothership down by Lakeside is a tourist trap and a captured starfighter is the city museum's hottest exhibit. Business as usual has returned to the financial towers of the Glass Canyon and high-tech corporations buzz with activity around the Feynman-Yamaguchi Reactor. Across the city, empty hero bases lie darkened and forgotten while gangs battle for dominance in the streets above. The old city centered on King's Junction is now the hideout for many a criminal mastermind. Smugglers and drug-runners take root in docks of Westbay. With the old guard wiped out, the city needs a new generation of protectors and again the Phoenix sings its siren song:


Gilliam as Nightbird
kenseido as Kisai Locust / Kris Majax
Kreuzritter as Qora / Grotesk
Psistrike as Moonlight / March Hare
stavaros-the-arcane as Gelert
Ysariel as Amethyst

...and formerly:
baixiwei as Vagabond
EnigmaticOne as Sunhawk

and kenseido and Ysariel as GMs

Season 1
Episode 1: Forged in Fire! A villain from the future comes to destroy our heroes, but arrives a step too late!
Episode 2: Messages The new Protectors of Phoenix Bay get dragged into a mob war.
Episode 3: The Last Heroes! Hero Corp threatens to make the city's protectors obsolete -- or extinct.
Episode 4: Mutation The heroes race against time to stop one of their own from being turned into a monster!
Episode 5: Media Blitz! An old foe returns to challenge the heroes with the power of bad PR!
Episode 6: Dakana The team journeys to South Africa in search of a missing teammate.
Episode 7: Back From the Future! Lord Steel attempts to conquer the world with the power of Time itself!
Episode 8: Every Dog Has His Day! Gelert and the Ring of Hope face off against a new world-conquerer!
Episode 9: Psi-Club The team finally gets to the bottom of their missing teammate, and finds a conspiracy along the way.
Finale: Iron Curtain! Lord Steel, the future tyrant, makes his bid for world conquest!

Season 2
Episode 1: Twenty Thousand Villains Under the Sea! Danger, intrigue and formidable new enemies greet the Champions inside the world's greatest super-prison!
Episode 2: Return to Dakana The Champions return to Dakana and uncover a plot to overthrow the King!
Episode 3: Call to Arms! The forces of the Illuminati are mustered against the Champions!
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Re: Adventures Assemble S2E3: Call to Arms!

Post by Ysariel » Tue Jul 09, 2019 4:05 pm

Kathamadu, Nepal - Apartment building
Qora wrote:"Then lie through your teeth and say we ran away," Qora retorts, "Either way, the battle here is over."
Gelert wrote:"Have you considered doing literally anything else with your lives? Anything that doesn't involve harming children? Anything at all? Maybe getting a hobby."

"Foiling our attempts to save the world must be your hobby, then." White Rose watches Qora disappear with a look of utter disgust on her face. "Very well," she seethes. "If you insist, see for yourself. See the corruption at Shambhala's heart!"

She smiles, almost as if she knows something you do not about that last bit. It is the smile of someone who knows she will be proven right very soon.

She tosses something small, metallic and pea-sized onto the ground, which bursts into a cloud of white smoke, and when the smoke dissipates, she and the Sword Saint of the East are gone.
White Rose uses Shadow Passage on her turn and teleports herself and the Sword Saint of the East out, and combat is over.
Gelert calls back in translated Nepalese. "Our sincerest apologies for disturbing you. We should be done shortly."
The voice next door falls silent. It almost seems shocked to receive a polite reply from an unfamiliar voice.

In the silence in the wake of White Rose's escape, you are able to get a good look around the room. It is a modest dwelling for one, with humble clothes and furniture, reminiscent of a college student's apartment. You see many books on human literature, science, theology and fiction lining the shelves. Along one wall are photographs. You realize they are yellowed, faded pictures of heroes of the Justice Foundation, dating back to the late 90's and early 2000's: Killpatrick, Rex Mundi, Lady Divine, and more. There is some minor magical paraphernalia but nothing that might suggest the ability to enter Shambhala.
Nightbird: Investigate +8
The photographs bear Killpatrick's signature. You also find small knicknacks, some electronic devices, books, and other items that one might gift to a small child. It seems likely that Killpatrick was a friend of the Lemurian and kept in regular correspondence with him.

You find a photograph of Killpatrick and what is unmistakably White Rose before Justice Hall, her arm about his shoulders, his about her waist. Her smile is as smug as his is cocky. You glimpse a sense of good times long past: two young, idealistic people out to change the world, fighting evil in the streets and alleys where the common people most needed help. It is hard not to conclude that they genuinely love each other. For all of Kisai's good looks and dashing charm, you feel like this woman is still obsessed with a very particular someone else.

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Re: Adventures Assemble S2E3: Call to Arms!

Post by Ysariel » Tue Jul 09, 2019 4:08 pm

Kathamadu, Nepal - City streets

You reappear outside a restaurant in the crowded Kathmandu streets. A car honks as it swerves out of the way. Men and women stare blatantly at the sight of a blue-skinned alien, a lizard-person and an apparently human child appearing in broad daylight, and very quickly you are surrounded by the (now familiar to Qora) phenomenon of curious humans crowding around for a look, pointing their mobile devices in your direction, etc.

"Hello," Simon says, waving to Zhang, who waves back. However, the Lemurian quickly devolves into fanboying over Qora.

"You are Qora!" Zhang gasps, completely uncaring that he is in broad daylight bearing the true form of a Lemurian. I have read and heard of many of your exploits since you came to Earth. Your deeds are known even in Shambhala. I always wished to meet your father. Is he well?"

"If it is passage to Shambhala you seek, I can open the way for you," he says, then pauses. "If the Golden City allows you through... but I am certain you will overcome its trials," he quickly adds.

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Re: Adventures Assemble S2E3: Call to Arms!

Post by kreuzritter » Tue Jul 09, 2019 7:08 pm

HP Condition

Qora sets the boys down, politely smiling and waving to various attentions as if she were a valleywood celebrity caught on camera, before ushering the duo in and they wait in line

"We have time," she says, "And father is well, last I saw him, Young master. For now, we wait for our friends to find us. Your other guests will leave us be so long as we stay public, for now. Just as what you have to say is best discussed over a hot meal with all of us, as we are your guests, even if the venue has changed."

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Re: Adventures Assemble S2E3: Call to Arms!

Post by Ysariel » Sun Jul 14, 2019 7:54 pm

Kathamadu, Nepal - City streets

Qora's photogenic response only seems to encourage the onlookers. They crowd around as Zhang nods and ushers you in the direction of a small teahouse. The proprietor stares, gape-mouthed, as a muscular blue alien, snake-man and teenaged boy walk in. Only the shattering of the teapot he drops sends the staff scurrying back to work.

The Lemurian child speaks. "I am known as Zhang Chong-ren, though that is the alias I adopted for life among hominids (and I shall have to come up with a new one, now that it's been exposed, no thanks to those louts you fought off). My father is Xathax, High Master of Shambhala. Through prophecy he foresaw your arrival and alerted me that you heroes would seek entrance to the city. I quickly hurried home to open the way." He gestures animatedly. "Unfortunately, I was waylaid by those villains - they seemed to know my address and were lying in wait when I returned..."

"Your father asked for the presence of heroes?" Simon asks. "What, is he expecting trouble at Shambhala?"

"Perhaps he wishes to meet the successors of the Justice Foundation?" Zhang's eyes narrow in thought and he tastes the air with his forked tongue, contemplating the question. "Alternately... the election for the seat of Master Mage is imminent. Perhaps he wishes the presence of heroes to discourage any attempt to subvert the process."

Zhang sighs, flaring his nostrils. It comes out as a long hiss, like the sound of a soda can being carefully opened. "My father is an honorable and respectful man, but he is distrusted by many in Shambhala. Human mages have long fought Lemurian sorcerors across the globe who wish to revive the ancient glory of that empire, or who worship the powers of darkness such as the Brotherhood of the Yellow Eye and the Cult of the Endbringer. His position as High Master is tenuous at times."
You believe Zhang is trustworthy and that he speaks the truth.
You can continue to converse with Zhang, return to his apartment, or inform your teammates of your location.

Zhang will open the way to Shambhala for you if you have nothing else to ask.

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Re: Adventures Assemble S2E3: Call to Arms!

Post by kenseido » Sun Jul 14, 2019 8:48 pm


"Chick's got issues," he says as the final villains vanish.

He figured they would run away as soon as Qora left with the boy, and that was a tactical disadvantage since now they were a continuing threat and would be even more ready on their next encounter. But he wouldn't risk Zhang's life over a tactical advantage.

"Let's go track them down before they get caught up looking for the nearest Pokémon Go gym."

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Re: Adventures Assemble S2E3: Call to Arms!

Post by stavaros_the_arcane » Tue Jul 16, 2019 3:09 am

"Okie Dokie, we'll go find them. Qora will keep Simon and new friend safe until we meet up." Gelert said. "Then we can find the way into this magical kung-fu city and start wading into magical kung-fu politics."

Gelert kind of hoped that magical kung-fu politics would be less tiresome and messy than regular politics... but based on Philip's hesitance to get involved with them, he set his expectations much lower.

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Re: Adventures Assemble S2E3: Call to Arms!

Post by Gilliam » Tue Jul 16, 2019 9:30 am

HP: 4
Condition: Normal

"Agreed " Imogen replied curtly feeling frustrated that White Rose had fled and realising that no matter how much she wanted to deny it there was more than a casual relationship between her former mentor and White Rose, there was still more to this story that she had to know the good and the bad.

And yet there were other items that brought a slight smile to her lips small gifts that only could have from Killpatrick, even the same copy of a book that Killpatrick had insisted she read just after he had agreed to train her so long ago. Yip there was the page where she had spilt some coke a cola on it by mistake.

"No matter what White Rose and those others said, I am confident that Killpatrick knew that Zhang is a lemurian and trusted him enough to recommend him as m .. our guide to Shambhala and from the looks of it both Zhang and Killpatrick were in contact with each other for quite a few years."

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Re: Adventures Assemble S2E3: Call to Arms!

Post by Psistrike » Wed Jul 17, 2019 7:57 am

HP: 3 LP: 1
Condition: Fine

"In an unknown city and we have to track down a teleporter and two kids. How hard can it be?" Though she wonders how much weirdness this city has experience and what kind of attention their group will draw, especially after the racket their short fight just made.

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