Your Favorite Crossovers - Tabletop RPG edition

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Your Favorite Crossovers - Tabletop RPG edition

Post by Ares » Tue Dec 18, 2018 3:52 am

So yeah, crossover junkie Ares decided to throw this in here as well.

I'd actually decided against this initially, since to my knowledge RPG crossovers are about the only thing more rare than cartoon crossovers. Now, crossovers within a single company aren't unheard of. Dungeons and Dragons had long used Spelljammer, Planescape and Ravenloft to allow for crossovers between their various worlds. White Wolf had arranged things so that their various World of Darkness source books existed in the same world for crossover purposes. But you rarely saw anything where two distinct properties crossed over. Even when Green Ronin had the DC Comics license, we never saw a "DC Universe vs M&M Earth Prime" type crossover.

The only time I'd ever heard about two RPG companies collaborating on a crossover book was Reality Storm, where the Champions of Hero Games met with the heroes of the Silver Age Sentinels setting of Guardians of Order. The cover of the book even has the classic "heroes opposing each other" comics cover style to it. It's actually very fun and really feels like a JLAvengers style crossover.

Recently tho, I found out that British RPG company Modiphius Entertainment had teamed up with Arc Dream Publishing to do a crossover of the former's Achtung! Cthulhu setting and the latter's Godlike setting. Since both games are more of a 'pulp adventure in WWII' style book, the two settings actually mesh pretty well together. Modiphius also has done a crossover of Achtung! Cthulhu and Paolo Parente’s DUST setting, throwing in WEIRD SCIENCE into the mix. So technically, you could do a WWII Cthulhu/Godlike/Dust crossover with zero problems. Throw in the option of being a masked mystery man and it sounds like a fun setting.

Any other unique setting mashups like this that you guys are aware of? It's always kind of cool to find out stuff like this. And feel free to talk about settings like TORG, Feng Shui or Rifts that focused on Genre Crossovers if not setting crossovers.

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Re: Your Favorite Crossovers - Tabletop RPG edition

Post by Spectrum » Thu Dec 20, 2018 2:49 am

Glancing over my shelves

GURPS had quite a few crossovers: In Nomine, White Wolf, Castle Falkenstein, Conspiracy X to name a few

Fuzion was a Cyberpunk 2020 and Champions crossover

There was a HERO Cyberworld crossover

White Wolf magazine had crossovers between oWoD/Cyberpunk and oWoD/Kult

D&D 3.5/Legend of Five Rings
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Re: Your Favorite Crossovers - Tabletop RPG edition

Post by Woodclaw » Thu Dec 20, 2018 10:50 pm

Legend of 5 Rings and 7th Sea started as two completely separated settings, but later products tried to tie them together, especially during the d20 era.

Mekton Z was meant as a stand-alone game, but it included rules to use it inconjuction with Cyberpunk 2020. Also Jovian Chronicles started as a Mekton Z setting.

Numenera, The Strange and many other Cypher System settings are all meant to be stand-alone, but with every new setting comes a booklet on how to integrate them all together. The Strange is especially good for this, since the entire premise of the game is that there are a possibly infinte number of "limited worlds" around Earth and that you can travel between them by sending your conscience into new bodies John Carter style. Since most of these worlds are shaped by human imagination, the result is that you can literally crossover any setting you want. There's even a cluster of worlds called "Realms of the Sword", which is formed by any fantasy setting ever imagined so you can literally travel from Gondor to Cimmeria by the way of Baldur's Gate.
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