Captain Marvel / Shazam! Thread - Reconstruction and Ramblings

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Captain Marvel / Shazam! Thread - Reconstruction and Ramblings

Post by Ares » Thu Sep 13, 2018 8:27 pm

Hey folks.

Figured I'd finally just make a general Captain Marvel thread where I can put all of my general thoughts, rambles, rants, raves and so on, rather than pollute the entire board with them.

One thing I plan on doing is my own proposal for a "Shazam - Rebirth!" storyline to bring the classic Marvel Family back to the mainstream DCU, though it's mostly just a fan idea, since Geoff Johns has proven determined to see his vision of the Nu-Shazam Franchise continue. And given the man waited nearly a decade to turn Superboy into a clone of Lex Luthor and Superman, he can be very tenacious in this regard.

But one thing I wanted to comment on out of the gate is the trademark of the phrase "Captain Marvel", which caused so much hassle for the Marvel Family since the 60s. The trademark basically means that so long as Marvel Comics regularly publishes a book with the title Captain Marvel every 5 years or so, that Marvel maintains the rights to the name as it appears on the covers of books, packaging of merchandise, and other promotional material. Billy Batson's alter-ego can be called "Captain Marvel" within any book, TV show, video game, etc., but can't be called such on the cover of the books.

One thing interesting I did find, though, going through a quick search of the trademark database.

The phrase "Captain Marvel" is clearly trademarked.

The phrase "Capt. Marvel" is not.


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Re: Captain Marvel / Shazam! Thread - Reconstruction and Ramblings

Post by MacynSnow » Fri Sep 14, 2018 6:11 am

I've got a perfect villian for you,depending on your Story idea:
Origin re-telling--- Instead of doing Black Adam(Nothing against the character,but i think he's just too easy a pic),i would suggest Doctor Sivana for the fact that not only was he responsible for the Batson's deaths(and indirectly his sister's amnesia),but he also threw him out on the streets...If you want to do a "Justice Society tie-in" in the Post-Credits, just have Sivana call someone named Mister Mind...

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Re: Captain Marvel / Shazam! Thread - Reconstruction and Ramblings

Post by Ken » Sun Sep 16, 2018 10:06 am

I don't know trademark law, but I would not be surprised if abbreviations of words in trademarked titles are also covered.

That said, if "Capt. Marvel" is unusable (and I hope it is), I offer the following as titles that I believe would be usable, all of them avoiding the dreaded S-word:

"The World's Mightiest Mortal"
"With One Magic Word..."
"The Captain and the Wizard"
"The World's Mightiest Family"
"The Marvelous Adventures of Billy Batson"
"The Captain and his Marvelous Adventures"
"Billy Batson, Speak My Name!"
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