Fun RPG stories - Come share yours.

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Fun RPG stories - Come share yours.

Post by Ares » Tue Feb 06, 2018 4:45 am

This is just an all purpose thread for fun stories about role-playing games. These can be personal or shared from across the internet.

To start, here's a few more famous stories some of you might never heard about:

Old Man Henderson: The story of one man's decision to not go gently into that good night. Basically, an unfair killer GM was making a Call of Cthulhu game miserable for his players, when one member of the group decided he'd had enough. So he created Old Man Henderson, perhaps the ultimate revenge character in the history of gaming. What starts as one player's payback quickly involves a 300 page backstory, an old man's quest for his missing lawn gnomes, dropping a boat onto the top floor of a skyscrapper and killing an Elder God.
- ... nHenderson

That Guy Destroys Psionics: What happens when a player finds himself in perhaps the worst RPG group ever, and shows that he's way more creative than the GM. Also a cautionary tale for cocky GMs who purposefully tell a D&D player to "minmax or GTFO" and then throw their Level 40 big bad at them. Not even three presses of the Reset Button could thwart That Guy. It has to be read to be believed.
- ... ysPsionics

The Ballad of Edgardo: A story so great it actually broke the forum it was being played on. Two friends found an RP message board with some very concrete rules on how that game was run. The setting was described as "anime-esque", with to the friends meant "defeating evil through hard work, a belief in justice and the power of friendship", only to find that everyone there took it to mean "Brooding, bishie "heroes" and villains who dedicate themselves to slaughter while frowning on anyone giving a crap". Worse, Edgardo had built his character around a fun concept rather than minmaxing, but despite that continued acting like a hero. What happens from there is an example of roleplaying, beating the bad guys at their own game, and of light overcoming darkness.
- ... dOfEdgardo

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Re: Fun RPG stories - Come share yours.

Post by Ares » Tue Feb 06, 2018 5:32 am

And a slightly shorter story taken from The SUperlative HAMMER-WHEEL!
My "Worst Character Concept Ever", submitted to me by a prospective player in a Champions game was going to run (but never got off the ground):

The Superlative (Invincible, Indestructible, etc.) Hammer-Wheel.

The Invincible Hammer-Wheel's power is that he has hammers for hands and wheels for feet. Or it could have been wheels for hands and hammers for feet. The player himself wasn't sure, but my mental picture of the character is a man with monster-truck wheels plugged into where is arms should be, who drives up to villains and kicks them with his sledgehammer feet.

Here's basically how the conversation went:

Player: I hear you're running a superhero game. Can I play?
Me: Sure. Do you have a character concept in mind?
Player: The Invincible Hammer-Wheel!
Me: Uh... (keep in mind this was to be a "serious" supers game)
Player: He has hammers for hands and wheels for feet! Or, wheels for hands and hammers for feet. I haven't decided.
Me: And how did he come by these "powers?"
Player: He was born that way.
Me: Must have been rough on his folks...
Player: He was raised by farm implements.
Me: ...and his motivation for doing good?
Player: He lives in the woods.

So whenever people bring up their "worst concept" horror-stories, all I have to say is;

"The Invincible Hammer-Wheel.
He has wheels for hands and hammers for feet.
He was born that way.
He was raised by farm implements.
He lives in the woods."


Honestly, that campaign was doomed from the start. The other (marginally less awful) character concepts I recieved were:

Batman.. with Guns. Years later when I first saw the Harbinger of Justice, this guy's concept immediately came to mind.

Japanese demon dressed in full Kabuki costume with flame powers and a cursed katana. No background or heroic motivation, but a damn cool sketch (player in question was an artist). I came across the sketch a while ago, and planned to use it for a writeup of Kagutsuchi, who would have been a Susano Orbatos clone from Masamune's Shirow's Orion. However, I seem to have lost the sketch again

Guy with a glove that could launch time-delay explosive "bombs." This was the video-game geek's contribution.

Powered-armor guy, basically a man-sized Valkyrie from the Robotech cartoon. This from the Battletech nut.

The funniest part was that I'd pre-planned to have the characters meet up with trying to take on a super-powered arsonist who was holding the city hostage. I can't imagine how this assemblage of characters would've saved the Mayor from the burning City Council building.

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Re: Fun RPG stories - Come share yours.

Post by MacynSnow » Wed Feb 07, 2018 12:38 am

These are fun to read,especially the Old Man Henderson one (the GM did kindof deserve that one:i'm all for being a bit of a Dick as gm,but he was taking that a little bit too far).Sometime this week,rl permitted,i'll post up part of one of my favorite Recent Campaigns that just ended.....let's just say Henderson would've loved the chaos.... :D

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Re: Fun RPG stories - Come share yours.

Post by Shock » Wed Feb 07, 2018 1:48 am

How can you post this and not start with the Dread Gazebo?

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