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Dr. Doom vs Godzilla

Posted: Sat May 19, 2018 3:05 am
by Ken
Victor Von Doom, lord of Latveria.

Godzilla, a radioactive tyrannosaur, and the King of All Monsters.

Which one is better at raising children? Debate!!

Re: Dr. Doom vs Godzilla

Posted: Sat May 19, 2018 3:10 am
by Batgirl III
Doctor Doom, clearly. He never inflicted Godzuki or Minya on the world.

Re: Dr. Doom vs Godzilla

Posted: Sat May 19, 2018 3:24 am
by Ken
Yes, but Godzilla at least acknowledged them. Not like Doom and Alexander Flynn. Doom was so egotistical he had to grown a clone in a lab rather than acknowledge an actual son.

And the whole thing with Valeria gives me a headache.

Re: Dr. Doom vs Godzilla

Posted: Sat May 19, 2018 7:48 am
by Woodclaw
Ken wrote:
Sat May 19, 2018 3:05 am
Victor Von Doom, lord of Latveria.

Godzilla, a radioactive tyrannosaur, and the King of All Monsters.

Which one is better at raising children? Debate!!
I's like to ask: which version of Godzilla? Heisei, Showa or Millenium? (I'm purpoutedly leaving the Legendary version out for lack of material)

Re: Dr. Doom vs Godzilla

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 3:35 pm
by MacynSnow
Honestly,if we're playing"Lesser of two Evils"here,i'd go with Victor. He may have been an Awfull Parent,but at least he never made any of his kids FIGHT GIANT MONSTERS....

Re: Dr. Doom vs Godzilla

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 4:24 pm
by Ares
The way I'd see it going:

Godzilla shows up at Latveria.

Godzilla attacks Latveria, meeting stiff resistance but overwhelming initial oppositions.

Dr. Doom does something clever and is able to take control of Godzilla.

Dr. Doom uses Godzilla as part of some clever scheme. Possibly pointing the Big G towards New York to fight the heroes and make life difficult for THAT ACCURSED RICHARDS!

Dr. Doom appears in person to gloat when something causes Godzilla to break free of Doom's control.

Godzilla thrashes Doom enough that Doom has to escape.

Godzilla wanders off into the sea again, leaving the heroes to repair the damage.

Doom appears back at his castle, brooding, but deciding that his mistake was picking the wrong monster, and it shows him observing a hologram of King Ghidorah.

Re: Dr. Doom vs Godzilla

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 9:23 pm
by HalloweenJack
you there, lad, I'll buy that from you...for one dollar

Re: Dr. Doom vs Godzilla

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2018 3:08 am
by Ares
A more fleshed out version of the above that I posted over on

In his castle in Latveria, Victor Von Doom brooded.

The last month had been a mix of triumphant exultation and bitter disappointment. And it had all started when that damned lizard had shown up.

Three weeks ago, Godzilla had shown up on the borders of his nation. Apparently the monster had been drawn to the new experimental reactor Doom had been testing, the unique energies calling to the nuclear furnace the creature used for a heart. The monster had met with defenses designed by Dr. Doom himself, but though it slowed the creatures advance considerable, they did not stop Godzilla's forward progress. Like the Juggernaut, once Godzilla started moving towards a goal, few things could stop him.

Doom proved to be one such thing. The time his defenses had given him had allowed Doom to reconfigure the various control systems for the plant (an adventure with Superman, Spider-Man and the Parasite had shown him the value of triple redundancy safeguards) into a weapon against Godzilla. Devices meant to halt all types of nuclear processes (both fusion and fission) were hastily transformed into energy weapons that slowed those same processes within the giant monster itself, slowing and weakening it further. So much so that Doom was able to personally deliver the final blow and send Godzilla sprawling across the landscape. Doom vividly remembered the hatred in the creature's eyes as he stood on one of its cheeks, triumphant over even a monster such as this.

Still, Doom knew he could not contain such a creature for long. Not without diverting unacceptable amounts of resources to the task. So instead, he used a bit of technology based on when he'd had control of the Purple Man, injecting Godzilla with a virus that made even this creature's mind vulnerable to Doom's control. And he gave it a simple command.

"Travel to New York City. Devastate it. Prioritize any superheroes you encounter. Especially THAT ACCURSED RICHARDS!"

It worked like a charm. The monster attacked New York when heroes such as Thor, the Hulk, Hercules and Wonder Man were elsewhere, requiring the less powerful heroes to use whatever resources they had to slow the creature down. In the end, none of them could stop Godzilla, and all of them lay beaten and bruised at the creature's massive feet. It was then that Doom showed himself, preparing to at last eliminate several of his rivals once and for all.

But as much as it galled Doom to admit it, he had miscalculated. At the sight of him, Doom saw the same hate in the creature's eyes that he had seen when he'd bested it. That hate allowed it to burn out the virus in its systems sooner than anticipated, allowing it to attack him. It overwhelmed his defenses and would have killed him had he not had several cloaked ships target the creature with the same energy weapons that had subdued it before. Even these were not as effective, the creature having adapted to them in some fashion, but it allowed Doom to escape.

Escape. That word burned Victor worse than had the monsters atomic breath, something Victor's personal force field had barely allowed him to survive. Even as he sat in his throne, his armor was healing the damage that he'd suffered, giving him time to think.

Godzilla had, naturally, wondered off from New York once it was free, leaving the heroes to begin repairing the damage to the city. Doom had been forced to discontinue his reactor for fear of drawing the creature to him again.

"Still," Doom mused allowed, "It was not a completely wasted endevor. I have a weapon that can defeat such monsters, and a means to control them, both of which require only a little refinement to perfect. Still, even Doom must admit that a mistake was made."

He clicked a switch in his throne, and hidden holographic projectors throughout the room suddenly sprang to life, generating a translucent image in the center of the room. The image was massive, taking up nearly all available space. It was a dragon, one whose size dwarfed even Godzilla. Golden in color, with massive wings, two tails and three menacing heads.

As this image of King Ghidorah roared, beneath his mask, the broken lips of Victor Von Doom smiled.
"My mistake was in picking the wrong monster."