Heroes of Terra (Savage Worlds)

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Heroes of Terra (Savage Worlds)

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Guys! Guys guys! I've been waiting for this for years! Blackwingedheaven finally put out his Kickstarter for Heroes of Terra

It's a kinda pulp fantasy setting riffing on classic video games. Sixty-Five million years ago, when the Asteroid hit, the world tried to protect itself, and half succeeded. Our world got hit and lost all the big Dinosaurs. But the world split into two realities, and in the other one the asteroid missed. On our world, magic slowly drained out, but on Terra it remained ascendant as tons of Saurian and Plant-based sapient life evolved.

On Terra, the Mandragora Kingdom ruled, until the Kappas invaded, led by their Dragon Emperor. But they're not alone, because sometimes humans from Earth get sucked through the "Warp" and arrive on Terra, where their long-dormant magical potential becomes active, making them magical powerhouses.

It's reminds me pretty heavily of a fantasy riff on Super Mario Bros. I love the hell out of it.
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