M&M 3e and Luck powers!

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Chris Brady
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M&M 3e and Luck powers!

Post by Chris Brady » Thu Apr 26, 2018 7:46 am

So I have player whose a big fan of Marvel 90's Domino and Mockingbird, but wants a power set similar to Domino, wherein the Luck Power is mostly uncontrolled and swings both ways, good and bad. However, whenever it activates, it causes bad luck to happen to everyone else as well with range.

How does one do a 'bad luck' field?

If I have any other questions from this player I will post them here, if y'all don't mind.

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Re: M&M 3e and Luck powers!

Post by Gorakar » Thu Apr 26, 2018 12:32 pm

According to the PowerProfiles "Luck", a "bad luck area" could be represented by

Area Affliction (Resisted and Overcome by Will; Impaired and Vulnerable, Defenseless and Disabled), Extra Condition, Insidious, Subtle 2, Limited Degree.

Seems quite fitting to me.

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Re: M&M 3e and Luck powers!

Post by Ken » Fri Apr 27, 2018 2:22 am

I would think that the first order of business would be to find out from the player how he or she envisions the bad luck manifesting.

Gorakar's suggestion seems valid, though I might add variable descriptor also. It's still bad luck, but the precise manifestation (e.g. a tangled cape, a loose floor board, etc. would vary.)

I could also see it being Damage, with similar modifiers and Indirect with it representing items falling off windows, bursting pipes, etc.

Chris Brady
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Re: M&M 3e and Luck powers!

Post by Chris Brady » Fri Apr 27, 2018 8:56 pm

So after discussing this with the player, they want to have the Luck Control 'bad luck' ability to activate whenever this Domino ripoff has her power turn on, which is going to be Unreliable and Uncontrolled. The question is, is that a Quirk? Or a Complication?

I'm not sure I like the idea, but this is what the player wants, and the moment it becomes a problem I get to put my foot down.

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Re: M&M 3e and Luck powers!

Post by EpicEclipse » Wed May 02, 2018 10:10 pm

Side Effect flaw at -2/rank has an effect occur EVERY time the power is used. Make the Side Effect be the bad luck area effect dropped dead center on him (which he also needs to save on).

So every time he uses his good luck (between uncontrolled AND unreliable...), everyone in 30ft including himself, may also have bad luck.

Edit: On second thought, scratch that.. a side effect that affects enemies basically as a free attack isn't much of a flaw even if it does also hit allies and himself.

Instead: Affliction X (Resisted by will; hindered, disabled), area (burst), reaction (on use of own luck power), limited degree, subtle, insidious, side effect 2 (affects self also)
Cost: 2 per rank +2

Basically gives him an added effect on using his luck power, though it also affects him and nearby allies as well. It's indiscriminate, which sounds like what he's aiming for.

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