Danger Sense & Sensory Modifiers

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Danger Sense & Sensory Modifiers

Post by Zero Prime » Sun Jul 02, 2017 2:59 pm

A question that I've been considering, and just curious on other people's takes. We're going to take two different examples of Danger Sense, and explore them.
Character 1, is Super Soldier, an unaging soldier, his senses attuned to danger from countless years spent on the battle field. He purchases Danger Sense (Visual). As such, his Danger Sense is Ranged, Accurate & Acute, as those are the modifiers for normal human vision. Character 2, Arach-kid, a young teen infused with the proportional speed and strength of an arachnid, due to his exposure to genetically modified nopes! His reflexes are so accelerated his response time borders on precognition, as such he purchased Danger Sense (Mental), and as a normal human the mental sense group has no modifiers.
Alright, so now for our 1st Scenario, lets put Super Soldier & Arach-kid into a situation where after defeating a gang of Mooks, the Big Cheese has hired a hit man to kill them both. So a sniper targets Super Soldier, he runs the risk of being Surprised, and so his Danger Sense allows him a Perception check, similar to Arach-kid, ok, so far everything is playing out fine. Now, if we change the scenario and the contract is on a reporter in the crowd and neither of our heroes. The attack is not directed *at* Arach-kid, and his Danger Sense does not have Ranged, however, Super Soldiers Visual Sense group is both Ranged, Acute & Accurate. So Arach-kid doesn't get a Perception check due to the lack of ranged on his Danger Sense, however, Super Soldier not only gets a check, but can determine who the attacker is (acute), and retaliate, assuming he beats the Sniper's initiative (Accurate).
I suppose what I am getting at is, how do the various sense groups interact with Danger Sense? If Arach-kid purchased Ranged, Radius, Acute & Accurate on his Danger Sense, he could then target any person who posed a threat to anyone within his radius, using his Danger Sense? However, unlike a typical Acute & Accurate Mental Sense, his Danger sense would only *ping*, for lack of a better term, hostiles, correct?

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Re: Danger Sense & Sensory Modifiers

Post by catsi563 » Tue Jul 04, 2017 6:36 am

well imo they pretty much react as their sense descriptor dictates.

So in the case of Super Soldier above. Any danger he could reasonably perceive via vision is a perfectly valid use of danger sense.

Examples A sniper (is that a glint of a scope aiming at someone??) A man with a gun ((something off about the bulge in that guys jacket and way hes looking at me)

As long as the GM rules within reason that the danger can be perceived via the sense he should benefit from it. A subtle attack such as an invisble laser or a hypersonic projectile or a speedster moving so fast its beyond the human eyes ability to see mighgt negate it but those would still rate a hero point at least.

I would still argue that Arachno kids mental danger sense should at least rate a perception check for any of the above as well. The difference is that Super Soldier can more accurately identify the source of the danger where as Arachno kid just goes WOAH my arachno sense is tingling EPP DODGE!!

Spdiey in many comics is shown to do just that in fact. Hes swining along and then his spidey sense kicks in, he looks around and Oh there it is!! ((ie makes perception check)) and swings into action.

Sometimes though he doesn't make the perception check and has to act blind. he knows hes in danger but cant pin point the source.
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