Cyberware and Corporations

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Cyberware and Corporations

Post by Spectrum » Sun Oct 07, 2018 11:35 pm

Lately, I've been seeing a lot of new media dealing with Cyberpunk, video games, movies, tv shows, up and coming gaming tv shows. I've been putting some thought into how the system would work.

I'm thinking that cyberware would be purchased as powers. There probably needs to be a Cyberpsychosis complication.
Signature equipment treated as devices.
Gear that comes and goes would be equipment. Maybe there would be an increased cost because of the increased flexibility.

I have no clue how netrunning should work. Maybe it's some kind of equipment driven summon?

Thoughts? Suggestions?
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Re: Cyberware and Corporations

Post by catsi563 » Mon Oct 08, 2018 8:43 pm

powers may be one way to go about it given the remarkable nature of some of the things Cyperpunk allows PCs to do.

Simultaneously though the equipment feat is used for commonality the stuff everyone can do or have access to. And when tech reaches that point of commonality where it is in the Cyberpunk systems it should probably be equipment

So basic stuff like a HUD over the eyes for a built in smart phone should most likely be equipment or even maybe considered a natural part Hye you did you get your Implant upgraded to the new model? yeah I heard its the bomb soooo many features.

but an implant of military grade or better which requires serious resources to obtain and implant most likely should be a power unless you have those resources to fall back on.

Id say mostly fall back on common sense and the basic interpretation of equipment, is it generic ie everyone has one? or is it hard to find implant maybe one in a million has one? what counts as generic and how much does it truly boost a person, a minor adrenaline jolt may not be worth much but one that pushes you to regular near spidey levels is Cyber Samurai stuff and pushing superhuman.
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