Extraordinary Effort question

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Extraordinary Effort question

Post by damocles23 » Thu Nov 01, 2018 4:39 pm

So, while an undead character, with an absent attribute of stamina, can't use extra effort (Which is a pretty hefty price to pay) period, I did see some builds using extraordinary effort and yet those characters had no stamina. Why is that?

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Re: Extraordinary Effort question

Post by catsi563 » Thu Nov 01, 2018 5:23 pm

Actually construct heroes can use extra effort its the mooks and such that cant

the example would be something like an Ironman expy (human in power suit) an ultron expy (Robot construct ) and a Frankenstein monster (undead construct)

In the robots case a use of extra effort puts a strain on the robots systems forcing it to draw more power straining circuits and putting pressure on muscle engines etc etc this cause ""fatigue"" if the robots persists it an suffer progressively worse problems becoming ""exhausted""" and eventually even shutting down ""ie being Incapacitated "" and needing to reboot.

For the Construct or undead the same applies they use extra effort and put a strain on their undead flesh and or the energy source **electricity blood soul fire** that animates them and as they push it further and further can hit a state where they burn up all that animates them and shut down or collapse

Powered armor is a bit of a mix of the two because you have a pilot ie the hero, and a suit of armor ie a construct the GM has the option to rule that a certain use of extra effort may not fatigue the pilot but may fatigue the suit itself straining technology past a certain breaking point before it needs to rest, ie reboot, or be repaired.

How one recovers may be the biggest difference for constructs as opposed to heroes,. heroes get incapcitated just rest till better.

A GM may rule a construct though has pushed systems too far and needs repairs or in the case of the undead needs to go ahunting for some source such as blood or a living soul to consume etc etc.

It really all comes down to the GMs interpretation but basically the principle is the same also the GMs may beusing the extraordinary effort advantage to allow the construct heroes to use extra effort rulling the advantage allows them to do so at normal levels not the double levels allowed by the advantage
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