Favorite Wrestling Faction

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Favorite Wrestling Faction

Post by MacynSnow » Wed Dec 13, 2017 1:33 am

Mine is kindof stuck between The Million Dollar Corpration(DeBiase had a good eye for decent talent) and whatever they called Jim Corrnet's group of wrestlers(Jim himself could sell anyone as the best in the world,not to mention most of the people he managed were legitimately good) and i'm sorry,but i personally think the four horsemen were over-rated as a whole....(shrugs)

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Re: Favorite Wrestling Faction

Post by Jabroniville » Fri Dec 15, 2017 9:42 am

The early nWo was pretty huge and awesome- every kid I knew wanted to join them. But WOW did they eventually get played out.

The Horsemen seem an "obvious" choice, but I wasn't watching at the time.

I found the Million Dollar Corporation to be full of jobber-type guys, and disposable enemies for the Undertaker to fight (Kama, Bundy, IRS, etc.), myself.

Evolution might be the only one that was entirely full of huge, Main Event-level stars (though Flair was past his prime). But they were in charge of a pretty bad era for the WWF.

I'd really have to go with "Early nWo".

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Re: Favorite Wrestling Faction

Post by HalloweenJack » Sat Jan 13, 2018 10:57 pm

Yeah I gotta go with early nWo too.

I mean that was insane when it started. I can't recall a storyline quite like that on american wrestling shows before it.

Just the way they were a company wide threat and were attacking faces and heels alike was great.

There's that one attack they did in the back (the infamous Rey Mysterio lawn dart incident) that just stuck out to me. They laid waste to everybody to the point where archenemies who were fighting at the time (like literally fighting) dropped everything to run to the back.

what really got me was the late Nancy Benoit as Woman in that scene.

Now Woman had always been the femme fatale...the wicked women...the ice queen. And there she is bawling like a baby back there when Arn Anderson I believe had just been wrecked. Stuff like that just WORKS ya know?

and the paranoia the nWo created was brilliant. you didn't know who to trust, and you had people who already had issues with one another mistrusting one another and not able to get their crap together to get unified is what made it even better.

That's one reason....as awesome as the initial reveal of Vince McMahon bringing the nWo to the WWF....just made me think it wouldn't work there...and for many reasons it didn't.

But I just had a hard time seeing the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Rock, or the Undertaker (or even say...Kane) taking any shit (pardon my language) from the nWo for any length of time, or not being able to put aside their stuff and rally against them. I mean say what you will....most of the WWF guys might fight tooth and nail against one another, and hate one another's guts at times, but there was always that feeling of "I hate you....but damn it I RESPECT you" to them. And they'd be unlikely to sell out and join the group which was one of their biggest weapons in WCW.

Well, Triple H might have, opportunistic as he is....but he had his big face push at the time. Though in the dying days of the faction they did start giving Trips an ultimatum to join up or he may not like the consequences, but given Nash's injury and the dismantling of the storyline completely, we never got to really see where that would go.

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