Multiverse Goes Hollywood: Pitch Session

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Multiverse Goes Hollywood: Pitch Session

Post by Batgirl III » Fri May 25, 2018 7:23 pm

Okay nerds, let’s say you’ve been given a shot at pitching a comic book movie to a major studio. But it has to be one for a comic book that hasn’t been done before. What’s the book? Whose your dream cast? What’s the basic plot and tone you’re looking at?

Here’s mine:

The Metal Men, with Stephen Fry as Doctor Magnus, Hugh Laurie as Mercury (“The only metal that’s liquid at room temperature!”), Adrianne Palicki as Platinum (“You keep forgetting about cesium.”), Ving Rhames as Iron, Nicholas Brendan as Tin, Patton Oswald as Lead, and David Boreanaz as Gold. (Joss Whedon to direct.)

Set in the1950’s or 1960’s, for that swinging Goldfinger vibe on the surface but with some dramatic Mad Men subtext. All the actors above have a proven track record of being able to do comedy, drama, and blending the two.

I’m generally not fond of superhero movies that are “origin stories,” since I think that it’s kind of silly to retell the story of the radioactive spider that bites the baby alien after his pod crash lands in a Gotham City alleyway. I mean, most of these stores have so seeped into popular culture that retelling them is just a waste of time... But, in the case of the Metal Men, I think they are unknown to most of the public. So it would work as the basic skeleton to build the plot around.

In 1950-Something, the opening credit sequence shows us the Justice Society of America battling the Nazis during WWII, then the rise of McCarthyism, the JSA disband, and we see the darkness of the Iron Curtain descending on Europe. The Berlin Wall, parades in Red Square that feature Soviet super-humans and ICBMs. Korean War footage with Chinese supers routing American G.I.’s. Sort of like in Watchmen... Which brings us to the start of our story.

Dr. Magnus gives his speech about his responsometer, bridges that build themselves because we ask them too, and so forth. But then he gets roped into building his Metal Men for the military.

A corrupt member of Magnus’s science team, T.O. Morrow, steals an unfinished
responsometer and sells it to the Soviets, offering to build a super-robot for them. The Red Tornado! Dun-dun-dummm!

Glorious finale fight scene ensues.
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Re: Multiverse Goes Hollywood: Pitch Session

Post by MacynSnow » Fri May 25, 2018 9:36 pm

OK Bg,just remember that YOU opened this box Pandora.....
The Doom Patrol:
Movie Cast
The Chief(Niles Caulder)=Sir Kenneth Branagh(Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, Mary Shelly's Frankenstein)--also Director
Negative Man=Aidan Quinn(Elementary, Mary Shelly's Frankenstein)
Robotman(Cliff Steel)= WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre(CGI for robot body)
Elasti-Girl=Sasha Alexander(NCIS)
Mento=Timothy Olyphant(Justified, The Crazies)
Changling(Beast Boy)=Cole Sprouce(Riverdale, Suite life of Zach and Cody)

Madam Rouge=Eva Green(Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children)
Captain Zahl=Mads Mikkelsen(The Three Musketeers, Hannibal)

Dr.Fate=Corin Nemec(Parker Lewis Can't Lose, Mansqito)

Set in the 80's,It's told through the perspective of Beast Boy as he's talking to someone.It then goes into a very brief flashback into everyone's Origins(Including himself).We flashback to the late 70s,really early 80's where we see an overview shot of Midway City(with a brief flyover by Hawkman,just to hint at a future movie),zooming in on the HQ of The Doom Patrol.We get an introduction of the character's personalities and how they mesh within the group.We then get into the plot of Zahl&Rouge from the Comic with it ending on the Patrol sacrificing themselves,save for Changling and Robotman....
We end the film itself with Beast Boy giving us a bit of an Epilogue,where he recounts going with some friends(Cue up for possible New Doom Patrol movie/sequel) to bring the two Villians to justice.We then End Credits....
Suddenly pull a MCU with the person BB's been talking to the whole time (a disguised Dr.Fate) calls up "an ally" and states that Garfield would be perfect for Project:Titans....

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Re: Multiverse Goes Hollywood: Pitch Session

Post by HalloweenJack » Sat May 26, 2018 3:23 pm

Well, honestly don't have much of a plot but I've always kinda wanted to see a movie sort of based on 'The Trial' episode of Batman The Animated Series. Batman held captive in Arkham, put on trial by his rogues, mix it up with Almost Got Him a bit and so some flashbacks. Don't have everything ironed out but I do have some casting picks. And I'm trying to avoid anyone who's been cast in a live action Batflick or what not before.

Batman: Jon Hamm

The Joker: Matt Smith

Two-Face: Josh Brolin

The Riddler: Michael C. Hall

Harley Quinn: Emma Roberts

Poison Ivy: I would have gone Christina Hendricks a couple of years ago, may even still work, or maybe Alexandra Breckenridge these days. I'd have to have them come over and wash my car in the costume to really decide.....what?

Scarecrow: Joel David Moore

Killer Croc: Terry Crews (he's a guy who can do funny and scary as hell if he wants)

The Ventriloquist/Mr. Scarface: I really don't want to give it to Jeff Dunham....but I'd really prefer an actual ventriloquist for this.

The Mad Hatter: I could see Martin Freeman here maybe. If only Martin Short were a little younger..he absolutely looks the part for me... and because I love when someone is cast against type

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Re: Multiverse Goes Hollywood: Pitch Session

Post by L-Space » Sat Jun 09, 2018 12:58 am

I'd go with something a little different, an animated film of Mouse Guard: Fall 1152. Would steer away from CGI and go for a more old school animation style, like The Hobbit or Secrets of NIMH. Plot would follow the first book, three members of the Mouse Guard on a routine patrol find evidence of a traitor, and possible revolt, in the capital of Lockhaven!

Saxon - Stephen Blum
Kenzie - Greg Baldwin
Lieam - Nolan North
Celanawe - Keith David
Sadie - Tara Strong
Midnight - Clancy Brown
Gwendolyn - Gwendoline Christie

The was surprisingly easy with all the talented voice actors out there.
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Re: Multiverse Goes Hollywood: Pitch Session

Post by Batgirl III » Sat Jun 09, 2018 1:11 am

The Ventriloquist is an interesting choice for a cinematic villain; He’s delightfully creepy and very uniquely comic book-y without being too silly. Arnold Wesker is probably a very challenging role to play too, calling for not acting when Scarface is doing his thing, acting all meek and timid when Dummy has to interact with Scarface, and the bizarre combination of both when Wesker needs to manipulate Scarface’s arms or gun...

Sounds like a job for Andy Serkis, if you ask me!
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Re: Multiverse Goes Hollywood: Pitch Session

Post by HalloweenJack » Sat Jun 09, 2018 1:14 am

I could see him pulling that off.

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Re: Multiverse Goes Hollywood: Pitch Session

Post by Ares » Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:30 pm

I made a pitch for a Shazam film here, though that would mostly be the script.

I'd stick with Zachary Levi as Captain Marvel, since the guy does have the look. Just put him in the classic costume. And I'd definitely stick Dwayne Johnson in the Black Adam costume. Make for an entertaining fight. Mark Strong is kind of tall for Dr. Sivana, but he works unless I can think of someone else. I'd actually consider John Goodman for the role of Uncle Duddley.

Part of me wants to cast Ian McKellen as Shazam, but that might be typecasting just a touch. Maybe Patrick Stewart instead.

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