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Re: Sailor Moon- Series Overview

Posted: Sat Sep 12, 2020 5:16 am
by Jabroniville
Episode #188: So things come to a head- Sailor Aluminum Siren is given one last chance, but she knows Sailor Moon's secret identity, and is prepared to do something about it! So the Three Lights are having some fan club showing event on a charter airplane, and Usagi gets invited by Siren... AS SAILOR MOON! This lets the cat out of the bag, and Usagi (who was previously just pouting about missing the event, since she wasn't a Lights fangirl) desperately runs to warn them.

Things escalate rapidly, as Usagi hits the flight and talks with the Lights, but the plane already takes off, and Siren puts the entire plane to sleep... minus the Sailors, who are apparently immune to the worst of sleep gas (is that a power I missed?). Then a trio of multicolored flight attendants with airplane wings for arms lash the Lights to their chairs and Siren demands "Sailor Moon" give up her True Star Seed- the Lights are floored, but when Siren attacks, Seiya gives up the facade and transforms into Sailor Star Fighter! The other two soon follow (as the other Sailors brawl with the attendants), and now the OTHER Sailors all transform, leaving everyone all "So you're---" even while Siren freaks the hell out at suddenly having EIGHT PEOPLE now fighting her. Getting eight Transformation Sequences in a row makes me think this episode was either running short, or they just didn't wanna draw all the designs on Siren's costume this often.

The Lights' attacks knock the attendants around and Sailor Moon transforms them back to people, and Siren tears up... then attacks with "Galactica... TSUNAMI!!!", which is... her throwing a bunch of airplane food at them. And yet the Sailors counter it with THEIR BIGGEST ATTACKS. In giant freeze-frame paintings. This episode is so weird. Siren just leaves in a huff, her plan ruined, and the Sailors now have to deal with this pile of revelations. But not before Siren has to pay the piper... Galaxia is greatly annoyed by the lack of Star Seed that she was promised, which Siren blows off with a "Why should I apologize? I haven't done anything wrong" while Sailor Lead Crow BEGS her to apologize to their master. Sailor Tin Nyanko, our next "general", taunts her and accuses her of making the whole thing up.

And so with an "I've heard enough", Galaxia removes Siren's bracelets, dooming her- Lead Crow BEGS for mercy and another chance for her friend/rival, while Siren wails in horror and pleas to deaf ears- she vaporizes in Lead Crow's arms, the latest victim of their master. The acting was REALLY good here, especially Siren's "I don't want to DIE like this!" (though that's exactly the dub dialogue added to Mimete's death two seasons ago). Meanwhile, the plane touches down back in Tokyo, with the Sailors and Starlights merely giving each other pensive, intense stares as they wordlessly part in the crowd.

Crazy-weird episode, being equal parts bizarre comedy (Siren's whole attack is just a gong-show and a comedy of errors that makes her look silly), and then a villain dies like THAT?

(Monster Powers: Seatbelts from wings- Snare; throw life vest, oxygen mask or cart)

(First Appearance: Sailor Tin Nyanko, Galactica Tsunami)

Re: Sailor Moon- Series Overview

Posted: Sun Sep 13, 2020 12:58 am
by Davies
The Galactica Tsunami is something of an injoke; it's apparently a much more serious attack in the manga, where (as usual) the villains are one-offs without sympathetic qualities. So portraying it as her last resort is pretty much admitting that she's done.

Re: Sailor Moon- Series Overview

Posted: Sun Oct 04, 2020 11:19 pm
by Jabroniville
Episode #189: So now the cat's out of the bag and everyone knows each other's secret identities, leading to Usagi being pensive and worried- Mina's like "LOL well I guess my love interest is a girl; so my for my romantic life!" (which, funnily enough, is an aspect I always forget about until it's mentioned) until the others notice how Usagi's uncomfortable with it. Seiya gets the same way at the Lights' hideout, and when Taiki & Yaten are like "Hey, we can use the Sailors' war with Galaxia to our advantage, because it distracts Galaxia from us", Seiya's all "SHUT UP!". He points out how those girls put their lives on the line for their galaxy, and "how DARE you take advantage of them! You should be ashamed of yourselves!", but Yaten quickly recovers with "Oh, I see. This is about that girl". Seiya's about to throw down, but Taiki cuts to the chase and points out that it's because Usagi reminds Seiya of "our Princess" and stops the fight by acting a little bit sympathetic and understanding. "You know there can be only one Princess for us, right?"

Meanwhile, Sailor Tin Nyanko acts really snotty about how bad Aluminum Siren was, leading Lead Crow to first suck it up, but eventually just get angry before trying to regain her composure. The thread now is Nyanko is easily annoyed and frustrated, and disregards the help of others.

Oh hey, this one is Rei-themed! She ends up acting as a fortune teller in a department store (moaning about her her Grandpa shoved her into this spot without asking her), and of course her first client is Seiya, who confesses about "keeping secrets" from a girl until it was too late and she found out anyways. She gives some pretty basic advice about just apologizing to her, which he confesses is something he shouldn't have needed help on, and takes his leave with gratitude. And then Usagi immediately plops down after him to ask advice, lol.

So Usagi finally gives us the real skinny ("I already have a boyfriend" and she doesn't LOVE Seiya; just likes him as a friend), but confesses to the same things. Rei then promptly, in a great moment, reads right through Usagi and points out that "You're better at acting than thinking, right? So just GO to him" and says "saying you can't find him is just an excuse- you're afraid of rejection; if you're afraid, you'll lose what's really important". Because OF COURSE Rei knows how Usagi is about these things, and what she's good at. Rei then reveals her identity and tells her to have courage, and dwell on what he thinks AFTERWARDS.

The two finally meet up at a radio show, and USAGI is the one apologizing for some reason, but the DJ is attacked and Sailor Mars nails his spinning CD attack. They easily beat the Phage, but now Lead Crow wants to fight ALL the Sailors! "It's your fault Siren got...", but while she prepares to engage, Nyanko sneaks in from behind ("She really is hopeless- there's no way I'd take them all on from the front")- she prepares a massive energy beam, lashing out at Sailor Moon! But now Seiya dives in with a big "Hero Moment", jumping in the way of the blast and getting hammered! The other two Starlights (already transformed) attack with their weapons, sending the Anima-Mates scurrying away, and freak out at Sailor Moon for touching Seiya. "It's YOUR fault that Seiya got hurt like this!" and all that. Yaten & Taiki finally give them the ultimate brush-off ("Don't come near us any more") and storm off, leaving Usagi crushed.

Pretty important one, driving a divide between the Starlights & Sailors seemingly for good- all the cards on the table. But Seiya's still chasing Usagi around. I'm weirded out by USAGI thinking she has things to apologize for, but the bits with Rei cutting to the chase and giving Usagi the best version of a compliment from her (accepting her faults, but pointing out the things she's best at)

(Monster Powers: Spinning CDs)

Re: Sailor Moon- Series Overview

Posted: Fri Oct 16, 2020 11:18 am
by Jabroniville
Episode #190: FINALLY we get to see Haruka, Michiru & Setsunah again! This time, the Outers are hilariously just as mistrusting of the Starlights as before, even after figuring out who they are. They're all "No, Usagi, you stay away from them" but now Usagi's just COMPLETELY despondent and unable to deal with not being able to see Seiya anymore, because she feels sooooooooooo guitly about him jumping in the way of an attack meant for her. They're all like "our job is to protect the world from threats outside the solar system", which the Starlights are, but Usagi still freaks out at their being so callous and mistrusting. But then Seiya phones Usagi and tells her to "listen to my song" at their next concert- it explains everything.

And explain it, the song does: it beams his words right into Usagi's head, pretty much. We see shots of Sailor Galaxia destroying world after world (taking the Star Seeds, which are the energy of their stars, to give Galaxia total control), including that of the Starlights- their Princess escaped to Earth, soon followed by them, and they've been searching for her ever since. Their song is to locate that Princess- they hope she can hear it and come find them. Seiya gives her this message, but immediately collapses, to the horror of the other Lights. Meanwhile, Sailor Lead Crow attacks our weekly victim, adorably trying to give her Formal Japanese Greeting, as Siren would.

Crow bails immediately after Sailor Amuse comes out, and he attacks Usagi & Seiya- Sailor Moon transforms and tries to protect Seiya as he keeps collapsing, and they're saved from a balloon barrage by Sailor Uranus, Neptune & Pluto! FINALLY they all get in on the attack! Deep Submerge takes out most of the balloons, and his gigantic red one is sliced in twain by the "Space Sword Blaster", damaging him enough for Sailor Moon's transformation attack. The Outer Senshi give the Lights a final kiss-off, reminding them that "We'll guard the planet ourselves", which Taiki responds to with a douchey "You do that- it'll save us the trouble", and Haruka prevents Usagi from chasing after them.

So I guess this is our new status quo- the Sailors being even MORE unfriendly, largely owing to the outside groups clashing with each other... and Usagi still carrying a bit of a guilt-torch for Seiya (whom she certainly doesn't seem ATTRACTED to anymore, but still cares about). Still, she's being uncharacteristically super-morose about all this.

(Monster Powers: Rocket-Propelled Balloons)

Re: Sailor Moon- Series Overview

Posted: Sat Oct 17, 2020 12:20 am
by Davies
... let's just say that she has reasons to be in a very fragile state at the moment.

Re: Sailor Moon- Series Overview

Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2020 10:31 am
by Jabroniville
Episode #191: So mysterious butterflies of light appear, summoning Chibi-Chibi, and the Starlights immediately recognize it as the energy of their Princess. Usagi's mystery depression continues, while the girls go to a Game Convention hoping to confront Taiki, who's there as a guest. This lets the director (who has a really weird art style, I gotta say) showcase a lot of Anime/Game Cosplay, though the only one I recognize is a more G-rated version of DarkStalkers's Felicia. Ami wins a game tournament simply by observing the controls and movements, and the thing is shot in the most dramatic way possible (with the other Sailors treating their loss as if they were actually killed), and this lets her finally confront Taiki. He blows her off, but she goes all "Usagi is the best and most loving person ever, etc" and points out that Seiya only got hurt because he saw the same things. But then of course the villains attack.

"Sailor Gamer" easily crushes Mercury, even blasting through her attack. She tries to fight on so as not to be a burden and need saving, but this Phage actually wipes the floor with all four girls. Star Gentle Uterus (hee) stuns her, and Sailor Moon finally arrives, having been brightened up by Chibi-Chibi's "scent"- which Taiki recognizes as that of their Princess. Taiki is forced to acknowlege that Sailor Moon IS "the radiance that refuses to go out", as Ami put it, since she cheers up Seiya AND saves the day.

Ominous Portents: This is the final appearance of Jupiter Oak Evolution & Mercury Aqua Rhapsody, as well as the last time we'll see the Game Center Crown. Given that those two attacks are the primary ones for Jupiter & Mercury and there's eight episodes left... that doesn't bode well.

(Monster Powers: Flashy video game-named attacks- melee shot takes out Aqua Rhapsody, Special Kill Sonic Beam- Blast opposed by Oak Evolution, Area Attacks, Flight)

Re: Sailor Moon- Series Overview

Posted: Wed Nov 11, 2020 7:34 am
by Jabroniville
Episode #192: Our final Minako-themed episode, as she hits the semi-finals of an Idol Competition... but sighs and rejects it- there's too much going on right now. This being her lifelong dream, it hurts both her & Artemis, and he confesses the secret to the other girls (who are a bit stunned that Minako's all "Let's study hard and not screw around!"). They confront her at school and force her to take the job, saying that it's been her lifelong dream (Usagi naturally makes the best point: "It's all the more reason to go- you have to hold onto your dreams at all times"). When Yaten turns out to be a judge, now HE'S mad because she's doing this even with the seriousness of the situation, but she goes on anyways. Meanwhile, Sailor Lead Crow (remember, the Anima-Mates are TV executives) has been tied up and gagged by Sailor Tin Nyanko, who swaps in as a judge in her place!

Her song is pretty catchy (but her VA's voice is a bit weak), but impresses the judges enough, as does her helping another girl up when they run into each other during the dance portion. But Yaten's all "URG WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS NOW?" during the Q&A portion, so she responds with "When it comes to your dreams, there is no before and after"- the songwriter (and Victim of the Week, obviously) adds "She's got you there, Yaten". Finally, he confesses that "maybe being a Guardian isn't everything" to her, and wonders why their Princess has yet to appear before her. Sailor Musician appears, and is more garish than anything I've ever seen before, and talks like Patrick Warburton. Star Sensitive Inferno and Venus Love & Beauty Shock (the last time we'll see THAT attack) stun him, and we're out. Minako turns out to have WON the finals... but in a very "Sailor Moon" moment, says "this proves that I can be an idol at ANY time... so right now, I'd rather be with my friends" and puts the letter away, figuring she'll grab her dream later.

ANOTHER big ending... this episode marks the VERY LAST TIME we will ever see a "Monster Of The Week", and the very last "In the name of the Moon... I'll punish you!" speech! The two most classic, long-lasting aspects of the entire freakin' anime!

(Monster Powers: Multiattack Blasts From Keyboard)