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Re: Sailor Moon- Series Overview

Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2019 12:15 pm
by Jabroniville
Sailor Moon SuperS Special Episode: This one's a three-part 45-minute special that aired during the season.

This one advertises itself as a clip show, adding that "We'll get to see Haruka and Michiru again!" as an lure. Seeing the old animation from the show's beginning is funny, as they more or less retell the first season quickly (leaving out that the girls DIED, actually), then gloss over Sailor Moon R in about thirty seconds flat. It's funny when everyone just goes "LOL THEY'RE PROBABLY BONING RIGHT NOW" when Usagi asks what Haruka & Michiru are up to at this time. Well, at least it's nice that somebody's ACKNOWLEDGING THEM- they haven't been mentioned all season thus far.

And then HOLY CRAP they actually SHOW UP in the second half, which is a one-off involving an Evil Ventriloquist. Michiru, wearing the world's ugliest bicolor outfit (jesus, what IS that?) is going solo, as it turns out that Haruka has a fever. And is hitting on the cute maid serving them on this cruise. Michiru passes it off with her same casual, aloof smirk ("And YOU seem to be doing much better"). The Ventriloquist is draining people's energy (what is this, Season One?), and actually grabs Haruka's, but Neptune beats up a mind-controlled maid and attacks. The villain's all "ho ho, but if you attack me, all the shadows of the world will rise up and slaughter their owners" and demands she sit still while he drains the rest of Haruka's power... and of course Neptune blasts him. He's all "how did you know I was LYING?!", of course not realizing that these bitches are cold as ice, and would sacrifice everything. Neptune just smirks and says "Oh, you were lying?" while he's aghast ("You attacked just to save your friend?! And you call yourself a hero of justice who protects the world?!"). All she says is "What's the worth of saving a world without Haruka in it?"

The Puppet is smashed to pieces by World Shaking, saving the Ventriloquist from its grip- he dies "befeore I can serve the Dead Moon!". The girls wonder about the new enemy, but they figure "The Messiah" can handle it. And that's it for these two this season.

In the third part, Chibi-Usa and her school chums encounter a new girl who's actually a VAMPIRE, and has been causing their friends to disappear. It's a bit odd to see what looks to be a new supporting cast show up even though they're not important (I think Chibi-Usa just gets new school friends every season, actually). Her one friend has a REALLY weird design- bright purple hair, and a figure that's more "Jessica Rabbit" than "Young Child"- how the frick old is that character supposed to be? It's REALLY creepy. Huh- turns out this "Momoko" is the same one as in Sailor Moon R and S, but has a totally different design. I never even noticed it was the same person- shows you how much I care about the "Chibi-Usa" episodes, I guess, lol. In any cause, the girl, Lilica, turns into an adult vampire, but Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Mask arrive to help fight it.

And then of course the OTHER Sailors arrive, using the fact that they ate garlic at a barbecue yesterday for their "Super Sailor Garlic Attack", stunning the vampire with their breath. Both Sailors Moon are stunned by that working, and then blast the monster, who reveals the true Lilica.

Very weird, silly episode. The middle one is awesome because of Uranus & Neptune, and the second is actually pretty interesting until the monster is easily defeated by some of the show's silliest stuff. A bit bizarre, though it's at least funny.

(Monster Powers- First: Mind Control, Energy Drain Groups, Second: Morph, Blood Drain)

Re: Sailor Moon- Series Overview

Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2019 11:15 am
by Jabroniville
Episode #132: Oh wow- FINALLY. Another episode featuring Usagi & Mamoru as a couple! The writers always said they struggled with them. My new favorite supporting characters ever, Kobayashi & Saori, arrive for a meeting with Mamo & Usagi, with Kobayashi in particular being hilarious- he asserts that "manly men" usually leave a mess around, and when he sees Mamo's spotless apartment, just says "Yeah, I'm a little disappointed in him". And then he teases Saori for always wearing different-colored lipstick around Mamoru, and she threatens him. The dub actually changes "are you trying to be a jerk?" to "You know I can kick your ASS, right?", which is a surprise- that's officially the most hard swear word we've seen in the whole show!

Of course, Usagi AND Chibi-Usa show up, and immediately make a huge spectacle of themselves, competing for Mamoru's attention- CHIBI-USA even calls him her boyfriend (which, two seasons in, continues to be REALLY FRIGGIN' WEIRD). And both students of course laugh this off, assuming that Mamo inviting his "girlfriend" over meant these two kids, and that he was just talking about girl friends or something. And so Saori continues to moon for Mamo... while KOBAYASHI moons for Saori! Chibi-Usa, nervous over the possibility of Mamo/Saori, decides to ensure she gets born, and so she stalks the two as he attempts to help Saori buy a gift (she just wants to spend time with him).

Tiger's Eye is quickly rebuffed by her the first time, but his whole "I'll make her mine!" thing consists of just... confronting her and attacking immediately the next time. That's happened a couple of times now. Saori seems like she's about to confess her feelings to Mamo, but he gets whipped and pinned to the stairs by TE, who looks into Saori's dreams. The balloon-shaped Lemures fights using a variety of slam attacks, but Sailor Moon nearly gets herself killed blocking one on helpless Mamo. And then the Lemures starts SMOTHERING HER, complete with a close-up shot of Usagi's asphyxiated face, which is sure to horrify anyone who considers that a deathly fear. Even the Lemures weeps at how romantic it is! Of course, she adds "Don't worry- once I kill her, I'll kill you too." But then Mamoru goes NUTS, literally tearing himself free of the knives pinning him down, and then STABS HER with one, popping the balloon. While she tries to pump herself back up, Sailor Moon kills her.

Saori awakens just as Mamoru recovers, realizing what the "Usako!" he's screaming about and Sailor Moon are one and the same. And in a neat bit, she kind of looks shocked, then disappointed and saddened, and then kind of reaches a happy acceptance. Later, she offers Kobayashi the tie she bought with Mamoru. He teases her for giving up so easily "for someone trying to become the Police Superintendent of Japan", which she laughs off after looking annoyed, then suggests "I don't stand a chance against a girl who protects the entire Earth". A fun little episode, with some great supporting characters... but I notice that it STILL DOESN'T SHOWCASE THE MAIN COUPLE, which is kind of what I was expecting them to try. Man, the writers really WERE stuck on him.

(Monster Powers: Flight, Slam Attacks, Asphyxiation)

Re: Sailor Moon- Series Overview

Posted: Fri Feb 01, 2019 10:43 am
by Jabroniville
Episode #133: Another feature of major importance occurs- the introduction of DIANA, the adorable talking kitten of Luna & Artemis. Of course, she isn't BORN into this time, oh no- she's born in the FUTURE, and has now come back to visit Chibi-Usa, who for some reason has never mentioned the character ever before, but clearly loves SO MUCH. Given how Chibi-Usa is our "Kid Focus" character, it's shocking it took this long to add a Cute Pet for her.

So Luna chooses to tease Artemis in front of everybody for "gawking" at a beautiful nun (in a cute bit, both Usagi & Chibi-Usa are mad at Mamo for acknowledging her beauty, too), but the rest of the gang chides her for being so careless with his feelings, pointing out that she's very cold and Artemis IS in love with her. But then a grey kitten who TALKS shows up and declares Artemis "Father!", which results in a Comical Swipe from Luna's claws... that actually hurts Artemis's feelings. A nice use of the old "Comical Beatdown" trope. But then we go back to humor, as Minako is FURIOUS that Artemis became a father and she didn't know about it ("Man up and face your responsibility!") while the girls try to console "dumped" Luna with food.

Tiger's Eye attacks the nun (who has a REALLY pretty design for someone who doesn't even show her hair), luring her in with questions about the Lord, and whether he even loves sinners. In a funny bit, he mimics being held back by her crucifix ("gotcha!") and then attacks. Artemis & Sailor Venus get involved, but the costumed clown takes on... a kangaroo costume, merging her with Artemis and making him feel her pain, and makes him punch his own "owner"! The other Sailors arrive and lay some verbal smackdown over desecrating a church, with Mars hilariously noting that "they may be business rivals to my family, but...". The character animation here is REALLY good, with hair and poses being way more detailed than usual- which makes it more odd when they re-use footage of the "director who draws triangle eyes" for one Venus routine.

The Kangaroo girl beats the crap out of the Sailors (who don't want to hurt Artemis), but when LUNA gets involved to defend him, he finds the willpower to overcome the physical control- "What do you think you're doing to my Luna?!?" and then he BITES HER, getting tossed out of the pouch. Tuxedo Mask then arrives (Crap, they REALLY outnumber this monster), and the Lemures is destroyed. Then, only at the VERY end, do we get the obvious reveal that Diana is the future daughter of Luna & Artemis. Curiously, she barely plays a role in her own debut episode. Artemis reveals to Luna that he was never staring at the NUN, but the CHURCH ("I always wanted to get married in a church like that!"- she blushes, then we get the best part: Artemis going "now I know how Mamoru feels" about having future daughters hanging around, and Mamo adds that "Things are going to get harder from now on! Want to go drinking tonight?"- I actually laughed out loud at that one.

(Monster Powers: Kangaroo Costume Change, Combines Health With Artemis & Makes Him Fight With Her, Power Punches & a Multikick)

(First Appearance: Diana)

Re: Sailor Moon- Series Overview

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 9:59 am
by Jabroniville
Things I'm noticing, having finished the first disc:

* The villains are charmingly bitchy to each other. Their outfits are BEYOND outlandish, though. Fish's Eye dresses like the Michelin Man, and Hawk's Eye is wearing a ballerina tutu. And in 6-7 episodes, we haven't even seen Fish's Eye do anything!

* Zirconia is the only villain seen, which is in keeping with the Sailor Moon standby- the REAL baddies are hidden at first.

* I'm at least happy they made it clear very early that Pegasus is in Chibi-Usa's dreams. I mean, this show is REALLY BAD at some secrets, and runs an awful lot on "WHO COULD THIS BE?!?", which can make repeat viewings a bit tiresome at points.

* Usagi, of course, has downgraded in maturity already, as the writers seem to find her more amusing as a whiny crybaby, and so her infantile behavior around Mamoru is ramped up. Given that Sailor Moon S ends with her doing a full-on "Thousand Yard Star" having fought literal Armageddon alongside the Guardian of Destruction, it's a little weird to see the "Messiah" shunt right back to Season One behavior.

Nothing's BAD thus far, but you can absolutely tell already why this is the "least favorite" season- the stakes are lower (the bad guys are hunting one creature), we're not dealing with the past (Sailor Moon), the future (Sailor Moon R), or the end of everything (Sailor Moon S), and we already know that there's no more Sailors to introduce, rendering this a lot less special compared to the last season.

Re: Sailor Moon- Series Overview

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:30 am
by Davies
Jabroniville wrote:
Mon Feb 11, 2019 9:59 am

Nothing's BAD thus far, but you can absolutely tell already why this is the "least favorite" season-
For all its flaws, and they are MANY, I still found it (and the first few episodes of the next season, which serve a sequel to it) to be better than the rest of Sailor Stars.

Also your comment about there being no more Sailors to introduce is unintentionally hilarious. :lol:

Re: Sailor Moon- Series Overview

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 6:38 pm
by Jabroniville
Hey- they ran out of PLANETS- there’s obviously nowhere else to go :). This season’s made it clear they’re not bringing anyone new in already.

Re: Sailor Moon- Series Overview

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 6:42 pm
by Arkrite
Oh, right, those guys. Forgot about them..

Re: Sailor Moon- Series Overview

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:51 pm
by Jabroniville
Arkrite wrote:
Mon Feb 11, 2019 6:42 pm
Oh, right, those guys. Forgot about them..
Alas, the cartoon never added Chibi-Moon’s Guardian Senshi from the Amazoness Quartet. So this season misses out.

WHY they never added them eludes me, because when you have 45 episodes to fill, some extra protagonists and toys to sell seems like a great idea.

Re: Sailor Moon- Series Overview

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 10:18 am
by Jabroniville
Episode #134: Oh look, another case of "I want you to meet an old friend of mine", as Makoto's "childhood friend" we've of course never heard of nor seen before is the new target, as she wrote a book about a Pegasus. And JUMPIN' JESUS there's Motoki's sister again, bending over in a tiny skirt. Hell, you animators are making her the new "Miss Fanservice", aren't you? I find it bizarre that she's become the new "Constantly Recurring Character"- poor Naru never appears again, but you can justify THIS character (debuting as a one-off in Sailor Moon R) as a constant backgrounder?

So the girls find out that Mako knows this famous author (who somehow managed to get published at High School age), and go to get autographs. They all act pretty humorously- Rei is annoyed that she's the only one who hasn't read it, so of course gets competitive & fangirly and brings THREE copies to get signed. Minako's new "thing" (seen occasionally beforehand) is mixing up English sayings, though you can only tell in the subtitles- she just says dumb stuff in the voice track for some reason. And Diana, the newest part of the group... is just kind of there making observations, occasionally innocently criticizing.

Tomoko is being harrassed by publishers to write a new manuscript, but clever Mako visits their old hangout and it turns out that the poor girl has Writer's Block, AND feels that she can't surpass her old work. Her mournful crying as she runs off is very well done, and then we finally see their backstory- of course it features Mako terrifying some bullies into running away from her. There's some REALLY good character art in this, too, with some complex expressions (Mako's mixed feelings at reconnecting with an old friend she'd basically been ignoring; her defiant insistence that "I may not look it, but I LOVE reading. I've never been drawn into a story like this before!"). However, Tomoko is torn because a boy she likes (and who was her inspiration) likes another girl. Aaaaaaaaaaaannnnd now we see the debut of the "Diana on Chibi-Usa's Head" pose that's so replicated throughout the show, as she tries to cheer Tomoko up. However, Tomoko freaks out further because of this, and only Mako can make things right, by pointing out that her dreams and stories now belong to the world, and so she has a responsibility to share them further.

The Lemures has the old standby (SNARES!), then throws a time-bomb at the group, watching while they struggle to free themselves. However, Tuxedo Mask intervenes, and Jupiter tosses the bomb right back at her, knocking her into the ground (complete with "Looney Toons Hole Silhouette"). Moon Gorgeous Meditation finishes it. The sight of Pegasus helping Sailor Moon inspires Tomoko ("If I can still have beautiful dreams like that..."), who promises to continue writing- not just for herself, but for EVERYONE! Her next manuscript starts with "To my dearest friend Makoto--", who of course has probably left Tomoko tied up in the same basement her friend Kenji Shinozake now lives in :).

(Monster Powers: Flight, Chain Snares From Hair, Single Time Bomb)

Re: Sailor Moon- Series Overview

Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2019 9:29 am
by Jabroniville
Episode #135: The Amazon Trio & Zirconia discuss the nature of Pegasus, and how the creature that manifests in reality is but a "shadow" of the real creature. Tiger's Eye suggests that the person whose dreams hold Pegasus could use him for ultimate power, but Hawk's Eye & Zirconia point out that dreams of that nature would mean that Pegasus would never choose that person. Zirconia adds that this is why Pegasus never tells people of its true nature, and if they found out, he would abandon them and find a new host. TE gets a Lemures who specializes in entering people's hearts through their shadows on the mission, however.

Today's victim is an art teacher of Chibi-Usa's who's depicted as a bit of a spinster who doesn't "get" children (Kyusuke even cruelly goes "You're so strict- that's probably why you're still single!", but doesn't get his ass kicked for it- the other students are even like "yeah, she's so stern!"). Her actually going into her problems in-depth with TE-disguised-as-a-fortune-teller is a bit more introspective and "adult" than you usually get on this show (especially since it's a Chibi-Usa-centric episode, but he pretty much gets bored and attacks her. This is at the half-way point, so you know something's up... and sure enough, his Lemures DOES possess Pegasus, freezing him into a shadow form! This actually paralyzes Chibi-Moon, who moves into her dream world- dark and foreboding- with a frozen Pegasus and the Lemures, who tries to manipulate her. She boasts of the power Chibi-Usa could possess while controlling Pegasus, and offers the girl the reins... Chibi-Usa rejects the idea outright, even after some careful manipulation and descriptions of ruling the world ("My dream is to make friends with the people I like- not have them obey my commands! I don't want to own Pegasus or CONTROL him- I want to be his friend!"). The rejection turns her Dream World pink (of course it does), and expels the Lemures, who is stunned and easily defeated.

The teacher, Ms. Morino, recovers and kind of understands Chibi-Usa a little better ("bring it on, you little brats! hahahah!"), leaving happily. And now, Pegasus appears to Chibi-Usa (who doesn't remember what happened) in real-life, using some chalice thing, confessing he wants to be Chibi-Usa's friend, too. Then he blushes and looks away when she gets dressed for bed. Not the BEST episode (these side-characters just don't get any real focus compared to the first season), but I kind of liked how Chibi-Usa wasn't even REMOTELY tempted by the promises of power.

(Monster Powers: Flight, Shadow Possession/Paralysis)

(First Appearance: Pegasus Chalice)

Re: Sailor Moon- Series Overview

Posted: Fri Feb 15, 2019 10:58 am
by Jabroniville
Episode #136: hahahaah OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG it's the Rei one! I actually rented this an eternity ago, when my friend and I did a two-week exchange in Japan. The host family knew we liked anime, so they took us to a rental place, where I grabbed a two-episode VHS of Sailor Moon SuperS, which seemed like an eternity in the future. Of course, we both thought Fish's Eye was a sexy chick.

The episode features Rei the Perfect, as Mamoru is forced to stay at her Shrine for a while after she accidentally sprays his apartment with a fire extinguisher while the girls are panicking over smoke. Despite Rei LONG since being over him, Usagi is suddenly madly jealous, fearing that Rei will put the moves on Mamoru. This outraged the blogger/reviewer "Keys to Jetwolf", and I can kind of see her point- this hopelessly regresses Usagi to the jealous crybaby of the first season. I mean, Rei stepped aside BACK THEN; why would she go for him now? Even worse, it STARTS OFF with Usagi babying out because Mamo is paying attention to Ami (while TUTORING her. In FRONT of Usagi!)- literally saying "I don't want you looking at other womennnnnnnnnnnnnn!"

But of course, the silliness is made up for by the interactions between the characters. Rei is uncharacteristically reserved around Mamo (one of the few people she respects). Her Grandpa, instead of being suspicious, is IN LOVE with the idea of her winning Mamo's heart because he looks like "a nice young man", which of course embarrasses Rei when he points it out in mixed company. And... oh god- I forgot. This was the FINAL APPEARANCE of Yuichiro! Poor Yuichiro laughs off the Rei/Mamoru pairing, but is secretly madly jealous ("My master has never once asked me to become Rei's husband!"). His growing outrage, complete with close-ups of his face in a different style (open-mouthed rage, showing all his teeth, with way more detail than normal), is pretty great.

The most famous scene of this is the ever-predictable "Accidental Nudity", in a GREAT bit, where Rei walks in on Mamoru about to step into the bath, complete with ass-shot of our boy. Her horrified reaction, intense blushing, and running off with her face in her hands, is just terrific and makes the whole thing. We NEVER get this side of Rei! She attacks Yuichiro for not telling her the "bath order" (Serious Business in Japan), he gets passive-aggressive with Mamo ("Enjoying you bath... CHIBA?"), and then Usagi, dresses as a PINK NINJA, confronts Rei. And then goes "You didn't PEEK, did you?" And the best part- Rei CAN'T EVEN SAY NO, as she just blushes and says "I didn't see it because I wanted to!" Then of course they fight.

Menacing Yuichiro is pretty great- instead of being a cartoonish dolt, he's all glowering, face in shadows, with Sinister Anime Eyebrows and everything. His master points out that separating himself from worldly desires is the first step in his TRUE training, and they do this big dramatic thing, complete with Japanese drums and flutes in the background... and then it turns out he just has Yuichiro trying to pick up random chicks in an ill-fitting suit because "looking at only one woman" is "pathetic". Rei's Grandpa is the BEST. Yuichiro is shocked... but soon sees that all these girls ARE, in fact, pretty, and starts clumsily hitting on them, too.

Chibi-Usa laughs off Pegasus's idea that "When you love someone, you want them to see only you", which is bizarre, given SHE SPENT AN ENTIRE SEASON TRYING TO MONOPOLIZE HER FATHER'S TIME FROM HER FUTURE-MOM. This one really puts a point on the whole "Chibi-Usa has a crush on Pegasus" thing. FINALLY Tiger's Eye comes in to look at Rei's dreams (the first time one of the Main Cast is the target, in fact), but hilariously she's too busy looking for Usagi to pay attention to his attempts at flirting.

Given that this is a pretty "full" episode already, the Kabuk-Lemures doesn't last long. She sprays some water and throws some monster-faced napkin things (I'm assuming this is kabuki-related stuff), but the other Sailors arrive quickly and divebomb her, setting her up for the finish. This is the first time in AGES we've seen all the girls show up to a monster fight, and it's typically short once it happens. In the final bits, Yuichiro begs forgiveness from Rei for giving in "to the Devil's temptation", while she has no idea what he's going on about, then gets distracted by a handsome waiter. Haha, JESUS- the poor Butt-Monkey gets straight-up ignored in his very last episode. Kind of sad overall that we never got any kind of finality with him, but it was clear even by Sailor Moon R that Rei had no feelings for Yuichiro.

(Monster Powers: Flight on an Umbrella, Water Spray, Multiattack Affliction- Annoying Napkins)

Re: Sailor Moon- Series Overview

Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2019 9:57 am
by Jabroniville
Episode #137: Holy Hell- FINALLY Fish's Eye gets into the act, and acts as our central villain! This episode features a nerdy artist who's obsessed with fairies, idolizing them. It also features Hawk's Eye & Tiger's Eye debating the qualities of older (vs) younger women, with HE taking a rather predatory, gross view ("they'll do anything I ask, no matter how selfish my request!" and "a fruit is best right before it rots")- damn, he's really taking the fun out of cougar-hunting. FE instead jumps in and coos over the artist guy, and his partners do the "Guh-whaaa...?" faces and just dryly point out "I've had my suspicions for quite a while" and "this verifies it".

FE nonetheless decks himself out as a VERY convincing woman (ie. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG), acting like an ethereal, Manic Pixie Dream Girl to a man who's literally obsessed with fairies. And sure enough, FE's act manages to hook him, while the guys can never score points with their targets. Amazing. However, FE freaks when Diana sniffs at his feet- being FISH's Eye, he can't stand it and runs off. Now the artist is obsessed with finding her again, while FE gets a shower scene (must... not... fap...) and the girls all blush at the sight of the "handsome" artist. And then Tiger's & Hawk's Eye blush at the sight of Fish's Eye putting on lipstick (HAHAH SO I'M NOT THE ONLY O-- I mean, WEIRDOS!).

The artist and FE have a flirty little frolic around a tree, where he flirtaciously "catches her" while she laughs, and he blurts out that he wants to MARRY her! But when he finds that she's crushed a flower in her fall, and is more concerned with the strain on her nice new dress... he realizes she isn't really a fairy after all. He's all "you're not what I thought you were..." (boy, you don't even know the half of it), and so FE reveals himself and attacks. His tightrope walker Lemures forces Sailor Moon to join him on a summoned high-wire. He taunts her and does some stretches... and then Tuxedo Mask just RIFLES a rose into the back of his head, which is pretty f*cking hilarious. Pegasus & Sailor Moon then give him the business.

A funny episode, though Fish's Eye just kind of disappears after the mirror trick and isn't seen again.

(Monster Powers: Creates High-Wire, Athleticism)

Re: Sailor Moon- Series Overview

Posted: Tue Feb 26, 2019 12:11 pm
by Jabroniville
Episode #138: Mamoru is suspected of cheating on Usagi, but it turns out that it's a young widow who owns an auto repair shop- the context of the young widow with dark hair reminded me of Maison Ikokku, one of my favorite animes ever... and then I see the close-up of "Garage Ichinose", which just confirms it- one of the main characters of Ikokku was a Mrs. Ichinose. Ami is super into the idea of helping her fix up an old car she and her late husband had wanted to make drivable, and so she's our Focus Sailor this time. I love the fact that Ami is this giant closet romantic- it pops up here and there, and now she's all "this car is FILLED with their love" and willing to overwork herself in order to fix it up.

Hawk's Eye thinks the widow is the "highest of all older women" and so disguises himself as a likeness of her DEAD HUSBAND (yikes), causing her to faint from the exhaustion of fixing the junker. Then he visits her in the hospital in an attempt to seduce her. Chibi-Usa runs in all pissy, and they translate "That's not important!" to "Back off, ascot!" when Hawk's Eye says "I was trying to seduc... I mean talk about our dreams". The woman, Natsumi, ends up touched by the girls attempting to fix the car without her, but Hawk's Eye then KIDNAPS HER... and Mamoru is hilariously RIGHT THERE with his own car, chasing after H.E.

And then, in one of the show's weirder fight scenes, the Trapeze Artist Lemures forces Sailors Moon, Chibi-Moon & Mercury (the others don't fit in the car... I guess?) into flying up in the air on summoned trapezes, and then she tries to cut them down. She does so succesfully, but then Tuxedo Mask, in a rare moment of indignity, arrives ON A TRAPEZE OF HIS OWN and saves them, cracks about Sailor Moon's weight (apologizing when she points out Mercury & Chibi-Moon hanging off of her feet), and then the girls wipe out the monster. This also indicates some proof of enhanced strength in the Sailor forms, as Chibi-Moon is able to hold up Moon AND Mercury by herself, albeit with considerable strain. In a fun twist ending, Natsumi's car DOES start... but the engine blows up seconds later. The girls all laugh, and she decides not to rush, since "I have all the time in the world!"

The bits with Natsumi are solid, but not dwelled on except in snippets. The bits where she nearly runs off with H.E. on a proposed trip, then realizes "You're not like my husband after all!" because he's so casual about his sports car, are a bit weird. Like, it might come off more profound in Japan- I dunno.

(Monster Powers: Summoned Trapezes Force Others Up, Summoned Scissors)

Re: Sailor Moon- Series Overview

Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 11:43 am
by Jabroniville
Episode #139: Oh man, the "Inexplicable Swordfighting Girl" episode! This one was ALSO on that VHS I rented when I was in Japan, and man, unlike the Rei/Mamoru one, this one made ZERO SENSE without subtitles. Basically, some little girl is practicing swordfighting and trying to be the greatest master of all, and she's living under a bridge as part of her training. Naturally, this Miharu girl is immediately made into a lifelong friend for the next 22 minutes by Chibi-Usa. The girl is interesting, as she's drawn in a completely different style than all the other characters (angular eyes), all of the fights are OBVIOUSLY taken from Lone Wolf & Cub (a guy straight up swings at her, they clash, and he pauses for ten seconds before dropping to an unseen strike), and she speaks in a very stiff "no contractions" sort of way that's probably the original Japanese showcasing her using the antiquated form of speech common to Samurai films.

Inexplicably, the girl's MOTHER shows up, beats the hell out of Miharu, and walks away laughing at how weak she is. The natural "WTF?!?!" reaction of the Usagis is explained by the mom not being into the idea of her daughter being a swordswoman, even though it was the dying wish of her father. Naturally, this is the business of the Usagis, who scold the heartless woman. However, her only line in her defense ("that's her problem- she's too focused") is given as like this insightful thing that convinces Usagi they might be wrong, since "no mother could hate her own child" (well, she would know). Tiger's Eye convinces Miharu to follow him for his "Secret Sword Technique" (I'd laugh about the euphemism, but his earlier dialogue DOES indicate he thinks the tiny child is cute, which makes it ultra-weird).

Curiously, our big fight sees Sailors Mars & Jupiter show up, even though they have almost nothing to do with the rest of the episode. Even MORE weird, we actually get Supreme Thunder & Fire Soul brought out! The twist is weirder still, as the Lemures's "cat's cradle" (a similar Japanese thing called "Ayatori") creates four-and-five-step ladders, but Mars stuns her with a taunt: "Can you do a SIX-step ladder?!" Alas, this trick doesn't work, as she Snares them out of Mars attempting Burning Mandalah. Usagi convincing Miharu to "stop being so single-minded" stuns her into letting go over her sword, which hits the Lemures, finally leaving it vulnerable enough to Sailor Moon's attack.

And then we get a weird ending, as Miharu calls out her mother... then tricks her into falling into a pit. Then says "I'll be a multi-talented swordswoman!", which makes the mother happy. Because... that's not as single-minded? Then the pair go off (with mommy insisting on punishment for the cowardly tactics, but Miharu kind of laughing about it), and Usagi asserts that Miharu "has a wonderful mother". I... does this make more sense in Japanese culture? I guess Miharu is now more well-rounded and not focused on JUST swordplay, but that makes up for the violent abuse earlier? I guess? I dunno.

(Monster Powers: Cat's Cradle Powers- Deflect- Indirect, Yarn Blast- From Above, Lasso Snare)

Re: Sailor Moon- Series Overview

Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 3:11 pm
by Davies
There's a reason that SuperS is the "okay, whatever" season. In fact, there are many reasons ...