Spider-Man - Far From Home - Trailer

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Re: Spider-Man - Far From Home - Trailer

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M4C8 wrote: Sat Jan 19, 2019 4:10 pm
FuzzyBoots wrote: Sat Jan 19, 2019 3:55 pm
M4C8 wrote: Sat Jan 19, 2019 3:41 pm I still think it's a waste of a potentially great story of character growth.
At first he's the school jock/bully who torments Pete (despite being Spidey's biggest fan), also the physical aspect of the character is important because we readers know Pete could effortlessly drop Flash and is forever holding back because it would 'out' him, you just don't get the same
feeling of inner turmoil on Pete's part. We later find out he's acting out because his father is an abusive alcoholic and later he and Pete eventually becomes close friends. Granted this could be what the plan is for this new Flash.

However that's only half of the Flash story, I can't see the new one joining the army an eventually becoming becoming a genuine war hero. This also means ignoring his battle with disability after losing his legs in combat, being given a second chance by becoming the host to the Venom symbiote and becoming a super-hero in his own right, not just a hero on Earth but out in space also. I just can't see this skinny entitled kid as the Flash we've all grown up with.
Which, no offense intended, I think is a good thing. One of the issues with superhero reboots (and how many of them has Spider-Man had just in the last decade and a half?) is that they tend to keep rehashing the same material. Just look at how many times we've been treated to Spider-Man's origin story. Part of the appeal of M.J. in the original comics was that she was a genuine surprise to the fans, having been hinted for months to be homely, and foisted off onto Peter as a favor by Aunt May. Doing the archetype of the character of Flash in a different way is perfectly fine by me.
My only issue really is that they should have just used a different name, you'd think they'd know how obsessive and protective some of us fans can be.

I think I've stated on these boards before that I'm against any change to any already established character whatever that change may be (race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality etc.) especially if said character has an existing fan-base and/or their creator is no longer able to give permission. If you want to feature someone of a specific racial background or gender then either use a character of that background that already exists or create a new character, changing existing character is completely unnecessary.

I personally don't want to see a black James Bond or Human Torch anymore than I want to see white Blade or Lando Calrissian, to me that's equally ridiculous.
Fiash is the least of the problems that Homecoming has. Peter has been rewritten into a Stark Fanboy, and a lot of his own ingenuity, as he originally created the web fluid AND launchers, but now, it's all Stark with some AI driven, spider themed power armour. Apparently, they de-powered Parker as well, so much so that about 3-4 tons of rock is now a threat to him. Right to the point where he whines about it, as if he hasn't faced a threat before, unlike the say... A ship being torn in half which was going to tear HIM in half?

And then there's May Parker. Who, I will grant, having a younger Aunt makes sense, because in the Comics, with Aunt May being 70 or so, that means that Parker's grand parents would have had a child (Families were big back then, yes but...) 30-40 years apart. (My mother for example, is the 15th child of 15, and that was a period of about 17 years.) That doesn't make much sense, but having Aunt May younger, works.

Now, that out of the way, let's assume that Parker IS a newbie to the whole superhero thing (Let's ignore Civil War. Please.) that would imply that he's been at the whole neighbourhood webhead thing about a year. And Aunt May is over Ben? After a year (Or so)? That's a little confusing. Frankly, it's still fresh enough in PETER'S mind, or it should be, so having Stark hitting on May normally would have gotten a 'Dood, uncool.' at the very least, but it's RDJ! Can't do that!

The entire movie is a badly thought out fan fic at this point. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a purist by any stretch of the imagination, and we don't need ANOTHER Spider-Man origin story, but Homecoming has too many issues.

Also, why don't we have a Spider-Man movie with the Peter Parker most people know? The college grade, part time employee of the Daily Bugle. Why do we always have to go back to freakin' HIGH SCHOOL?

I'm not touching Zendaya (Or whatever her name is) she's just as bad as East Indian 'Flash' wannabe.
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Re: Spider-Man - Far From Home - Trailer

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So just got back from seeing the movie and it was AWESOME with a capital A.

they did some really fun stuff in this one. Lots of character development and more then a few crazy twists a couple fo which I didn't see coming in the slightest.

good points Spidey continues to develop and Holland is solid as peter especially in this one where hes dealing with the weight that Tony left him in end game.

MJ one of my personal dark spots from the first movie I will admit the character actually improved in this one. She was so unlikeable but you actually get a little glimpse inside what makes her tick and its works. while I do wish theyd gone with classic MJ Watson I can appreciate ""finally"" this character for what and who she is.

NEd as always continues to be a fun character though he doesn't quite get the same play as he does in the first movie.

Mysterio is really well done, this is one of the members of Spideys rogues gallery that can be a major disappointment if hes done half assed but they DO NOT Disappoint with him Jake plays him really well.

action was fun and classic spidey with high flying web slinging shenanigans and a homage to into the spiderverse.

As always stay all the way to the end for 2 end credit scenes and OH MY GAWD these two scenes are two of the most mind blowing in marvel movie history. they shake up things in ways both funny and HOLY CRAP I cannot believe they went there.

Overall fun movie and the spiderman story has lots of room to roll on and grow. cant wait for a third movie maybe a sinister 6 one which given one of those end scenes we might just get.
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Re: Spider-Man - Far From Home - Trailer

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I liked the movie.
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Re: Spider-Man - Far From Home - Trailer

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I'm watching it as I type. This is a great Spider-Man movie.
Darrin Kelley
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Re: Spider-Man - Far From Home - Trailer

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The surprise at the end made me laugh myself sick. It was the one thing that had been missing from the Tom Holland Spider-Man movies! It was just perfect!
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