What are you thoughts on "Age of Ultron"?

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What are you thoughts on "Age of Ultron"?

Post by Jabroniville » Thu Feb 09, 2017 7:53 am

The Bendis comic, obviously- not the movie.

I remember reading this as it came out, and being stunned by the sheer mediocrity of it. It was like Bendis came in with no clear game plan- what started as a standard Dystopian Future Set Right What Went Wrong tale ends up shifting into a Wolverine/Sue Richards "Buddy Story", except there's no humor and the two don't have any chemistry. Every character that was important in the first half disappears by the fifth issue and never matters again, and then the two remaining heroes start going through the timeline AGAIN AND AGAIN because they keep screwing things up.

Then they finally solve everything with a Retcon Ending, and the space/time continuum breaks up, giving us Angela and Galactus in the Ultimate Universe.

And then a few years later, they just kind of throw a mulligan and merge all the universes anyways- which almost seems like what they were going for with this.

What did you think of it? I find the art good, but the story is just meandering garbage. The first couple of issues come off like the start of an epic tale, but fall apart so quickly, and are so bleak, that I get no enjoyment out of this story. The whole thing ends up feeling like a giant waste of time, and a meaningless tie-in to an upcoming movie & a reason to bring a minor Spawn character into the Marvel U.

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Re: What are you thoughts on "Age of Ultron"?

Post by RUSCHE » Wed Feb 15, 2017 1:48 pm

Not a fan of it . As you stayed it fell apart and lacked any form of chemistry between the main characters. Ultron should send shivers done the spine of even the most stout of heroes and this could have been as good or better than when he invaded Slorenia and wiped out every person and turned them into his personally cyborg zombie army. Lackluster at best. Just my opinion.

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