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DC Comics - Heroes in Crisis & Doomsday Clock = Why so serious?

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 4:17 pm
by Ares
I've heard some say that The Doomsday Clock is basically the last gasp of the Nu-52, that it's ultimately a rejection of the kind of superhero setting Watchmen set up, and will be a return to more traditional DC storytelling after.

And my GOD do I hope it's true, because between it and Heroes in Crisis, I'm sick of how . . . well, broken superhero comics seem. Heroes in Crisis basically turns everyone into broken individuals on the verge of collapse. The Doomsday Clock has the DCU being called a "simpler" place than the Watchmen universe, and contains an entire page of Ozymandias railing about how little the heroes of the DCU have done to fix their world. There's also The Supermen Theory which claims that the reason most superheroes in the DCU are American is because the US government is creating them as part of some scheme, and apparently it's at least partially true.

I HATE stuff like this. Instead of just saying that non-American heroes exist, showing and creating them, they have to come up with some in-story reason for this, beyond, you know, most superhero comic writers are American and set the stories in America.

If Heroes in Crisis and Doomsday Clock are the top of the hill we need to get over before we get back to something resembling the pre-Identity Crisis DCU, I'm willing to grit my teeth through it. But dear Lord in Heaven this is a slog.

Re: DC Comics - Heroes in Crisis & Doomsday Clock = Why so serious?

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 6:06 pm
by MacynSnow
Your mountain climbing analogue is Spot on,IMHO. If DC and Marvel would just Wake up and realize their destroying the very medium they work in,we could actually save it in time.
Did you know that certain DC/Marvel Writers&Artists haven't been able to find work afterward BECAUSE of what they did to Beloved Comic Characters and have gone on record saying that they should've been stopped by their Editors,but wasn't due to the Execs over-rulling it?

Re: DC Comics - Heroes in Crisis & Doomsday Clock = Why so serious?

Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2018 4:58 pm
by Ares
I mean, if they use this as a way to have more heroes around the globe, I'm all for that, but we shouldn't really have needed it in the first place. DC already had a tone of lesser known heroes and international heroes it could simply bring back and/or re-invent and had plenty of global teams around the world WITHOUT having to have this crapsack world scenario where it's odd about how many superheroes are American.

I mean, if Geoff Johns, James Robinson and others can stop killing off lesser known heroes simply for shock value.

Here's an idea: hire one or more people specifically to go through the vast history of DC Comics. Find every minority and non-American hero you can, create a giant spreadsheet with them, and then work with some of your best creative minds to turn them into actually decent heroes. Break out the Milestone heroes, the Global Guardians, the Great 10, every non-American member of the Justice League International/Europe, the Ultramarine Corps, characters from Bloodlines and the Planet DC initiative like the Janissary, the old Super Powers/Super Friends ethnic heroes and actually work on revamping them and making them a part of the universe. I would bet folding money you could easily create an expanded setting with many global heroes with what already is there.