Recruitment Thread (The Jabverse)- Recruiting CLOSED

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Recruitment Thread (The Jabverse)- Recruiting CLOSED

Post by Jabroniville » Fri Jul 13, 2018 7:47 am

Okay, my "Interest Thread" got a lot of posts right away, so I REALLY want to get this down before people go too far in creating characters.

MAKO (Batgirl III)
GALACTICA (EpicEclipse)
MUSTANG (MacynSnow)
SEMILLA (Flynnarel)
FLYBY (L-Space)
SLYCE (Thorpocalypse) -- Thorp has said he'll be away for the start, but that means we can start smaller with nine guys, and have Slyce possibly do a "run-in" at one point in the mission)

* Guys who might be called on for one-offs, temporary members if someone bails, or new members in cases of attrition. These guys were SO GOOD and I just didn't have the room.

TACHYON (Shadowmask) (agh, I feel terrible. You worked hard, but I JUST NOW noticed a few problems with the build, like undercapped defenses & fighting. I really should have checked more carefully, but got overwhelmed by submissions. Terribly sorry- I'd be happy to help you out with this one and use her as an alternate)
THERMAL (Captain Chaos)
FIREFIST (Skaramine)
HELIX (Hawk)
BLINDSPOT (Ghost of Krypton)

"Entangle" Ymyrryd Affliction 9 (Dodge/Strength; Hindered, Vulnerable & Impaired/Immobilized, Defenseless & Disabled) (Feats: Reversible) (Extras: Area- 30ft. Shapeable, Cumulative, Extra Condition +2) (Flaws: Limited Degree)

Flyby: 25 (Bruised -1)
Slyce: 25 (Fatigued)
Dogfish: 23 (Staggered -1) - Arrested
Silver Witch: 21 (Bruised -1, Dazed till Round 3 ends)
Hercule: 20 (Dazed, -1)
Knifefish: 19 - Encapsulated and in the water.
Halcyon: 19
Helix: 19
The Shield: 18
Blue Shark: 18 (Dazed, Defenseless, Immobile & Disabled, Bruised -3)
Sawfish: 16 (Vulnerable & Impaired)
Bull Shark: 15 - Encapsulated
Semilla: 9
Mustang: 6
Barracuda: 1 (Dazed & Staggered, Bruised -3, Vulnerable & Impaired) - Outside the boat, Thrown far away.

Alleyway Fight:
Dr. Mercury (Bruised -2)
Manta Ray
Blue Shark (Bruised -4)
Mako (Bruised -3, Dazed)- KO'd

Submitted Characters So Far:
The Shield by Arkite
(Batgirll III) - Aquatic warrior with the weather controlling Trident of Poseidon
Dr.Mercury (RainOnTheSun) - Self genetic modifying speedster physician (Mad scientist?)
The Silver Witch (Psistrike) - Energy construct weilding magic girl
Mirror Man (Camus) - Team-protecting, energy-reflecting wall (Like a powerhouse, without the strength)
Mustang (MacynSnow) - Genetic lottery powerhouse progeny of a villain
Tachyon (Shadowmask) - Cyborg speedster
Blindspot (Ghost of Krypton) - High tech, genetic lottery teleporting costumed hero (Not a power armor, just some high tech gear her prodcured)
Le Petite Hercule (Ken) - Powerhouse empowered by an ancient relic
Semilla (Flynnarrel) - Druidic mage
Thermal (CaptainChaos) - Genetic lottery heat generator (Heat specifically, and not a controller of such)
Nightjar (Supernaturalist) - Standard-tech costumed detective
Galactica (EpicEclipse) - Alien wrestling warrior with cosmic kinetic energy generation
Theseus (Yojimbo) - Ageless immortal warrior of Olympian descent
Helix (Hawk) - Genetic lottery powerhouse with tactile telekinetic powers
Slyce (Thorpocalypse) - Genetically enhanced clawed warrior (Basically Wolverine ;))
Lunulata by Professor Weird- Octopus Girl
Halcyon by Catsi- Gunfighter/Spy Skillmonkey
Flyby by L-Space- Johnny Storm/Cannonball Combo
Firefist by Skaramine- Blaster
K-OS by Loki- Powersuit Cripple
Menagerie by Mutie Scum- Animal-Powered Girl
Kreuzritter told me to have an "Elevator Pitch" for the game. So I narrowed it down to the summed-up version: In a world with a Justice League/Avengers, you're The Defenders. A rich guy/super-enthusiast is backing you, and now you have to prove yourselves in a world that's cynical about these "lower-tier" teams.

I was thinking of maybe 8-ish guys, but I could probably pack a larger squad. How many members usually cause these things to fall apart and be untrackable, lol?

This will probably be up for a couple of weeks, allowing people to make their characters.

Here's the thread of universal stuff and OCs: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=383

Basic Setting Stuff: Here's the thorough version
* General mentality is a bit more Marvel & Astro City than DC, though a few guys are more clearly DC-ish (especially Mega-Woman). Kind of a "Heroes In The Real World" thing, and heroes with complicated lives. But with people aware of the Tropes of their lives, to the point of having nicknames for them (like "Trenchcoater" for guys who eschew superhero costumes and try to act all bad-ass).
* Jobber Villains aplenty. A few "Master Villains", but naturally, a lot of Marvel Team-Up-type guys and villains who were supposed to be big but then faltered.
* Some goofy-ass villains, but heroes are more typically decent (ie. no "Kender/Malkavian/Crazies in Rifts"-type stuff, which I can't stand).
* There were various "eras" of heroes, with a DC-ish Golden Age, LOSH-esque Silver Age, and more.

I can probably get away with posting at night, then maybe once in the afternoon. Nobody will be expected to do 50 posts a day or whatever. In fact, I'd appreciate it if people didn't spam-post or frustrate slower posters by making a lot of stuff.

Full Disclosure: I am AT BEST an amateur GM, but I have a story progression in my head. I'll be re-reading the Combat Rules, but I've a REALLY experienced Character Builder (check my "Jab's Builds" thread if you don't believe me :)), so I'll be hard to catch on things.

System: Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition
Power Level: Either PL 9 (135) or PL 8 (150)- you are either solid rookies/semi-pros, or very established lower-level guys.
Campaign PLs: Typicaly world PLs are PL 11-12 for Top-Tier Heroes (only a handful of those alive), PL 10 for Experienced Heroes, PL 8-9 for Rookies, Jobbers & Pros, and PL 7 and lower for real Jobbers.
Why Are You On The Team?: You were recruited by Some Rich Guy for his team of super-heroes. So basically, you're here to save lives and do it publicly. Do you wanna help people? Be famous? Have protection? What?
Why Might You Have To Be Away?: "Real Life" keeps all of us from the table sometimes. So just in case, I should have a reason why you would need to miss a mission or two.
Why Might You Have To Leave?: Just in case you have to bail, or the player disappears for a while, an easy way to write you out is appreciated.

-I've gone into this on my thread many, many times, but I really dislike the idea of goofy heroes in a "serious" book. So no "my hero is a talking dog with powers", no "I'm a caveman", no "my power is that I only affect Leeks", etc. If if fits more Mystery Men or Legion of Substitute Heroes or Great Lakes Avengers, then no. Similarly, acting like the Palladium-style "Crazy Hero", a Kender, or a Malkavian isn't requested- I find that a lot of players who play that way are really just seeking attention and want an audience.

-Being powerful is okay, but if I see arrays full of "Affects Every Save Ever, At High Levels" and "Selective Area Everything", I'm gonna be suspicious. I'm pretty good at spotting these things :). Some things that aren't necessarily dealbreakers, but make me raise my eyebrows, include Perception-Ranged Anything, Selective Area Attacks, Reaction-Damage Effects, Vast Immunities, extremely Variable Arrays, etc. One or two is fine, but several are a bit concerning.

The MAIN THING I'm looking for is someone who could fit onto the Avengers, the Defenders, the X-Men, the Teen Titans or those typse of teams and not stand out as too silly. So Garfield Logan-silly, not "Gnarrk who died off-screen" silly. Someone who could join the Legion of Super-Heroes... but not Matter-Eater Lad or any Subber except for Polar Boy and maybe Night Girl. Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl & Frozen could join, but the kids couldn't. From The Incredibles 2, Voyd would fit in, but Reflux (an old man who barfs lava) could not. Essentially, as the team is being formed to be a possibly "Major-League Superhero Team", who would be expected to look the part.

I also want COSTUMES and interesting looks. I want people to look at the team and go "Oh, it's a team of Super-Heroes", not "Oh, did someone's John Constantine Fanclub interrupt this group of LARPers?". People should look like super-heroes, and respond to "are you a super-hero?" either with an affirmative, or an uncomfortable "well, I guess so..."- that kind of thing. It's a big part of the world that anyone dressed in plainclothes or ESPECIALLY a trenchcoat will be immediately made fun of for "trying too hard".

You don't have to be wearing TIGHTS, but "recognizably not just some guy" is important.

A note about Super-Strength: Things are a little bit JLU-ish, in that the base power levels tend to be lower, and people don't lift much more than a couple of hundred tons. Some of the MOST POWERFUL PEOPLE IN THE SETTING can't lift more than 400-800.
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Re: Recruitment Thread (The Jabverse)

Post by Jabroniville » Fri Jul 13, 2018 7:47 am

The World as a Whole:
* It's very much like the modern world, but with a bit more high technology in odd places, as super-science has been a thing for decades. Robots are common enough in wealthy to not be seen as extremely odd, though sentient AI is beyond most human tech. High-speed travel is more common. Many more cities resemble the technologically-elite areas of Japan.

* Real-world cities are still there, but Mega City (or Metro City- I can't decide) has popped up on the Eastern seaboard a few decades ago, and is the home-base of Mega-Woman and a few others.

* Crime is a bit more "public" and easily-seen compared to the real-world, even in wealthier countries like the U.S. You're a lot more likely to see bands of armed and costumed goons running around robbing things in broad daylight, or terrorist organizations with big themes and ideas instead of "lone wolves".

* Power Levels are typically "Low-End Marvel Universe", more akin to Justice League Unlimited. Semi-experienced heroes & elite teenagers hit around PL 8. PL 9 for elite martial artists. PL 10 is a good water-mark for established, capable heroes. PL 12 is the absolute, hard, unbreakable limit of what an Earth-based superhero is capable of. The only beings more powerful than that are typically high-end Gods, Conquerors and Alien Warlords.

* The Golden Age Legion of Liberty are the predecessors of all superheroes, and started the whole "tights" thing (which is why modern audiences seem to accept them as a point of course). Heroes disappeared between the War and the 1960s, until the arrival of the Teen Brigade- a combination of Earth-based and alien superheroes who engaged in sometimes-silly, sometimes-serious adventures, often rubbing those in power the wrong way. Though often viewed as a bit tongue-in-cheek to modern people, more than one of the Brigade lost their lives in the course of battle.

* The intervening years between then and about ten-ish years ago didn't feature a great deal of superheroes- things quieted down for some time, though some names stuck around.

* The most famous heroes in the world are currently the Legion of Light- top-tier heroes based in America. Many of their sidekicks formed the Teen Legion, which aged from their teens to young-adulthood.

* Superheroes are very common, but rare enough that people still find the "real" ones astounding. A lot of "people dressed in tights" pop up here and there, but are rarely famous and usually get made fun of for being pretenders (the "Sidekickers" the heroes groan about are among these). It takes a good while for superheroes to become noticed, and many never do.

* The "politics" of what's called "The Superhuman Community" are well-known. The top-tier heroes are generally familiar with each other after initial scraps (usually due to "misunderstandings" or posturing), and often team up. Lesser-known heroes often struggle for attention from these types, and consider them "elitist", even if this isn't the case. A LOT of people are known to posture and try to make themselves more famous, while the elites insist that this was never intentional. Feelings get hurt, jealousy abounds, and grandstanding can be common.

* The public trust in superheroes varies. Generally, they're treated like a combination of Movie Stars & Pro Athletes- among the most famous and notable people in the world, in desire everywhere they go, and featured in countless magazines and media... except the public is just as quick to turn on them. Fail in a public manner, support the wrong person, or just get less famous, and things can go VERY bad for you in a public manner.

* Governments almost always interject in superhuman manners- "official" superteams are often expected to have a person who speaks directly to the Joint Chiefs of Staff working for them. This can vary by administration, public support, or anything else. Big Brother always wants a piece of that pie.

* People think the idea of Teen Sidekicks is ABSOLUTELY INSANE, so this is actually very common. What's more likely is that heroes only train people whose lives are already in danger (thanks to birthrite, innate powers, or what have you), or the teen heroes are independent agents.

* What's unknown to many is that nearly all Mythological beings were real people at some point. However, none are truly the creators they were said to be- oftentimes, stories were simply told and re-told to the point where heroic individuals were given extra benefits. Others were mere charlatans, looking for worshippers and power. Examples include the Greek Pantheon (actually technologically-advanced aliens), the Egyptian Pantheon (the closest equivalent would be Ancient Superheroes, ascribed mythical might later on), the Asgardian Pantheon (otherdimensional warrior-cultists), and more.

* The most-commonly-seen set are the Olympians- their interstellar Empire once included Earth, though the various interpersonal problems between the Gods, their forebears (the gigantic Titans) and their would-be successors (including the Giants) saw them abandon the planet centuries ago. They returned during World War II, which featured Athena helping the Allies against her half-brother Ares, general of the Third Reich. Athena became the most prominent hero of her era, staying on Earth into modern times, helping out subsequent generations of heroes. Most of her immortal family has been spotted repeatedly over the years- many are villains, while others are heroes.

Foreign Stuff:
* Most prominent superhumans are American, though many other countries feature heavily in a "global scene". Some of the more international heroes like Mega-Woman are known to interact with heroes in almost every country on the globe- when they go on international missions, standard-operating-procedure is to locate and ally with a "local". Not every foreign hero is a stereotype, though it's considered annoyingly common ("I need to ally with an Australian hero for this one" "Got it- there are thirteen possible names" "..... Not a boomerang-using one, okay?" "... Okay. Eight possible names." "Um, and no kangaroo themes either" "You're really making this difficult").

China and India actually have even larger superhuman populations than the United States- theirs just typically aren't as prominent. In China, they're all "hired" as part of a massive government army, meant as much for show as anything. India's are much more scattered (the nation is highly-populous and known for industrial accidents- a great mixture for the creation of super-types), though a few notable names abound. Most are mid-tier and not very notable, or are quickly killed. Some of the best ones are easily in the top-tier of heroes.

Superhuman agents and dictators are also brutally common. A few international squads have formed over the years, but are usually short-lived, owing to patron nations not getting along with different administrations. India has one of the better-known super-teams, as does Russia and Great Britain. Canada's is typically quiet. Japan has a LOT of notable groups, often featuring teenagers rather than adults, but their lifestyles are considered dangerous and prone to violent ends, even by superhero standards.

HOW MAGIC WORKS: This post gives a large amount of detail as to how magic works in my setting. Absolutely NO "I have every power ever" type stuff, because I hate that about sorcery. Sorry to have so much to read, but it's my least favorite power-set in comics, and I am VERY particular as to how it works in my setting.
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Original Character — Do Not Steal

Post by Batgirl III » Fri Jul 13, 2018 7:49 am


Original Character
Power Level 8 ( 150 PP )

Strength 3 (Lifting: 12)
Stamina 8
Agility 3
Dexterity 3
Fighting 8
Intellect 2
Aware 3
Presence 4

Acrobatics 2 (+5), Close Combat [Unarmed] 2 (+10), Expertise [Ocean Lore] 8 (+10), Insight 5 (+8), Intimidation 8 (+12), Perception 5 (+8), Ranged Combat [Thrown] 3 (+6), Treatment 3 (+5), Vehicles 2 (+7; F: Limited to Watercraft)

Accurate Attack, Assessment, Defensive Attack, Equipment (1), Favored Environment [Aquatic], Power Attack

To My Hand! Move Object 1 (100 lbs; E: Ranged [Perception]; F: Limited Material [Trident of Poseidon]) [ 1 PP ]

Aquatic Physiology [ 29 PP Total ]
Immunity 4 (Drowning [1], Pressure [1], Weather [2]) [ 4 PP ]
Movement 2 (Environmental Adaptation [Aquatic], Environmental Adaptation [Weather]) [ 4 PP ]
Senses 2 (Visual: Darkvision) [ 2 PP ]
Impervious Toughness 7 [ 7 PP ]
Strength of the Ocean Depths Swimming 10 (500 MPH; E: Dynamic [1]) [ 11 PP ]
□ DAE: Enhanced Attribute 9 (+9 Strength; F: Limited to Lifting) [ 2 PP ]
□ DAE: Leaping 6 (500’) Speed 4 (30 MPH) [ 2 PP ]

Weather Controlling Trident of Poseidon (26 PP Base; Easily Removed) [ 16 PP Total ]
Summon Storm Environment 8 (Half-Mile; Intense Cold [1], Impede Movement [1], Visibility [1]; E: Dynamic; F: Activation [Standard,–2]) [ 22 PP ]
○ DAE: Throw Lightning Damage 10 (E: Affects Insubtantial [Half; +1], Extended Range [1], Feature [counts as thrown weapon; +0], Ranged; F: Quirk [only after Summon Storm active for one full round or longer]) [ 2 PP ]
○ DAE: Just Stab People With It Damage 5 (Strength-Based; E: Penetrating [5], Reach [1]); Affliction 5 (Resist/Recover: Fortitude; Conditions: Dazed and Impaired, Stunned and Disabled; E: Cumulative, Extra Condition; F: Limited to Two Degrees) [ 2 PP ]

Combat Knife Damage 2 (Strength-based; E: Accurate [1], Improved Critical [1]) [ 4 EP ]
Commlink [ 1 EP ]

Dodge (8) Base 5
Parry: (8) Base 0
Fortitude: (8) Base 0
Tough.: (8) ——
Will: (6) Base 3

Attack: 10 Effect: 3 Total: 13 (Unarmed)
Attack: 10 Effect: 5 Total: 15 (Dagger)
Attack: 8 Effect: 8 Total: 16 (Trident)
Attack: 6 Effect: 10 Total: 16 (Throw Lightning)
Dodge: 8 Tough.: 8 Total: 16
Parry: 8 Tough.: 8 Total: 16
Fort.: 8 Will: 6 Total: 14

Enemies (Agents of Aquarius): Apart from Maia and her father, there’s like four other superheroes on the planet that spend much time on or in the ocean... And there’s this entire terrorist team of over a dozen oceanic predators. The Agents of Aquarius might not be the most fearsome super-villains in the world, but they are powerful enough and ruthless enough to be a serious hazard to the innocent men and women who make their living on the seas. Maia and Henare are sworn to stopping them.
Enemies (Lady Typhoon): Lady Typhoon was a Japanese super-soldier and the original wielder of the Trident of Poseidon. Lady Typhoon repeated clashed with Maia's father during WWII. Lady Typhoon hasn't been seen in decades... But, you know how it goes with super-villains. (They never did find her body.)
Responsibility (Legacy Hero): Maia feels a deep responsibility to live up to her father’s history of heroism.
Relationships: Maia has had some romantic entanglements, but nothing long lasting. Yet.
Public Identity: Taniwha isn’t a household name outside of Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific, but it’s also not a completely unknown one. The identity of both Maia and Henare are publicly available for those who go looking for it.

ABILITIES [ 68 pp ] +
SKILLS [ 19 pp ] +
ADVANTAGES [ 6 pp ] +
POWERS [ 49 pp ] +
DEFENSES [ 8 pp ] =

Real Name: Maia Turei
Alias: Taniwha II / Sea Monster II / Mako II / Mako Taniwha
Occupation: Adventurer
Education: Diploma in Nautical Science; New Zealand Maritime School, Manukau Institute of Technology
Date of Birth: October 25, 1990 (Age 28)
Base of Operations: Mobile
Height: 5'10" (1.78 m)
Weight: 126 lbs. (57 kg)
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Black
Race: Human
Identity: Public
Religion: Maori
Relationships: Henare Turei / Taniwha I (father), Molly Turei (mother, deceased), five older brothers
Legal Status: Citizen of New Zealand with no criminal record.

Taniwha is a Māori word that has numerous meanings; By itself, the word means a water spirit or sea monster; it is used as part of the namenfor dangerous water creatures, like the mangō taniwha or great white shark; It is used as a byname for chiefs and powerful leaders, with niho taniwha being the name given to the saw-tooth patterns that mark the cloak of a warrior chieftain. However it is used, taniwha always means omething or someone awesome - taniwha take many forms from rocks to reptiles and whales and often live in lakes, rivers, or the ocean. The taniwha are often regarded as guardians by the people who live in their territory... So it was a great honor when they bestowed the name Taniwha upon their first and greatest superhero.

And to their even greater annoyance when an idiot at the BBC just lazily translated it as “Sea Monster.”

Born as Henare Turei into a small fishing village of no gear import, the boy who would become Taniwha, was conscripted into the New Zealand merchant marine during the Second World War. An able seaman on a , Turei’s career was one of bland mediocrity... Until a Japanese U-Boat sank his cargo vessel in the middle of the Indian Ocean, hundreds if not thousands of miles from anyone. Turei claims to have died, drowning in the ocean, only to have been reborn by the power of gods... His daughter thinks he was just mutated by exposure to the prototype nuclear warhead his ship was transporting, but why ruin a good story?

Taniwha became the Terror of the South Pacific, battling the Japs and their German Allies, like a one-man war fleet. Taniwha was one of the few superheroes in the PTO, and certainly the only one from New Zealand.

Years later Maia Turei would be born. Maia is the only daughter of Taniwha Turei and has inherited his remarkable powers... But not necessarily her father’s devotion to home. Maia is twenty-five, eager to see more of the world than just Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania... Her father is nearly seventy, but showing no signs of aging. Plus, crimes pretty rare down there anyway. So she decided to accept the chance to move to Mega City (“the center of the known universe“) and see what there is to be seen.

Damn newspapers still can’t spell her name right though.

Why Are You On The Team? A chance to get out from her father’s shadow, to see the world, and do more good than she could back home.

Why Might You Have To Be Away? Maia believes in protecting all the people of Earth, but she’s also one of the few heroes that can operate on (or under) the sea for extended periods. When there’s trouble on land or on the water, she’ll prioritize the danger at sea. Plenty of other heroes can help a burning building on land, few can do anything about a sinking ship...

Why Might You Have To Leave? Maia has the typical desires of a young woman to get out on her own and to see the world... But she’s still the patriotic daughter of country’s greatest national hero and definitely a “daddy’s girl.” If her father needs her or her country calls, she’d drop nearly anything to be fighting at his side to defend New Zealand.

The Trident of Poseidon? Taniwha II weilds a magical relic known as the Trident of Poseidon, which she inherited from her father as a gift when she left for America. Taniwha I claimed the trident during WWII, where it was used by a Japanese super-villain named Lady Typhoon.

Lady Typhoon had been an archeologist and expert in Greco-Roman mythology and she uncovered the device in a ruined temple in Thebes. She assumed the trident belonged to the god, although this has never been confirmed.

The Trident allows its wielder to control the weather, the tides, and the ocean waves. However, it takes years of experience to unlock its full potential. Lady Typhoon at full strength had been able to summon winds that could down bombers, waves that could capsize battleships, and lightning that could strike with the force of a battleship’s main cannon. Taniwha I never developed that sort of skill with it, and Taniwha II is even less adept with it than her father.

But both of them are really skilled at using it as an actual weapon, something Lady Typhoon never seemed to do.

Origins of the Taniwha Powers? Henare Turei is convinced that his powers (and those of his daughter) were magically bestowed upon them by the ancestral spirits and the gods of the Maori; Maia Turei thinks the explanation is probably a mutation induced by radioactivity, but doesn’t contradict her father publicly. Most of the Maori people and numerous other Polynesian cultures accept the divine gift idea. Numerous “super experts” suspect that they are demigods unaware of their own ancestry, the descendants of one of the Olympians such as Poseidon or one of his many children. Henare is satisfied with his theory and refuses to investigate contrary claims. Maia just figures it doesn’t really matter all that much.

Edit: Made a minor tweak to her Skills, when I realized my heroine with a lifelong passion for sailing, a deep cultural connection to sailing, and a graduate of the merchant marine academy... didn’t know how to operate a boat. Oops.

Edit 2: Made a minor tweaks to fix formatting mistakes and adjust her Lifting Strength to better keep with the setting's benchmarks.

Edit 3: Dropped the Comprehend Languages Power and added up my Immunity to Environmental Cold to Immunity to Weather. Also added Environmental Adaptation: Weather. So Maia is immune to the harmful effects of weather, it's never too hot or too cold, never too humid or too arid, or any other environmental hazard caused by "natural" weather. But getting struck by lightning still hurts like a @#%&. Her movement is unimpeded by the effects of weather and she suffers no circumstance penalties for weather-related environments and ignores visibility modifiers caused by snow, driving rain, and the like. But someone can still summon a tornado and throw her around.
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Re: Recruitment Thread (The Jabverse)

Post by Jabroniville » Fri Jul 13, 2018 8:07 am

Wow, a new character already! Okay, I added some stuff to the top post I'd meant to include, but forgot:

Why Are You On The Team?: You were recruited by Some Rich Guy for his team of super-heroes. So basically, you're here to save lives and do it publicly. Do you wanna help people? Be famous? Have protection? What?
Why Might You Have To Be Away?: "Real Life" keeps all of us from the table sometimes. So just in case, I should have a reason why you would need to miss a mission or two.
Why Might You Have To Leave?: Just in case you have to bail, or the player disappears for a while, an easy way to write you out is appreciated.

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Re: Recruitment Thread (The Jabverse)

Post by RainOnTheSun » Fri Jul 13, 2018 8:10 am


DOCTOR MERCURY (Makiko Wintour)
PL 9 (135)

Skills: * 14 points
Expertise (Medicine) 15 (+19)
Perception 4 (+6)
Technology 3 (+7)
Treatment 6 (+10)

Advantages: * 2 points
Bio-Inventor, Languages 1 (Japanese), Skill Mastery (Treatment)

Body Modification: Variable 2 (Slow) * 12 points
Usual "default" use of Variable: Reinforced bones and biochemical energy reserves (Immunity 7 [critical hits, fatigue], Power-Lifting 1, Regeneration 2)
Immunity 2 (Disease, Poison) * 2 points
Mobility: Leaping 8 * 8 points
Speed 8 * 1 point
Quickness 6 * 6 points
Senses 2 (Accurate Hearing, Low-Light Vision) * 2 points

Initiative +2
Throwing +2 (Ranged Damage 9)
Unarmed +9 (Close Damage 9)

Defenses: * 14 points
Dodge 9, Parry 9, Toughness 9, Fortitude 9, Will 9

Motivation (Research): Superhumans are the most fascinating medical cases in the world, and the most socially acceptable way to spend as much time as possible around them is to be a superhero. Doctor Mercury sometimes needs to be reminded that fighting supervillains is more important than studying them.
Public Identity: Dr. Makiko Wintour is a known mutant and costumed adventurer. She isn't especially famous, but there are people who recognize her.
Enemy (medical community): Maki's combination of ego, poor social skills, and radical methods has made her enough enemies among her peers to cause trouble for her professionally, and while her medical license hasn't been revoked yet, she's skirting the edge. Most of her professional enemies are law-abiding, but some are happy to sell temporary superpower cocktails on the black market.

Total: Abilities 74 + Advantages 2 + Skills 14 + Powers 31 + Defenses 14 = 135

Why Are You On The Team?: Being a professional superhero lets Doctor Mercury get access to state of the art laboratories and gives her an entire team of metahuman case studies collected for her convenience. And she also gets paid!

Why Might You Have To Be Away?: Abrasive or not, bad reputation or not, Makiko is still one of the best medical minds in the country, or at least the city. More respectable doctors call her in to consult on difficult cases from time to time.

Why Might You Have To Leave?: Give her a real job as a medical researcher and she'll be gone.

Background: Makiko Wintour was born a low-level mutant, a metahuman with mildly enhanced strength, speed, and agility. At ten years old she had roughly the strength of three grown men and could run as fast as a horse. Her powers weren't very impressive compared to the real superheroes and supervillains out there, but to Maki, they were fascinating, and she grew up studying medicine and biochemistry. Using herself as a test subject repeatedly has made her stronger, faster, and overall physically superior. It's also made people around her uncomfortable, and she doesn't have a lot of friends. Or any friends. She also doesn't have a lot of real life skills. Most of the time she barely notices.

"Bio-Inventor" functions the same as Inventor, or Ritualist, or Artificer, but instead of using Technology or Expertise: Magic it uses Expertise: Medicine. Most of the time, Doctor M is only a passable fighter, and when she runs into things too far away/dangerous to punch she mostly uses the combination of Quickness and super-strength to do things like evacuate bystanders and clear away wreckage.

Doctor Mercury's Body Modification variable power has the slow flaw, because she needs access to chemicals and organic material to alter her body. Normally a pharmacy will work fine, or even a grocery store in a pinch. She barges in like she owns the place, pulls things off the shelves and does God-knows-what with them in a blur of super-speed activity, and comes back out as a brand new crime against nature. Here are some example uses for Body Modification:

Internal Plasma Furnace: Cone Area on Strength Damage 9, Incurable.

Organic crystalization: Impervious Toughness 9; Power-Lifting 1.

Elasticity: Elongation 6; Enhanced Advantage 4 (Fast Grab, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Takedown).

Big Pretty Wings: Flight 8 (Flaw: Wings); Enhanced Advantage 2 (Favored Environment: Aerial, Move-By Action).

Augmented Leg Muscles: Multiattack on Strength Damage 9, Quirk: cannot be used for covering fire; 2 points added to Mobility array.
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Re: Recruitment Thread (The Jabverse)

Post by Batgirl III » Fri Jul 13, 2018 8:20 am

Looking over the loooong list of Jabverse characters, I see the Agents of Aquarius already includes someone named Mako... So I’ll need to think of another name for my heroine who totally not just a cross-gender Aquaman cosplay. She can’t even talk to fish.

And no, I’m not naming her Moana.
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Re: Recruitment Thread (The Jabverse)

Post by RainOnTheSun » Fri Jul 13, 2018 8:22 am

You could do what the official comic universes do and just call her Mako II in the handbooks. Also, Mako is a jerk, so who cares what he thinks? "Yeah, I took your name--what are you gonna do about it?"

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Re: Recruitment Thread (The Jabverse)

Post by Jabroniville » Fri Jul 13, 2018 8:58 am

Batgirl III wrote:
Fri Jul 13, 2018 8:20 am
Looking over the loooong list of Jabverse characters, I see the Agents of Aquarius already includes someone named Mako... So I’ll need to think of another name for my heroine who totally not just a cross-gender Aquaman cosplay. She can’t even talk to fish.

And no, I’m not naming her Moana.
Oh, haha. I should have caught that, given how I named the guy myself :). I was too busy re-writing my Game Info stuff!

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Re: Recruitment Thread (The Jabverse)

Post by Batgirl III » Fri Jul 13, 2018 9:01 am

I’ve decided to play with the trope of the poorly translated ethnic hero. Should get plenty of comedic mileage out of having to constantly correct journalists and “offended on her behalf” talking heads.

Gave her a pretty quick backstory, which shouldn’t disrupt existing Jabverse history too much.
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Re: Recruitment Thread (The Jabverse)

Post by Psistrike » Fri Jul 13, 2018 10:20 am

And here is my character submission, Silver Witch. Not magical, the source of powers and how she gained them is a mystery which she seeks to unlock.

ImageSilver Witch
• Image used is sorceress lux by kyoffie12 from deviantart.
Quote "I am the silver lining that gives others hope."
Silver Witch
PL 9

Real Name: Ariana Morgan
Age: 18 years old
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Eyes: Blue, turn pure silver when using her powers
Hair: Blonde, turn pure silver when using her powers
Race: Human
Identity: Secret
Legal Status: U.S. citizen with no criminal record
Status: Active
Occupation: Bookstore clerk, Adventurer
Base of Operations: Mega City
Team Affiliations:
Concept: Silver-energy wielding metahuman pretending to be a witch
Marital Status: Single

Abilities: Strength 0, Stamina 2, Agility 2, Dexterity 2, Fighting 2, Intellect 4, Awareness 2, Presence 1

Skills: Athletics 4 [+4], Deception 4 [+5], Expertise: Popular Culture 4 [+8], Insight 2 [+4], Perception 2 [+4], Persuasion 8 [+9], Ranged Combat: Silver Energy 6 [+8], Sleight of Hand 2 [+4], Treatment 2 [+6]

Advantages: Eidetic Memory, Evasion, Extraordinary Effort, Improved Initiative, Luck, Power Attack

Silver Witch Costume Change: Quick Change 1 [Into and out of costume] • 1 point
Empowered Will: Enchanced Will 4 • 4 points
Silver Force Field: Enhanced Defenses 8 [Dodge 4 & Parry 4], Sustained Impervious Toughness 9 • 17 points
Silver Jet: Flight 10 [2000 mph] • 20 points
Silver Energy: Array [27 points]
Silver Energy Blast: Ranged Damage 9, Multiattack • 27 points
Silver Energy Constructs: Create 9, Impervious, Stationary • 1 point
Silver Energy Manipulation: Move Object 12, Indirect 3 [any point away from her] • 1 point
Movable Silver Energy Constructs: Create 9, Movable, Stationary • 1 point

Initiative +6
Silver Energy Blast +8, Ranged, Damage 9, Multiattack
Silver Energy Constructs +8, Ranged, DC 19 Dodge Check or DC 24 Damage as Area Effect

Dodge 7/3*, Parry 7/3*
Toughness 11/2*, Fortitude 6, Will 10/6**
*Without Silver Force Field **Without Empowered Will

Power Points
Abilities 30 + Powers 72 + Advantages 6 + Skills 17 [34 ranks] + Defenses 10 = 135 Total

Motivation: Doing Good: She has no idea where her powers come from, but she intends to do the right thing and protect others with them.
Accident: Sometimes her silver energy surges, either disrupting her aim with an energy blast, unleashing it around her as an explosive burst, or any other number of issues.
Mystery: What is the source of her powers? How did she gain them and when did they first start to truly manifest?
Powers Linked to Will: If her Will is somehow impaired, disabled, or weakened she will have a harder time controlling them with any kind of accuracy and greater chance of the silver energy surging.
Relationship: Her parents, Conway and Alice Morgan, are the most important people in her life and she will risk life and limb to protect them.
Responsibility: She has to split her time between hanging out with friends and family, working her job as a bookstore clerk, and being a superhero.
Secret: Her costume somehow keeps her identity secret from anyone who doesn't see her transform into her Silver Witch costume.

Build Comments: A metahuman girl who pretends her powers are magical in nature, she is still new to them and just learning how to tap into her potential.

History: Ariana grew up a bit of a geek, enjoy television shows, movies, video games, reading various genres, and roleplaying games. Yet she was a social butterfly, making friends easily, and knowing how to persuade others and to a lesser extent to manipulate and deceive, especially her parents when she would go to hang out with friends instead of going to the library. Despite being average in appearance, she even got a slot as a reserve cheerleader and the training helped her to get in shape.

Her senior year she began to have blackouts, waking up only minutes later but sometimes miles away from where she had been. Then the headaches came, building over time until when she felt like her head would explode until silver energy exploded out from her body. All the testing by doctors and supposed professionals in the field of superhuman powers couldn't explain their source, she didn't test as a mutant and if anything had altered her it didn't leave any trace. She was written off as a regular metahuman and sent on her way.

It has only been 6 months and she has developed some control and experience with her powers, mostly with low-level thugs and gang members, muggers, and even some of the weaker members of the Dino Crew. On the job training has taught her some necessary skills for a superhero, getting better at observation, the ability to squeeze through tight spaces and even some basic first aid skills that have come in handy more than once.

Description: Ariana is a gorgeous young woman who only in the last year grew out of what some called an 'awkward stage', not used to the attention her looks have gained her and still thinking of herself as a geek. The fact her blonde hair hangs down to the middle of her back is a side-effect of her powers, its grows 3x faster than normal now. While her blue eyes show a chipper person who always wishes to bring others spirits up, whether by talking to them, hanging out with fellow geeks, or simply being a superhero to protect and help others.

Her normal everyday outfits are blouses and slacks with tennis shoes most of the time. The fact her costume materializes as a blue witch's costume which bares her belly and has a skimpy style of skirt embarrasses her to no end, but she hides this as best as she can.

Powers & Abilities: Silver Witch taps into a form of 'Cosmic Energy' in the form of silver energy. It can form into a personal force field which shields her from harm and can cause some attacks to simple bounce off or slide around it, propel herself at speeds as fast as some fighter jets, and even allow her to transform into her costume and back at will, though she wishes the costume didn't show off so much skin.

She can wield this silver energy in various ways. From energy blasts which can come from her hands or even the energy constructs she creates in various states. From ones which are stationary but have a degree of invulnerability, to ones she can move at will, and even shapes such as giant hands, cranes, etc. to lift and move things with.

She hasn't figured it out yet, but either her powers or the source of them have empowered her strength of will. The strength of her powers and her control over them are linked to her will, without this empowerment she would have accidental power surges more often and trouble controlling them at all. Either her powers or their source also doesn't consider a being who can be easily intimidated, manipulated, or mind-controlled with her powers a good idea.

She is fairly new to her powers, it is suspected she has only begun to tap into her true potential. And she can push herself when needed to tap into some of this potential, either to increase the raw energy she can wield with any effect or pushing more energy into an attack at the expense of accuracy.

Personality: Ariana is a friendly person who can't stand to see others sad, going out of her way to cheer even strangers up. Yet she also is still a geek and sometimes isolates herself for hours on end, binge-watching TV shows or movies, reading books, playing video games, or hanging out with friends playing RPGs.

As Silver Witch she still has this friendly personality and goes out of her way to make sure everyone is protected when she is around. Yet also shows another side of herself if innocents are threatened or harmed, a fury like a mother bear protecting her cubs.

Known Tactics: Silver Witch prioritizes the protection of innocents, especially children, over all else and will shield with energy constructs while trying to help them escape the area. Only once all innocents are out of immediate danger will she seek to capture or subdue any threats. Preferring to first attempt to capture them inside a construct or hold them with one before resorting to any energy blasts.

As part of a team, she will seek to hold targets still so her teammates can more easily subdue them. Shielding severely harmed teammates as she would innocents as she considers saving lives more important than if a villain escapes.

Friends and Allies: Her parents, Conway and Alice Morgan, know about her powers and identity as Silver Witch, willing to help her however they can.

Rivals and Enemies: Various gangs around Mega City are annoyed with her, particularly the Baseball Furries whom she has prevented assaulted civilians and police more than once. The Dino Crew have also taken an interest in her, as she has beaten some of their weaker members and they wish to send her a message.

Why Are You On The Team?: To be able to protect the innocent on a greater level and help improve things. Also in the hope she can find out how she gained her powers and what their source was.

Why Might You Have To Be Away?: She has her various obligations, sometimes the bookstore other employees may call in sick and she feels obligated to cover for them. If her both her parents end up sick she will drop everything to look after them. And then there are her powers, they could cause her to suffer blackouts again or even slip into a short coma, no telling what they could cause her which could keep her away for an extended period.

Why Might You Have To Leave?: The mysterious source of her powers could show up and take her away, she could slip into a long-term coma as a side-effect of the building energy her body processes and need time to adapt. For that matter, the silver energy could disappear from her without warning, whoever or whatever gave them to her deciding it is time for another to wield it.
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Re: Recruitment Thread (The Jabverse)

Post by Camus » Fri Jul 13, 2018 2:11 pm

Bio: Antony Garth was nicknamed “Ant” Garth for his obsession with bugs, ants in particular. This led to his university degree in environmental sciences, but his academic life would have been disrupted by the tragic loss of his soon to be wife to a car accident. His life in shreds, Ant decided to move to another place, just keep away from everything and everyone that reminded him of his lost love. So he ended up in the remote national park of Evergreen, serving as a ranger.
Life slowly began to improve as he spent his days in the open forests of the lush untouched park. He lived on the watchtower in the middle of the park, from where he could spot wildfires and irresponsible campers. His calling for doing something for the environment was also satisfied with his new job, and life was beginning to grow up again to a comfortable and enjoyable state. He also met new people, made new friends. He was also able to cope with his loss, and move on.
However when things go up and reach the top, they can only go down. It was a stormy night, when Ant saw a strange light from his watchtower. Thinking it was some teenagers trying to start a bonfire, he rushed to the place. His surprise was great when what he saw was his old professor from mineral sciences, Norman Ormond. He had set up a large area with equipment and the lights were produced by the several machines that were buzzing and sparking. His face was contorted and changed by derangement. “A test subject!” he exclaimed when Ant showed up, having no recollection of his old student. In the spot, the mad scientist shot Ant with an anaesthetic dart. The world grew dark around the ranger, as he felt the wet grass in the back of his neck.
When he woke up, Ant was changed. He was alone in the clearing, with the equipment gone. His body ached from every possible place. As he stood up, he was surprised at the weight of his own body, it felt like he weighted a ton! As he look at his hands he saw his reflected face on the chromatic surface of what was now his skin! Horror took over his senses, and he simply ran. He ran into the depths of the forest, as branches and leaves swooshed by in front of his eyes. After an indeterminate amount of time he stopped, his rational mind returning to him. He saw the moonshine reflecting on his skin like a mirror. His inquisitive mind took the reins, as he coldly examined himself. Somehow that crazy old man had fused quartz into his cells, turning him into a living mirror. Days passed in the forest, as Ant got used to his new body, he didn’t felt the effects of the cold at nights so much, and although it was such a big effort to move his increased mass around, he didn’t felt as fatigued. Eventually it dawned in his mind what other things the mad professor Ormond could do. A sense of responsibility towards thwarting his objectives and bringing him down also awakened in his heart, akin to the feeling he had for his job as a ranger. So determined, and through practice, he mastered the use of his imposed powers, and finally walked out of the forest. Antony “Ant” Garth was no more. He was now Mirror Man.
Personality: Ant has gotten a little bit used to the heroics thing, but he is clearly a fish from another pond. He usually vents the stress of a combat doing ironic jokes, mostly referred to himself.

Name: Antony “Ant” Garth AKA Mirror man Height 1,7 mts
Ethnicity: caucasian Weight 250 kg

Appearance : It is not everyday you see a man seemingly made out of glass move around.
Progressive transformation : Ants transformation is not fully over, some other side effects might show up with time.
Ranger : He is still a ranged and bound to the code of conduct of one.
Enemy: Professor Norman Ormond : The mad scientist has began testing his mad machine with other people whom he might send after Ant to test his powers and assess his evolution.

Point expenditure
Abilities 36 + Advantages 23 + Skills 14 + Defence 10 + Powers 62 = 145

Abilities ( 36 pp)
Strength 0 , Stamina 2 , Agility 4 , Dexterity 0 , Fighting 4 , Intellect 4 , Awareness 4 , Precence 0 .

Powers ( 62 pp)
- Mineral biology ( Immunity : Emotion effects, Fatigue effects, All environmental conditions. Limited: Half effect ) · 8 point/s
- Polished finish ( Immunity : Energy attacks. Reflect. ) · 20 point/s
- Punch! ( Damage 8 ) · 8 point/s
- Hardened quartz ( Protection 10 : Impervious ) · 20 point/s
- Mirror surroundings ( Enhanced trait : (Stealth +8, hide in plain sight) ) · 5 point/s
- Focused lens ( Enhanced trait : (Improved critical (reflected attacks)) ) · 1 point/s

Advantages ( 23 pp)
Diehard 1 , Evasion 2 , Great endurance 1 , Improved critical (reflected attacks) , Improvised tools 1 , Teamwork 1 , Luck 4 , Hide in plain sight , Interpose 1 , Close attack 4 , ranged attacks 8.

Skills ( 19 pp)

Acrobatics 4 (+ 8 ), Deception 0 (+ 0 ), Athletics 8 (+ 8 ), Expertise (environmental sciences) 4 (+ 8 ), Insight 6 (+ 10 ), Treatment 0 (+ 4 ), Persuacion 0 (+ 0 ), Technology 0 (+ 4 ), Vehicles 6 (+ 6 ), Sleight of Hand 0 (+ 0 ), Perception 10 (+ 14 ), Intimidation 0 (+ 0 ), Investigation 0 (+ 4 ), Stealth 8 (+ 12 ).

Initiative: +4
Reflected attack R + 8 Attack for DC: X Range: Ranged
Reflected attack C + 8 Attack for DC: X Range: Melee
Punch! + 8 Attack for DC: 24 Range: Melee

Defence ( 10 pp)
Toughness Rank ( 0 ) + Feat/power ( 10 ) + Equipment ( 0 )= 12
Dodge Rank ( 0 ) + Feat/power ( 0 ) + Equipment ( 0 )= 4
Parry 0 Feat/power ( 0 ) + Equipment ( 0 )= 4
Fortitude Rank ( 6 ) + Feat/power ( 0 ) + Equipment ( 0 )= 8
Will Rank ( 4 ) + Feat/power ( 0 ) + Equipment ( 0 )= 8

Build Comments: Ok this is not a straightforward build (or actually, a very straightforward one). What I built is a very toughness oriented character, with immunities and 1 attack of his own. The idea is that he will play support rather than anything else and try and interpose all attacks made against his companions, and support with team attacks, as his sole attack is a plain damage effect. A note on his immunity to energy attacks is that it means directed attacks, effects that would cause an increase in, say, temperature would normally affect Ant. For example, a cone of cold attack would be reflected as a single attack against the attacker not as an area attack. Or course, he cannot interpose area attacks, allies would be affected anyways.

Why Are You On The Team?: Ant wishes to protect people against mad men like Ormond, and also because he is smart enough to know that there is power in numbers. If he hopes to find the elusive professor at some point, he needs a team to compensate the investigative skills he lacks.

Why Might You Have To Be Away?: Emergencies might arise in Evergreen national park and he might be required, and quite willing, to go assist in whatever he can.

Why Might You Have To Leave?: Machinations of Professor Ormond might have Mirror Man kidnapped, or otherwise engaged in his personal battle with the mad scientist. "This is something I have to do alone" would be his parting phrase.
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Re: Recruitment Thread (The Jabverse)

Post by Tattooedman » Fri Jul 13, 2018 3:22 pm

I'm totally interested in submitting a character, but won't be able to post anything until Monday since I'm heading out of town all weekend.

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Re: Recruitment Thread (The Jabverse)

Post by Hero4hire » Fri Jul 13, 2018 4:20 pm

How about a former Russian Olympic Hopeful (and rival to Maximum) turned superhero named Decathlon?

Power set is fairly simple. 10 times human athletic potential. He probably would come off as "Maximum-lite".

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Re: Recruitment Thread (The Jabverse)

Post by Ghost of Krypton » Fri Jul 13, 2018 4:29 pm

I was curious whether or not you would be adverse to us co-opting the Olympian template as a starting point for someone related to the Pantheon? If not I can come up with something else, but it kind of stood out to me.

Either way I will work on a character, concept, background and complications over the weekend.

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Re: Recruitment Thread (The Jabverse)

Post by Shadowmask » Fri Jul 13, 2018 4:34 pm

Batgirl III wrote:
Fri Jul 13, 2018 8:20 am
Looking over the loooong list of Jabverse characters, I see the Agents of Aquarius already includes someone named Mako... So I’ll need to think of another name for my heroine who totally not just a cross-gender Aquaman cosplay. She can’t even talk to fish.

And no, I’m not naming her Moana.
How about Nautica or Nautika?

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