Team Cerberus (IC)

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Re: Team Cerberus (IC)

Post by EpicEclipse » Wed Jun 13, 2018 10:54 pm

Cat Noir (Felicity Black)
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What luck that they would find the big guy occupied with lunch, it cause Cat to grin, for all of two seconds before Magenta opted to blow their element of surprise. She was about to react before Red and Geo started getting into it over Red's apparent lack of self control.

She didn't exactly exude killing intent either. While she does carry a firearm, it's for self defense. She'd personally prefer to knock Grendel out, as improbable as THAT was, but luck kind of is her thing, so it wasn't an entirely unreasonable desire.

Fortunately it seemed Red was willing to back off so long as he could get on his soapbox again later, which was fine since it wasn't her he was going to be ranting his anti-establishment agenda at. "Look Red, sweetie, you seem like a decent guy, but you really do need to calm the hell down. It's not terribly attractive. We have got far more important things to worry about in the immediate present than who follows who."

And with that, Cat slipped off into the more dense foliage to watch and see how Magenta's attempt to talk to Grendel went. Not the strategy she would have preferred... but if it got the job done without a life or death fight, she'd wish the blonde woman luck. If it went sideways....well, that was what the rest of them were there for.
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Re: Team Cerberus (IC)

Post by Batgirl III » Thu Jun 14, 2018 11:08 pm

Madame Curare, never much of a team player in her many years, appeared to have fallen into old habits and slipped away into the shadows when she thought no one was looking.
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