MCU 2.1 Trailer 1

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MCU 2.1 Trailer 1

Post by StarGuard » Thu Dec 14, 2017 4:28 am

Roll Call
Miss America
Plan A

For several weeks you have been hearing of people going missing. The only thing you had been able to find were rumors of monsters in the dark. Then it became personal. Someone you care about disappeared. Time is of the essence. Twenty-four hours searching through the streets, through computer and video systems has brought you to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. A week ago it had been
unsuccessfully attacked by a small squad of aliens called the Badoon.

Tonight you have caught up to with another kind of creature altogether. Up from a whole cut up from the sewers you see at least a dozen already in the building spreading out ... searching.


I need initial post from Miss America, Maverick and Plan A. Unless Todosker rolls a 15 Perception none of you see the other at first. All I need now is a precombat post with the characters mind set and intentions given the information above.

I'm putting together another "trailer" post for the new players at least by Saturday.
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Re: MCU 2.1 Trailer 1

Post by EpicEclipse » Thu Dec 14, 2017 5:57 am

HP: 1
Condition: Sneaky

In the shadows crept another shadow, clothed in black with graceful movement he slips from place to place in silence. Maverick himself didn't have any loved ones or the like. Not like other people. Didn't mean he didn't want that, he was trying to build a somewhat normal life outside of work after all, but such as it was, hearing about people going missing and a need to investigate into it was right up his isle.

This.....this he was not expecting though. Well, he'd heard rumors about 'monsters', but that could mean anything really. He hadn't expected literal monsters. Didn't change the job though. He needed to know what they were after and where they were taking people, so for now he stealthily kept tabs on the monsters as they move through the museum.
Blindspot: Concealment 2 (Visual senses), Blending, Passive
and Stealth: 1D20+10 = [10]+10 = 20 for the non-visual senses.

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Re: MCU 2.1 Trailer 1

Post by T0DOSKER » Fri Dec 22, 2017 4:04 am

Plan A
HP: 1
Condition: Groovy

"Command, are there any rules of engagement here?" Adam asked, raising an eyebrow as he examined a grainy surveillance photo taken from the security cameras inside the museum. "Last time strange creatures showed up at this museum I lost a very nice shirt."

He was standing outside the museum, another agent's phone to his ear. That particular agent stood a couple of feet shorter than Adam, and was likely contemplating how wise it had been to forgo the protection plan on his cellphone as he watched Plan A gingerly hold it to his head with a couple of fingers. "Peace and love, Plan A," the voice over the phone responded, matter-of-factly. "These things might have something to do with the people you've been chasing down, and without knowing where they are or whether or not they're alive we'll want to see if we can communicate with them."

"Groovy," Adam responded before handing the photo and the phone back to the agent without even a slight indent. "Thanks, man. Appreciate it."

Adam strode across the street, smoothing out his coat as it flapped against the wind. It was true; after the Badoon had showed up a string of missing persons cases had come across Agent James' desk. He had a hunch that they might be connected to the recent appearance of those aliens, and the rumors of monsters had only reinforced that line of thinking. Then an old friend, a local cafe owner named Ernie, went missing along with the rest. When everything led back to the museum, Adam thought his gut had been right. Then he got a load of the security cameras. No Ernie, and no Badoon either.

Adam quickly strode up the steps of the museum and deposited his jacket on them before gently wrenching the door open. The sound of groaning metal echoed through the museum as he slowly moved in with his hands on his head. "Hello?! I'm Agent Adam James, and I'm here to talk!"

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Re: MCU 2.1 Trailer 1

Post by CaptainChaos » Fri Dec 22, 2017 4:54 pm

Miss America hp: 1

Erica stood in the shadows of trees behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She knew the building well. Her friend Leticia worked here in restoration. Well, Leticia was more than a friend. It was complicated and the two of them were still trying to sort it out. But that was not the reason for her visit this evening. Leticia's mother came to visit shortly after the recent alien attack. Days later she went missing. Leticia asked Erica to get involved, to find her mother. Erica had been reluctant, feeling it was a police matter, but Leticia begged her. Erica caved in and agreed to investigate. Now she was glad she did as this was clearly beyond anything the police were capable of handling.

Quickly dialing a number on her phone, she waited while the phone on the other end connected. She reached Leticia's voice mail.

"It's me. You're not going to believe this but there are aliens in the museum again. I'm going in to investigate the situation. I'll see you at home later."

She hung up, slipped the phone into a secret pocket, and proceeded to let herself in through the employee entrance using a spare key from her roommate.

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