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Re: Thread Count/ Games List

Post by Batgirl III » Sat Apr 14, 2018 6:58 am

TekHed wrote:
Sat Apr 14, 2018 6:02 am
Man, I find it so difficult to make compelling and well rounded characters with 150 points. Having to spend usually 30-40 of them on defenses and even with the house rules of 3 sp per pp I end up having to scrimp on skills and attributes and get accused of power gaming. I find 180 to be a bare minimum for a decent PL 10 level build these days. 200 pp even better.
You're clearly overspending on Defenses then. I rarely find myself needing more than 15-20 Points and am often able to spend something in the 5-15 range.

The trick to making well-rounded characters within a 150 PP (or smaller) budget is to prioritize things into three categories: "Things My Character Will Do All The Time," "Things My Character Will Do Only Sometimes" and "Things My Character Can Do But Only Does Rarely." Write a quick list down on scrap paper, if it helps.

Everything filed under "Only Does Rarely" doesn't get any PP spent on it. These are the realms of Power Stunts. Sure, Superman can fly fast enough to break the time barrier and go hang out with the Legion of Superheroes. He doesn't do it except under very rare circumstance.

"Will Do Only Sometimes" are going to be put into Alternate Effect Arrays and/or be purchased at ranks that don't fulfill PL Caps. Superman will use his freeze breath sometimes, but its not his primary attack. So make it an AE of his Super-Strength and have it be a PL8 Effect instead of his PL10.

"Will Do All The Time," well, those are your Big Guns. That's where you focus your PP expenditures.
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Re: Thread Count/ Games List

Post by TekHed » Sat Apr 14, 2018 7:50 am

Don't want to derail the thread. Suffice to say you clearly have a different strategy than I do. Most of my ideas just conceptually take upwards of 100 PP to sketch them out. They do tend to be much more complex than the examples given in the book, which I find to be boring af.

PM me if you want to look at my builds. If you want you can try and rebuild them down to 150, but I can almost guarantee I won't want to play it at that level.

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