Going Rogue: IC thread; Overrun

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Re: Going Rogue: IC thread; Overrun

Post by MacynSnow » Fri Jan 12, 2018 4:43 pm

catsi563 wrote:
Tue Jan 09, 2018 2:32 am

Daniel Harpers life had taken many turns both good and bad in its time. So the appearance of a beautiful Asian woman in his home didn't surprise him in the slightest. Nor did the offer of a job, hed received many such visitors and many such offers before usually various types from the old life trying to drag him back into more shenanigans that could get him tossed in jail or worse.

So his answer was a pat no before she could finish her offer. Mei as she introduced herself wasn't to be dissuaded so easily nor did it seem she was even remotely intimidated by his physical presence in even the slightest way, the quirking of one slim eyebrow seeming to say Ive seen bigger.

She continued her offer and then left vanishing as cleanly as shed appeared literally exiting his house the moment his back was turned as if shed never been there. She did leave a card though and a number. The card read Phalanx industries Security Services we shield your back. The Number on the back of the card when he checked was a local Hotel room. A quick check of Phalanx showed the corporation to be a legit of new Security Firm who apparently helped take down a wealthy businessman in Bay City a day or so back.

And if the letter of introduction left behind was any indication they were looking for some new muscle. But was really made things interesting was that the offer included a lot fo the usual enticements--home, moving expenses paid, generous salary and benefits etc-- but added to it was a small post script, the letter offered a chance, it mentioned something hed only spoken to once in confession, the guilt over his past, the offer of a chance to do some good by helping people had a certain appeal, he need only call the young lady when he was ready.

Decisions needed to be made time the letter stated was of import, and the job would begin soon.
(for the music number,I recommend Flogging Mollys cover rendition of Bob Dylan's "The Times,they are a 'Changing" which you can find right here :))
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Harper Family Home,Boston Massachusettes-South End
Anyone who's lived in this neighborhood of boston for longer than 3 months would tell you that the silence coming from the Harper residence was....strange,especially on a saturday morning. If anyone could see inside,they would think the world was coming to an end as,on the dining room table stood a small,freckle-faced and red haired 8 year old with her hands on her hips giving her rather large Father the 8 year old equivialent of the Stink eye.
"What do ye Mean were movin' ta Baey City?! ai like it right here! all may Friends are here an' may school an' my faeveriate Park an'..."
Taking a deep breath(to keep from losing his temper,this was his daughter after all...),Daniel cut his Daughter off by replying as patiently as he could
"Sweet child of my heart,just for ounce in yer 8 wise years of life.listen to yer mother an' father....We.Are.Moving.End.Of.Disscusion."
Stamping her foot on the table,elizabeth(called "Lizzie" by her Friends and "that little Freckle-faced terror" by everyone else but the Nuns)looked like she was going to verbally explode when her mother came into the dining room saying out loud
(Image-wife Kate)
"alright you,just settle down....Who knows,honey,you might make some new friends and find new places to see.Now go to your room and start packing,young lady."
Mumbling under her Breath "yes mummy...",the "precious"(that's certainly one thing you can call her!)8 year old jumped off the kitchen table and went stomping up to her room,muttering about Heathen adult tyrants and starting a rebellion.
Giving a slightly heavy sigh,Kate turned to Daniel as she said to him
"are you sure this is a good idea?we hardly know anyone there and we don't even know how long you'll be employed by Phalanx..."
Gently putting his arms around his wife,Daniel gave her a gentle kiss as he replied to her
"Relax honey,i made sure thet they were on da Up-n-up so you get to puttin' everythin' up ina Kitchen while i give our mysterious little asian visitor from thursday a call and tell her we accept..."
Giving his wife a pat on her butt,Daniel went to his "Office"(re:the Basement) and dialed the number....

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Re: Going Rogue: IC thread; Overrun

Post by catsi563 » Sat Jan 13, 2018 1:25 am


Tali nods in an old tired motion at odds with the more youthful features the Ferryman has before standing and passing a bit of essence to Sakiel who takes the glowing energy of the symphony in the form of a gold coin and pockets it with a warm grin.

"Always." She responds to Sandy easily 'Have to keep the boss happy." she shrugs and gets up before turning towards the doorway where she stiffens then bows to the person there before walking out the door a hasty Cya floating over her shoulder to Sandy.

A cool breeeze blows through the place and both Nenia and Sakiel shudder at the sudden drop in temperature as he walks around to the newcomer briefly shielding whoever it is from Nenias sight. he speaks quietly to whoever it is before nodding and seating the newcomer at a booth. A few moments later he comes out with a slice of Pie and a dollop of icecream on top of it which he places on the table before returning to his normal work routine.

Nenia feels someone watching her closely but when she turns all she can see is the back of a booth and a small hand taking a piece of the pie and brining it up to be eaten. the owner of the hand holding the fork is hidden by the booth. But evne hidden Nenia can feel the raw power coming from the booth and the presense there in.

its a presense shes felt before only a few times and it always means something of import when 'she' chooses to appear for a face to face.
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Re: Going Rogue: IC thread; Overrun

Post by Spectrum » Wed Jan 17, 2018 12:19 am


Nenia takes a slow breath, her fingers twitching as she puts her coffee down.

A second to look up to Sakiel, "Th.. thank you again Sakiel. Wish me luck?" Isn't there a saying about not giving away your luck?

She rises up, slipping her working caul over her face, slipping her long gloves over her hands. Her back straightening, leaving Sandby behind and taking on the role of Nenia once more.

The skull faced woman slipped into the booth on the other side, unblinkingly gazing at the woman across from her. Unblinking, unbreathing, spare of motion.

She lost face by coming. She tried to not loose further by being the first to speak.
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