Heroes Unlimited: The Rise of King Sphinx IC thread

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Re: Heroes Unlimited: The Rise of King Sphinx IC thread

Post by MacynSnow » Sat Jun 30, 2018 5:03 pm

Jack Hammer
HP- 1-1= 0 Condition- bruised(2)

Tucking and rolling with the momentum of the Woman's shot,Jack hisses at the Damage he's taking from her...
OOC: here's my save(s)....
1+8=9 Toughness save oh,hail to the No i'm letting THAT stand!
17+8=25 Toughness save re-roll alright,so i only failed by 2 on that,so it's still a bruise but not a Total blowout...

"feels like she's cracked a rib,so i have to take Her out fast before Tiny in the truck get's out..."
Jack thought to himself as he launches a Baton at the Woman,intent on taking her out as fast&brutal as possible....
OOC: ok,i'm throwing the baton at Photon and hoping i can hit her.Using Power Attack on it as well.....
11+14-5=20 Police Baton attack on Dr Photon(Power attack option)
If you add that negative 2(which i forgot to do originally,so my bad... :oops: ),i'm still hitting her on an 18 so she'll have to get over a DC 24 Toughness save

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Re: Heroes Unlimited: The Rise of King Sphinx IC thread

Post by catsi563 » Thu Jul 12, 2018 6:42 pm


Jacks throw is spot on despite the pain and the baton connects with Dr. Photons face which is only saved from more serious injury by her suits armored nature. As it is she still looks up at you with blood coming from her nose and a glare of hatred so vicious if looks could kill youd be a pile of ash where you stand. Then she tries to do just that by letting fly with a laser blast that blazes from both hands and hits Vigilante and washes over him in a flare of super heated death.

Whiplash meanwhile actually slows down waits a moment and takes careful aim before lashing out with his whip and trying to snare it around Jacks neck which he does with incredible accuracy and skill. the metal coil constrict around his neck like a snake and jack begins to feel the air being cut off form his lungs.

"HAH!! gotcha hero now you're toast." he snarls low and menacing.

Hitsher right on the nose so tos peak her toughness check _: 1D20+12 = [9]+12 = 21
is a fail by 3 and a bruise x1

Dr Photons follow up attack _: 1D20+10 = [14]+10 = 24
may hit foir a DC 27 impact

Whiplash will attack with his whip _: 1D20+10 = [20]+10 = 30
EEP ok instead of the usual damage He will use the crit for an auto grab with the whip current DC is 20 to escape the whips hold and a DC 25 impact.

And were back to jack when ready.
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Re: Heroes Unlimited: The Rise of King Sphinx IC thread

Post by MacynSnow » Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:52 pm

Jack Hammer
HP- 0 Condition- Bruised 2

He could feel the cord trying to cut his air off,so he needed to do somethin' Fast,especially when he saw the look the woman was giving him....

Turning his attention to Dr.Photon,he gives her a bloodthirsty grin as he says(while he wraps an arm around Whiplash's cord)
"Sister,i've met some Cold people in my time;You make 'em all look warm...."

Suddenly giving a violent yank onto the cord,Jack attempts to pullWhiplash into her Shot...
OCC: ok,here we go...
19+12-2=29 Startle attempt on Dr.Photon if it works,i'll immediately use Redirect to have her hit Whiplash instead.But,just to hedge my bets a bit...
Now for the Cord Yank...
14+14-2=26 let's see how good Whiplash's footing is....
3+14-2=15 failed the escape attempt,but i kinda expected it.
19+8-2=25 just made that save...

Note on the Startle: i was originally gonna pick Whip/Blacklash for it,but changed my mind mid-sentence...Her attack won't hit my Dodge(For right now,at least).

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