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Hi everyone.

I'd like to say sorry for my absences from the various games I run and participate in. As at least some of you may know from other threads, I work retail, and we're ramping up for black Friday and the holidays and it hit us sooner than I was expecting. I just havent had the energy or inspiration to post or run anything and really haven't even had the time to log in and post anything of an explanation.

Adding to that, I'll also be moving January 1st (maybe a few days earlier if I'm lucky..) So that's has also been eating into my time..

As much as I would like to possibly keep a game running, if slowly, it seems most fair if I put both my games on hiatus and withdraw from other games since it's not fair to keep people waiting on me to post, only for me to lack the energy to post anything of interest to respond to.

Once the holidays are over and I'm set up in my new place, I can assess where I am at to restart games if anyone is still interested in them or write them off as a lost cause, or if I even have the time to run anything at that point (The move is placing me further away from where I work.)

Once again, I am sorry to everyone I've kept waiting this past week, and to my players waiting on me to roll the ball along for my own games. Hopefully the new year sees fit to ease up on me a little bit.
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Re: Absence

Post by StarGuard »

EE, I use to be a big box manager so I feel you about the holidays life and putting RP on the back burner. I always feel this time of year most of us are going to have a lot of hit and miss. I for one will be happy if we can start again at start of the year after the crazy train has runs its course. Assuming your'e still up for it at that time.

Best wishes with your move. You sure have interesting timing for a move. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Rest will work itself out.
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Re: Absence

Post by catsi563 »

yeah managed a warehouse back in the day believe me i remember black Friday sales. take your time enjoy the holidays
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Re: Absence

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Used to work retail management so I understand completely. Did that for 25 years.
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Re: Absence

Post by McGuffin »

Real life happens, don't worry about the games. Having just moved I was reminded, as if I needed that, how much of a timesink it can both before and after. Let us know when you can how you're doing and we'll see about the games then. Take care of yourself friend.
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Re: Absence

Post by Hawk »

Good luck with your move.
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Re: Absence

Post by Supernaturalist »

Real life happens...Hopefully you'll get some free time to return to gaming soon. :D
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