[OOC] AA: Gulf Coast Guardians - The Reboot

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[OOC] AA: Gulf Coast Guardians - The Reboot

Post by kenseido » Mon Apr 29, 2019 4:48 pm

This is NOT a recruiting thread. All of the players for this game have been selected.
United Petroleum sponsors Gulf Coast Superteam

After a major oil disaster Gulf of Mexico was averted by vacationing superheroes, United Petroleum has put forth the money to sponsor the first major super-hero team in the Gulf Coast region.

CEO Gary Sanzel had this to say at the press conference, "The East Coast has the Freedom League and the West Coast has the Champions. It is time the Gulf Coast region has its own superteam. In addition to our continued efforts to clean up the area and rebuild business, United Petroleum is proud to announce an independent super-team which we will fund, but not have any oversight."

Construction on the new team's base, dubbed the Guardhouse has already begun east of New Orleans, in Thibodaux. Tryouts will take place Atlanta, Houston, New Orleans, and Tampa. So to all you superheroes out there, dust off your tights, iron your capes, and grab your utility belts.
Game overview: PL10/150pp, Standard four color superhero story with hints of grey. Main stories will be separate by interludes. Interludes should be considered the PCs individual comic book while the main stories will be the team comic book. Interludes will be diceless and PCs will be partially responsible for generating the stories in the interludes.

Taheka - Gilliam
Torako - Kreuzritter
Kit - MrDent
Sky Guard - Sakuro
Arca-Knight - Stavaros
Angela - Ysariel
Team Equipment wrote: Guardhouse (17ep)
Size: Large Toughness: 12
Features: Communications, Computer, Garage, Gym, Hangar, Infirmary,
Library, Living Space, Power System, Security System

Pictures credit to Netbook Gulf Coast Avengers Sourcebook and TSR Avengers Coast to Coast.

Guardians V-TOL (43ep)
Size: Gargantuan STR 12 SPEED 10 (air) DEF 3 TOU 11
Features: Navigation System (+5 to checks), Senses 10 (Darkvision,
Direction Sense, Radar (Accurate Radius Radio, Extended 2))

Commlinks are free
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Re: [OOC] AA: Gulf Coast Guardians - The Reboot

Post by Sakuro » Mon Apr 29, 2019 7:28 pm

I became inspired after looking at Thorpocalyse's Warren Worthington builds and decided to work on the winged empathic healer. He's a former slave warrior for some dimensional conqurer. I do not know the Freedom City setting well enough to know any other than the guy from the Terminus, whose name escapes me at the moment. In any case, the character has some inherent "winged humanoid" racial traits, but he is also a mutant among his people. His mutation allows him physical and mental empathic connections. In addition to this he is able to bolster his flight speed and create energetic discharges from his physical blows.

In the air he is meant to be quite capible. When forced into confined spaces or onto the ground he is more awkward. "Motivate" is meant to be an expression of his ability to inspire and uplift allies. I could alternatively take the Leadership Advantage for this. I gave him the Favored Environment Advantage, though I am not sure if "Flying" or "Open Spaces" would be better.

SKY GUARD (Ven-fallin il Tar)


PL: 10 PP: 155


Dodge +11 (+13 when flying) [DC21/23] Parry +11 (+13 when flying) [DC21/23]
Toughness +5 (+7 with Defensive Roll when flying), Fortitude +9, Will +9

Initiative +6 (+10 when flying)
Close Attack +13 [Unarmed DC 19 Tough ; Empathic Give and Take DC 22 Tough]
Ranged Attack +2

SKILLS: Acrobatics 3 (+9/+15) [Agile Feint], Athletics 2 (+6/+12), Deception 1(+6/+8) [Attractive], Expertise [Musician - Singer] 6 (+11), Insight 8(+12), Intimidation (+5), Perception 5 (+9), Persuasion 7 (+12/+14) [Attractive], Stealth 2 (+8), Vehicles 2 (+4)

ADVANTAGES: Assessment, Agile Feint, Attractive 1, Close Attack 3, Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 2, Diehard, Fascinate 1 (Persuasion), Favored Environment (Flying), Improved Defense, Improved Initiative, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Redirect, Set-Up 2, Takedown 2, Teamwork

Enhanced Dodge 2 [Flaw: Limited to "when flying" (-1/r)] * 1 PP
Enhanced Parry 2 [Flaw: Limited to "when flying" (-1/r)] * 1 PP
Enhanced Skills 12 [Acrobatics 6 ranks, Athletics 6 ranks ; Flaw: Limited to "when flying" (-1/r)] * 4 PP
Enhanced Advantages 10 [Agile Feint, Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 2, Improved Defense, Improved Initiative, Move-by Action, Redirect, Takedown 2 ; Flaw: Limited to "when flying" (-1/r)] * 5 PP

Flight 6 [120 mph/1,800 fpr; Flaw: Winged (-1/r)] * 6 PP
AE- Flight 12 [9,600 mph/16 mpr; Flaw: Winged (-1/r), Distracting (-1/r)] * 1 PP

Senses 1 [Extended Normal Vision] * 1 PP
Immunity 3 [High Pressure ; Disease and Poison Limited to "Half Effect" (-1/r) ] * 2 PP
Movement 1 [Environmental Adaptation (High Altitude)] * 1 PP
Regeneration 5 [1/every 2 rounds] * 5 PP

Healing 10 [Flaw: Limited to "others only" (-1/r), Empathic (-1/r)] * 5 PP
AE - Strength Based Damage 3 [Extra: Affects Insubstantial 2] * 1 PP
AE - Mind Reading 10 [Extras: Cumulative (+1/r) ; Flaws: Close (-2/r), Feedback (-1/r)] * 1 PP

Luck Control 1 [Use HP on another's behalf ; Flaw: Move Action (-2/r)] * 1 PP
Enhanced Advantages 2 [Eidetic Memory, Jack of all Trade ; Flaws: Limited to "Aid/Teamwork Actions" (-1/r)] * 1 PP


Extra-Dimensional Invader (Secret) - Sky Guard came to this world as a conscript in the army of one of the would be world conquers that have invaded in the past. To those forces he may be seen as a traitor, deserter, or someone to be brought back into the ranks once more. To the people of Earth, those that know of his past may see him as a threat or infiltrator.

Motivation (Redemption) - During the attack on Earth, and other worlds, Sky Guard enacted great wrongs and performed horrible acts that he feels can never be forgiven. Now that he is free of his former oppressor he strives to make up for all the evil he has brought into the world.

Abilities 74 + Skills 18 + Advantages 12 + Powers 36 + Defenses 15 = 155/155

Ven was not always a warrior. He was born on primitive world in some unimportant dimension. His parents were farmers and, in his time, he became a storyteller and musician. The Enemy came. A conquer of worlds that for their own unknowable reasons set their sights on Ven's homeworld … and swallowed it up. Eventually Ven, along with a number of his people, were pressed into the military of their oppressor and forced to wage war on other worlds. In this state of conflict Ven came to notice a mutation in himself that others of his people did not posses. While over time Ven became a formidable combatant, he was never more than a warrior-thrall. Fodder for the war machine.

In time war brought Ven to Earth. There the host he was part of was repelled. Shattered. Ven saw an opportunity to escape and took it. While the rest of the invaders retreated Ven hid on Earth. Only poking his head out once it seemed his comrades and oppressors were gone from the world. Discovering Earth had developed a tradition of civilian heroes, Ven saw it as an opportunity to gain acceptance and do some good to counter-balance all the wrongs he had done. Then, some time later, he learned of a group of such people gathering together in the Gulf Coast. It seemed like a sign from the cosmos.
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Garald Medvedev in Four Horsemen
Sky Guard in Gulf Coast Guardians
Storyteller for In the Shadow of Imperator
Storyteller for Hunter the Reckoning

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Re: [OOC] AA: Gulf Coast Guardians - The Reboot

Post by kreuzritter » Mon Apr 29, 2019 8:31 pm


Juno Faircraft, Tomb Puncher

PL 10 (150)

Abilities (40)
STR 12 AGI 4 FIT 4 AWA 2
STA 12 DEX 0 INT 0 PRE 2

Powers (60)
eye of the peacock: senses +2 (radius sight, darkvision) (4)
feats of strength: array off of STR damage (2)
- groundstrike: Affliction +8 (dazed & vulnerable/stunned & defenseless, dodge resists, extras: extra condition +1, line area +1, flaws: instant recovery -1, limited-targets and juno must be on same surface -1, limited degree -1, linked: damage +8 [extra: line area +1, flaw: limited-targets and juno must be on same surface -1) [12]
- tomb puncher: burrowing +5 (extra: penetrating +1) [10]
glory to Hera: enhanced STR +8, Enhanced STA +8, impervious TOU +12 (44)
swift as the wind: leaping +2, speed +5 (6)
world traveller: comprehend +3 (understand/speak/read languages) (5)

Advantages (10)
contacts, fast grab, improved initiative, interpose, move-by action, takedown 2, ultimate strength, uncanny dodge, well-informed

Skills (26/52)
close combat: unarmed +4
expertise: mythology +6
Expertise: treasure hunter +8
insight +6
investigation +8
perception +6
persuasion +6
ranged combat: thrown +8

Defenses (14)
TOU +12 DODGE +8 FORT +12 PARRY +8 WILL +8

I charge extra for evil: a number of Juno's clients wind up wanting to use treasures for evil purposes
It's an expensive sport: Juno is often hired to seek out lost, fabled, priceless and frequently cursed relics for her patrons
Legacy: as the daughter of The Mighty Amazon, Juno will inevitably get the attention of her enemies and unfinished business
Literal godmother: Juno's godmother is Hera, Queen of Olympus, and thus in addition to doing her favors, Juno gets caught up in Olympian melodrama
Motivation - adventure: Juno is a thrill seeking, globe trotting adventurer
Tomb puncher: Juno often takes a... direct approach to puzzle-solving. this has not made her friends in the puzzle-oriented adventure archeology circles
True love: Juno wants nothing more than to re-unite her mothers

abilities 40 + powers 60 + advantages 10 + skills 26/52 + defenses 14 = 150

All parents call their first-born child a miracle. In Juno Faircraft's case, however, it's literal. The daughter of adventure archeologist Kiera Faircraft and her wife, the heroine known only as the mighty Amazon, the infant Juno was created by the goddess Hera to bless their union as a child who embodied both her mortal and mythic parents. And for a time, the three were happy, with Juno inheiriting the Amazon's great strength, and Kiera's boundless curiosity.

But then tragedy struck on Juno's fourth birthday. She was too young to understand at the time, only that something very bad had happened to Kiera, and that it meant that the Amazon had to leave them for a very long time. Later, Juno understood that what had happened. That Ares, the god of war and greatest of the Amazon's enemies, had stuck at them, and that the Amazon had travelled into the realms of myth to protect them. Perhaps, knowing her son had all but destroyed their family, it was why Hera took an active role as Juno's godmother, teaching the girl about the secrets of myth and how to use her great strength, even as Kiera took her daughter around the globe, searching ruin after dig site in hopes of finding some clue to being reunited with her beloved amazon, teaching history and archeology to Juno along the way.

however, as the years passed, a rift grew between Juno and her mother, eventually prompting her to leave and start her own archeological career, one that earned her a not-undeserved reputation as a treasure hunter, tracking down priceless relics for wealthy buyers, from museums to private collections. But despite her reputation and own claims, Juno has finally realized she's too good of heart to be a true mercenary, and as she tries to sort out her life ahead, has on a whim applied to join the Gulf Coast Guardians

EDIT: removed unused 'bullet toss' AE, refunded into a rank of speed bringing it to +5, used the two xp to get darkvision
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Re: [OOC] AA: Gulf Coast Guardians - The Reboot

Post by mrdent12 » Wed May 01, 2019 6:26 am

I should have my character up tomorrow night. Just finishing up the mechanics a bit. The general idea is that he is a portal based teleporter who is the child of an interdimensional portal teleporter mum and regular human dad. Due to her service requirements, he was raised by his dad and never really knew his mum. In his teens, his portal powers start manifesting and he used them to mess around a lot. While he did go to college and get some education, he took up heroing instead and joined up with an amateur team on the west coast only to mess up in a major way due to being reckless. From there, getting on another team was difficult and doing the hero thing on his own didn't work out either. So being on the Gulf Coast Guardians is a way for him to show he isn't just another thrill seeking teleporter although he still messes around a lot.

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Re: [OOC] AA: Gulf Coast Guardians - The Reboot

Post by mrdent12 » Fri May 03, 2019 5:28 am

Kit Ferryman
PL 10
PP 150

Age 27



Becca Marx and John Ferryman's story was the typical two cops work together, fall in love, and have a kid. Except in this case, Becca was from another dimension and imbued with enhanced physical abilities and teleportation powers. Still, they made it work long enough for Becca to give birth to Kit. Unfortunately, soon after Kit's birth the relationship fell apart and Johns life not involving lots of interdimensional travel was more conducive for raising a child. So for the next 16 years Becca would pop in from time to time, share stories of all the fugitives she caught, than have to go again. John, a hero cop in his own right in New York, would pick up the pieces and tell his son that he was special so not to get discouraged.

Naturally, Kit idolized his mum because he never saw the bad with her. While with his dad, he saw everything and longed to be a hero like his mum with powers although he didn't manifest anything above an enhanced physiology until coming of age. One strong willed disciplining father, one absent parent, and physical prowess was not a recipe for a well adjusted kid. He got into more fights than his father would like and although trying his best Kit got a reputation of a slacker who picked fights to prove his prowess. This all changed when he started throwing portals. Fights just weren't fair anymore.

John, seeing Kit needed some strict structure in his life, enrolled him in an advanced military academy for special youths. For a while the structure helped. Kit's wild tendencies got redirected into other ventures, especially the more dangerous ones like flight training and street racing on the side. He showed so much promise as a pilot, it was simple for his father to pull some strings to get Kit into the Air Force program for fighter pilots. While he was good and the portals helped with tactics, Kit always thought he was right to the point they kicked him out of the program. All of the other trainees complained about his dangerous maneuvers.

Free of anyone, he thought it a keen idea to go to the other coast join up with two other people with powers Rick and Mark to form a team. Rick was a gifted marksman and Mark was able to turn invisible. Together, they took to the streets of San Diego with some initial success. Not big by any means, they were still stopping a few up and coming gangs, kicking drug dealers out of neighborhoods, and other such things. Their one big headline was stopping a mad scientist from finishing a dooms day weapon. After that it went down hill. Kit got it in his head that the group could tackle anything with ease, so on hearing of a bank robbery with super science weapons Kit took the team to the scene with a portal. Unfortunately, the cops and crooks were already having it out and Rick and Mark took some shots immediately.

Being fine, Kit kept the team together and before Rick and Mark were fully healed he got them to go along on a monster tackling mission to show they were still a good team. It didn't end well. Kit miscalculated again and the team got eaten. They would have been digested if not for his mum and other heroes bailing them out. The look on his mums face as she looked embarrassed by him killed any desire to keep trying. On top of that, it was clear the team was no longer welcome to help anyone. So, they disbanded.

Kit gave in to his wild side again and became a stuntman in L.A. It was easy work and his body could handle most dangerous stunts with ease plus it fed his desire to do big things. By this time in his life, Kit's parents had written him off and anyone in the hero community rejected him for being impulsive. Lone heroing wasn't Kit's bag. Instead, he did bigger and bigger stunts to the point of having a small cult following who saw every film he ever worked if he even did a single stunt.

Something didn't feel right to him though. His parents example of fighting crime instilled in him a sense of justice even though he was estranged from them. Getting back into the hero business wasn't easy. Every place he turned they didn't even acknowledge him. At one point, he figured he try the solo act, but after a few close calls with no back up or support of any kind he wrote that off. On the verge of giving up, he heard about some open tryouts on the gulf coast and jumped at the possibility of joining a team away from the city that wanted nothing to do with his heroics. He had another chance and wasn't going to blow it.

Character Sheet

Abilities 62pp:
Strength 1 Stamina 8 Agility 7 Dexterity 6 Fighting 5 Intellect 0 Awareness 2 Presence 2

Skills 21pp:
Acrobatics 7(+14), Deception 3(+5), Insight 6(+8), Perception 6(+8), Persuasion 10(+12), Stealth 6(+13), Vehicles 4(+10)

Powers 52pp:
Portal Travel: Teleport 5(120 miles, 1600lbs; Flaws: Limited to Extended -1/rank, Extras: Portal +2/rank, Extended +1/rank, Accurate +1/rank, Easy +1/rank, Change Velocity +1/flat, Increased mass +5/flat) 36pps
AE: Personal Portal Travel: Teleport 6(1800 feet or 250 miles, 400lbs;Extras: Extended +1/rank, Accurate +1/rank, Easy +1/rank, Change Velocity +1/flat, Change Direction +1/flat, Turnabout +1/flat, Increased Mass +3/flat) 1pp(36pp)
AE: Portal Trap: Affliction 10(dazed, stunned, incapacitated; Dodge Save then Will; Extras: Ranged +1/rank, Cumulative +1/rank, Accurate 2 +2/flat, Indirect 4 +4/flat) 1pp(36pp)
AE: Portal Blast: Damage 10(Extras: Ranged +1/rank, Multiattack +1/rank, Accurate 2 +2/flat, Indirect 4 +4/flat) 1pp (36pp)
AE: Redirecting Portal: Deflect 11(Extras: Reflect +1/rank, Redirect +1/rank, Accurate 2 +2/flat) 1pp(35pp)

Rapid Movement: Enhanced Defenses 12(Dodge 5 , Parry 7) 12pp

Advantages 10pp:
Evasion, Move By Action, Agile Feint, Contacts, Power Attack, Great Endurance, Setup, Teamwork, Attractive, Connected

Initiative +7
Ranged +6, Close +5
Portal Trap +10 DC 20 Dodge to avoid, DC 20 Will to Save
Portal Blast +10 DC 25 toughness Multi Attack

Defense 10pp
Dodge 12, Fortitude 12, Parry 12, Toughness 8, Will 8

Abilities 62 + Skills 21 + Advantages 10 + Powers 52 + Defenses 10 coming to 153pp

Motivation(Redemption): Kit messed up, almost got his first team killed, and made a fool of himself in public. Now he wants to prove he is a good hero.
Fame(Former Famous Stunt Man): After the hero thing made a mockery of him, he got famous as a stuntman in movies doing crazy things. Sometimes people recognize him and ask for autographs or hound him to do something like he used to do.
Reputation(Screw Up): In the hero community, he is known as a screw up who is powerful, but doesn't yield it properly.
Motivation(Acceptance): Beneath all his craziness is someone who just wants to be accepted as a hero like his mum and and dad.


Kit is really a good guy, but he has a wild side to him. Due to his enhanced physiology, he can move faster than most and endure more. On top of that, his portals make him feel like he can just slip away whenever. After his screw up though, he is trying to be more responsible and not just jump into things half cocked. On top of that, he is always trying to show he can work in a team to make up for his past mistakes. The true underlying motivation for all of it though is that he wants to live up to the dreams his parents had for him and prove to them he can be a force for good, not just a wild guy with powers.


Mechanics wise, I took a lot from Blink. His body is faster and can endure more due to his mum being from a dimension where those traits were common.
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Re: [OOC] AA: Gulf Coast Guardians - The Reboot

Post by stavaros_the_arcane » Sat May 04, 2019 8:45 am

Miranda Lafayette
PL 10 (150)


Abilities (28)

Powers (72)
Mantle of Mystical Might: Protection +8 (Extra:Sustained), Immunity +7 (all environments, suffocation) [Extra: sustained](15)
Wondrous Wardrobe of Wizardry: Feature +1 (quick change) (1)
Defying Gravity: Flight +6 (12)
Mage Sight: senses +4 (radius/ranged detect magic, magic awareness) (4)
Friends of the Other Side: Comprehend +2 (spirits) (4)
Magic array (36)
-Arcane Adept Assault: Damage +10 (extra: multiattack +1, range +1) [30]
-Magic Missile Massacre Maelstrom: Damage +10 (extras: area +1, range +1) [30]
-Arms of Asura: move object +10 (extra: damaging +1) [30]
-Counter Spell: Nullify +10 (magic, extras: broad +1, simultaneous +1) [30]
-Conjure Calamitous Curses: Affliction +10 (extras: cumulative +1, range +1) {daze/stun/incapacitate, will resists} [30]
-Equivalent Exchange: create +10 (extras: movable +1, stationary +0) [30]
-Invocation of Intangible Images: Illusion +10 (sight, sound) [30]

Advantages (5)
Eidetic memory, improved initiative, move-by action, ritualist, Precise attack (Ranged Cover)

Skills (15/30)
Expertise: magic +8
Insight +6
Perception +6
Ranged combat: magic +10

Defenses (30)
TOU +10/2 DODGE +10 FORT +8 PARRY +10 WILL +12

Motivation – Oath of the Arca-Knight: In exchange for awakening and guiding her blossoming magical powers Miranda is sworn to Arcanis’ service and duty bound to wield her powers for the good of others.

I dreamed a dream in time gone by- Miranda sees visions of her past life in her dreams. Despite having glimpsed into her past-selfs world all her life, Miranda still has so many things about it that she does not know and that remain unclear.

Magic’s Pride- Miranda is filled with wonder and curiosity at the nature and power of magic, seeking to learn as much about it as she possibly can. As a result she’s learning and growing rapidly, ready to fill her new role as a magical hero.

Magic’s Price- Miranda’s most vivid vision of her past life is said past life dying alone, sacrificing her life to buy time against an endless tide of foes led by an impossibly dark and powerful master. She has no way of knowing if that sacrifice was enough, or the fate of the land and people the sacrifice was made for. Miranda’s haunted by the thought that her past self may have failed, or that she may be called on to make such a sacrifice herself.

Abilities 28 + powers 72 + advantages 5 + skills 15/30 + defenses 30 =150


Throughout her life Miranda Lafayette has had strange, incredibly vivid dreams of a fantastical land. The dreams always seemed to have her seeing things from the perspective of some unknown person. The dreams showed the events of this person’s life; grand adventures, friends and foes, magical forces and feats of heroism. However the cycle of dreams always came back to one final one, with the subject of the dream standing alone against an impossible, endless enemy to buy time for the land and people they loved to rally a defense. Miranda often woke either in tears or a cold sweat, because that dream always ended the same way, with this mystery person through whom she viewed this strange and wonderful new world, dying alone having held the line.

These visions spurred Miranda to take an interest in history, literature, and folklore; things she studies thoroughly in university. She was particularly intrigued by magic, something that the presence of various magical powerful supers proved existed in some form. However like many a student she found difficulty in finding work related to her field of study after graduation. She ended up taking a job in a store that sold antiques and old books, which let her at least use her background to help with the identification and organizing of various bits of old junk that made their way into the inventory.

Miranda was sorting through a delivery of such old junk when she came across an ornately decorated box not listed on the inventory... and the pendant within. She was shocked to find she recognized it and the symbol it bore, she’d seen it over and over again in her dreams since childhood. With trembling hands she placed the pendant around her neck...

And then she found herself in an empty space across from a featureless hooded robed figure that radiated power. The Being introduced itself as Arcanis, once a mortal wizard now something infinitely greater. Arcanis had summoned her to give her answers and an offer. They explained that the dreams she’d had throughout her life were actually memories, her memories from a previous life on a distant magical world. Her soul had been reborn after death into her current life, but her past life’s arcane potential and acts of heroism had left influences that had carried over. As a result (character name) had the potential to become a powerful magic user as well as the strength of character to use that power for the betterment of others rather than selfish goals.

Arcanis offered the opportunity to awaken her latent magical abilities and relearn what she had been capable of in her past life in exchange for taking up the mantle of one of his Arcane Champions, to become an Arca-Knight. Miranda accepted the offer and began to flourish under the guidance of Arcanis and their agents.

Now bearing the mantle of Arca-Knight and wielding newly awakened mystical might, Miranda Lafayette seeks to explore this new aspect of herself and put her powers to good use.
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Re: [OOC] AA: Gulf Coast Guardians - The Reboot

Post by kenseido » Sat May 04, 2019 9:09 am

MrDent, a few clarifications for Kit.

San Francisco is replaced by Phoenix Bay in this world, and its not a suitable city for Kit and Friends to have operated.

Also, there were actual tryouts (big stadium, super obstacle course and combat against robots and drones) that everyone participated in to make the team.

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Re: [OOC] AA: Gulf Coast Guardians - The Reboot

Post by kenseido » Sat May 04, 2019 9:14 am

Sakuro, I am going to give you back 1pp for Environmental Adaptation since that shouldn't cost 2pp.

Also, if you want to tie into it, their was an Invasion that focused on Phoenix Bay a little over 2 years prior to the start of this game. The invasion killed most of the heroes of Phoenix Bay.

Its not required, but there if you want it.

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Re: [OOC] AA: Gulf Coast Guardians - The Reboot

Post by kreuzritter » Sat May 04, 2019 10:41 am



PL 10 (147)

Abilities (52)
STR 12 AGI 6 FIT 8 AWA 2
STA 12 DEX 0 INT 0 PRE 2

Powers (60)
Air Dash Jutsu: Flight +6 (12)
eye and ear of the tiger: senses +2 (darkvision, accurate hearing) (4)
iron body regimen: impervious TOU +12 (12)
supernatural martial artist: Enhanced STR +8, enhanced STA +8 (32)

Advantages (9)
fast grab, improved hold, improved initiative, languages 2 (english, spanish, japanese native), move-by action, takedown 2, uncanny dodge

Skills (18/36)
expertise: ninja +6
expertise: pop culture +8
insight +8
perception +8
stealth +6

Defenses (8)
TOU +12 DODGE +8 FORT +12 PARRY +8 WILL +8

fearful symmetry: Torako is a very tall tiger woman
florida man: as a heroine from Florida: Torako has seen her share of the inexplicable
lady and the tiger: Torako is the friend and protector of millionaire philanthropist heiress and pop music star Emily King, and nurses a crush on her charge
motivation - doing good: Torako is someone who wants to use her incredible strength to help others
never again: Torako is still haunted by the one time she killed, and will not let another die if she can help it
Tiger Lily: the black Rose Syndicate has not forgotten Torako's betrayal
What the hand, dare seize the fire?: Torako wants to know her past

abilities 52 + powers 60 + advantages 9 + skills 18/36 + defenses 8 = 147

Torako has no memory of her past, only waking up in a tropical forest, before being taken in by her 'family', the Black Rose Syndicate, who trained her as an assassin. But towards the end of her training, when she was made to kill a man, Torako was secretly horrified and ashamed, and on her first mission, to assassinate heiress Emily King to force the rest of her family to the Syndicate's whims, Torako instead saved the young woman, and ratted the syndicate out to the authorities, scuttling their operations in Miami. now, sometime later, Torako has become a heroine to her home state of Florida, and has received an invitation to join the Gulf Coast Guardians
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Re: [OOC] AA: Gulf Coast Guardians - The Reboot

Post by kenseido » Sat May 04, 2019 10:45 am

Okay, I'll buy that.

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Re: [OOC] AA: Gulf Coast Guardians - The Reboot

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Artwork is "water_man_to_world_water_day_by_dadmoraes"


Strength 3, Stamina 3, Agility 2, Dexterity 1, Fighting 6, Intellect 1, Awareness 3, Presence 2

Water Form [Move Action (-1 point)]:
- Insubstantial 1 [Permanent],
- Swimming 6,
- Immunity 12 [Improved Critical & Life Support],
- Elongation 5 [Reach 250 ft],
- Water Control: Move Object 10 [Perception; Limited to Water/Liquid]
Alt: Water Blast: Blast 10 [Short < 250 ft, Medium < 500 ft -2; Long < 1,000 ft -5]
Alt: Wide Water Blast 10 [Damage 10; Extra Area Cone 60ft]
Alt: Drowning: Affliction 10 [Resist Fortitude (Dazed/Stunned/Incapacitated); Ranged]
Alt: Mass Drowning Affliction 10 [Extra Area Burst 30ft; Resist Fortitude (Dazed/Stunned/Incapacitated)]
- Concealment 1 [Visual (while underwater)],
- Protection 5,
- Water Punch: Strike 7
(64 points)

Luck 1, All-out Attack, Power Attack, Defensive Roll 4, Improved Critical 1 [Water Blast], Improved Initiative 1, Move by Action, Evasion

Athletics 2 (+5), Close Combat: Unarmed 4 (+10), Deception 5 (+7), Expertise: Student Counsellor 2 (+3), Insight 5 (+8), Intimidation (+2), Perception 7 (+10), Persuasion (+2), Ranged Combat: Water Blast 9 (+10), Stealth (+2)

Initiative +6
Water Blast +10, Damage 10
Drowning +10, Affliction Fortitude 10
Water Punch +10, Damage 10

Dodge 8, Parry 8
Toughness 12 (Def Roll 4), Fortitude 10, Will 8

Power Points
Abilities 42 + Powers 65 + Advantages 11 + Skills 17 + Defenses 20 = Total 155

PREJUDICE - Tamati does not appear human in his superpowered form.
MOTIVATION - Tamati wants to make his parents and family proud of him.

Growing up in Christchurch life was good it was only a short bike ride to Brighton beach where Tamati and his brothers and sisters would spend most of the summer swimming, sun bathing and exploring the sand hills. A couple of times a year they would head out of town to the Waimak for fishing and more swimming or sometimes even up to Hanmar Springs to spend the day in the hot pools.

Things changed after the first big earthquake in September, while nobody died the liquefaction was a real pain to clean and any large aftershock would bring it all up again. Like most families in Christchurch Tamati's just rolled up their sleeves and cleaned up the mess. Several months later in February the second big quake struck causing massive amounts of damage and death throughout the city. Tamati's area of town was especially hard hit with buckled roads, broken houses and a lot more liquefaction.

Once again they tried to cope but it was a lot harder this time coming into a freezing winter with a broken home where Tamati could put his fist and arm through the cracks in the walls, having to rely on chemical toilets and collecting water from the local school and still the aftershocks continued. The neighbourhood started to change as families abandoned their houses because of the damage and lack of facilities and squatters began to move in.

The final straw was when it rained and their house and neighbourhood was flooded, this had never happen before the earthquakes but the authorities were adamant that there was no connection. It was after the first big flood that Tamati had his first migraine. Once again Tamati and his family cleaned up again, tried to dry the house out and waited for the insurance companies and EQC to decide if their house was repairable.

Over the next couple of months their house was flooded again along with the ongoing aftershocks.

It was now over a year since the second big quake and Tamati's family was coming into their second winter in a broken house, then it started to rain and they could see the water rising outside set to flood their house again. Angry and frustrated Tamati told the rising waters outside their home not to come into the house and somehow the water did not. In fact his siblings claimed that he had turned to water not that he recalled.

It was after this incident that his mother told him about the legend of the river and that according to her greatgrandmother (whom Tamati recalled spent a lot of time talking to his older sisters when he was very young) they were descended from the river and one day a daughter ahh child of the river will come again to protect the whānau.

Learning to control his powers Tamati didn't really notice that his oldest sister now avoided him like he had the plague before leaving home for parts unknown.

In his last year at high school Tamati was selected as a camp counsellor in an American holiday programme. Travelling to the USA Tamati spent 2 years working in the holiday programme before deciding to travel round the country ending up in New Orleans a month before the announcement of tryouts for the new Gulf Coast super team.
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Re: [OOC] AA: Gulf Coast Guardians - The Reboot

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I am fine going early years Phoenix Bay obscure team or any city for that matter on the coast. The whole idea is that he was full of hubris and almost got people killed trying to make a name for himself.

As for trying out, I thought I fixed it when proofing last night, but apparently not. I meant to have the last bit of the story say try out effectively.

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Re: [OOC] AA: Gulf Coast Guardians - The Reboot

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OOC wrote:Also, if you want to tie into it, their was an Invasion that focused on Phoenix Bay a little over 2 years prior to the start of this game. The invasion killed most of the heroes of Phoenix Bay.
I'm into it. Any particulars that I need to know, or wedge into the character's background?
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Re: [OOC] AA: Gulf Coast Guardians - The Reboot

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Sure, here is the settings thread that is still work in progress for Phoenix Bay.

Basically an invasion by aliens for no known reason focused on Phoenix Bay and was stopped by the local hero team who gave their lives in the process. The city went heroless for about a year until a maniac claiming to be from the future appeared and attacked the city only to be stopped by a new band of heroes.

A year after his arrival, he made his big move to take over the world only to be stopped by the same heroes. During his attempt, he setup a field that drained both meta and magical powers from people all around the world. This happened a few months prior to the beginning of the game.

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Re: [OOC] AA: Gulf Coast Guardians - The Reboot

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And for the record, I co-GM the Phoenix Bay game with Ysariel, and Kreuz, Stavaros, and Gilliam are all players.

So if any of you want to offer your commentary or insights to help MrDent and Sakuro out with the campaign world, you are invited to do so.

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